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Every African is His Brother’s Sister’s Keeper!

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Let’s all African brothers and sisters hold hands against the unfair treatment of fellow black UN employees in Ethiopia for speaking the truth about the failing international organization #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia Click To Tweet


Injustice somewhere is injustice everywhere. Let’s all-black race all over the world fight against the white supremacists disguised as @UN leaders for contemptuous measure on fellow black employees for calling a spade a spade #TimeForAfrica Click To Tweet


Let all African brothers and sisters condemn the blatant disrespect by UN against black senior employees for expressing their view concerning their duty. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @UN @UNEthiopia @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @USUNSpox @StateDept Click To Tweet


It is both sad and immoral for the UN to recall its African staff for speaking out against the UN's heinous activities. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @UN @UNEthiopia @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @USUNSpox @StateDept @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia Click To Tweet


Africa, the second largest continent and the home of more than 50 countries deserve a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @UN @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission Click To Tweet


Ethiopia is the founding member of the UN. When the founder is isolated and betrayed others will definitely lack confidence in the UN. Therefore let all African countries let them feel your presence. Let‘s fight this injustice by the UN. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @USUNSpox Click To Tweet


Maureen Achieng and her friend did nothing wrong, but they exposed the UN's despicable practices, which included cooperation with the terrorist TPLF in violation of its own ethical principles. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @StateDept @unwomenethiopia Click To Tweet


It is well known that the UN sympathizes with the terrorist groups of the TPLF. The interview with Jeff Pearce conducted by Maureen @MaureenAAchieng should not be used as a justification to silence her. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @IOMEthiopia @UN Click To Tweet


The UN's removal of @MaureenAAchieng  for stating the truth would not fix the problem. The UN's apathy reveals the organization's bias toward the terrorist TPLF. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @UNEthiopia @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @USUNSpox Click To Tweet


@MaureenAAchieng should not be made a scapegoat for the UN's violations of its own rule of conduct. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @StateDept @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @UN @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @USUNSpox Click To Tweet


What @MaureenAAchieng did was calling the TPLF in its name that it deserves, Dirty. The UN has been an ally to these criminal thugs in playing their dirty game. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @UN @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet


TPLF has been dubbed - Vicious by True @MaureenAAchieng. The fact that she was fired for expressing the truth reveals the true nature of the UN, a failed international agency. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @EU_Commission @USUNSpox @StateDept @IOMEthiopia Click To Tweet


@MaureenAAchieng realized the fact that the TPLF thugs are gambling with the Tigrean refuges to their political objectives and she exposed that. She as IOM head in Ethiopia is doing her job and firing her for that is absurd and immoral. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @UNEthiopia Click To Tweet


Are you accusing her of doing her job? Who has violated the IOM’s values and code of conduct? Not @MaureenAAchieng, it is the one who called her from her office for the fake investigation. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia @UN @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet


We call for independent investigation as UN’s integrity is severely compromised by trying to silence its employees of African descent for speaking the truth. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @UN @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet


This again demonstrates the UN's higher officials in Geneva support to TPLF. We strongly condemn this unlawful act of silencing the genuine employees that work with its principles. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen  @EU_Commission @USUNSpox @StateDept Click To Tweet


This is why the UN is called the most corrupt organization on earth and it has to be restructured as soon as possible or dismantled just like its predecessor, the League of Nations. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia Click To Tweet


This just adds insult to injury. The UN is helping with the terrorist TPLF and, when revealed, dismisses whistle-blowers rather than addressing the issues. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @UN @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @USUNSpox @StateDept Click To Tweet


All black people all over the world let’s unite and get our voice heard. Let’s say loud and clear to the UN to Stop its hierocracy and do the right thing. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @UN @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet


The so-called champions of democracy are doing their best to suffocate African employees of the UN for speaking the fact on the ground. We all Africans are on the side of our victim sisters. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @EU_Commission @USUNSpox Click To Tweet


Shame on you UN! Where is the freedom of speech that you are bragging about? #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @StateDept @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @UN @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @USUNSpox @StateDept Click To Tweet


Freedom of speech and tolerance are the two most incontestable Western cultures. But when it comes to the African employees the UN violated this and recalled them from their office for speaking their mind. Unacceptable! #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen Click To Tweet


As we Africans united to break the yoke of colonialism, it is time for us to come together to fight against neo-colonialism as exemplified by the recent action of the UN against African employees. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia Click To Tweet


