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#FakeHumeraMassacre Shouted By The Terrorist TPLF Group & Immediately Echoed By The So-Called “International Community”. What A Shame!

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Tekeze/Setit River has now become z official burial place of TPLF soldiers. Adding salt to the injury of grieving Tegaru`s mothers, TPLF Terrorists is dumping z dead bodies into the River. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #FakeHumeraMassacre @PowerUSAID @SecBlinken @antonioguterres Click To Tweet Mothers of TPLF Child soldiers are demanding the whereabouts of their kids who served z terrorist group as cannon fodders. Int`l community must condemn the #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #FakeHumeraMassacre  @PowerUSAID @SecBlinken @antonioguterres Click To Tweet The Ethiopian gov't forewarned the world on 22 July 2021 @ETFactCheck that TPLF terrorists are concocting a drama over z dead bodies of its soldiers. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #FakeHumeraMassacre @PowerUSAID @SecBlinken @antonioguterres Click To Tweet The barbaric Terrorist TPLF has started the #FakeHumeraMassacre story after dumping z dead bodies in Tekeze/Setit River. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup @PowerUSAID @SecBlinken @antonioguterres Click To Tweet The bodies of TPLF Child soldiers-restless alive, restless dead- are dumped into the Tekeze/Setit River to run terrorist`s propaganda of #FakeHumeraMassacre #TPLFisaTerroristGroup @PowerUSAID @SecBlinken @antonioguterres Click To Tweet Any foul cry over the #FakeHumeraMassacre will not cover the true nature of the TPLF terrorists. Hey, at least have some decency and bury your child soldiers. Unveil the truth about TPLF. @washingtonpost  @AP  @PowerUSAID @SecBlinken @antonioguterres… Click To Tweet The made-up #FakeHumeraMassacre will not hide the #MikadraMassacre. Face the truth squarely & tell z Tigray people mothers that their children are dying in mass & dumped into the Tekeze/Setit River just to serve your greed for power.  @PowerUSAID @SecBlinken… Click To Tweet Clear Evidence and plotting of the #FakeHumeraMassacre, already unveiled on July 22 by fact check. The recycled drama by #WashingtonPost #AP perfectly alined with @PowerUSAID @SecBlinken @antonioguterres #TPLFisaTerroristGroup Click To Tweet @PowerUSAID  we need your voice and action to condemn Children soldiers and citizens being perpetuated in Hummara by #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #FakeHumeraMassacre @PowerUSAID @SecBlinken @antonioguterres Click To Tweet We have told the world on July 22/2021 that Terrorist TPLF is preparing another conspiracy orchestration against the Ethiopian Government for the international community. Now is loaded #FakeHumeraMassacre #TPLFisaTerroristGroup  @PowerUSAID @UN_HRC @SecBlinken… Click To Tweet Conspiracy and propaganda are the intrinsic nature of this cursed Terrorist group TPLF. The wicked deeds and traditions practiced so far by the TPLF prove this. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #FakeHumeraMassacre @PowerUSAID @SecBlinken @antonioguterres Click To Tweet Everything does not depend on the power of propaganda which leaders of TPLF Terrorists are good at! TPLF is doomed hated all around!  #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #FakeHumeraMassacre @PowerUSAID @SecBlinken @antonioguterres Click To Tweet Why is the TPLF transporting the deceased members of its gunmen? Is it to give them the proper burial they deserve? Not at all! It’s because they needed them to endorse their propaganda #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #FakeHumeraMassacre @PowerUSAID @SecBlinken @antonioguterres Click To Tweet The TPLF Terrorists orchestrated a fake massacre campaign that involved gambling on human lives & concocting lies intended to draw the sympathy of the intl community. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #FakeHumeraMassacre @PowerUSAID @SecBlinken @antonioguterres Click To Tweet The #TPLF's digital army have already begun fake claims of a massacre taking place in Humera.And in the past two days,the fake #FakeHummeraMassacre campaign has been revived again using false images and showing graphic images. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup @SecBlinken @antonioguterres Click To Tweet The #TPLFTerroristGroup orchestrated fake massacre campaign involved gambling on human lives & concocting lies intended to draw the sympathy of the intl community. #FakeHummeraMassacre #TPLFisaTerroristGroup @SecBlinken @PowerUSAID @antonioguterres @RandPaul @SenTedCruz Click To Tweet whistleblowing by the terrorist group TPLF, against #FakeHumeraMassacre is brutality for political gain. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #FakeHummaraMassacre @PowerUSAID @SecBlinken @antonioguterres Click To Tweet

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