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Ethiopia Has An Elected & Legitimate Government. Supporting Ethiopia’s Unity Is A Big Opportunity In The Horn of Africa, HOA!

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The western GOVs claims their support to the people of #Ethiopia, But they only shout against the Ethiopia|n Government. They have never helped us in building the GERD development. We don't really need their chaos sponsorship. Ethiopia (#Wello=#Tigray) #SpotTheGenociderTPLF Click To Tweet


Ethiopia must be supported!TPLF must be denounced #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @UNGeneva @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @USAID @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @UNEthiopia @antonioguterres @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @StateDept Click To Tweet


The western GOVs seem to do the reverse on people’s problem; they accuse ETH Gov instead of helping it to fight against the enemy of a 100million lives. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @AbiyAhmedAli @BBC @AJEnglish @CNN @nytimes @Reuters @AFP @guardian Click To Tweet


War itself is destructive but no matter how long it takes z Govt have still to take actions to fight against the terrorist TPLF, for z sake of #Ethiopia’s Sovereignty #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice Click To Tweet


How does the West sees #Ethiopia, speak for #Tigray & ignore #Wollo, speaking when Eritrean troops enter ETH but remain silent when The Sudan invade us! #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @BBC @CNN @nytimes @Reuters @AFP @RT_com Click To Tweet


How the West does sees #Ethiopia, speak for Tigray & ignore Wollo, speaking when Eritrean troops enter ETH but remain silent when The Sudan invade us. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @UNGeneva @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


The difference between a terrorist & freedom fighters is freedom fighters never kills civilians, TPLF killed civilians in thousands. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @USAID @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @UNEthiopia @antonioguterres @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission Click To Tweet


Int'l community must support the legitimate and democratically elected gov't in #Ethiopia, not suppress it. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @StateDept @USAmbUN @AbiyAhmedAli @BBC @AJEnglish @CNN @nytimes @Reuters @AFP @guardian @RT_com @CGTNOfficial @UNGeneva Click To Tweet


The so-called Grave_Concern should be primarily the terror and violence carried out by United states(US), because it happens to be the larger component of international violence, and nobody can do anything about it. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @JoeBiden Click To Tweet


There is no doubt that the United States has much to atone for supporting TPLF over Ethiopia|n gov't and siding with Egypt on #Ethiopia n water. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @USAID @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @UNEthiopia @antonioguterres Click To Tweet


Every country has its own problem too numerous to name, so does #Ethiopia , but blaming #Ethiopia  for ethnic cleansing is an attempt to defame #Ethiopia’n gov't & calling regime change. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @AUC_MoussaFaki @StateDept Click To Tweet


Are people of #Wollo less to be concerned about than the people of Tigray?  Humanitarians and USAID only talk of Tigray ignoring the terror act of TPLF. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @USAmbUN @AbiyAhmedAli @BBC @AJEnglish @CNN @nytimes @Reuters @AFP Click To Tweet


The way Humanitarian organizations & European talks about Tigray but ignores the #Wollo Amhara & Afar people is indication of TPLF lobbyists speaking. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @guardian @RT_com @CGTNOfficial @UNGeneva Click To Tweet


It is not a secret that our country, #Ethiopia , has been hosting a frantic story for years because of TPLF, and still #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @USAID @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @UNEthiopia @antonioguterres Click To Tweet


@AbiyAhmedAli Govt is now under popular leadership that won the people's appreciation, and the new gov't will be established on Oct 5, that needs more int'l support to sustain the country. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @StateDept Click To Tweet


Even though the truth is as clear as the sun; America & Europe can’t see TPLF terrorism at all. They would have been speaking about #Wollo and Afar if they really mean it. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @USAmbUN @AbiyAhmedAli @BBC… Click To Tweet


America & Europe would have been speaking about #Wollo & Afar as much as they spoke about people of Tigray, we call this biased concern a lie & suppression. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @AJEnglish @CNN @nytimes @Reuters @AFP… Click To Tweet


Stand up to hypocrisy, TPLF massacred thousands of civilians in #Wollo Amhara & Afar but yet global communities want to talk about Tigaray, that is not right. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @RT_com @CGTNOfficial @UNGeneva @JoeBiden Click To Tweet


Don't water it down don't try to make it logical, Tplf is a terrorist group today and yesterday while ruling the country too. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @USAID @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @UNEthiopia @antonioguterres @AUC_MoussaFaki Click To Tweet


The attempt to discover the truth is the most sacred thing that a person can do at any time And place, But the action of CNN @nima is absolutely immoral, using TPLF as a source for genocide narrative. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @EU_Commission @StateDept Click To Tweet


