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Western Hypocrisy on Ethiopia & Horn Of Africa-HOA

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Contrary to its cry & the 'parrots' usual act, #TPLFTerroristGroup is committing atrocities. #WesternHypocracy @POTUS @UN @EU_Commission @SecBlinken @USUN @HouseForeign @EUinEthiopia @USEmbassyAddis @USAmbUN @JoeBiden Click To Tweet


That's media hypocrisy. TPLF kills & displaces people in #Afar & #Amhara, but the media doesn't speak those. #TPLF recruits children & uses civilians as human shields. #TPLFTerroristGroup #WesternHypocracy @UN @EU_Commission @SecBlinken Click To Tweet


The world media is in a hurry whenever GoE airstrikes military targets in Tigray. But there is a deafening silence when #TPLFTerroristGroup commits atrocities against civilians in #Amhara and #Afar. #TPLFTerroristGroup #WesternHypocracy @USUN @BBC Click To Tweet


When was the last time @ReutersWitness tried to reach out to the people posting real Pic & videos of #MaiKadra, #Amhara, or #AfarMassacres committed by #TPLFTerroristGroup? None! #WesternHypocracy @HouseForeign @UKUN_NewYork @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet


For @AP @ReutersAfrica @BBCAfrica @CNN @nytimesworld & other News outlets, the civilians that're victims of #TPLF Mortars & Artillery in #Amhara & #Afar regions are just numbers. #TPLFTerroristGroup #WesternHypocracy @EUinEthiopia @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


They say their only interest is the safety of all 🇪🇹ns, while persistently ignoring the sufferings brought by #TPLFTerroristGroup & its evil wars on #Amhara & #Afar #TPLFTerroristGroup #WesternHypocracy @JoeBiden @UN @StateDept @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet


What has Mr. Feltman's diplomacy produced so far?! The complexity of the HOA region is spinning his head! He has a chance to recover! Tell the #TPLFTerroristGroup to disarm! #WesternHypocracy @nytimes @USAmbUN @USAID @CNN @UNEthiopia Click To Tweet


If genuine, I appreciate media campaigns @CNN @AFP @BBC & @UN agencies for Tigray region. But I always ask why are #Afar & #Amhara omitted from the News & Humanitarian crisis updates while atrocities taking place by TPLF in these regions? #WesternHypocracy Click To Tweet


@ReutersWitness is only there to verify & care for information regarding #TPLFTerroristGroup narrative! #WesternHypocracy @AJEnglish @antonioguterres @LindaT_G @AUC_MoussaFaki @UNGeneva @AP @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @JosepBorrellF @EU_Commission Click To Tweet


TPLF fires long-range guns & cannons into the villages of Afar & Amhara. They are raping thousands of children & women. The intl community has always been complicit with #TplfTerroristGroup. #TPLFTerroristGroup #WesternHypocracy @AFP @RT_com Click To Tweet


Within only a few hours gap, almost all worlds’ mainstream Media made an overstated narrative about Tigray_Air_Stikes after receiving reports from TPLF leaders & their Mouthpieces. #TPLFTerroristGroup #WesternHypocrisy @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet


Realizing that it could not choke the Djibouti-Addis route, TPLF has resorted to targeting civilians in neighboring regions out of desperation. #TPLFTerroristGroup #WesternHypocracy @Reuters @StateDept @BBC @SecBlinken @nytimes @USAmbUN @USAID @CNN Click To Tweet


TPLF has recently launched fresh attacks on Amhara and Afar regions plundering property and starving children, mothers, and the elderly to death. #TPLFTerroristGroup #WesternHypocracy @UNEthiopia @AJEnglish @antonioguterres @LindaT_G @AUC_MoussaFaki Click To Tweet


TPLF have indiscriminately targeted & shelled civilian villages namely Chifra & Wuchale lately & killed more than 30 civilians at Wuchale alone. #TPLFTerroristGroup #WesternHypocracy @UNGeneva @AP @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @guardian @AFP Click To Tweet


The Government of Ethiopia is deeply dismayed by the reticence of the international community to condemn the perpetuated atrocities of the TPLF. #TPLFTerroristGroup #WesternHypocracy @POTUS @UN @EU_Commission @SecBlinken @USUN @HouseForeign Click To Tweet


They come here in the name of Aid & Loan so that #Africa will be remained attached to them begging for survival but when 🇪🇹 is said no to their sick joke now they started pressuring us with their cooked stories such as Mekelle airstrike. #TPLFTerroristGroup #WesternHypocracy Click To Tweet


#TPLF attacked historical Gondar city but unluckily we couldn't see any report prepared for that on @cnni @BBCWorld b/c the report will not be in a favor of #TerroristTPLF in the eyes of #Western_media_houses or the story won't attack Federal gov't for them! #WesternHypocracy Click To Tweet


