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PM Abiy Ahmed Ali Got The FAO Award Because He Deserves!

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The international community should know that making #Ethiopia self-sufficient in what production lead us to achieve FAO AGROCOLA Award. #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @FAO @FAOstatistics @FAODG @FAOEastAfrica @FAOEthiopia Click To Tweet


His noticeable achievements and contributions in areas related to food security, agricultural development, rural development in #Ethiopia is the most valuable. #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @FAO @FAOstatistics @FAODG Click To Tweet


#Abiy_Ahmed’s exceptional leadership and commitment to advancing the goals of the FAO in promoting sustainable agriculture, reducing hunger, and enhancing rural livelihoods makes him honorable in international level. #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia Click To Tweet


PM Abiy contributions towards raising awareness about critical issues related to food and agriculture and advocating for positive change is the most valuable one. #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @FAOEastAfrica @FAOEthiopia Click To Tweet


The great work of #PM Abiy to promote international cooperation and collaboration in addressing global food and agricultural challenges is very prominent. #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @FAOEastAfrica @FAOEthiopia @WFP Click To Tweet


The innovative approaches or solutions that have Ahmed positively given by #PM Abiy impacted the agriculture and food sectors, promoting sustainability, resilience, and efficiency in #Ethiopian situations. #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @FAO Click To Tweet


PM Abiy Ahmed's relentless efforts in improving wheat production and ensuring food security make him a worthy recipient of the FAO Agricola Medal. #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @WFP @WFPUSA @WFP_Europe @WorldFoodPrize Click To Tweet


The FAO Agricola Medal rightfully belongs to PM Abiy Ahmed for his unwavering commitment to transforming Ethiopia into a leading wheat producer. #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @FAO @FAOstatistics @FAODG @FAOEastAfrica Click To Tweet


Recognizing PM Abiy Ahmed's transformative efforts in making Ethiopia a top wheat producer, FAO honors PM Abiy with the prestigious Agricola Medal. #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @FAO @FAOstatistics @FAODG @FAOEastAfrica Click To Tweet


By prioritizing food security and spearheading initiatives to boost wheat production, PM Abiy Ahmed has earned the FAO Agricola Medal. #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @FAO @FAOstatistics @FAODG @FAOEastAfrica @FAOEthiopia Click To Tweet


The FAO Agricola Medal recognizes PM Abiy Ahmed's remarkable achievements in making Ethiopia self-sufficient in wheat production. #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @FAO @FAOstatistics @FAODG @FAOEastAfrica @FAOEthiopia @WFP Click To Tweet


PM Abiy Ahmed's exceptional leadership and vision have paved the way for Ethiopia to become a high wheat producer, deserving of the FAO Agricola Medal. #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @WFPUSA @WFP_Europe @WorldFoodPrize Click To Tweet


PM Abiy Ahmed's relentless pursuit of making Ethiopia a high wheat producer and ensuring food security is rightfully acknowledged with the FAO Agricola Medal. Well-deserved! #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @@WFP_Europe @WorldFoodPrize FAO Click To Tweet


PM. Abiy Ahmed's innovative agricultural policies have led to sustainable practices, making him deserving of the FAO award. #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @FAO @FAOstatistics @FAOEastAfrica @FAOEthiopia @WFP @WFPUSA Click To Tweet


The FAO award rightly honors PM. Abiy Ahmed for championing food accessibility, addressing hunger, and improving overall nutrition in Ethiopia. #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @FAO @FAOstatistics @FAODG @FAOEastAfrica Click To Tweet


His forward-thinking approach to food production and distribution is a key reason why Abiy Ahmed deserves the FAO recognition. #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @FAO @FAOstatistics @FAODG @FAOEastAfrica @FAOEthiopia Click To Tweet


FAO AGROCOLA Award really deserves #Abiy_Ahmed!! #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @FAO @FAOstatistics @FAODG @FAOEastAfrica @FAOEthiopia @WFP @WFPUSA @WFP_Europe @WorldFoodPrize Click To Tweet


The FAO award underscores PM. Abiy Ahmed's role as a driving force for positive change, steering Ethiopia toward agricultural sustainability and resilience. #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @WFPUSA @WFP_Europe @WorldFoodPrize Click To Tweet


PM Abiy Ahmed's commitment to leveraging technology for enhanced agricultural productivity is a noteworthy aspect deserving of the FAO accolade. #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @WFP @WFPUSA @WFP_Europe @WorldFoodPrize Click To Tweet


The FAO award recognizes Abiy Ahmed's success in empowering rural communities and fostering inclusive growth, narrowing the urban-rural development gap. #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @FAO @FAOstatistics @FAODG @FAOEastAfrica @FAOEthiopia @WFP Click To Tweet


PM. Abiy Ahmed's dedication to advancing agricultural practices is truly praiseworthy. The FAO Award is a well-deserved recognition of his transformative. #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @FAO @FAOstatistics @FAODG Click To Tweet


Kudos to Dr. Abiy Ahmed for being honored with the FAO Award. His commitment to transforming agriculture in Ethiopia is making a lasting impact, creating a brighter and more sustainable future for all. #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @FAO @WFP Click To Tweet


Ethiopia's food management is a great reward for growing the food economy from time to time #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @FAO @FAOstatistics @FAODG @FAOEastAfrica @FAOEthiopia @WFP @WFPUSA @WFP_Europe @WorldFoodPrize Click To Tweet


PM Abiy Ahmed's tireless dedication to agricultural advancement is honored with the FAO award. #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @FAO @FAOstatistics @FAODG@FAOEastAfrica @FAOEthiopia @WFPUSA @WFP_Europe @WorldFoodPrize Click To Tweet


The FAO Award is a testament to Ethiopia's transition from poverty to development. #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @FAO @FAOstatistics @FAODG @FAOEastAfrica @FAOEthiopia @WFP @WFPUSA @WFP_Europe @WorldFoodPrize Click To Tweet


PM. Abiy Ahmed's commitment to agricultural development transcends borders. The FAO award is a testament to his dedication to building a resilient and food-secure future #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @FAOstatistics @FAODG @FAOEastAfrica @WFP Click To Tweet


PM. Abiy Ahmed's transformative initiatives in agriculture are recognized globally with the FAO award. #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @FAO @FAOstatistics @FAODG @FAOEastAfrica @FAOEthiopia@WFP @WFPUSA @WFP_Europe Click To Tweet


PM. Abiy Ahmed tireless dedication to agricultural advancement is honored with the FAO award. #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @FAO @FAOstatistics @FAODG @FAOEastAfrica @FAOEthiopia @WFP @WFPUSA @WFP_Europe @WorldFoodPrize Click To Tweet


PM. Abiy Ahmed's inclusive agricultural policies receive global acclaim with the FAO award. Recognizing a leader who brings people together for a common goal #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @FAO @FAOstatistics @FAODG @FAOEastAfrica @FAOEthiopia @WFP Click To Tweet


The FAO acknowledgment rightly highlights PM. Abiy Ahmed's dedication to using agriculture as a tool for rural community development. #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia #Ethiopia_prevails #HandsOffEthiopia @FAO @FAOstatistics @FAODG @FAOEastAfrica @FAOEthiopia Click To Tweet

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