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UN Aiding Terrorist TPLF Or The Tigray People?

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Stop Weaponizing Aid

Stop Weaponizing Aid

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Aid is for the ppl in desperate need of it, NOT for a terrorist group that wants to destabilize the region. #StopWeaponizingAid & disarm #TPLFTerroristGroup @UN @unhcr @UNOCHA @amnesty @USAID @WFP @UNHumanRights @antonioguterres @SamanthaJPower @USAmbUN @SecBlinken Click To Tweet #TPLFTerroristGroup has made it difficult for humanitarian assistance to reach ppl of #Tigray by instigating violence. #StopWeaponizingAid & condemn TPLF’s terrorism. @UNOCHA @antonioguterres @USAID @UN @unhcr @JoeBiden @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF @Reuters @BBC @nytimes… Click To Tweet Barricading aid corridors intentionally is an evil work of #TPLFTerroristGroup. IC @UNOCHA @antonioguterres @USAID should be wary of their involvement, without understanding the situation harm mustn’t be done in the name of aid: #StopWeaponizingAid @UN @unhcr @UNOCHA @amnesty Click To Tweet By equating #TPLFTerroristGroup with legitimate Fed Govt that represents more than 100mm ppl, IC seems to disregard Ethiopians. #StopWeaponizingAid @UN @unhcr @UNOCHA @amnesty @USAID @WFP @UNHumanRights @antonioguterres @SamanthaJPower @USAmbUN @SecBlinken Click To Tweet IC must be led by principle. Eth HPR labeled #TPLFTerroristGroup. IC should respect the decision & support #Ethiopia in its fight against terrorism. #StopWeaponizingAid @UN @unhcr @UNOCHA @amnesty @USAID @WFP @UNHumanRights @antonioguterres @SamanthaJPower @USAmbUN… Click To Tweet It is extremely disturbing to learn captured members of #TPLFTerroristGroup carrying food items supposedly delivered as aid to ppl of #Tigray. #StopWeaponizingAid @UN @unhcr @UNOCHA @amnesty @USAID @WFP @UNHumanRights @antonioguterres @SamanthaJPower @USAmbUN @SecBlinken Click To Tweet #Ethiopia is committed to providing aid to its ppl. Work with Eth govt if IC is really committed to helping our ppl in need. #StopWeaponizingAid, stop supporting #TPLFTerroristGroup knowingly or unknowingly. @UN @unhcr @UNOCHA @amnesty @USAID @WFP @UNHumanRights @antonioguterres Click To Tweet Legitimizing #TPLFTerroristGroup directly/indirectly doesn’t help ppl in need of humanitarian assistance. TPLF is well known for its disregard for #humanrights. #StopWeaponizingAid & support Eth govt in its endeavor to provide aid to its ppl. @UN @unhcr @UNOCHA @amnesty… Click To Tweet #StopWeaponizingAid, it cannot be any help to the ppl of #Tigray under a difficult circumstance. The pain #TPLFTerroristGroup inflicted on them & Eth ppl is enough. @UN @unhcr @UNOCHA @amnesty @USAID @WFP @UNHumanRights @antonioguterres @SamanthaJPower @USAmbUN Click To Tweet It is not uncommon for both the forerunner of the @UN known as the League of Nations and the @UN to betray Ethiopia (the founding member of both organizations) and present her as sacrificial lamb to enemies. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @UN @unhcr @UNOCHA @amnesty Click To Tweet The international community must condemn the #TPLFTerroristGroup atrocities against Ethiopians and stop asking the government to negotiate with terrorist TPLF. TPLF is the enemy of the Ethiopian people. #StopWeaponizingAid @USAID @WFP @SamanthaJPower @USAmbUN @antonioguterres Click To Tweet Int'l org. must recognize that the government of Ethiopia has carried out a unilateral ceasefire to help farmers of Tigray. @SamanthaJPower unpack your hidden agendas before blaming the gov’t of Ethiopia. #StopWeaponizingAid #TPLFTerroristGroup @WFP @USAmbUN @antonioguterres Click To Tweet We look forward to the int'l org. to condemn the evil act of #TPLFTerroristGroup and the intent of destabilizing our nation and East Africa as a whole. #StopWeaponizingAid @USAID @WFP @SamanthaJPower @USAmbUN @antonioguterres @POTUS Click To Tweet Ethiopians understand the reality on the ground; Ethiopians are still asking the world to come to their senses and realize the conspiracy of this #TPLFTerroristGroup. #StopWeaponizingAid @USAID @WFP @SamanthaJPower @USAmbUN @SecBlinken @JoeBiden @JosepBorrellF @antonioguterres Click To Tweet If the international community can exaggerate the crisis in Tigray at this level, Who is going to talk about the massacre of the people of Amhara and Afar? What is humanity for you @SamanthaJPower? #TPLFTerroristGroup. #StopWeaponizingAid @USAID @WFP @USAmbUN @antonioguterres Click To Tweet How dare the @UN, an international organization set up to preserve world peace serve as a mouthpiece to TPLF, a terrorist organization that vowed to destabilize the Horn of Africa? #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @UN @unhcr @UNOCHA @amnesty @USAID @WFP Click To Tweet The UN representatives in the leaked audio said clearly & loudly that they don’t have any concert evidence about the allegation of sexual violence in Tigray. How come @UN says there is credible evidence on that? #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @UN @unhcr @UNOCHA… Click To Tweet The Ethiopian people asks the UN secretary-general Antonio Gutiérrez to openly apologize for the Ethiopian government and the people for the unfounded report the @UN made concerning this sexual violence in Tigray. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @UN @unhcr @UNOCHA… Click To Tweet

