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UN, US & EU Officials + WHO Tedros Adhanom Plan & Working Hard To Make Ethiopia Like Darfur.

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@DrTedros , A corrupt communist TPLF terrorist group senior officer, who failed to lead the @WHO in this time of Pandemic and responsible for the death of millions due to Covid 19 should not be allowed to use the UN platform to advance his terrorist agenda. #TedrosResign @UN Click To Tweet


WHO is running @WHO? TPLF rebel leader & Director-General of the World Health Organization @DrTedros appears to be busy blocking Us. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @AU @UNGenva @UN @UNHCR @EthioHRC Click To Tweet


Are Socialist Comrades in control of the UN? A former 🇵🇹 socialist Party head @antonioguterres & @DrTedros, Albanian type socialist rebel group members, are jointly dictating in the name of the UN. It's the right time to reform the UN! #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup Click To Tweet


The Terrorist group senior member @DrTedros who got a seat as a head of the @WHO representing 🇪🇹 is using his position to declare war against 🇪🇹. The re-election of this criminal shows that the @UN doesn’t care about the health of the world population. #TedrosResign Click To Tweet


The re-election of @DrTedros equals rewarding somebody for not doing what he is expected to do as head of the WHO. @DrTedros right place should be the Hague to be tried for crime against humanity. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @JosepBorrellF @UN Click To Tweet


@UNGeneva should not be used for propagating TPLF Agenda. Allowing this clearly indicates that the @UN is working against its governing principles of Neutrality. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @antonioguterres @UNGenva @UN @UNHCR @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet


How @UNlucky my co@UNtry Ethiopia is! Betrayed by the League of Nations during the fascist invasion of 1935-41 and is being betrayed by the @UN that is supporting a home-grown fascist group known as TPLF that vowed to dismantle it. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet


The @UN and the EU are quick to blame the Ethiopian government, after a long period of silence while the TPLF slaughtered the ENDF, massacred innocent civilians in Amhara and Afar, robbed humanitarian aid, hospitals, and schools, and slaughtered cattle and peasants. #TedrosResign Click To Tweet


Ethiopia’s case was one of the main reasons for the replacement of the League of Nations by the @UN. History is going to repeat itself. Time for the replacement or reorganization of the most corrupt organization in the world, the @UN #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @UNGenva Click To Tweet


@UNited Nations is working against its key ideals of Integrity, Professionalism, and Respect to Diversity. Allowing @DrTedros, a top terrorist organization member, to utilize the platform to advance his political goal against a sovereign nation. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup Click To Tweet


We call all sensible Americans especially Americans of Ethiopian and Eritrean origins to show the power of their cards by voting against the Democrats in the November 8, 2022 re-election. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @antonioguterres @UN @UNHCR Click To Tweet


European Parliament mined your own business! Leave African problems to the Africans. We say enough to Neo-colonialism. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @_AfricanUnion @eucopresident @a_schallenberg @alexanderdecroo @VladaRH @EP_ForeignAff Click To Tweet


We prefer death than giving in to be dictated by the West for fear of economic sanction. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @EP_HumanRights @NikosDendias @SpainMFA @GudlaugurThor @luigidimaio @AnzeLog @Haavisto @JY_LeDrian @DZalkaliani @simoncoveney Click To Tweet


What about the people of Amhara who are starving held hostage by the terrorist TPLF? The fact that the @UN speaks nothing about them shows the nonexistence of respect to diversity as a guiding principle of the @UN. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup Click To Tweet


Who is causing all the problems in Tigray? TPLF. Where is the war being fought? On Amhara and Afar soil. Who is currently administering Tigray? TPLF. Who is hijacking humanitarian aid? TPLF. Yet, who is being blamed for all these? The Ethiopian government. #TedrosResign Click To Tweet


African people @UNite against Western domination. Say no to Neocolonialism in the name of humanitarian intervention in sovereign African states. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @luigidimaio @xhacka_olta @AraratMirzoyan @MFABulgaria @CzechMFA @Jak Click To Tweet


