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Ethiopia Is The Mother Of African Independence. [#2]

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For too long, Africa has been a strategic plaything of world powers. By bolstering its internal cohesion and economic integration, the continent can become a strong geopolitical force with an independent and unified voice on important global issues. #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism Click To Tweet


@AbiyAhmedAli is the leader of African and the great leader of the struggle to western neo-colonialism for Africa! #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki @BBCWorld @AUC_DPA @Reuters @VoltEuropa @EUtoAU @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet


Our gathering is nothing but a family gathering, I always say our countries are joined by one umbilical cord, we Africans are blood brothers, and we must be proud of that. @AbiyAhmedAli #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @igadsecretariat @jumuiya Click To Tweet


Dear brothers, Nations are transformed by visionary and courageous leaders, as a leader of this great nation we have the power to shape the destiny of our people!#OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @Bankole_Adeoye @_CSVR @nytimes @AFP @DrWorkneh @RT_com Click To Tweet


The only black leader in Africa who has not been defeated by the Western conspiracy, @AbiyAhmedAli is the only Ethiopian and the only person! #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @POTUS @CGTNOfficial @PresidencyZA @AlsisiOfficial @M_Farmaajo @Macky_Sall Click To Tweet


Medemer has the breadth, depth & novelty to establish itself as not only the basis of political and economic policies of Ethiopia but also as an Ethiopian philosophy for this generation and those of the future. #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @MBawumia Click To Tweet


Ethiopia fought African war recently, nailed the west’s hypocrisy and imperialism. By now the west have realized messing with Ethiopia will cost a high price. #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @ousmane_diagana @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission Click To Tweet


A united Africa is a foundation for our continent’s growth. Our natural resources and human capital are sufficient to catapult Africa into greatnesses if we commit to working together. The time for #Africa is now! @AbiyAhmedAli #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @EUtoAU @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet


Ethiopia is a symbol and a leading force of Africa's independence; instrumental in laying the cornerstone for Africans to form a strong Union, @AbiyAhmedAli #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @UN_HRC @BBCWorld @AUC_DPA @Reuters @VoltEuropa @AlJazeera Click To Tweet


When our African sisters and brothers come to Ethiopia, they do not feel that they are coming to another country. They are coming to their country, for they gather in their own land and walk among their people. @AbiyAhmedAli #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism Click To Tweet


We recognize that our economic independence resides in our AFRICNA UNION and requires the same concentration up on political achievements KWAME NKRUMAH , OAU 1963 #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @igadsecretariat @jumuiya @Bankole_Adeoye @_CSVR Click To Tweet


The evolution of humanity says that Africa reaffirms that she is counting her rise from the ashes. Whatever setbacks of the moment, nothing can stop us now! Whatever the difficulties Africa shall be at peace! THABO MBEKI,1996 #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @nytimes @AFP @DrWorkneh Click To Tweet


Africa needs back its Economy, its Politics, its Culture, its Language and all its patriotic writers. NGUGI WA THIONGO #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @RT_com @POTUS @CGTNOfficial @PresidencyZA @AlsisiOfficial @M_Farmaajo @Macky_Sall @MBawumia Click To Tweet


These divisions the colonial powers have exploited the better to dominate us, have played an important role and are still playing that role in the suicide of Africa. PATRICE LUMUMBA, 1959. #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @ousmane_diagana @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki Click To Tweet


Africa’s story has been written by others, we need to own our own problems and solutions and write our story. PAUL KAGAME, 2013 #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @EU_Commission @UN_HRC @BBCWorld @AUC_DPA @Reuters @VoltEuropa @AlJazeera @EUtoAU Click To Tweet


Africa is today at mid-course, in transition from the Africa of Yesterday to the Africa of Tomorrow. Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @_AfricanUnion @igadsecretariat @jumuiya @Bankole_Adeoye @_CSVR @nytimes @AFP @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki Click To Tweet


The Africa of the 21st century is keenly aware of its place in the world and determined to be a global investment haven. The Africa of the 21st century is open for trade. Savvy investors know that if you’re not in Africa, you’re not in business. Dr Akinwumi A. Adesina #OneAfrica Click To Tweet


“It is political feudalism for those who have a permanent seat … It should not be called the Security Council, it should be called the terror council. It did not provide us with security but with terror and sanctions’’ Muhammar Gaddaffi #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @DrWorkneh Click To Tweet


🇪🇹 stood by African brothers and sisters during the covid pandemic. stood up by all means & served as Aviation Hub of Africa via its Star Alliance member Airlines of hers. #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @RT_com @POTUS @CGTNOfficial @PresidencyZA Click To Tweet


