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ENDF Caught TPLF Terrorists Red Handed With The Looted USAID Biscuit. Then USAID Shouts 911! What a Shame! USA Stop Supporting Terrorist TPLF!

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Looters do end up being losers. The International Community should see where #TPLFterroristgroup ends up as a terrorist and looter. #TPLFLootingExposed @PowerUSAID @WFP @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNOCHA @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @USAmbUN @AmbMKimani @ambtstirumurti Click To Tweet


Condemn the #TPLFTerroristGroup. It aims to dismantle and destabilize the region. Today’s aid looting from the needy is the confirmation of its brutality against Humanity. #TPLFLootingExposed @PowerUSAID @WFP @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNOCHA @antonioguterres @EU_Commission Click To Tweet


Now it is quite evident as to how #TPLFTerroristGroup is plundering aids from starved #Tegaru; other aid organizations need to take a lesson. #TPLFLootingExposed @PowerUSAID @WFP @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNOCHA @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @USAmbUN @AmbMKimani Click To Tweet


@USAIDEthiopia kept silent and did not Expose TPLF for quite a long time even when one of the #TPLFTerroristGroup generals apprehended with a bag full of energy biscuit. #TPLFLootingExposed @UNOCHA @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @USAmbUN @AmbMKimani @ambtstirumurti Click To Tweet


Now it is quite evident as to how #TPLFTerroristGroup is plundering aids from starved #Tegaru; other aid organizations need to take a lesson.  #TPLFLootingExposed @PowerUSAID @WFP @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNOCHA @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @USAmbUN @AmbMKimani Click To Tweet


@USAIDEthiopia kept silent and did not #ExposeTPLFLooting for quite long time even when one of the #TPLFTerroristGroup generals apprehended with a bag full of energy biscuit. @PowerUSAID @WFP @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNOCHA @StateDept @USAmbUN @AmbMKimani @ambtstirumurti Click To Tweet


Ethiopia Will never be peaceful and secure if not we stand together and make paralyzed Such terrorist hands. #TPLFTerroristGroup #TPLFLootingExposed @PowerUSAID @WFP @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNOCHA @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @USAmbUN @AmbMKimani @ambtstirumurti Click To Tweet


Textbook definition of #TPLFTerroristGroup: vandalism, looting, destruction & killings; witnessed by USAID Mission Director. #TPLFLootingExposed @PowerUSAID @WFP @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNOCHA @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @USAmbUN @AmbMKimani @ambtstirumurti Click To Tweet


The opportunistic nature of #TPLFTerroristGroup emerges from the sympathy and full coverage it has been getting from aid agencies and international organizations. Stop the hierocracy and condemn TPLF. #TPLFLootingExposed @PowerUSAID @WFP @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNOCHA Click To Tweet


The food aid blockage propaganda has been utilized as a weapon against the Ethiopian govt, although the reality is quite the opposite! #TPLFTerroristGroup #TPLFLootingExposed  @PowerUSAID @EU_Commission @StateDept @USAmbUN @AmbMKimani @ambtstirumurti Click To Tweet


We condemn the looting of humanitarian aid and food by the #TPLFTerroristGroup in the areas they invaded. Aid agencies should work with #GoE to protect Aids from the escalation of looting. #TPLFLootingExposed @UNOCHA @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


#TPLFTerroristGroup has no difference from Al- Qaeda, ISIS, Al-Shabaab. Why the international organization kept silent to denounce TPLF even after #TPLFLootingExposed   by the USAID country director. @PowerUSAID @WFP @EU_Commission @StateDept @USAmbUN @AmbMKimani Click To Tweet


The world should be aware of #TPLFTerroristGroup characters since its establishment. Countless donor countries and aid organizations have been looted by the master of this group.  #TPLFLootingExposed   @PowerUSAID @WFP @SCRtweets @StateDept @USAmbUN @AmbMKimani… Click To Tweet