It is shameful for the @UN with all its lofty agendas, to serve as a mouthpiece of TPLF agenda by allowing its platform for TPLF to propagate its destructive agenda using its international activist @DrTedros who caused great shame to the WHO. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup Click To Tweet


This is nothing but a desperate, coordinated campaign by using all available means including the @UN to rescue TPLF from being completely annihilated by Ethiopian forces. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @JosepBorrellF @antonioguterres @UNGenva @UN Click To Tweet


As Susan Rice, the mistress of the dead TPLF dictator, plays her dirty game against Ethiopia behind Biden, @DrTedros is maneuvering the international commUNity in the name of Guterres. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @UNHCR @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet


Ethiopian and Eritrean diasporas in America should drive the Democrats out of the White House in the Midterm election as they let them in a year before. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @eucopresident @a_schallenberg @alexanderdecroo Click To Tweet


Wake up Africa!!! It is the right time for African peoples to establish a common front against the white supremacist against independent African states using aid as a tool to force us to bow before them and beg for their mercy. #TedrosResign Click To Tweet


Despite the arms embargo imposed on them our Ethiopian fathers defeated the fascist Italians, we will wipe out the home-grown fascist TPLF in spite of whatever pressure the West tries to impose on us. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @EP_HumanRights Click To Tweet


Hello Africans let’s come together to fight against injustices. @UNity is strength. When there is teamwork & collaboration wonderful things can be achieved. It is time for us to force the re-organization of the @UN ordismantle it. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @AnzeLog Click To Tweet


I think @UN is no more ''world organization'' for they are acting as thugs firing who they don't like & hiring who will dance to their tune; what a shame! #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @JosepBorrellF @antonioguterres @UNGenva @UN @UNHCR Click To Tweet


When war traders like #US & #UN are the sole reason for a number of instability, displacements & blood-shaded across the world now they are acting as if they're innocent; we knew where your heart is when @UN fires whistle-blowers! #TedrosResign Click To Tweet


Upsetting or defying #Ethiopia’s unity is disrespecting the entire black voter in #USA for we all know #Ethiopians did play a vital role during the election period of @POTUS #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @_AfricanUnion @a_schallenberg Click To Tweet


#EU should be more concerned about leaving #ETH for its legitimately elected gov't if real refugee influx was #European concern that was caused by @NATO & #USA unnecessary interventions. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @alexanderdecroo @VladaRH Click To Tweet


The whole world saw what #US did to #Afghanishtan & other countries & even #US said sorry afterwards which sorry won't give back an orphan his/her loved ones so #EU stop repeating the same mistake as #US did stop interfering in #Ethiopia's internal matter! #TedrosResign Click To Tweet


#ETH won't need #EU's regret later on; your sorry won't save lives but just now before it's too late be humans for once in your life & leave my country alone stop your interventions we got this! #Ethiopiawillprevail through it all! #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup Click To Tweet

UN, US & EU Officials + WHO Tedros Adhanom Plan & Working Hard To Make Ethiopia Like Darfur.


For the sake of the benefit of small groups #EU & @UN don't sacrifice millions of others just leave our #Ethiopia alone for #Ethiopia will get its rebirth very soon & you can be part of it only if you respect our sovereignty! #TedrosResign Click To Tweet


Now the whole world should question not only @DrTedros’ but also partiality of @antonioguterres as well for they seem to sing in harmony in front of our eyes! #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @EP_HumanRights @SpainMFA @GudlaugurThor @luigidimaio Click To Tweet


@UN is still protesting the #ETH gov't’s move to kick out seven UN senior officials & @UN is now showing the whole world its protest against #ETH by accusing the federal gov't of aid blockade which @UN itself intentionally gave the trucks to #TPLF militias #TedrosResign Click To Tweet


