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Planting A Tree Is Planting Hope For Future. #3

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Fact: In a year a mature tree will absorb more than 48 lbs of CO2 from the atmosphere and release O2 in exchange. 🇪🇹's #GreenLegacy initiative of planting 22 bln trees helps reduce the effects of carbon on the environment. Ahead of  #COP27🇪🇹 @UNDPClimate… Click To Tweet


If one large tree can provide a day’s supply of oxygen for up to four people, imagine the positive effect of 22 bln trees. Ahead of #COP27🇪🇹 #GreenLegacy @ACMI_Africa @UNFCCC @mfaethiopia #GreenLegacyChallenge #EthiopiaPrevails Click To Tweet


Ethiopia is mitigating the long term effects of climate change in the HOA with a massive project of reforestation, with millions of its citizens participating to grow billions of trees.Ahead of #COP27🇪🇹#GreenLegacy @UNDPClimate @mfaethiopia #GreenLegacyChallenge… Click To Tweet


Nearly all of 🇪🇹's population of ~ 120 million is aware of the importance of plants in combating climate change. They participate in the greening of the country & help the world in its environmental protection efforts.Ahead of #COP27🇪🇹 @UNEP @ACMI_Africa… Click To Tweet


While Ethiopia does not produce a lot of CO2, it is doing more than its share to reduce the amount with its #GreenLegacyChallenge initiative which will have grown billions of trees. Ahead of #COP27🇪🇹 @AbdikerM @ACMI_Africa #EthiopiaPrevails Click To Tweet


🇪🇹 is one of the more than 20 African countries of The Green Wall project to combat desertification by holding back expansion of the Sahara with a wall of trees stretching across the entire Sahel Ahead of #COP27🇪🇹 #GreenLegacy @UNDPClimate… Click To Tweet


The greening of Ethiopia has created over 180,000 permanent and temporary jobs at 120,000 nurseries; an additional economic benefit while meeting the objectives of the #GreenLegacy initiative. Ahead of #COP27🇪🇹 @AbdikerM @ACMI_Africa @mfaethiopia  #EthiopiaPrevails Click To Tweet


Urban agriculture and backyard farming are integrated with the Green Legacy initiative. Their progress has multiple effects of achieving food security as well as help absorb the impact of ever increasing food cost. Ahead of #COP27🇪🇹 #GreenLegacy @ACMI_Africa @UNFCCC… Click To Tweet


Millions of Ethiopians participate in tree planting and many of them have gained jobs at nursery sites. They are part of  #GreenLegacy initiative helping to improve the climate but also boost the economy. Ahead of #COP27🇪🇹 #GreenLegacyChallenge @UNDPClimate… Click To Tweet


More fossil fuel use translates to more trees needed to take up that carbon dioxide! 🇪🇹 uses less fuel than other countries but its multi-billion tree planting initiative has a global effect in carbon reduction. Ahead of #COP27🇪🇹 #GreenLegacyChallenge @Cop27P… Click To Tweet


In Ethiopia, reforestation areas are protected areas. Their protection includes agreements and by-laws with village communities and guardians (approximately 5 guardians for 200-300 hectares),who control the observance of the by-laws Ahead of #COP27🇪🇹 #GreenLegacyChallenge… Click To Tweet


There is a range between 4.5 & 40.7 tons of Co2 removed / year / hectare during the first 20 years of tree growth. Ethiopia #GreenLegacy covering 3,253 Million Hectares will remove a lot of CO2 Ahead of #COP27🇪🇹 @mfaethiopia #GreenLegacyChallenge #EthiopiaPrevails Click To Tweet

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