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UN, are you Watching? The Climax Atrocities Committed By The Terrorist TPLF

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Countless schools, hospitals, and holy sites have been destroyed by #Tplfterroristgroup. Hundred thousands of civilians displaced and remain homeless across Amhara and Afar regions. #AtrocitiesByTPLF #TPLFTerroristGroup @USUN @UKUN_NewYork Click To Tweet #Tplfterroristgroup destruction of heritages and social infrastructure is the worst in generations. We keep asking intrn’l community to take action on TPLF criminal leaders. #AtrocitiesByTPLF #TPLFTerroristGroup @USUN @UKUN_NewYork @NorwayUN Click To Tweet #Tplfterroristgroup is widely committing human and cultural genocide in occupied area of northern Ethiopia. Our countries have never seen an enemy worst than TPLF. #AtrocitiesByTPLF #TPLFTerroristGroup @USUN @UKUN_NewYork @NorwayUN @irishmissionun Click To Tweet #TPLF is competing #ISIS not only in its brutality and cruelty but also in acts of cultural genocide. Hundreds of churches, mosques & Monasteries totally destroyed by TPLF act of terror in northern Ethiopia. #AtrocitiesByTPLF #TPLFTerroristGroup @USUN Click To Tweet TPLF thugs are second to none in the world for their brutality. Kill innocent civilians, kill their livestock of poor peasants, loot banks, demolish infrastructure, and confiscate bread from the hungry children. #AtrocitiesByTPLF #TPLFTerroristGroup @USUN Click To Tweet TPLF pigs loot everything from the Amhara and Afar people including unbaked dough from the kitchen of the peasants, taboo in the culture of the people. #AtrocitiesByTPLF #TPLFTerroristGroup @USUN @UKUN_NewYork @NorwayUN @irishmissionun @antonioguterres Click To Tweet The TPLF thugs devoured the humanitarian food aid that was distributed to the starved Tigreans and yet say they are fighting for the Tigrean people. #AtrocitiesByTPLF #TPLFTerroristGroup @USUN @UKUN_NewYork @NorwayUN @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu Click To Tweet Looting and destruction of public property has been the whole marks of TPLF from dedebit all their way back to Dedebit. #AtrocitiesByTPLF #TPLFTerroristGroup @USUN @UKUN_NewYork @NorwayUN @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @CGTNofficial @France24_en Click To Tweet The TPLF forces of darkness unless they sit behind the driving wheel of Z country just like the past 27 yrs of darkness, they vowed 2 dismantle the country w/c will happen only on the grave of Z people of Ethiopia. #AtrocitiesByTPLF #TPLFTerroristGroup Click To Tweet In a desperate measure, the TPLF started firing heavy artillery on the innocent civilian people of Afar and Amhara regions killing hundreds of children and women. #AtrocitiesByTPLF #TPLFTerroristGroup @USUN @UKUN_NewYork @NorwayUN @irishmissionun Click To Tweet USAID sponsored TPLF that is fed on nutritious food has been fighting the Ethiopian armed force. Yet the US and the aid agencies continued blaming the Ethiopian government for all the problems created by the rebels. #AtrocitiesByTPLF #TPLFTerroristGroup Click To Tweet The TPLF vowed to settle expenses with the Amhara people & invaded the region, destroyed properties killed and displaced hundreds of thousands but neither the USA nor the Western countries condemn it. #AtrocitiesByTPLF #TPLFTerroristGroup @USUN @NorwayUN… Click To Tweet The American government should take the hard lesson from its humiliation for interfering in internal affairs of a sovereign country from Afghanistan. #AtrocitiesByTPLF #TPLFTerroristGroup @USUN @UKUN_NewYork @NorwayUN @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu Click To Tweet The person of Ethiopia is determined to show the whole world the Second Adwa by burring TPLF and its associates. #AtrocitiesByTPLF #TPLFTerroristGroup @USUN @UKUN_NewYork @NorwayUN @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @antonioguterres @UNReliefChief Click To Tweet We the people of Ethiopia will not negotiate with a terrorist group as it is unthinkable for the American people to negotiate with the al-Qaida. #AtrocitiesByTPLF #TPLFTerroristGroup @USUN @UKUN_NewYork @NorwayUN @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu Click To Tweet Common America, come to your senses. Call TPLF by its proper name terrorist. #AtrocitiesByTPLF #TPLFTerroristGroup @USUN @UKUN_NewYork @NorwayUN @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN @franceonu @antonioguterres @UNReliefChief @IndiaUNNewYork @antonioguterres Click To Tweet America, by showing contempt to your main partner in fight against terrorism in the Horn of Africa you is making unpardonable sin in the region. Wake up!!! #AtrocitiesByTPLF #TPLFTerroristGroup @USUN @UKUN_NewYork @NorwayUN @irishmissionun @EstoniaUN Click To Tweet #TPLFTerroristGroup rob, destroy Commercial Bank of #Ethiopia branch in #NifasMewcha, reports EPA #TPLFTerroristGroup @UN #TPLFTerroristGroup @AFP @RT_com @SputnikInt @AJStream @AJENews #AtrocitiesByTPLF #TPLFTerroristGroup @USUN @UKUN_NewYork Click To Tweet Beds empty, ambulances burned, facilities destroyed.This is the state of many hospitals in @Amhara cities today.If the international community believes in human rights, it is time hold #TPLFTerroristGroup fully accountable. #AtrocitiesByTPLF @UNReliefChief Click To Tweet #TPLFTerroristGroup has violated the Rome Statute of the Int'l Criminal Court, Art.8 by attacking and bombarding, towns, villages, dwellings or buildings in #Amhara & #Afar regions which are undefended & which are not military objectives @UNReliefChief… Click To Tweet #TPLFTerroristGroup has massacred thousands of civilians, destroyed infrastructure, and bombed and looted hospitals and schools in #Amhara and #afar which are war crimes and crimes against humanity. #StopKillingCivilians #AtrocitiesByTPLF @antonioguterres Click To Tweet

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