Stop Weaponizing Aid

What does credible mean in the dictionary of the @UN? The fact is that the so-called UN agencies and their lapdog media outlets have spread white lies about the sexual violence in Tigray. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @JosepBorrellF @Reuters @BBC @nytimes @AP Click To Tweet Is this how the @UN tries to solve the problem in Tigray? By falsely accusing a legitimate government of backing a terrorist group. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @SamanthaJPower @USAmbUN @SecBlinken @JoeBiden @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF @Reuters @BBC @nytimes @AP Click To Tweet We have been saying repeatedly that there is no evidence about the alleged sexual violence and genocide in Tigray committed by the government forces. All are fabricated by #TPLF mafias who are very good at lying. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @Reuters @BBC @nytimes @AP Click To Tweet The @UN and @amnesty and their likes should immediately give press statements on this issue and apologize to the Ethiopian government for their reckless, irresponsible report based on hearsay feed to them by TPLF. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @Reuters @BBC @nytimes… Click To Tweet Stop the coordinated attack spearheaded by the @UN agencies and #TPLF sponsored western medias against the Ethiopian government. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @SamanthaJPower @USAmbUN @SecBlinken @JoeBiden @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF @Reuters @BBC @nytimes @AP Click To Tweet If the @UN sends an expert to dig facts on the ground it can easily understand that it is the TPLF that has long years of track record of weaponizing sexual violence. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @JoeBiden @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF @Reuters @BBC @nytimes @AP Click To Tweet The black African representatives of the UN did not want to lie about the unfounded allegation of weaponizing sexual violence in Tigray for the sake of covering their bosses' so-called Credible Evidence. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @Reuters @BBC @nytimes @AP Click To Tweet @UN representatives in their meeting approves TPLF Junta was using media as a weapon of misinformation during the conflict and they spread out false fabricated statements to media but it was definitely fictional. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @Reuters @BBC @nytimes @AP Click To Tweet The @UN representatives came up with conclusion that no sexual violence happened in Tigray region no actual data existed but only claimed by #TPLF Junta. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @USAmbUN @SecBlinken @JoeBiden @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF @Reuters @BBC @nytimes Click To Tweet It is necessary for @UN to accept Ethiopian Human Rights Commission report about the issue of sexual violence in Tigray since it was compiled after a detailed investigation. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @JoeBiden @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF @Reuters @BBC @nytimes… Click To Tweet A @UN representative declares the non-existence of facts to stand on accusation of mass sexual violence during conflict in Tigray. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @SamanthaJPower @USAmbUN @SecBlinken @JoeBiden @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF @Reuters @BBC @nytimes @AP Click To Tweet The @UN representatives finally asserts the claim taking place in Tigray is not verified by real data and is not fit for discussion for @UN and for positioning for @UN. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @JoeBiden @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF @Reuters @BBC @nytimes @AP Click To Tweet @UN representatives, at last, are aware of the #TPLF Junta’s false propaganda which was tried to spread white lies to the world. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @antonioguterres @USAmbUN @SecBlinken @JoeBiden @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF @Reuters @BBC @nytimes @AP Click To Tweet #TPLF tried to produce false information to the world because Junta knows the world is sensitive about the issue of sexual violence but now the reality is visible. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @SecBlinken @JoeBiden @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF @Reuters @BBC @AP Click To Tweet #TPLF should be accused by @UN since #TPLF deceived the whole world by spread out false information. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @SamanthaJPower @USAmbUN @SecBlinken @JoeBiden @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF @Reuters @BBC @nytimes @AP @UN @unhcr @UNOCHA @amnesty… Click To Tweet @UN and its agencies should come up and condemn the #TPLF for misleading them to give such disgraceful report on Ethiopian government without any concrete evidence. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @JoeBiden @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF @Reuters @BBC @nytimes @AP Click To Tweet The @UN and its affiliated humanitarian agencies should swallow their pride and should openly apologize to the Ethiopian government for blaming it with sexual violence in Tigray using TPLF made fake stories. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @Reuters @BBC @nytimes @AP Click To Tweet The @UN, EU and the humanitarian agencies should have thoroughly investigated the situation before releasing such sub-standard reports on the Ethiopian government. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @JoeBiden @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF @Reuters @BBC @nytimes @AP Click To Tweet The gist of the matter is that the @UN and the affiliated agencies wanted to use the humanitarian issue as a cover to interfere in the domestic affair of a country with the ultimate goal of regime change. #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @Reuters @BBC @nytimes @AP Click To Tweet It is the Ethiopian people that have the final say as to who lead the Ethiopian government, Not the @UN. The people unilaterally elected Abiy as the head of the government of FDRE. Hands off Ethiopia! #StopWeaponizingAid #TplfTerroristGroup @BBC @nytimes @AP Click To Tweet

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