It is time for the UN to make sure its branches everywhere are free from engaging in politics of the victims. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @UN @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @USUNSpox @StateDept @unwomenethiopia Click To Tweet


The Lords of Poverty gathered under the big name UN are corrupted and a bunch of criminals. African countries should rethink their position with this criminal organization. Shame on you UN! #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia Click To Tweet


The @UN has proved today that its corrupt, biased & racist practices r still acclaimed at @UN by suspending/intimidating/silencing @MaureenAAchieng JUST BECAUSE SHE SPOKE THE TRUTH, IS BLACK AFRICAN,& IS A WOMAN Very Disturbing! SHAME ON Click To Tweet


Pushing Ethiopia out of AGOA is easy! but is a wrong and disastrous action for the US Foreign Policy in Africa! Obviously, China will grab the opportunity #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @UN @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet


America removed Former African leaders saying they are ultimate dictator, but the truth is they removed bcoz they says they should trade with GOLD. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @EU_Commission @USUNSpox @StateDept @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia Click To Tweet


The two UN staffs were symbolic leaders for an African women leadership, UN is not a place for this level of racism, and Africans condemn this. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @UNEthiopia @UN @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @USUNSpox @StateDept Click To Tweet


UN & America removed Former African leaders bcoz they stood up to them, and destroyed countries like Libya and others while doing so, they never cared! #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @UN @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet

Every African is His Brother’s Sister’s Keeper !


Two American high officials, W.Bush and Condoleezza Rice went to Kenya on 2007 to resolve the conflict that happened that year & failed, but Wangari Maathai did it easly, coz she don't have a biased agenda. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen Click To Tweet


America's talking to Kenya to help Ethiopia is like going to dentist for your knee pain. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @StateDept @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @UN @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @USUNSpox Click To Tweet


America's high officials meeting to sanction Ethiopia & talking to another African leaders is having headache in your legs. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @UN @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @USUNSpox @StateDept Click To Tweet


Former African leaders said we should trade with Gold not American dollars got overthrown and killed, Dr.Abiy said we shouldn't export raw materials like cobal instead make phones and they are to sanction Ethiopia, do the maths. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia Click To Tweet


If you are African and spoke the truth, then you are dictator or Whistleblower, Dr.Abiy is being pushed coz he said what is right and UN officials are suspended coz they shared the truth! #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @UN Click To Tweet


Ethiopia must be led with it's elected PM Dr.Abiy, so is kenya or Sudan, with their own elected officials, not American selected puppets. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @USUNSpox @StateDept @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UN Click To Tweet


Every African is his brother's sister's keeper! That is what pan-Africanism is all about! #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @UN @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @USUNSpox @StateDept Click To Tweet


If UN or USG ever wanted to help Ethiopia and Africa in general they would have never worked with TPLF, or Husni Mubarak, they don't want us at peace, that's the goal. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @UN Click To Tweet


America and European Union doesn't want great Africa to emerge, but divided and conquered Africa is full of raw materials to exploit. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @USUNSpox @StateDept @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UN Click To Tweet


Dr.Abiy is the only African leader who opened his country for all African, visa on entry was to promote the pan-africanism, #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @UNEthiopia @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @UN @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @USUNSpox Click To Tweet


Seems like America and European Union never liked Dr.Abiy's united and great African continent that can work together with common goal of prospering. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @StateDept @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @UN @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet


African solidarity is not a choice for Africa; it is a must and the only choice. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @UN @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @USUNSpox @StateDept Click To Tweet


Africa is producer of 59% world gold, but still in need of help from America and European Union, the water never goes up the hills unless it is forced. Why Africa is still poor? #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @UN Click To Tweet


America went to Afghanistan just to leave it in the worst poverty of 97% of its citizen under poverty line that is how America helped most of the countries. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @USUNSpox @StateDept @unwomenethiopia Click To Tweet


I recently understood what dictator means, it's working for the safety of majority of your country but unpleasing America and European Union. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @UN @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @USUNSpox @StateDept Click To Tweet


The main reason the US gov't & it's colonial EU allies gave a blind eye to Ethiopian facts is coz they fear the Pan African mov't Abiy Ahmed Ali has started by creating a unified & stronger horn. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia Click To Tweet