@WHO & @UNGeneva seems to be led by the same person both blood hungry warmongers & they wanted to get profit from every war across the globe what a shame! #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @Haavisto @DZalkaliani @simoncoveney @luigidimaio Click To Tweet


Since when did @DrTedros become the spokes Person for @UNEthiopia? This is bazaar stuff here. Just how corrupt is the UN? This is very disturbing. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @xhacka_olta @AraratMirzoyan @MFABulgaria @CzechMFA @Jak @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet


@antonioguterres are you still alive? When did you transfer this portfolio to @WHO? Isn't #WHO health organization? All this shows @DrTedros's conflict of interest. @DrTedros is a senior member of #TPLF that is causing all the suffering in #Tigray region. #TedrosResign @UNGenva Click To Tweet


So now Dr Tewodros is in the driving seat of who? He is that someone who commands and directs UN. In that case he was the one who is responsible for the leave of @maureenAchieng and her vice. Aren’t u shocked Mr Guterrez? #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup… Click To Tweet


To claim that the same gov't that, at will, rooted for a stop of hostilities to allow farming activities and access of humanitarian support in the area, is starving its own people is illogical, untrue and an act of self-seeking #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @antonioguterres Click To Tweet


We are shocked. A world organization being wheeled by a terrorist member and a person who is not doing his job properly while endangering many lives but still orchestrating and directing and politicizing humanitarian org. #TedrosResign @UN @UNHCR Click To Tweet


#TPLF politburo member speaking on behalf of the #UN - isn't that a shame for the world's most respected secular organization? #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @_AfricanUnion @eucopresident @a_schallenberg @alexanderdecroo @VladaRH @EP_ForeignAff Click To Tweet


So it is clear now that every tweet that has been coming from @UNGenevais from @DrTedros. That clarifies a lot of things now. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @EP_HumanRights @NikosDendias @SpainMFA @GudlaugurThor @luigidimaio @AnzeLog @Haavisto Click To Tweet


Is dr tewodros secretary of mr Antonio guterrez or what? Or is it because Antonio couldn’t spell correctly? Why isn’t Un Geneva doing its job properly rather than falling down as a loose intstution? #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @JY_LeDrian Click To Tweet


UN high ranking officials like @DrTedros is a lobbyist for the Tigray rebels. He has misled others In the UN about the conflict in Ethiopia. UN is being a source of misinformation on Ethiopia. Look inside first. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @Jak Click To Tweet


Look in the mirror, #WHO do you see? DrTedros of #WHO misinformation club. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @DZalkaliani @simoncoveney @luigidimaio @xhacka_olta @AraratMirzoyan @MFABulgaria @JosepBorrellF @antonioguterres @UNGenva @UN @UNHCR Click To Tweet


If you think about it, now a days @DrTedros is using whatever it is at his disposal openly & US threatening to put sanction it's not because they're so much worried about the people in region it’s because they've no way to help #TplfTerroristGroup #TedrosResign Click To Tweet


What is this demand that Europe united with #USA, wants to violate Ethiopia's sovereignty? Tigray's political agenda clear the #UN organizational branches have shown help #TPLFTerrorist & @DrTedros#TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @eucopresident Click To Tweet


These showing the clear stand of the UN, siding with the world criminal. It is not the best interest for Africa #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @a_schallenberg @alexanderdecroo @VladaRH @EP_ForeignAff @EP_HumanRights @NikosDendias @SpainMFA Click To Tweet


What else can we expect from senior member of #tplf @DrTedros? Pride was his short statement when he thought #tplf is advancing to overthrow the ruling #Ethiopian gov't staying membership with these organizations. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup Click To Tweet


Dr tewodros after making sure that people who stood for truth have left the now showing his true intentions.UN Geneva is compromised by A terrorist lobbyist. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @AnzeLog @Haavisto @JY_LeDrian @DZalkaliani Click To Tweet