The People of Ethiopia have been questioning where the #TPLFTerroristGroup are sourcing their energizing biscuits and foods.  #TPLFLootingExposed  @PowerUSAID @WFP @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNOCHA @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @USAmbUN @AmbMKimani @ambtstirumurti Click To Tweet


#TPLFTerroristGroup accumulates large stockpiles of ammunition, as the @USIAD is becoming the main source of the supply. #TPLFLootingExposed  @PowerUSAID @WFP @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNOCHA @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @USAmbUN @AmbMKimani @ambtstirumurti Click To Tweet


Robbery and brutality is the main character of #TPLFTerroristGroup. Ethiopia as a nation has been looted and robbed by the #TPLF for the last 30 years. #TPLFLootingExposed  @PowerUSAID @WFP @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNOCHA @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept Click To Tweet


It is known that in 1980, western aid money for Ethiopia's starving population was diverted for weapons purchased by the TPLF. #TPLFLootingExposed  #TPLFTerroristGroup @PowerUSAID @WFP @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNOCHA @antonioguterres @EU_Commission @StateDept @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


300 days since the #TPLFTerroristGroup impeding access to humanitarian aid For the starvation of millions, #TPLFLootingExposed in the Tigray region starting from last week, the only responsible body is the #TPLFterroristgroup. @PowerUSAID @SCRtweets  @antonioguterres Click To Tweet


@PowerUSAID you have completely lost your credibility in the eyes of Ethiopians. #TplfLootingExposed   #TPLFTerroristGroup @PowerUSAID @USAID @WFP @UNICEF @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNOCHA @antonioguterres @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @StateDept @USEmbassyAddis… Click To Tweet


@PowerUSAID why you become afraid to call Terrorist TPLF in its branded name 'terrorist'?! #TplfLootingExposed   #TPLFTerroristGroup @USAmbUN @AmbMKimani @ambtstirumurti @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @AmbassadorRice @JoeBiden @UNOCHA @antonioguterres Click To Tweet


@PowerUSAID stop sympathizing with the bloody thirsty TPLF terrorists and start working genuinely with the Ethiopian government. #TplfLootingExposed   #TPLFTerroristGroup @PowerUSAID @USAID @WFP @UNICEF @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNOCHA @antonioguterres Click To Tweet

ENDF Caught TPLF Terrorists Red Handed With The Looted USAID Biscuit.


Don't use the humanitarian aid for the unintended purpose of feeding TPLF that massacred the Afar people at Galikoma camp who were displaced from their home by the same terrorist group #TplfLootingExposed #TPLFTerroristGroup @AUC_MoussaFaki Click To Tweet


By helping the terrorist TPLF, @PowerUSAID, you are working against the poor needy people in Afar, Amhara & Tigray whom you vowed to serve when you made oath as head of USAID. Come to your sense’s madam! #TplfLootingExposed #TPLFTerroristGroup Click To Tweet


@PowerUSAID, what makes you silent when TPLF junta loot @USAID organizations in Ethiopia? Shame on you!!! ! #TplfLootingExposed #TPLFTerroristGroup @EU_Commission @StateDept @USEmbassyAddis @USAmbUN @AmbMKimani @ambtstirumurti @JoeBiden @SecBlinken Click To Tweet


@USAID officials are known to be TPLF allies from the very beginning. USAID is the hidden arm of US external policy of destabilizing Ethiopia. #TplfLootingExposed #TPLFTerroristGroup @AmbassadorRice @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @AmbassadorRice @PowerUSAID @USAID Click To Tweet


Why didn’t @USAID officially condemn TPLF? Where is Samantha Power? Their hidden intention is supporting terrorist TPLF, so how can we trust USA? #TplfLootingExposed #TPLFTerroristGroup  @WFP @UNICEF @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @antonioguterres @AUC_MoussaFaki Click To Tweet


