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  1. # The_world_will_all_just_the_Justice_of_Ethiopia.
    # Gentiles_America_is banned.

    Today’s story sounds silly. Many times, the world government has seen Ethiopia abused and abused in the name of justice. Iraq, which claims to be a great country to enforce its law enforcement campaign to stop the dam, has drawn the attention of the Afghan government.
    When the United States sends Ethiopia to Somalia, it is a decision that will go down in history before Ethiopia. We were trapped during World War II. We were beaten by the air and poisoned by gas poisoning and accused by the Council of Government.
    The TPLF’s crackdown on Amhara and Tigray campaigns and Eritrean government officials is not the result of a law enforcement crackdown and a tragic mistake in the name of the campaign, but the Nile issue.
    The United States is working tirelessly to prevent the Nile from flooding. American leaders have used the East African model of independence to destabilize and destabilize the country. They continue to do so today.
    What has happened in Ethiopia is a matter of sovereignty. The Ethiopian government did not enter Afghanistan to destroy terrorism, did not destroy Iraq, did not destroy Libya. He vowed to uphold the law of the land. He continued to look for the cause of America’s madness, which began as a two-state conflict.
    Another mistake of the United States is that it does not take its eyes off Amhara. For centuries, the Amhara region has ignored the white villa politics when genocide was declared, claiming that no one else was living in the land that had been taken away by identity. Today, anyone who leads the security forces as an enemy of the Amhara security forces has become part of the sanctions.
    The goal of all this drama is to stop the dam. The distance traveled to block the water supply has now been sanctioned. Who would want to violate the principles of diplomacy, which can be interpreted as impunity?
    The United States, which has repeatedly pressured the Security Council to impose sanctions, has faced opposition from Russia and China. Her repeated attempts to crush Ethiopia without an agenda have failed. This has now happened.
    The issue is not serious, but it does not stop us. The power of America is no greater than the spirit of truth. However, we believe that the TPLF is seen as a bipartisan conflict that affects the dignity of a sovereign state.
    The storm passes. One day we will remember their enemies on the other side of the dam, shouting peacefully. In the meantime, more than ever, we need more unity, more patriotism, and more courage to finish what we started. They want to stop us from doing so. When we finish, the whole thing ends.

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