Where's your true fairness when reporting news @cnnbrk , @BBCBreaking? #TPLFTerroristGroup attacked #Wolo & #Gondar & you kept quiet but now you're reporting a bunch of stories on Mekelle Airstrike just why!? #WesternHypocracy @UN @CNN Click To Tweet


Putting all the blame on a single party in the conflict, while whitewashing the wrongs of the other, is not only biased but also unacceptable by any standard. #TPLFTerroristGroup #WesternHypocracy @POTUS @UN @EU_Commission @SecBlinken @USUN Click To Tweet


The US and its partners should not have taken the TPLF’s incessant killings of several civilians who had worked to re-establish services in the Tigray region lightly. #TPLFTerroristGroup #WesternHypocracy @HouseForeign  @UKUN_NewYork @EUinEthiopia… Click To Tweet


It is absurd to expect unrestricted flow of humanitarian aid to the Tigray region while the TPLF is actively attacking neighboring areas and provoking the people to obstruct the process. #TPLFTerroristGroup #WesternHypocracy @USEmbassyAddis @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


Ethiopia would like to request the US and its partners not to be swayed by the crying wolf TPLF and downplay the suffering of people in north Wollo, Gonder, Wag Hemera of Amhara, and Afar regions. #TPLFTerroristGroup #WesternHypocracy @JoeBiden @Reuters Click To Tweet


The westerner’s Hippocratic media should stop downplaying the suffering of people in areas outside of Tigray at the hands of the TPLF. #TPLFTerroristGroup #WesternHypocracy @StateDept @BBC @SecBlinken @nytimes @USAmbUN @USAID @CNN @UNEthiopia @AJEnglish Click To Tweet


The TPLF should not be allowed to wave the flag of peace when it senses defeat on military fronts and dupes the international community for its commitment to unconditional negotiation. #TPLFTerroristGroup #WesternHypocracy @antonioguterres @LindaT_G Click To Tweet


Made for regime change, largest fake media outlets reporting just the words from #TPLFTerroristGroup #WesternHypocracy @AUC_MoussaFaki @UNGeneva @AP @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @guardian @AFP @RT_com @POTUS @UN @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet


It's amazing how fast @Reuters can look out for #TPLFTerroristGroup. How about IDPs in Amhara n Afar? Guarding a terrorist group? It's not a war, call it by its name-law enforcement. #WesternHypocracy @SecBlinken @USUN @HouseForeign Click To Tweet


Does @AP @AP_Africa  know the war in N.🇪🇹 is taking place in #Afar & #Amhara regions & not in Tigray today? #TPLFTerroristGroup #WesternHypocracy @EUinEthiopia @USEmbassyAddis @USAmbUN @JoeBiden @Reuters @JoeBiden @StateDept @BBC Click To Tweet


The yellow journalists @Reuters asking the main #TPLFTerroristGroup propagandist @ProfKindeya let’s DM each other so I can use you as a witness. #WesternHypocracy @SecBlinken @nytimes @USAmbUN @USAID @CNN @UNEthiopia @AJEnglish @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet


News outlets such as Al-J, CNN, AFP, seem to be legitimizing the spread of False News. #TPLFTerroristGroup #WesternHypocracy @antonioguterres @LindaT_G @AUC_MoussaFaki @UNGeneva @AP @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @guardian @AFP @RT_com @POTUS @UN Click To Tweet


It is clear for all what the agenda of Foreign media on 🇪🇹 but we Ethiopians are not just like others countries who are morally easily broken and frustrated. #TPLFTerroristGroup #WesternHypocracy @EU_Commission @SecBlinken @USUN @HouseForeign Click To Tweet


It brings into question z credibility & professionalism of @AJEnglish, when you use a picture completely unrelated to z story you are reporting. On a sensitive subject like this conflict in #ETH, it is irresponsible & unethical to use a fake picture #WesternHypocracy @AFP Click To Tweet


Took @Reuters less than 12 hours to report TPLF talking points, but still have not reported report on non-TPLF talking points over 48 hours later. #TPLFTerroristGroup #WesternHypocracy @UKUN_NewYork @EUinEthiopia @USEmbassyAddis @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


Ulterior-motive freezing #African economic & political independence; this is revealed when they shout for the wrong reasons for example #TPLF attacked Wolo but no media house reported that but now every media house is reporting ''Mekelle Airstrike'' #WesternHypocracy @Reuters Click To Tweet


They made z rest of z world believe that Caucasian is a better combination of hair & skin texture but we knew how they manipulated us with their biased media outlets; they're giving emphasis Mekelle air strike another biased content cooked for their benefit #WesternHypocracy Click To Tweet


@BBCWorld, @AJENews, @CNN: you're not credible & fair enough to report about one story pay high emphasis to it & neglecting another story for it was not in favor of west still the question remains how your cooking stories going #WesternHypocracy Click To Tweet

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