America is concerned only when it sees Eritrean Troops in ETH territory not when Sudan invades the country anyway. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @USAmbUN @JosepBorrellF @BBC @AJEnglish @CNN @nytimes @Reuters @AFP @guardian @RT_com @CGTNOfficial @UNGeneva Click To Tweet


All Ethiopia|n should Act as Diplomats, and expose TPLF cruelty and those whom are lobbying them, be the voice for your country. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @USAID @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @UNEthiopia @StateDept Click To Tweet


In #Ethiopia, with different events happening, miscommunication is endless, The Ultra Dictators of TPLF became a human rights activist all of a sudden, that's something unbearable. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @antonioguterres @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission Click To Tweet


TPLF central political objective is the creation of a Tigrian republic, not the progressive realignment of #Ethiopian Govt, now and before. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @USAmbUN @AbiyAhmedAli @BBC @AJEnglish @CNN @nytimes @Reuters @AFP @guardian @RT_com Click To Tweet


#Ethiopia will never give up; for even rivers someday wash dams away, these white-lies will be washed away and ETH will prevail. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @CGTNOfficial @UNGeneva @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @USAID @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @UNEthiopia Click To Tweet


The flawed character assassination @CNN on @AbiyAhmedAli is a kill chain on Ethiopia by the western media; they have never said a thing about TPLF massacre. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @antonioguterres @AUC_MoussaFaki @StateDept @USAmbUN @BBC Click To Tweet


US & its allies, EU and UN should be supporting the legitimate government of @AbiyAhmedAli. Interfering and commanding the prime minister of a sovereign nation will only yield despair #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @AJEnglish @CNN @nytimes @Reuters @AFP Click To Tweet


Ethiopians voted. Elected their gov’t peacefully. The world needs to know how to co-work with it! The current gov’t is capable of pulling out #Ethiopia from its unpleasantness to prosperity. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @guardian @RT_com @CGTNOfficial Click To Tweet


Americans know what exists on MARS, likewise what TPLF is alike. so they should be standing with #Ethiopian people to the end. #Ethiopia ns need nothing, just a peaceful country in which terrorists like TPLF doesn't exist. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @BBC Click To Tweet


The west can do better. If not more or support but at least understanding the complex nature of the situation. It will help #Ethiopia ns solve their own problem in a way they say is right! America learn to respect to conscience of #Ethiopia ns. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF @UNGeneva Click To Tweet


Gov’t is created by a consensus among its people. #Ethiopian people agreed to be led by @AbiyAhmedAli. The west should respect that. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @USAID @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @UNEthiopia @antonioguterres Click To Tweet


In #Ethiopia all citizens and nationalities are equal. This is a fact that TPLF manipulated & now refuses to be equal. We #Ethiopians need to build where we live in equality and share in equity. Sadly this wasn't the case during the terrorist TPLF regime #SpotTheGenociderTPLF Click To Tweet


TPLF displaced people in #Wollo Amhara and Afar. would this grab your attention or would you prefer until u receive a message or a tip from Naima or Lucy Berhe? #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @StateDept Click To Tweet


Ethiopia|n Govt is providing the support needed in full capability! #Ethiopian’s are people of morals, won’t leave people to die in hunger. We do not turn a blind eye while our people suffer. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @USAmbUN @AbiyAhmedAli @AJEnglish Click To Tweet


110 million people being a refugee mean turning the Horn of Africa into hell. Otherwise making sure #Ethiopia stays stable will give us a greater opportunity to make sure that Horn of Africa is economically, socially & politically strong. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF @CNN @nytimes Click To Tweet


East Africa without #Ethiopia won’t be a place to imagine. Stable and strong #Ethiopia means strong and stable horn of Africa, unless the west wants such a situation to happen there is not a case to support TPLF. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @Reuters @AFP Click To Tweet


It is not only knowledge among a nation lasting 3000 years but also wisdom. We Ethiopia|n will provide for our people in need. Be there for them. We will break through. We will make sure that people of Afar, Amhara & Tigray will be supported. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF Click To Tweet


The means to bring Unity to Africa is supporting Ethiopia|n people and its gov’t. Ethiopia|n people owe the world. At least help us by not interfering and disinforming and misinforming. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @guardian @CGTNOfficial @UNGeneva @JoeBiden Click To Tweet


TPLF started the war. Ethiopia|n people and its gov’t took a step ahead to stop the war, declared a cease-fire. The world needs to recognize this effort made by the gov’t. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @USAID @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice Click To Tweet


As Tigray is part of #Ethiopia so is Amhara and Afar in #Ethiopia there is a diverse nations, just so You know. This is for those who only report the Tigrayan case. #SpotTheGenociderTPLF #TreatAllEthiopiansEqually @UNEthiopia @antonioguterres @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission Click To Tweet

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