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Ethiopia Is The Mother Of African Independence. [#1]

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Ethiopia is the mother of African independence, and the pillar of the struggle to neo-colonialism for Africa! #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @_AfricanUnion  @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission  @AUC_DPA @Reuters @VoltEuropa @EUtoAU Click To Tweet


Ethiopia is the reason for Pan-Africanism consciousness that liberated most of African countries! #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @_AfricanUnion @igadsecretariat  @jumuiya @_AfricanUnion  @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission Click To Tweet


Ethiopia is considered as a mediator and always was in the continent between the various group for the solution! #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @AUC_DPA @Reuters @VoltEuropa @AlJazeera @EUtoAU @_AfricanUnion @jumuiya @Bankole_Adeoye Click To Tweet


The Idea of Pan-Africanism was initially stated from Ethiopia for all Africans automatically take Ethiopia as their natural home! #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @_CSVR @nytimes @AFP @DrWorkneh @RT_com @POTUS @_AfricanUnion  @AUC_MoussaFaki Click To Tweet


Ethiopia have special place in Pan-Africanism leadership as well African Union! #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @BBCWorld  @AUC_DPA @Reuters @VoltEuropa @AlJazeera @EUtoAU @_AfricanUnion @jumuiya @Bankole_Adeoye @_CSVR Click To Tweet


United Africa can only be achieved through Pan-Africanism consciousness which mandatory for all Africans to have! #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @nytimes @AFP @DrWorkneh @RT_com @POTUS @_AfricanUnion  @AUC_MoussaFaki @AUC_DPA @Reuters Click To Tweet


The whole  idea of Pan-Africanism is a belief in a common historical background that all black race share together, which is like the victory of Adwa against the Imperialists. #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @VoltEuropa @EUtoAU @_AfricanUnion @igadsecretariat  @jumuiya Click To Tweet


Africa is home of black race and Ethiopia means Land of Blacks, which became the concrete ground for the idea of pan-Africanism. #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @Bankole_Adeoye @_CSVR @nytimes @AFP @DrWorkneh @RT_com @POTUS  @CGTNOfficial Click To Tweet


The main goal of pan-Africanism is to regain the racial identity & pride of being black, that is why standing with Ethiopians in this fight they're fighting against Imperialism is so much important. #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba  @_AfricanUnion… Click To Tweet


Ethiopia is home for all Africans even with scientifical backgrounds, and historically with the victory of Adwa, that by itself is enough to gain a leading role in pan-Africanism consciousness for United Africa. #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @BBCWorld  @AUC_DPA @Reuters Click To Tweet


Any success story from Africa doesn't interest any media in the west. They’re so eager & hungry for horrible stories from Africa! #AfricaUnite #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @Bankole_Adeoye @_CSVR @nytimes @AFP @DrWorkneh @RT_com @POTUS Click To Tweet


Pan-Africanism is the liberation of United Africa, and that is why prominent pan-Africanists like Marcus Garvey claimed they are Ethiopians! #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @VoltEuropa @EUtoAU @_AfricanUnion @igadsecretariat  @jumuiya @Bankole_Adeoye @_CSVR @nytimes @AFP Click To Tweet


Ethiopia is pleased with the current leaders of #Africa for acknowledging Ethiopia’s historic & unwavering stance to advance #African and #PanAfrican agendas. #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @_AfricanUnion @jumuiya @_CSVR @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet


Sometimes we have to embrace uncomfortableness for others to be comfortable. We have to risk our lives to save innocent lives. Fighting for One Africa simply means putting Africa’s needs first before our own. That’s seeing a bigger picture. #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba Click To Tweet


In our fight for One Africa, It’s only gonna get harder before it gets better, always remember the harder it gets the closer we are to a breakthrough. Keep pushing, One Africa is possible. #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba  @_AfricanUnion  @AUC_MoussaFaki @BBCWorld Click To Tweet


No matter what #Africans should always side with #Africa. We can’t think we are better than other Africans, we can’t compete against each other. We are all on the same team. Our competitors, enemies are outside of Africa not within. #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @AUC_DPA Click To Tweet


