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Ethiopians Have Suffered 3 Decades of TPLF Atrocities. But The International Community is Now Busy in Disseminating TPLF’s False Victim’s Narrative.

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Heartbreaking! Civilians are brutally dead for something they don’t understand. The international community must oppose the savage #TPLFTerroristGroup. @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet I couldn't control my tears because it's a large massacre that has ever been seen in #Afar & #Amhara because of #TPLFTerroristGroup. What happened to the so-called #UN holy missions? #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet The only cause of the Tigray disaster is #TPLFTerroristGroup. The terrorist group's leaders wanted to overthrow the regime and retake power illegally, but it is impossible. #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet #TPLFTerroristGroup is Evil. They have put armed child soldiers, women & elderly fighters at the forefront. #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet #TPLFTerroristGroup makes fake advances on the battlefield, Diverting the investigator by making a strategic tactical offensive or defensive maneuvers, the endless statements of Genocide. #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet #TPLFTerroristGroup is Unfit and can’t take a victory against ENDF & Regional Special Force. The Only Purpose is Doing Propaganda & destabilize Ethiopia. #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet It’s time to Expose TPLF’s Conspiracy on Ethiopia and Eritrea. Let’s Stand Together and Expose what the #TPLFTerroristGroup is Planning to do propaganda. #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet The International community should condemn the #TPLFTerroristGroup for the atrocity it committed against 107 Children in Afar. #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet Will The USA, EU, and the Western world openly condemn the #TPLFTerroristGroup massacre on the 240 civilians & 107 children in the Afar region? No, because the Terrorist TPLF is their Ally #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept… Click To Tweet In its effort to destabilize Ethiopia #TPLFTerroristGroup made devastating damage in Afar, burnt the humanitarian Aid store, above all killed 240 innocent civilians & 107 children yet, the international community preferred to give it a deaf ear. #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @UN Click To Tweet America, EU, & human rights organizations stop emboldening a terrorist group by giving deaf ears and blind eyes to the massacre committed by #TPLFTerroristGroup on Afar people. #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet The international community that echoed the false narration of the #TPLFTerroristGroup ‘Tigray genocide’ kept silent when TPLF openly killed hundreds of Afar & Amhara people. #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet The international community that echoed the false narration of the #TPLFTerroristGroup ‘Tigray genocide’ kept silent when TPLF displaced the innocent Afar & Amhara people from their homes. #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission… Click To Tweet WE Ethiopians say enough is enough for the international community. Come out and boldly denounce the evil acts of the #TPLFTerroristGroup. #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet The #TPLFTerroristGroup that slaughtered the ENDF, massacred the Amhara in Maikadra, & now massacred 240 Afar civilians & 107 children. No Western country has the audacity to condemn this terrorist activity. Sickening! #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @SCRtweets @UN_HRC Click To Tweet The Western media that propagated the TPLF fabricated narration on the Axum massacre ignored when #TPLFTerroristGroup massacred the 240 Afar civilians & 107 Afar children and Murdered hundreds of civilians in Amhara. #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres Click To Tweet US, EU, & other Western countries and humanitarian agencies stop the double standard. You outcry for the fake Tigray massacre but kept silent when the #TPLFTerroristGroup massacred thousands in #Afar & #Amhara. #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres Click To Tweet The international community if you are concerned about the wellbeing of humanity come out and openly condemn #TPLFTerroristGroup. #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet We Ethiopians strongly oppose the fake, self-declared humanitarian agencies that use humanitarian agenda to promote political motives. #TPLFTerroristGroup #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet How much is too much for the international community? A total of Thousands of civilians were massacred in Afar & Amhara by #TPLFTerroristGroup in broad daylight. #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet #TPLFTerroristGroup, which claims to be targeting the people of Afar and Amhara in its Expansion, has begun retaliating by firing on children, mothers, and the elderly. #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet The barbaric #TPLFTerroristGroup has started the Fake Tigray Genocide story after killing civilians in #Afar and #Amhara. #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet As a nation, we suffered for Three decades of #AtrocitiesbyTPLF. we massively murdered by #TPLFTerroristGroup what did we get from IC? nothing, and in return what they said negotiation with the terrorist. @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet For Three decades of #AtrocitiesbyTPLF, #TPLFTerroristGroup trying all possible they have got to destroy Ethiopia but they can’t, why? The majority said no, IC should learn from this and support the majority. @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet @HillaryClinton @AmbassadorRice and @PowerUSAID they know very well the Three decades of #AtrocitiesbyTPLF b/c they were a good friend of #TPLFTerroristGroup. @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet 30 years of stealing aid food, 30 years of vandalism, 30 years of an attempt to destabilize the country, 30 years of using children in hostilities by #TPLFTerroristGroup. #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet 30 years of holding Ethiopian people, 30 years of mass murders by #TPLFTerroristGroup. #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet 300 days of tplf terrorism, Attack on ENDF, Maikadra Massacre, Galicoma Massacre, Afara Massacre, Amhara Massacre #AtrocitiesbyTPLF #TPLFTerroristGroup. @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet The refusal of the ceasefire and continuing with massacring Innocent Amhara & Afar people is a clear indication of #TPLFTerroristGroup being the enemy of peace. #AtrocitiesByTPLF. @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet Hundreds of thousands of people from the Amhara & Afar region have been displaced due to #TPLFTerroristGroup attack on their area. #AtrocitiesByTPLF. @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet Civilians & livestock were killed, banks & properties were looted, infrastructures were damaged in the Amhara region by #TPLFTerroristGroup. #AtrocitiesByTPLF @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet Warmongering #TPLFTerroristGroup has posed an imminent threat to the peace and stability of the Horn of Africa. #AtrocitiesByTPLF @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet Failure to deter #AtrocitiesByTPLF will only embolden its attempts of looting and massacring of the people of Amhara and Afar region. #TPLFTerroristGroup @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet More than 700K residents in Amhara and Afar have been internally displaced as #AtrocitiesbyTPLF causes havoc and targeting civilian and public service institutions. @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @POTUS Click To Tweet

The world is now becoming a good podium for us to voice the truth. The concealed motive behind the US and its allies is to elevate #TPLFTerroristGroup to equal footing with legitimized Ethiopian Government and consenting #AtrocitiesbyTPLF. @UN @SCRtweets @UN_HRC @antonioguterres Click To Tweet

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