@USAID Ethiopia is denying the government’s accusation of aid being weaponized by TPLF just a week ago and @USAID shamelessly denounced it as ridiculous. There is no shame left in USAID anymore. #TplfLootingExposed #TPLFTerroristGroup  @EU_Commission Click To Tweet


@SecBlinken, why you didn't condemn the TPLF terrorist group when they stole all Aid materials and food that was intended the needy civilians? #TplfLootingExposed #TPLFTerroristGroup  @StateDept @USEmbassyAddis @USAmbUN @AmbMKimani @ambtstirumurti @JoeBiden… Click To Tweet


In fact we know that Samantha arranged it in such a way that the food aid would be stolen by the TPLF that tells us why you didn't mention it till now bcoz you have been waiting until the TPLF junta wins! Unfortunately TPLF lost the war. #TplfLootingExposed Click To Tweet


@PowerUSAID you are well aware of the losses and deaths the TPLF is inflicting on the Ethiopian people but you do not want to let the world know the truth about TPLF terrorist group because you are the supporter of the terrorists. #TplfLootingExposed Click To Tweet


@JoeBiden administration and the Western media are the TPLF's supporters. #TplfLootingExposed  #TPLFTerroristGroup  @SecBlinken @AmbassadorRice@JoeBiden @SecBlinken @AmbassadorRice @PowerUSAID @USAID @WFP @UNICEF @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNOCHA Click To Tweet


@USAID Leaders and Staff Show Support for Terrorist Group by Accusing Ethiopian Government Without any concrete evidence. #TplfLootingExposed  #TPLFTerroristGroup  @antonioguterres @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @StateDept @USEmbassyAddis @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


@USAID, we thought you were defending the truth little did we know that you were defending your blinded destructive state #USA responsible for #Afghan's current messed up situation. #TplfLootingExposed #TPLFTerroristGroup @ambtstirumurti @JoeBiden Click To Tweet


@AmbassadorRice & TPLF secret love affair didn't start today but way before the day #Rice derived a speech that precisely an hour on #former_PM_Melese's funeral!! #TplfLootingExposed #TPLFTerroristGroup @SecBlinken @AmbassadorRice @JoeBiden @SecBlinken Click To Tweet


@AmbassadorRice never seemed a politician herself but seems like she was a concubine for #Late_PM_Melese which she hide all the human, political crisis of him under the rug!! #TplfLootingExposed #TPLFTerroristGroup @PowerUSAID @USAID @WFP @UNICEF @UN_HRC Click To Tweet


@AmbRice46 was has no moral decency whatsoever to comment on #Ethiopia's current situation for we all #Ethopians saw her on the #late_PM's funeral & we know her deal so she ain't got no moral decency!! #TplfLootingExposed #TPLFTerroristGroup @SCRtweets Click To Tweet


@JoeBiden, @AmbassadorRice, @SecBlinken, William Burns, Wendy Sherman, Jake Sullivan the same foreign policy “experts” during Benghazi are fumbling foreign policy decisions again today. #TplfLootingExposed #TPLFTerroristGroup @UNOCHA @antonioguterres Click To Tweet


You reap what you sow-US again failed on its foreign policy. NEVER LEARN… now heading to Ethiopia to do the same, supporting the #TPLFTerroristGroup. But over 110M people are rejecting the US supporting the #TPLF #TplfLootingExposed   Click To Tweet


As the top foreign policy Expert @SecBlinken got zis wrong, completely. He is also woefully ill-informed on the political consequences of the US’s stance towards #Ethiopia. The US failed to support its democratic transition & #TPLF is now looking 4 powers. #TplfLootingExposed Click To Tweet


#TPLF’s true nature which is #looting, #vandalizing and #destroying has been exposed by its own defender & supporter, the #US government. #TplfLootingExposed #TPLFTerroristGroup @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @StateDept @USEmbassyAddis @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


Wait a couple of months. Ethiopia does not need to use forces in Tigray to deal with the remnants of the rebels. The people of Tigray will deal with them. TPLF propaganda will be exposed and will be clear to the people. #TplfLootingExposed #TPLFTerroristGroup @AmbMKimani Click To Tweet