Undoubtedly, Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed, of Ethiopia has played a critical role in organizing the response to COVID-19 in Africa. #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @AlsisiOfficial @M_Farmaajo @Macky_Sall @MBawumia @ousmane_diagana Click To Tweet


Africa must revert to what it was before the imperialists divided it. These are artificial divisions that we, in our pan-African concept, will seek to remove. ROBERT MUGABE, 1962 #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki Click To Tweet


We have fought for our land, we have fought for our sovereignty, small as we are we have won our independence and we are prepared to shed our blood. ROBERT MUGABE,2002 #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @EU_Commission @UN_HRC @BBCWorld @AUC_DPA @Reuters Click To Tweet


Some of us were embarrassed, if not frightened, by what appeared to be the return of the biblical giant gold Goliath. Are we having a return of Goliath to our midst, who threatens the extinction of other countries? ROBERT MUGABE, UN General Assembly, 2017 #OneAfrica Click To Tweet


The time for #Africa is now! Together we can climb faster out of the pit of poverty, insecurity & begging for dignity. ! PM DR ABIY AHMED ALI #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @VoltEuropa @AlJazeera @EUtoAU @_AfricanUnion @igadsecretariat @jumuiya @Bankole_Adeoye @_CSVR @nytimes… Click To Tweet


Our voice has been strangled and our quest to redeem a just and natural right has been criminalized. Today we are now very clear. Beneath the rhetoric of free press and transparency is the iniquity of hegemony. ROBERT MUGABE, 2003 #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @DrWorkneh @RT_com Click To Tweet


For all of us in the continent, Ethiopia is our mother.President UHURU KENYTTA, Addis Ababa 2021 #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @POTUS @CGTNOfficial @PresidencyZA @AlsisiOfficial @M_Farmaajo @Macky_Sall @MBawumia @ousmane_diagana @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet


Ethiopia's growth and development has served as a locomotive for the entire continent and more importantly to the Horn of Africa region. Djibouti President Ismaïl Omar Guelleh, Addis 2021 #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @UN_HRC @BBCWorld @AUC_DPA Click To Tweet


To wherever you want to go, we will go with you. South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit, Addis 2021 #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @Reuters @VoltEuropa @AlJazeera @EUtoAU @_AfricanUnion @igadsecretariat @jumuiya @Bankole_Adeoye @_CSVR @nytime Click To Tweet


Ethiopian people have invested their future with PM Abiy Ahmed who has proven to them that he is personally committed to their inclusive development. Somalia President Mohammed Abdullahi Mohammed, Addis 2021 #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @AFP @DrWorkneh @RT_com @POTUS Click To Tweet


Africa won’t let Egyptians bully Ethiopia, Africa will not allow Egypt to continue hurting Black Africans, warning “Egypt should not repeat mistakes of past leaders.President Yoweri Museveni #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @UN_HRC Click To Tweet


I dream of an Africa, which is in peace with itself — Nelson Mandela #OneAfrica  #PanAfricanism @BBCWorld  @AUC_DPA @Reuters @VoltEuropa @AlJazeera @EUtoAU @_AfricanUnion @igadsecretariat  @jumuiya @Bankole_Adeoye @_CSVR @nytimes @AFP @_AfricanUnion … Click To Tweet


You can kill revolutionaries as individuals but you cannot kill ideas, African revolution shall prevail! Thomas Sankara! #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @DrWorkneh @RT_com @POTUS @CGTNOfficial @PresidencyZA @AlsisiOfficial @M_Farmaajo @Macky_Sall @EU_Commission Click To Tweet


We must unite now or perish... our economic independence resides in our African Union & requires the same concentration with political achievement too. Kwame Nkrumah PM of Ghana, at the founding of the OAU, Addis Ababa, 1963. #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @ousmane_diagana Click To Tweet


The evolution of humanity says that Africa reaffirms her rise from the ashes, nothing can stop us now, whatever the difficulties Africa shall be at peace. Thabo Mbeki, former South African president, May 1996. #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @_AfricanUnion @UN_HRC @BBCWorld Click To Tweet


Africa's story has been written by others; we need to own our problems and solutions and write our story. Paul Kagame President of Rwanda.2013! #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @UN_HRC @BBCWorld @AUC_DPA @Reuters @VoltEuropa @AlJazeera @EUtoAU Click To Tweet


Our children may learn about the heroes of the past. Our task is to make ourselves architects of the future – Jomo Kenyatta #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @_AfricanUnion @igadsecretariat @jumuiya @Bankole_Adeoye @_CSVR @nytimes @AFP @DrWorkneh @AUC_DPA @Reuters @VoltEuropa Click To Tweet