#Ethiopia is the anchor of #Africa unity. Trying to oppose Ethiopia and #AU in a battle is an attempt to destabilize the unity of Africa. And we the people of Africa say #NoMore of that in Africa. #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet


Ethiopia is the Beacon of Africa. The process of peace is not easy, it needs a very big heart. Good things are coming!We #Ethiopians should stand with @AbiyAhmedAli! #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @Reuters @VoltEuropa @AlJazeera @EUtoAU @_AfricanUnion @jumuiya Click To Tweet


We all are the children of the beautiful #Africa. We shall work day in and day out for an independent, prosper and strong Africa. #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba  @_AfricanUnion  @AUC_MoussaFaki @BBCWorld  @AUC_DPA @Reuters @VoltEuropa @AlJazeera @EUtoAU Click To Tweet


It's time for Africa; we need unity for our sovereignty. 55 countries more than 1.216B population unity is power let's stand together. Wake up Africa! #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @nytimes @AFP @DrWorkneh @RT_com @POTUS Click To Tweet


Time is now to say #NoMoreNeocolonialism. At 2022 Africa Union meeting all Africa leaders join ''Africa need one veto power on UN security council'' movement. #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @AUC_MoussaFaki @BBCWorld  @AUC_DPA @Reuters @VoltEuropa @AlJazeera Click To Tweet


Africans Should united and get stronger!! Their voice should impact others ears. The continent is not as dark as we have told and learnt from the westerns. We have alot to do in our own!! NO Colony's!! NO Neocolonials too! #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @EUtoAU @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet


African solidarity is not a choice for Africa; it is a must & the only choice. #AfricaUnite & say #NoMore to Neocolonialism & western hypocrisy! #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @igadsecretariat  @jumuiya @_CSVR @nytimes @AFP @DrWorkneh Click To Tweet


#NoMore can the west abs powers be keep reaping our resources while marginalizing and minimizing our humanity! #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @RT_com @POTUS  @CGTNOfficial @_AfricanUnion  @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @AUC_DPA Click To Tweet


PM Abiy Ahmed has resurrected the renowned title of Father of Pan-Africanism, which was squandered under the boots of the TPLF criminal gang, by encouraging the entire continent to unite against poverty. #PanAfricanismPrevails #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet


The only time Ethiopia's exemplary role in Pan-Africanism was lost was under the TPLF's iron-fist rule, which lasted 27 years. Ethiopia, a magnificent nation and a beacon of independence, was reduced to a western stooge during this time. #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @jumuiya Click To Tweet


Both friends and opponents are well aware of PM DR Abiy Ahmed's commitment to reform the country and the region by addressing the major roadblocks to prosperity. #PanAfricanismPrevails #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @igadsecretariat  @Bankole_Adeoye Click To Tweet


African Unity is African Progress; Africa cannot move significantly forward without African unity. #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @_CSVR @nytimes @AFP @DrWorkneh @RT_com @POTUS  @CGTNOfficial @_AfricanUnion  @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission Click To Tweet


We must live together as brothers or we will perish together as fools.They created imaginary lines in form of borders, to create divisions amongst ourselves. This time our eyes are wide open  #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @BBCWorld  @AUC_DPA @Reuters @VoltEuropa… Click To Tweet


#Ethiopia or #Africa doesn't need 'adult supervision' from the West to solve its internal issues. This seems to be the message that the #west does not seem to understand.  #NoMore #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @_AfricanUnion @igadsecretariat  @jumuiya Click To Tweet


The victory of #Adwa had a great effect on the anti-colonial struggle for #Africa! It was considered as a symbol of Black identity! Now we #African stand together against #Neocolonialism! #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @Bankole_Adeoye @_CSVR @DrWorkneh @RT_com @POTUS Click To Tweet


Pan Africanism is a consciousness which will up-lift Africa as a continent and the whole black-race! #PanAfricanism  #AddisAbaba @_AfricanUnion  @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission   @AUC_DPA @Reuters @VoltEuropa @EUtoAU @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet

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