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UNSC Shall Meet Soon To Label TPLF As An International Terrorist Group. Yes? Or Rather UN is Busy in Saving The Thug TPLF Members?

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TPLF - The Terrorist Group

TPLF - The Terrorist Group

US government tends to acknowledge that its assistance to Tigray Region is stolen by #TPLFTerroristGroup. A tweet from @USEmbassyAddis tries to respond to the strong public disapproval of @PowerUSAID using aid as a weapon to interfere. #StopWeaponizingAid @irishmissionun @USUN Click To Tweet All Ethiopians agreed on TPLF terrorism except the helpless people of Tigray which is being used as a shield and a way of getting high energy biscuits. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @NorwayUN @UKUN_NewYork @USUN @antonioguterres Click To Tweet The US values Ethiopia’s role in peacekeeping operations and ongoing commitment as the largest contributor to UN Peacekeeping forces in the world. The same America is running to sanction Ethiopia now, using their ultimate NATO power. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup Click To Tweet Two U.S. senators have called on their gov't to consider imposing sanctions on any political or military officials. In December 10 2020, tell me this is not planned coup on Ethiopian gov't, Z war just broke out in Nov-10!! #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun Click To Tweet American officials started pushing sanction already in December, that mean it was only a days after Z war was began, that is more like planned targeting than justice delivering. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @NorwayUN @UKUN_NewYork Click To Tweet America is highly targeting Ethiopian gov't in every way possible, now they are planning to make a coup in September by the name of Tigray_Famine #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @NorwayUN @UKUN_NewYork @USUN @antonioguterres Click To Tweet America is well known for abusing UNSC by their NATO power, they used it to overthrow foreign gov'ts with their highly planned coup, Not in Ethiopia we say. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @NorwayUN @UKUN_NewYork @USUN Click To Tweet America's high energy biscuits tell us one thing clearly, they are planning coup on Abiy Ahmed, so they want to enable TPLF again. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @NorwayUN @UKUN_NewYork @USUN @antonioguterres @UNReliefChief Click To Tweet America brought TPLF to power, used a policy of looking away for 27 years, now they accuse & posing sanction on a legitimate gov't of the people, America Ethiopians says enought is enough. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @NorwayUN Click To Tweet White house is clearly supporting TPLF, not covering up anymore; didn't they say keep Lalibala Stone Church Safe to TPLF expansionists? #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @NorwayUN @UKUN_NewYork @USUN @antonioguterres @UNReliefChief Click To Tweet I didn't read anywhere, America appreciating a unilateral ceasefire made by ETH gov't, but I saw America feeding TPLF high energy biscuits, to create strong military men. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @NorwayUN @UKUN_NewYork @USUN Click To Tweet America sanctioned Eritrean Gen for of his soldiers raping Tigrayans, while they fired military men who stood up against morality and sexual abuse in Afghanistan & Iraq!  #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @NorwayUN… Click To Tweet I don't believe America is rejecting Ethiopian gov't decisions like TPLF, the similarities are amazing, both don't accept Ethiopian gov't decisions, that clarifies why US is helping TPLF. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @NorwayUN Click To Tweet TPLF said Abiy Ahmed gov't is illigitimate, HPR (Parilament) of ETH declared TPLF is terrorist, and US rejected it like TPLF. Tell me the z difference. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @NorwayUN @UKUN_NewYork @USUN @antonioguterres Click To Tweet American gov't is well known for planning coup on the leaders they didn't like, these all attempts we see today is a part of that in general, it's like they are testing the anger of the people. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu Click To Tweet The US gov't has participated and interfered, both overtly and covertly, in the replacement of foreign gov'ts, these side talks are the sign of America is trying to do the same in Ethiopia too. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu Click To Tweet By hook or crook, a well known America's regime-changing style, either they use the public to do it or military coup; they want that to happen in Ethiopia now, never good for people. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @NorwayUN Click To Tweet When America say humanitarian aid, it means there is a group they want to support, Every country that America invaded became the worst for the life of citizens. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @NorwayUN @UKUN_NewYork @USUN Click To Tweet The western media white lies are a brainwashing system to precondition for America's hidden plans, for regime-changing and leaders replacing of old America's game. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @NorwayUN @UKUN_NewYork @USUN Click To Tweet Will Ethiopia have a 2nd time America's intervention to change the regime, and install the worst public enemies in the office, like they did with TPLF, just to manipulate Ethiopia as they want! #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu Click To Tweet American based media are all on-duty call, to defame PM Abiy Ahmed since day he got to office, I've never seen any of them report on TPLF crimes in the past, coz TPLF is Americas favorite leaders. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu Click To Tweet For more than half a century, the US gov't has been initiating actions 4 regime change in foreign gov'ts, the change zat people actually suffered from, they replace Derg Wz TPLF, & they want to bring them back to table, crazy right! #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup Click To Tweet Many of us mistakenly believe a coup d'etat is the only kind of coup possible. But a coup doesn't always require tanks & military men, the western media are preconditioning a coup that is America planning for @AbiyAhmed. