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Ethiopians are saying “Stop it Sudan!”. Sudan Is Giving official Military Training for the terrorist TPLF Refugees.

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Watch out the Sudanese government! You better quit working with the terrorist TPLF that is working round clock to dismantle Ethiopia. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @SudanPMHamdok @SudanPMO Click To Tweet If Dr.Abiy Ahmed helping Sudanese to maintain peace is to be repaid by training TPLF troops in Sudan, What is z point of being brother nation, this is not z act of Sudanese gov't, it's an act of wild generals to destabilize Sudan & Ethiopia… Click To Tweet TPLF committed a war crime & ethnic cleansing in #MaiKadra racially profiling non-Tigray& this same group committing the crime run to Sudan pretending to be refugees & on top that Sudan now is helping those murderers; what a shame!! #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia Click To Tweet They say old habit dies hard which we find it unfolding in its ugly ways possible when #Sudan again gets busy against Ethiopia in helping terrorists like TPLF. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @TSC_SUDAN @SUNA_AGENCY @UNDPPA @SecBlinken Click To Tweet It’s not that long when US cancels Sudan from the list of terrorist’s group but now Sudan seems to have get back to old ways which is helping terrorists like TPLF. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @_AfricanUnion @Presidence_RDC @Bankole_Adeoye Click To Tweet A potential war brewing b/n Ethiopian gov't & the bandit TPLF threatens to destabilize Ethiopia and Sudan, Sudanese generals training TPLF troops will surely destabilize the two nations and the entire region & HOA in general. #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia… Click To Tweet #Sudan right this moment trying to help terrorist group such as TPLF & Sudan please be aware that you couldn’t be there for the whole #Ethiopians when we needed you the most; #Ethiopia won’t forget this day. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia… Click To Tweet The Sudanese government do you want the enmity of the people of Ethiopia? If not, stop conspiring with the terrorist TPLF that is enemy number one of the people of Ethiopia. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @aftaburhan @AUC_MoussaFaki Click To Tweet The Sudan government should stop serving as base for TPLF, a terrorist group against which the whole Ethiopian people vowed to wipe Terrorist TPLF from the face of the Earth. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @_AfricanUnion @Presidence_RDC Click To Tweet The brotherly people of the Sudan have strong historical, cultural and economic ties with Ethiopian people. The Sudanese government should consider this and stop serving as a breeding ground for TPLF devilish works. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia… Click To Tweet Sudan should not serve as launching pad for TPLF terrorist activities in Ethiopia. We urge the Sudanese government to stop it. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @TSC_SUDAN @SUNA_AGENCY @UNDPPA @SecBlinken @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Sudan had been on terrorist lists for decades for hosting Osama Bin Laden and it is recently that this ban on Sudan is lifted. Don’t repeat the same mistake by supporting another terrorist known as TPLF. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @SudanPMHamdok… Click To Tweet The People of the Sudan languished under the economic sanction for decades because of supporting al- Qaida. The Sudanese government should learn from its past mistake by not supporting a regional terrorist called TPLF. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia… Click To Tweet Sudanese unholy alliance with Ethiopia’s number one enemy TPLF will have a dare consequence in the relationship between the two sisterly countries. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @AUC_MoussaFaki @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet The Sudanese government should stop stabbing the people of Ethiopia by serving as safe haven for TPLF terrorist groups. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @Presidence_RDC @Bankole_Adeoye @TSC_SUDAN @SUNA_AGENCY Click To Tweet The Sudanese government should hand over the terrorist TPLF members that reside in Sudan to the Ethiopian government. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @UNDPPA @SecBlinken @JosepBorrellF @AUC_MoussaFaki Click To Tweet The Sudanese government should work with the Ethiopian government for peace and security of the region by not supporting the terrorist group called TPLF that is working to destabilize the region. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @SudanPMO @aftaburhan Click To Tweet TPLF is the Al- Qaeda of the Horn of Africa. The Sudanese government suffered for supporting the Al- Qaeda terrorist group. Unless it stops working with TPLF It will suffer more by losing Ethiopian friendship. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia… Click To Tweet As the saying goes A friend in need is a friend indeed Ethiopia was the only country that helped mediate the disagreement between the military and civilian leaders of the Anti- Beshir rule in the Sudan yet Sudan is conspiring with the enemy of Ethiopia. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup… Click To Tweet The brotherly countries of Ethiopia and the Sudan that drink from the same Nile River should work together in all aspects. It is time for the Sudanese govt to reconsider its unwanted relationship with the TPLF terrorist mafia group before it is too late. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup… Click To Tweet Ethiopia mobilized thousands of its soldiers under the UN to fight against Sudanese rebel groups. How dare the Sudanese government work together with the TPLF terrorist junta that is the root cause of all the problems of Ethiopia? Stop it!!! #TPLFisaTerroristGroup… Click To Tweet Stop interfering in the internal affairs of Ethiopia by working together with a group that the Ethiopian government labeled as terrorist. Stop supporting TPLF!!! #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @TSC_SUDAN @SUNA_AGENCY Click To Tweet The Sudan has a bad record of working with the terrorist groups and was penalized for that. We don’t think the government took the necessary lesson from its past mistake. Stop working with other terrorist thugs called TPLF. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup… Click To Tweet Sudan is providing arms and ammunition to the TPLF terrorist group. Have you ever seen a country that supports terrorism like Sudan? #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @UNDPPA @SecBlinken @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet TPLF in collaboration with Ethiopia's national strategic enemies are now challenging Ethiopia's unity in a coordinated campaign of separatist politics. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @TSC_SUDAN @SUNA_AGENCY @UNDPPA @SecBlinken @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet The military-backed Sudanese government has invaded Ethiopia and is working with the TPLF and Egypt to weaken Ethiopia. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @TSC_SUDAN @SUNA_AGENCY @UNDPPA @SecBlinken @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Sudan, it is better for you to refrain from evil deeds on Ethiopia in collaboration with terrorist TPLF and Egypt! #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @TSC_SUDAN @SUNA_AGENCY @UNDPPA @SecBlinken @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Some Sudanese general are never happy with Hamdok gov't, they wanted to wage war on Ethiopia by attacking the national army, again now they are training TPLF troops for the same purpose. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @_AfricanUnion @Presidence_RDC Click To Tweet Pm Abiy Ahmed, winner of the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, has made a significant contribution to the peaceful transition process in Sudan. Sudan, however, has chosen to side with the terrorist TPLF. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @Presidence_RDC… Click To Tweet Sudanese generals, along with the terrorist TPLF, are challenging Ethiopia's sovereignty. Sudan is training young Sammy youths (which participated in Mikadra genocide in December 2020) as well as TPLF militants who invaded ENDF North command. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup Click To Tweet Sudan cooperates with TPLF and Gumuz rebels in Ethiopia to commit terrorism and hinder Ethiopian development. Shame on you Sudan! #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @Presidence_RDC @Bankole_Adeoye @TSC_SUDAN @SUNA_AGENCY @UNDPPA @SecBlinken @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Sudan, once and for all in the name of the Renaissance Dam, you should stop your conspiracy what you are doing with Ethiopia. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @Presidence_RDC @Bankole_Adeoye @TSC_SUDAN @SUNA_AGENCY @UNDPPA @SecBlinken @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet There is no way for the terrorist TPLF through the Sudanese corridor. Terrorist groups and their allies shall be destroyed. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @Presidence_RDC @Bankole_Adeoye @TSC_SUDAN @SUNA_AGENCY @UNDPPA @SecBlinken @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Sudan has been showed interest in supporting the battle between the Ethiopian government and TPLF to use the timing to advance around the dispute. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @AUC_MoussaFaki @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet The Sudan government should have supported the true friend of the people of the Sudan and Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Abiy who is the pride of the whole black world. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @SudanPMHamdok @SudanPMO @aftaburhan Click To Tweet Ethiopia never had enemy from the neighboring countries, but Ethiopia's Enemy had lived in neighboring countries, the growing Army of TPLF in Sudan is happening for z 2nd time, but this time it has to stop. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @SudanPMHamdok Click To Tweet Just because Ethiopia had filled the GERD reservoir 4 z second time, Sudanese generals doesn't have to fill Sudan with TPLF army and helping them to train. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @SudanPMO @aftaburhan @AUC_MoussaFaki Click To Tweet TPLF gangsters were buddies to former Sudan regime Al-Bashir, now pro-Al-bashir generals are again siding with TPLF and even training their fighters, this will harm Ethio-Sudan relationship badly, it must be stopped. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia Click To Tweet It’s a disgrace to Sudanese people when we came to learn that some blood & money hungry general from #Sudan is appreciating & money laundering terrorism!! #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @SudanPMO @aftaburhan @AUC_MoussaFaki Click To Tweet The Relations b/n TPLF and Sudan under Al-Bashir regime was cordial, for both were dictators, those Sudanese Generals who are training TPLF army are the enemy of democracy, for people of Sudan & Ethiopia always. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia… Click To Tweet Ethiopia helped Sudan to end civil war twice, with Dr.Abiy Ahmed mediation Sudan is being democratic, z same Sudan should never have to help TPLF start a civil war in Ethiopia, TPLF is anti-democracy. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @TSC_SUDAN… Click To Tweet For z sake of growing democracy in Sudan & Ethiopia, Sudanese gov't have to expose those generals who r pro-Tplf and training their troops, Ethiopia is not z enemy, TPLF is z enemy of People of Sudan & Ethiopia. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia… Click To Tweet TPLF was never friend of Sudanese, but was very dear to z dictator Al-bashir, the growing and training TPLF troop in Sudan will destabilize peace of z 2 nations, Ethiopia & Sudan. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @SudanPMHamdok @SudanPMO @aftaburhan Click To Tweet Ethiopia insists that the Sudanese generals whom r training TPLF troops must be condemned by Sudanese govt before it engages in waging civil-war in Ethiopia & destabilize HOA too, TPLF is always anti-democracy. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia… Click To Tweet It’s a disgrace to Sudanese people when we came to learn that some blood & money hungry general from #Sudan is appreciating & money laundering terrorism!! #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia @SudanPMO @aftaburhan @AUC_MoussaFaki Click To Tweet

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