The looting TPLF made on the humanitarian aid should have been exposed by the head of the @USAID @PowerUSAID not by lesser official. #TplfLootingExposed   #TPLFTerroristGroup @PowerUSAID @WFP @UNICEF @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNOCHA @antonioguterres Click To Tweet


Where is @PowerUSAID? She was unceasingly tweeting her accusatory messages against the Ethiopian gov't based on hearsay. When the fact surfaces about TPLF looting she delegates a lesser official. Shame on you the Queen of darkness!!! #TplfLootingExposed Click To Tweet


The American people have the right to hear about the issue from the head of the @USAID not from a lesser official #TplfLootingExposed   #TPLFTerroristGroup #TPLFTerroristGroup @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @StateDept @USEmbassyAddis @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


@PowerUSAID speak out the truth or resign from your post as the head of the @USAID #TplfLootingExposed   #TPLFTerroristGroup @ambtstirumurti @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @AmbassadorRice@JoeBiden @SecBlinken @AmbassadorRice @USAID @SecBlinken @WFP @UNICEF Click To Tweet


@PowerUSAID you are tweeting the whole day including yesterday. Why do you prefer to delegate this man when TPLF scandalous looting of humanitarian food aid see the day's light? #TplfLootingExposed   #TPLFTerroristGroup @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNOCHA Click To Tweet


@PowerUSAID why don't you boldly denounce the rampant looting of your own warehouses by your dear #TPLF forces? #TplfLootingExposed   #TPLFTerroristGroup @antonioguterres @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @StateDept @USEmbassyAddis @AmbMKimani Click To Tweet


How come @PowerUSAID continued talking about humanitarian access without openly denouncing the TPLF looting of the food aid? What good is there to talk about access when the humanitarian aid is being looted by the TPLF terrorists? #TplfLootingExposed Click To Tweet


@PowerUSAID it is the right time for you to call a spade a spade. Say it out loud “the TPLF looted the USAID humanitarian food aid”. #TplfLootingExposed   #TPLFTerroristGroup #TPLFTerroristGroup @ambtstirumurti @JoeBiden @SecBlinken Click To Tweet


@PowerUSAID you should ask for formal apology for your unjustified, terroristic, illegal dis-misinformation campaign against the Ethiopian government and the Ethiopian National Defense Forces(ENDF). #TplfLootingExposed   #TPLFTerroristGroup Click To Tweet


@PowerUSAID I can't wait to hear the NEWS of your resignation as head of the @USAID #TplfLootingExposed   #TPLFTerroristGroup @AmbassadorRice @SecBlinken @WFP @UNICEF @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNOCHA @antonioguterres @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @StateDept… Click To Tweet


@PowerUSAID, had it not been for your organization @USAID, the TPLF thugs would have been wiped out completely, they would have been starved to death. Thanks to you and your friends you fattened them with nutritious food begged in the name of the starving Tigrayan people. Click To Tweet


@PowerUSAID Stop feeding #TPLF the aid food, you are putting too much pressure on Ethiopian people, #TPLF shouldn't be a serious  problem to the people of  Ethiopia  unless  USA supported it. #TplfLootingExposed   #TPLFTerroristGroup… Click To Tweet


If USA stop supporting TPLF group there will not be a need for humanitarian assistance. #TplfLootingExposed   #TPLFTerroristGroup @AmbMKimani @ambtstirumurti @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @AmbassadorRice @PowerUSAID @USAID @WFP @UNICEF @UN_HRC @SCRtweets Click To Tweet


A self-respecting person with a healthy mind does not feed a licensed terrorist group like #TPLF with humanitarian food aid sponsored by the American taxpayers. #TplfLootingExposed   #TPLFTerroristGroup @UNOCHA @antonioguterres @AUC_MoussaFaki Click To Tweet

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