Third World is a state of the mind and until we change our attitude as Africans, if there is a fourth, fifth, & even sixth world, we will be in it. ― Patrice L.O. Lumumba #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @RT_com @POTUS @CGTNOfficial @PresidencyZA @AlsisiOfficial @M_Farmaajo Click To Tweet


Africa needs back its economy, its politics, its culture, its languages and all its patriotic writers ― Ngugi wa Thiong’o. #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @UN_HRC @BBCWorld @AUC_DPA @Reuters @VoltEuropa @AlJazeera @EUtoAU Click To Tweet


I am an African. I owe my being to the hills & the valleys, the mountains & the glades, the rivers, Deserts, Trees, Flowers, the seas & the ever-changing seasons that define the face of our native land. Thabo Mbeki. #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet


It’s the little things citizens do. That’s what will make the difference. – Wangari Maathai #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @igadsecretariat @jumuiya @Bankole_Adeoye @_CSVR @nytimes @AFP @DrWorkneh @RT_com @POTUS @CGTNOfficial @PresidencyZA @AlJazeera @EUtoAU @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet


Africa must revert to what it was before the imperialists divided it. These are artificial divisions that we, in our pan-African concept, will seek to remove. – Robert Mugabe #OneAfrica #PanAfricanismc @AlsisiOfficial @M_Farmaajo @Macky_Sall @MBawumia @ousmane_diagana Click To Tweet


Africa does not need your sympathy or Overseas Development Assistance. Africa needs a fair chance to trade with the rest of the world and amongst us. – John Mahama #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission Click To Tweet



You can no longer see or identify yourself solely as a member of a tribe, but as a citizen of a nation of one people working toward a common purpose. Idowu koyenikan #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @UN_HRC @AUC_DPA @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki Click To Tweet


Africa PRODUCES what it does NOT CONSUME and CONSUMES what it does NOT PRODUCE. Ali A. Mazrui #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @VoltEuropa @AlJazeera @EUtoAU @_AfricanUnion @igadsecretariat @jumuiya @Bankole_Adeoye @_CSVR @nytimes @AFP @DrWorkneh @RT_com @POTUS @CGTNOfficial Click To Tweet


I am not African because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me — Kwame Nkrumah #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @PresidencyZA @AlsisiOfficial @M_Farmaajo @Macky_Sall @MBawumia @ousmane_diagana @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @UN_HRC @BBCWorld Click To Tweet


I dream of the realization of the unity of Africa, whereby its leaders combine in their efforts to solve the problems of this continent. I dream of our vast deserts, of our forests of all our great wildernesses -Nelson Mandela #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism Click To Tweet


If you want to go fast, go alone, If you want to go far, go together- African proverb. #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @Reuters @VoltEuropa @AlJazeera @EUtoAU @_AfricanUnion @igadsecretariat @jumuiya @Bankole_Adeoye @_CSVR @nytimes @AFP Click To Tweet


We see a new Ethiopia, a new Africa, stretching her hands of influence throughout the world, teaching man the way of life and peace, The Way to God — Marcus Garvey #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @DrWorkneh @RT_com @POTUS @CGTNOfficial @PresidencyZA @AlsisiOfficial @M_Farmaajo Click To Tweet


Africa has become the big game of the nation hunters. Today, Africa looms as the greatest commercial, industrial and political prize in the world — Marcus Garvey #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @Macky_Sall @MBawumia @ousmane_diagana @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission Click To Tweet


In Africa today, we recognize that trade and investment, and not aid, are pillars of development — Paul Kagame #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @UN_HRC @BBCWorld @AUC_DPA @Reuters @VoltEuropa @AlJazeera Click To Tweet


The more Africa depends on aid the less opportunities it creates for its people — Benjamin Quansah! #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @EUtoAU @_AfricanUnion @igadsecretariat @jumuiya @Bankole_Adeoye @_CSVR @nytimes @AFP @DrWorkneh @RT_com @POTUS @CGTNOfficial @PresidencyZA Click To Tweet


Africa is one continent, one people and one nation — Kwame Nkrumah! #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @AlsisiOfficial @M_Farmaajo @Macky_Sall @MBawumia @ousmane_diagana @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @UN_HRC @BBCWorld @AUC_DPA Click To Tweet


These divisions to dominate us have played the important roles, and are still playing that role in suicide of Africa. - P.Lumumba. Mar 1959. #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @Reuters @VoltEuropa @AlJazeera @EUtoAU @_AfricanUnion @igadsecretariat @jumuiya @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet

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