Just as we witnessed the demise of TPLF from iron grip on 4-kilo power, we’ll witness their last extinction while we’re alive! Ethiopia is member of the UN & UN serves Ethiopia and other countries interest, NOT the other way around #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup Click To Tweet


Fair to assume that if, a BIG if, an investigation was to be done @antonioguterreሰ would probably be implicated as well. @DrTedros will go down in history as the most inept and criminal individuals occupying such a high level role at the @UN / @WHO #TedrosResign @luigidimaio Click To Tweet


@UN & @US these blood & money hungry are responsible for the continuation & expansion of the conflict in northern #ETH; they wanted to shift the blame like they have been doing that for a couple of months now #TedrosResign Click To Tweet


#Democrats seat on the next election depends on the diaspora community of #Ethiopian-Americans vote they will vote not only that but they will initiate millions of black people to vote against democrats if need be; if democrats now fail to support #Ethiopian unity #TedrosResign Click To Tweet


#European invaders were taking all the minerals, crude oil, & others important precious stones when they were colonizers back then but now that was not enough they wanted to colonize in civilized manner taking #African regional integrity. Why? Leave us alone #TedrosResign Click To Tweet


Even if with their movies & mainstream media houses #EU, #US, #UN tried preaching their innocence to the world, now after #Afghan Airport incident the world understands better how evil-minded & unfair collective of people that have no heart for humanity #TedrosResign Click To Tweet


Ethiopians are well aware the reasons behind the conflict are: 1) US/EU proxy war with China, 2) TPLF’s fight to regain its lost politico-economic monopoly, 3) Egypt’s struggle to maintain its regional dominance by weakening Ethiopia. Tigray is just a pretext. #TedrosResign @UN Click To Tweet


US/EU/UK Govt don’t care about the people of Ethiopia or Eritrea. They just want obedient puppet states. When threats fail they will try bribery and inducements. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @JosepBorrellF @antonioguterres @UNGenva @UNHCR Click To Tweet


Blame the terrorist group TPLF who are killing innocents by going #Amhara & #afar regions also using 400+ humanitarian trucks for transporting their fighters God knows who let them do that so all this mess because those killers/TPLF #TedrosResign #TPLFTerroristGroup @UNGenva Click To Tweet


The international community failed to stabilize the unilateral ceasefire. Since then more than 1.5 million innocent civilians have been displaced from the #Amhara & #Afar regions, hundreds of them killed, tortured & raped #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @UN Click To Tweet


Unfortunately UN & EU has no interest in seeing the suffering caused by this criminal organization. They have chosen TPLF over Ethiopians. They are misled to believe Tplf is all-powerful & assumed will regain its power. A tragic blunder #TedrosResign Click To Tweet

UN, US & EU Officials + WHO Tedros Adhanom Plan & Working Hard To Make Ethiopia Like Darfur.


Getachew Reda's barking was a no shame talking which at his first stand they can arrive Addis in weeks,Right now he was shaking and acting as a man of peace,why not he continue as his starting pace.impossible to do so.#Nonegotiationwithtplf #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @Jak Click To Tweet


Too much interference from the West in African affairs is problem. Sponsoring unrest &puppets in perceived hostile smaller nations using dividing tactics to fuel civil unrest in those nations coz the leaders aren't likable to west eg. Lybia #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup Click To Tweet


The one and only TPLF is the cause.TPLF,let alone creates famine also will go to hell in order to fulfill their bloody ambitions.He who backs TPLF is as bloody as is.#TPLFisthecause #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @JosepBorrellF @antonioguterres Click To Tweet


#Ethiopia isn't a colony of Neither #US nor #UN and #EU .has no right to order.The people of #Ethiopia have voted and they are the one who cares how PM #AbiyAhmed is going to rule & solve problems, not the #EU. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @UN Click To Tweet


#EU should not be influenced by the #TPLFTerroristGroup lobbyists. Biased sanction threats on #Ethiopia will be counterproductive and affect bilateral relationship. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @UNGenva @UNHCR @_AfricanUnion @eucopresident Click To Tweet