Pan Africanism is flourishing under the leadership of PM AbiyAhmedAli ! #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @USUNSpox @StateDept @unwomenethiopia Click To Tweet


Our continent was liberated on the values of PanAfricanism & it can only be transformed if we have the values of Pan-Africanism. We hope to build a new spirit of Pan-Africanism through our #African continent #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen Click To Tweet


Ethiopia, as the only uncolonised nation stood firm wiz her brothers & sisters to ensure that African ppl were free to determine their own destiny. So for all of us #Ethiopia is our mother! H.E Uhuru Kenyatta, President of Kenya. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia Click To Tweet


The torch for the new version of Pan Africanism was lighted in the land of freedom in #Ethiopia under AbiyAhmedAli’s leadership and radiating to illuminate the whole Africa!! #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @UNEthiopia @UN @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission Click To Tweet


Pan Africanism will begin when people start seeing Africa as the home of African and work towards its development and not just vain words on TV, radio and internet. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @USUNSpox @StateDept @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UN Click To Tweet


You’re still there, the scramble for Africa. The status quo - weak and divided Africa is a prerequisite for the white dominance to be continued. You're talking about a single African country's break away as opposed to our dream of Pan Africanism. This is evil! #TimeForAfrica Click To Tweet


The subject of Pan-Africanism is one that remains as important today as it was many year ago...In order for us to understand the present we must understand the past which will also enable us to have a glimpse on what the future holds. Prof PLO Lumumba #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen Click To Tweet


Ethiopia is a great contributor of Pan Africanism and give priority to the #slogan of AfricanSolution4African problems. No EU,US,UN,but AU #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @UNEthiopia @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia Click To Tweet


The desire to see all Africans live in dignity, peace and belief in shared prosperity for its people is the new Pan Africanist mov’t #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @UN @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @USUNSpox @StateDept @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia Click To Tweet


The time to putting into action the great Pan-African ideology is now. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @UN @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @USUNSpox @StateDept Click To Tweet


PM AbiyAhmedAli has the very spirit of Pan-Africanism. That is why we Ethiopians aggressively support his leadership. May God almighty protect our PM AbiyAhmedAli from western evilest smear campaign? Africans need to stand with Ethiopians now more than ever. #TimeForAfrica Click To Tweet


It is time to hear from each other, learn from each other, embrace our diversity and share generosity together. Time to build solidarity, dignity and justice for all Africans is now. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia Click To Tweet


The only un-colonized African country, the founder member of AU & UN is now facing challenge from the western countries led by USA even though they will never be succeeds! #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @UN @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @USUNSpox Click To Tweet


Successfully defeated colonial aggression in the past and will not succumb to undue neocolonial pressure now either. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @UN @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @USUNSpox @StateDept Click To Tweet


We must learn to live the African way. It's the only way to live in freedom and with dignity. Thomas Sankara. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @UN @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @USUNSpox @StateDept Click To Tweet


The white supremacy bigotry is outdated. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @UN @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @USUNSpox @StateDept Click To Tweet


Africa should stand in solidarity with @MaureenAAchieng who just faced injustice from her neocolonial European bosses for standing by her conscience. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @UN @_AfricanUnion @USUNSpox Click To Tweet


Lobbyist @batten_von thinks Africans defending Ethiopia tweet to influence US Policy. No! Americans, not Africans determine US policy. Africa only asks that US reciprocates its respect for US internal affairs & avoids stupid & inflammatory polemics against Ethiopia… Click To Tweet


Those who are supporting ethnic warfare in Ethiopia including foolish US politicians and Biden administration will cause severe harm to Africa. Failure to support Ethiopian sovereignty will be catastrophic. #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @StateDept Click To Tweet


It is this independent & united sprit that Ethiopia has been spreading throughout Africa That's why the neocolonial masters are shouting loudly against Ethiopia through their instruments like @cnni @nimaelbagir & the like #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen… Click To Tweet


When Africa start to work together to detach from poverty/aid dependency& to make their region peaceful& ensure stability z western especially USA start to come up with new conspiracy to abort pan-Africanism #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen Click To Tweet


An attack on Ethiopia is an attack on the enitre continient of Africa! #TimeForAfrica #AfricanWoMen @unwomenethiopia @IOMEthiopia @UNEthiopia @UN @_AfricanUnion @EU_Commission @USUNSpox @StateDept Click To Tweet

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