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E-Mail Campaign To UNSC

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Subject: Understand The Context & Label TPLF as Terrorist Group!


Dear sir/ma’am

Greetings from Ethiopia. Hope this email finds you well. As part of the larger community in Ethiopia, we are writing you this email to inform you what really is going on in Ethiopia and what the public opinion looks like, so that you will be able to make an informed decision in your capacity.

As you know Ethiopia has gone through a rigorous reform agenda for the last three years, parting from a repressive regime lead by Tigray’s People Liberation Front (TPLF). TPLF, though given a chance to exist in Ethiopian political landscape, has challenged the reform through conspiracies and sponsored violence in all parts of the country. The federal government has shown tremendous patience with TPLF to the extent that TPLF undermines the territorial integrity of the Republic.

November 2020 has been the turning point. As demonstrated in many occasions, the primitive strike on the Northern Command of Ethiopian National Defence Force, which accommodates almost 80% of the Nation’s Armed Force and well-equipped armaments; the federal government was left with no options but to act. It did. The law enforcement operation had neutralized weaponries looted from NC.

Several TPLF clique at the time has been captured or killed in fire exchanges. Later the law enforcement operation has been forced to hunt down the rest of outlawed TPLF leadership hiding in difficult terrains. That complicated the operation. During such phenomenon, the rainy season has arrived. The federal government of Ethiopia announced a unilateral ceasefire for couple of reasons. One being for farmers to use the rainy season without difficulty caused by TPLF’s insurgency, the other is to allow unfettered humanitarian access.

Unfortunately for all of us, TPLF chose violence. Despite the ceasefire by the federal government, TPLF continued its terrorist attacks on several towns and cities of neighboring Afar and Amhara regions. Worst they have targeted civilians. Looted properties of towners in Afar; launched rockets on civilian residencies and killed a whole family, attacked school children, destroyed health facilities: causing much harm in communities in both regional states.  

The continued atrocity by TPLF is nothing short of an act of terrorism. It ticks every list in the book. In fact, the current atrocities by TPLF are not new to Ethiopian people, we have suffered unimaginable atrocities for the last three decades under their iron fist rule.

Hence it is very important for you to understand the context which Ethiopia is trying to make sure law and order is maintained. We as part of the community urge you to have the utmost care when dealing with the issue of Tigray crisis in Ethiopia. We believe you have the capacity to analyze the situation carefully. Understanding the root cause for the current situation we are in now, can have a lasting solution. That is the least we ask of you. TPLF is the cause for the uncertainties clouding the horn of Africa and diplomatic relations beyond.

We thank you, and appreciate for your time.


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