Tigray Genocide - is a hoax.A propaganda weaponizing a scary word “Genocide” to illicit sympathy & more importantly to silence those opposing #TPLF Rebels in northern Ethiopia #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @a_schallenberg @alexanderdecroo Click To Tweet


Does justice to 115 million mean anything to #EU? It is TPLF's Oppression vs Justice! #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @EP_ForeignAff @EP_HumanRights @NikosDendias @SpainMFA @GudlaugurThor @luigidimaio @AnzeLog @Haavisto @JY_LeDrian @DZalkaliani Click To Tweet


Who is the aggressor in the Northern Ethiopia Conflict? Next, ask who expanded the war into other regions? Very revealingly! It is the #TPLFTerroristGroup. It is a destructive force full of lies and aggression! #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup Click To Tweet


The international comm. has failed to grasp true causes and nature of #Tigray conflict and mistakenly interpret it as if it is now the “usual African civil war” between a strong central govt and a minority region that is seeking greater autonomy. #Ethiopia #TedrosResign Click To Tweet


What #Ethiopia deserves now is the EU respecting its sovereignty. Bullying elected leaders is inimical. Start positively engaging w/ the govt & people of #ETH. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @simoncoveney @luigidimaio @xhacka_olta Click To Tweet


The @UN must realize that we are aware and have reached the age of majority.The policy of the #UN, the #USA and the #EU on #Ethiopia is extremely dangerous. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @MFABulgaria @CzechMFA @Jak @JosepBorrellF @antonioguterres Click To Tweet


#EU’s policy is a policy that further threatens #Ethiopian peace and security because of the repeated use of threats to impose sanctions, intimidation or any form of public or covert interference that threatens #Ethiopia's sovereignty #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @UNGenva Click To Tweet


It is not logical for the Government of #Ethiopia to allow a few people working for the United Nations to tamper with its national security. It is utterly insane to see the United Nations support and stand behind its staff messing with #Ethiopian national security. #TedrosResign Click To Tweet


The peoples of all States to make their own political, economic and social decisions without interference or external control.@UN #US #EU #UN #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @UN @UNHCR @_AfricanUnion @eucopresident @a_schallenberg @alexanderdecroo Click To Tweet


#EU must leave our internal issue for us. It's not their business to decide which area belongs to Oromia, Amhara or Tigray. They are trying to prolong the suffering of the people of #Ethiopia. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @VladaRH @EP_ForeignAff Click To Tweet


What is to expect from EU when its loobyists are all financed by #TPLFisGenociderNotVictim. They are all tweeting here. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @EP_HumanRights @NikosDendias @SpainMFA @GudlaugurThor @luigidimaio @AnzeLog @Haavisto @JY_LeDrian Click To Tweet


They can take that sanction and shove it up where the sun don't shine! #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @DZalkaliani @simoncoveney @luigidimaio @xhacka_olta @AraratMirzoyan @MFABulgaria @CzechMFA @Jak @JosepBorrellF @antonioguterres @UNGenva @UN Click To Tweet


We'll not be dictated or intimidated by EU or US. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @UNHCR @_AfricanUnion @eucopresident @a_schallenberg @alexanderdecroo @VladaRH @EP_ForeignAff @EP_HumanRights @NikosDendias @SpainMFA @GudlaugurThor @luigidimaio Click To Tweet


They've wanting to sanction us for 11 months. Bring it on! And see if sanctions don't affect your precious Tigray and TPLF. They live in Ethiopia too. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @AnzeLog @Haavisto @JY_LeDrian @DZalkaliani @simoncoveney Click To Tweet


Eu must take care of historic and common interest issues by getting the right information on the ground and the historic background of the areas discussed. Tomorrow is another day, Ethiopia is prevailing with truth while #TPLFTerroristGroup is about to be history. #TedrosResign Click To Tweet