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun Click To Tweet America's special force captain Dan Quinn was fired bcoz he stood up against boys sexual abuse by Afghanistans militia which is armed by America, shamelessly z same America want to sanction ENDF generals over TPLF propagandas. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @USUN Click To Tweet Why on earth America needs to sanction a General of a country which has been under the same sanction for 20 years, unless they want to expand it to Ethiopia over a lies of TPLF. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @NorwayUN @UKUN_NewYork Click To Tweet America stood firm with TPLF, who would let go billions of dollars? Nobody! America is holding TPLF dearly for the looted loaded cash. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @NorwayUN @UKUN_NewYork @USUN @antonioguterres @UNReliefChief Click To Tweet There is an American policy that is called The Policy Of Looking The Other Way, they used this policy in Afghanistan and Iraq for whatever is being done wrong by their allies. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @NorwayUN @USUN Click To Tweet The policy of looking the other way is implemented in Afghanistan when Afghani militias were sexually abusing z children, mainly boys, that's what America calls blind Democracy! #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @NorwayUN @UKUN_NewYork Click To Tweet There is American military policy that says The Policy Of Looking Z Other Way, when children of Afghanistan are being raped by American made Afghani militias, z same is happening in Ethiopia with TPLF raping and killing. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun Click To Tweet The American policy of looking the other way works whenever TPLF is killing & raping civilians at large, not only today, when they were in power too, actually Obama came to approve their democratic ruling right?? #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun Click To Tweet I don't understand why America is sanctioning Gen. Philipos, TPLF raped the whole nation in Ethiopia, killed as much as they could, where were America then? #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @NorwayUN @UKUN_NewYork @antonioguterres Click To Tweet Why is it so important for America to sanction Gen Philipos of Eritrea, truth is, they are warming up to drag that sanction to Ethiopia on the way, using NATO power. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @NorwayUN @UKUN_NewYork @USUN Click To Tweet Did the US embassy just bragged about feeding around 7% population in Ethiopia, Ya more than 43.96 million people in America lives below poverty line, America Fix that first! #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @NorwayUN @UKUN_NewYork Click To Tweet In the US more than 40.6 million people live in poverty, caused mainly by wage inequality, inflation and poor education, mostly BLACK, & America want brag about 7% population Eth are being fed by US, truth is they feeding TPLF. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @USUN Click To Tweet US embassy rejection of the high energy biscuit being delivered is a proof that TPLF is getting AID from US, they just telling us the 100 truck a day is not being delivered straight to TPLF. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @NorwayUN Click To Tweet America is a mother of all jokes when it comes to politics, they have nothing but power to crush, I start liking Trump for telling the truth straight, like Egypt Will Blow The Dam is accurately what America needs. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun Click To Tweet US rejecting the high energy biscuit being giving to TPLF means that the way of US saying we deliver it to Tigray, and they took it from there, to clean their dirty hands. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @NorwayUN @UKUN_NewYork Click To Tweet Why America is dying to save the dead TPLF zombies, Not for Tigray people, not for Ethiopian people, not even for justice, but to bring back the dolls to control east Africa. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @IndiaUNNewYork @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet Abiy Ahmed was enabled by two groups which became ultimately enemy, TPLF and the US, they both wanted to use him, & he refused to serve them. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @antonioguterres @UNReliefChief @IndiaUNNewYork @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet The only crime Abiy Ahmed and ENDF committed is not serving US anymore, so the US is trying to bring back Sweet_TPLF_Gangs. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @antonioguterres @UNReliefChief @IndiaUNNewYork @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet America invaded Afghanistan for Opium, Iraq for Oil, Lybia for Oil & Gold, What did they saw in Ethiopia now? Maybe Lithium! #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @UKUN_NewYork @USUN @antonioguterres @UNReliefChief @IndiaUNNewYork @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet America revenged Somalia using ENDF under TPLF command, raped and killed, Abiy Ahmed refused to do so, so America is planning to overthrow him. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @antonioguterres @UNReliefChief @IndiaUNNewYork @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet What America did in Afghinstan using Afghani militias is worse than what the Taliban did to Afghanistan, there was a country once, now just a homeless people. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @UNReliefChief @IndiaUNNewYork @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet USAID is being given to TPLF troop is part of z coup plan, which is to change the gov't of Ethiopia by overthrowing the leaders. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @antonioguterres @UNReliefChief @IndiaUNNewYork @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet US is not AIDing TPLF with High energy biscuits, but with high Propaganda machines, the whole western media is defaming Ethiopian leaders. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @UNReliefChief @IndiaUNNewYork @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet America is beating around the bush on Ethiopia's situation; they are ashamed to sanction ETH officials so they are feeding TPLF troops with High Enegy biscuits. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @UNReliefChief @IndiaUNNewYork @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet Fact is US is not only aiding TPLF with high energy biscuits but planning coup on Abiy Ahmed. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @franceonu @NorwayUN @UKUN_NewYork @USUN @antonioguterres @UNReliefChief @IndiaUNNewYork @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet America sent FBI to help Abiy Ahmed solve terrorist cases, now sending CIA to help TPLF coup on him, strange world. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @USUN @antonioguterres @UNReliefChief @IndiaUNNewYork @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet Does the US even care I ask, they don't, they never did, we've seen people dropping of their plane in Afghanistan, and compare to that Feeding TPLF is a noble thing. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @UNReliefChief @IndiaUNNewYork @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet We don't blame USAID for feeding TPLF troops, high energy biscuits, who wouldn't, A mother can't abandon the children. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @USUN @antonioguterres @UNReliefChief @IndiaUNNewYork @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet TPLF is so dear to US, they went to talk to them while the TPLF were in Tigray desert. We look forward to the int'l org. to condemn the evil act of #TPLFTerroristGroup and the intent of destabilizing our nation and East Africa as a whole. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup Click To Tweet What makes children from Tigray region of #Ethiopia less deserving? #TPLF is recruiting children into military training. Blatant hypocrisy! #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @antonioguterres @UNReliefChief @IndiaUNNewYork @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet One Ethiopia always! #Ethiopia has a leader who #Ethiopians chose and his name is #AbiyAhmedAli they stand with him support him to protect their country. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @UNReliefChief @IndiaUNNewYork @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet It is the Ethiopian people that have the final say as to who lead the Ethiopian gov't, Not the @UN. The people unilaterally elected #AbiyAhmedAli as the head of the Gov't of FDRE. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet Please don’t waste ur time,no need of meeting!#tplfterroristgroup is the game is over #TPLF is a tumor that spread across #Ethiopia for decades. The cancer must be extracted! #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet Please don’t talk anymore know the game is over! #TPLF is a tumor that spread across #Ethiopia for decades. The cancer must be extracted! #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @UNReliefChief @IndiaUNNewYork @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet In #Ethiopia, the TPLF planned and coordinated attacks on northern command outposts of the ENDF, in which thousands of federal troops were murdered. It is not an overstatement to call this Ethiopia’s 9/11. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @Chinamission2un… Click To Tweet All Ethiopians agreed on TPLF terrorism except the helpless people of #Tigray which is being used as a shield and a way of getting high energy biscuits. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @UNReliefChief @IndiaUNNewYork @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet Not even one-time # America did appreciate the unilateral ceasefire made by ETH gov't, but # America keeps feeding #TerroristTPLF high energy biscuits, going against 100 mill ppl of Ethiopia! #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet The int’l community must break its silence on the use of #ChildSoldiers by terrorist insurgent #TPLF. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @UKUN_NewYork @USUN @antonioguterres @UNReliefChief @IndiaUNNewYork @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet There is no Everlasting Enemy or Everlasting friend in Diplomatic World. Diplomacy always led by no-win but do not lose strategy. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @USUN @antonioguterres @UNReliefChief @IndiaUNNewYork @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet USA should reconsider her Foreign policy especially in related to current situation in Ethiopia. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @NorwayUN @UKUN_NewYork @USUN @antonioguterres @UNReliefChief @IndiaUNNewYork @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet The great country America should not judge Ethiopia based on one side accusations. We have seen America is biased, mislead, misinformed about the current situation in Tigray. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @IndiaUNNewYork @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet #The Tigray terrorist movement has no difference from Nazi, Alqida, ISIS, Alshabab. This are Terrorist gangsters the so-called Tplf/woyane/.#StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @antonioguterres @UNReliefChief @IndiaUNNewYork @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet The American gov't should see the reconsider their fact building mechanism based on left and right information and seeing what is going on, on the ground. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @UNReliefChief @IndiaUNNewYork @RussiaUN @Chinamission2un Click To Tweet

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