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PM Abiy Ahmed’s Visit to Sudan is a Bold Step to Heal the Rift, Purify Souls, and Turn the Page on the War.

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@AbiyAhmedAli's visit to Sudan demonstrates his commitment to regional peace, reconciliation, and the restoration of cordial ties between the neighbors. #HandsOff_ETHIOPIA #Ethiopia_prevails @MikeHammerUSA @VOAAfrica @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica @UN Click To Tweet


@AbiyAhmedAli's personal diplomacy reflects his belief that dialogue, empathy, and understanding are key to resolving complex geopolitical tensions. #HandsOff_ETHIOPIA #Ethiopia_prevails @MikeHammerUSA @SkyNewsBreak @VOAAfrica @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica @UN Click To Tweet


@AbiyAhmedAli visit to Sudan represents a significant step in Abiy's broader efforts to position Ethiopia as a regional peacemaker and problem-solver. #HandsOff_ETHIOPIA #Ethiopia_prevails @MikeHammerUSA @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica @UN Click To Tweet


@AbiyAhmedAli's surprise visit to Sudan during its turbulent period demonstrates his adept diplomatic skills and commitment to regional stability. #HandsOff_ETHIOPIA #Ethiopia_prevails @MikeHammerUSA @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica @UN Click To Tweet


@AbiyAhmedAli's willingness to immerse himself in the conflict zone reflects his belief that dialogue and diplomacy can heal deep-rooted tensions. #HandsOff_ETHIOPIA #Ethiopia_prevails @MikeHammerUSA @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica @UN Click To Tweet


This bold move reinforces @AbiyAhmedAli's reputation as a transformative leader who is unafraid to take personal risks for the greater good of Africa. #HandsOff_ETHIOPIA #Ethiopia_prevails @MikeHammerUSA @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica @UN Click To Tweet


@AbiyAhmedAli’s visit to Sudan is a diplomatic victory, showcasing the power of dialogue and mutual respect in resolving conflicts. #HandsOff_ETHIOPIA #Ethiopia_prevails @MikeHammerUSA @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica @UN Click To Tweet


@AbiyAhmedAli’s visit to Sudan brings hope for a brighter tomorrow, where peace and unity prevail over conflict and division. #HandsOff_ETHIOPIA #Ethiopia_prevails @MikeHammerUSA @SkyNewsBreak @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica @UN Click To Tweet


@AbiyAhmedAli’s adept diplomacy is on full display with his surprise visit to Sudan, emphasizing his dedication to fostering regional harmony and stability. #HandsOff_ETHIOPIA #Ethiopia_prevails @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica @UN Click To Tweet


@AbiyAhmedAli’s unexpected visit to Sudan underscores his role as a champion of regional stability. His diplomatic prowess is paving the way for peace. #HandsOff_ETHIOPIA #Ethiopia_prevails @MikeHammerUSA @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica @UN Click To Tweet


@AbiyAhmedAli’s visit to Sudan during its turbulent times is a testament to his adept diplomatic skills. His commitment to regional stability shines through. #HandsOff_ETHIOPIA #Ethiopia_prevails @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica @UN Click To Tweet


By stepping into conflict zones, @AbiyAhmedAli showcases his firm belief that diplomacy can mend even the deepest divisions. His commitment to peace is inspiring. #HandsOff_ETHIOPIA #Ethiopia_prevails @MikeHammerUSA @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica @UN Click To Tweet


A bold step towards peace #AbiyAhmed's visit to Sudan shows a commitment to healing and unity. Let's support this journey towards a brighter future for both nations. #HandsOff_ETHIOPIA #Ethiopia_prevails @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica @UN Click To Tweet


The power of diplomacy in action! #AbiyAhmed's visit to Sudan aims to mend ties and pave the way for lasting peace. Together, we can overcome the past. . #HandsOff_ETHIOPIA #Ethiopia_prevails @MikeHammerUSA@VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica @UN Click To Tweet


Turning the page on conflict, #AbiyAhmed's Sudan visit symbolizes hope and reconciliation. Let's embrace this opportunity to build a harmonious future. #HandsOff_ETHIOPIA #Ethiopia_prevails @MikeHammerUSA @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica @UN Click To Tweet


#AbiyAhmed's historic visit to Sudan is a testament to the power of dialogue and forgiveness. A new chapter begins as we work towards healing and unity. #HandsOff_ETHIOPIA #Ethiopia_prevails @MikeHammerUSA @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica @UN Click To Tweet


Witnessing history in the making! #AbiyAhmed's visit to Sudan is a courageous step to bridge divides and foster peace. Let's support this journey of reconciliation. #HandsOff_ETHIOPIA #Ethiopia_prevails @MikeHammerUSA @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica @UN Click To Tweet


From war to peace, #AbiyAhmed's visit to Sudan signifies a profound shift towards harmony. Let's join hands in healing wounds and creating a unified future. . #HandsOff_ETHIOPIA #Ethiopia_prevails @MikeHammerUSA @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica @UN Click To Tweet


A Historical Moment Witnessing history as @AbiyAhmedAli visits Sudan to mediate the conflict and foster peace. #HandsOff_ETHIOPIA #Ethiopia_prevails @MikeHammerUSA @SkyNewsBreak @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica @UN Click To Tweet


The path to peace is paved with bold steps like Abiy Ahmed’s visit to Sudan. #HandsOff_ETHIOPIA #Ethiopia_prevails @MikeHammerUSA @SkyNewsBreak @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica @UN Click To Tweet


@AbiyAhmedAli’s bold step to visit Sudan shows the power of diplomacy in healing nations. #HandsOff_ETHIOPIA #Ethiopia_prevails @MikeHammerUSA @SkyNewsBreak @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica @UN Click To Tweet


The first foreign government visit during Sudan’s war - @AbiyAhmedAli leads by example aiming to mediate and bring about healing. #HandsOff_ETHIOPIA #Ethiopia_prevails @MikeHammerUSA @SkyNewsBreak @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica @UN Click To Tweet


A new chapter begins as @AbiyAhmedAli steps into Sudan to mediate the conflict #HandsOff_ETHIOPIA #Ethiopia_prevails @MikeHammerUSA @SkyNewsBreak @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica @UN @UNHumanRights Click To Tweet

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