In the New Scramble For Africa, the European Union has a 'score to settle with Ethiopia' for being the only African country resisting EU colonization. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @luigidimaio @xhacka_olta @AraratMirzoyan @MFABulgaria @Jak Click To Tweet


EU can't tell us how to run our country. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @JosepBorrellF @antonioguterres @UNGenva @UN @UNHCR @_AfricanUnion @eucopresident @a_schallenberg @alexanderdecroo @VladaRH @EP_ForeignAff @EP_HumanRights @NikosDendias Click To Tweet


European Union is supporting terrorist groups #TPLF, by covert & overt operations including by funding Sahan Research. Sahan is the disinformation & propaganda tool. EU is supporting violence in Ethiopia to overthrow @PMEthiopia & to finally disintegrate Ethiopia.… Click To Tweet


With raw material demand, climate change, China, & the speed with which information is shared, there is a shift in the global order. What's happening in the Horn of Africa signals the end of homogenous Western Power and the rise of #Africa? They're nervous! #TedrosResign Click To Tweet


What mandate or authority does EU have over Ethiopia to determine allocation of land between regions in Ethiopia? Ethiopia is not an EU colony. Besides, why don't they tell the Spanish Govt in EU how to resolve the Catalan dispute ? #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @AnzeLog Click To Tweet


Is Africa still under the colonialists rule? Why EU is the deciders on Africa’s internal affairs? Aren’t Africans capable of managing their own business? Does Africa set rules on EU countries? When is this going to stop? #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @luigidimaio @Haavisto Click To Tweet


Does EU have the right and legal ground to delimit boundaries of local administration units in Sovereign Ethiopia. Never had been seen in history of the world since post-colonial era. Their arrogance clearly manifested. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @GudlaugurThor Click To Tweet


This is a divisive act and direct intervantion in Ethiopia's sovereignity. This can only exacerbate the situation. #EU's resolution is an intent to distroy the whole region and collect its profit out of this mess. Africa's stability and growth is a crisis for EU. #TedrosResign Click To Tweet


This is the New Scramble for Africa by the European Union. #Ethiopia resisted colonization back then & will continue to resist neocolonialism. #HandsOffEU #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @JY_LeDrian @DZalkaliani @simoncoveney @xhacka_olta Click To Tweet


Last time we checked we kicked their colonial ass out. What is this shit now? #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @AraratMirzoyan @MFABulgaria @CzechMFA @Jak @JosepBorrellF @antonioguterres @UNGenva @UN @UNHCR @_AfricanUnion @eucopresident @VladaRH Click To Tweet


EU has been basing its decision on false reports of some journalists such as CNN correspondents mainly like those of Dr tewodros who is deeply engaged in misinforming and disinforming the world in order to save the monster. #TedrosResign @a_schallenberg Click To Tweet


The Westerners continue to play with fire and they push the limit of Ethiopian peoples goodwill more and more. This will not be forgotten. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @alexanderdecroo @EP_ForeignAff @EP_HumanRights @NikosDendias @SpainMFA Click To Tweet


We condemn EU’s plan. EU can’t decide for Ethiopia and can’t tell Ethiopia what to do. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @GudlaugurThor @luigidimaio @AnzeLog @Haavisto @JY_LeDrian @DZalkaliani @simoncoveney @luigidimaio @xhacka_olta @AraratMirzoyan Click To Tweet


EU must understand the situation from its bottom and stand with #Ethiopia instead of standing with the brutal terrorist ethnocentric genocide group called #TPLF. #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @MFABulgaria @CzechMFA @Jak @JosepBorrellF @UNGenva Click To Tweet


#Ethiopians have suffered too long under this mafia group. #HOA will be better of group like #TPLF #TedrosResign #TplfTerroristGroup @antonioguterres  @UN @UNHCR @_AfricanUnion @eucopresident @a_schallenberg @alexanderdecroo @VladaRH @EP_ForeignAff Click To Tweet

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