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Ethiopia Is The Mother Of African Independence. [#3]

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Africa needs a continental level media house to share its narratives and combat misleading stereotypes. - His Excellency Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali - 35th AU Summit #OneAfrica  #PanAfricanism @PresidencyZA @AlsisiOfficial @M_Farmaajo @Macky_Sall Click To Tweet


Africa needs a continental level media house to share its narratives and combat misleading stereotypes. #OneAfrica  #PanAfricanism @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission   @UN_ @CGTNOfficial  @PresidencyZA @AlsisiOfficial @M_Farmaajo @Macky_Sall… Click To Tweet


Africa : United we stand, Divided we fall #OneAfrica  #PanAfricanism @RT_com @POTUS  @CGTNOfficial  @PresidencyZA @AlsisiOfficial @M_Farmaajo @Macky_Sall @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission   @UN_HRC  @BBCWorld  @AUC_DPA Click To Tweet


The founders of the African Union dismantled colonialism in Africa, and the current African leaders would put an end to Neocolonialism. #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki @UN_HRC @BBCWorld @AUC_DPA Click To Tweet


Ethiopia will continue to play a historic and exemplary role in combating unwarranted western involvement in African countries' domestic affairs. #OneAfrica  #PanAfricanism @Reuters @VoltEuropa @AlJazeera @EUtoAU @_AfricanUnion @igadsecretariat Click To Tweet


Africans exploited through slavery and colonialism gave birth to the current Western wealth; henceforth, African resources will only be used for the development of Africans. #OneAfrica  #PanAfricanism @jumuiya @Bankole_Adeoye @_CSVR @nytimes @AFP Click To Tweet


God has blessed Africa with abundance of untapped natural resources of all kinds. The vast natural resources of Africa should no longer be regarded as a misfortune to its people. It should be used solely for the benefit of its citizens. #OneAfrica  #PanAfricanism @DrWorkneh Click To Tweet


Africa will be permanently liberated from the remnants of colonialism thanks to the new blood of African leaders such as Dr. Abiy Ahmed. #OneAfrica  #PanAfricanism @RT_com @POTUS  @CGTNOfficial  @PresidencyZA @AlsisiOfficial Click To Tweet


Westerners come to Africa under many pretexts to plunder African resources, just as they came to colonize Africa under various pretexts. Africa has the resources to assist others, let alone be the recipient of so-called humanitarian aid. #OneAfrica  #PanAfricanism @MBawumia Click To Tweet


It is up to us Africans to struggle for Africa's peace and security; the west does everything it can to sow seeds of discord in each country so that it can play the role of an arbiter. #OneAfrica Click To Tweet


Africa's billions of people may serve as the most reliable market for African products, relieving Western pressure to impose constraints on the sale of African unprocessed raw commodities to their markets. #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @PresidencyZA @M_Farmaajo Click To Tweet


Ethiopia played a critical role in Africa's independence process, and it will continue to do so in the fight against unjust western pressure on African countries. #OneAfrica  #PanAfricanism HRC  @BBCWorld  @AUC_DPA @Reuters @VoltEuropa Click To Tweet


Ethiopia expresses its heartfelt gratitude to all Africans for their unwavering support during these trying times. #OneAfrica  #PanAfricanism @AlJazeera @EUtoAU @_AfricanUnion @igadsecretariat  @jumuiya @Bankole_Adeoye @_CSVR @nytimes Click To Tweet


Ethiopia, by developing GERD with the blood and sweat of its population, provides as a living example of the value of self-reliance in resisting imperialists' discriminatory barriers to development. #OneAfrica Click To Tweet


Africans must work hard to develop manufacturing and export finished products if they are to free their people from the scourge of poverty. #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @POTUS @_AfricanUnion @UN_HRC @BBCWorld @AUC_DPA @Reuters @VoltEuropa Click To Tweet


The voice of a unified Africa is heard around the world. We saw it in the 1960s during the decolonization process, and we are seeing it now with the #NoMore movement. #OneAfrica  #PanAfricanism @AlJazeera @EUtoAU @_AfricanUnion @igadsecretariat Click To Tweet


The western powers resent Ethiopia's exemplary role in history since it taught them a valuable lesson about the black race's invincibility. #OneAfrica  #PanAfricanism @jumuiya @Bankole_Adeoye @_CSVR @nytimes @AFP @DrWorkneh @RT_com @POTUS Click To Tweet


Leaders of Ethiopia Since Emperor Haileselassie cleared up disputes among African leaders, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has continued to act as a peacemaker, mending differences among African brothers #OneAfrica #PanAfricanism @M_Farmaajo @Macky_Sall @MBawumia Click To Tweet


Africans, with their rich culture of dispute resolution mechanisms, are capable of resolving their differences, which the rest of the world can learn from. We don't require western arbitration because it is always accompanied by string. #OneAfrica Click To Tweet


Economic liberation of African people should be prioritized because it is one of the continent's sources of insecurity. Africa's ever-increasing youth population should be able to find work. #OneAfrica  #PanAfricanism @AUC_MoussaFaki Click To Tweet


African leaders should not allow the imperialists' divide-and-rule strategy to succeed. It was utilized throughout colonial rule and is still used now. Let's not be deceived again. #OneAfrica  #PanAfricanism @AUC_DPA @Reuters @VoltEuropa @AlJazeera Click To Tweet


African countries deserve to be treated equally in international forums such as the United Nations. Allowing Africa a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council should be the first step. #OneAfrica  #PanAfricanism @EUtoAU @_AfricanUnion @jumuiya Click To Tweet


Ethiopia invested in the liberation of African countries from colonialism by training soldiers from a variety of countries, including Nelson Mandela, the icon leader. It will play this role until the continent is free of imperialist pressure. #OneAfrica Click To Tweet

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