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Congratulations! Ethiopia Completed The Second Filling Of The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam-GERD

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#GERD go further and prosper together. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt #Itsmydam #ResilientlyOnwards @UN @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres @Chinamission2un @RussiaUN @IndianUN @Presidence_RDC @UNtunisia Click To Tweet #GERD can never be a treat. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt #Itsmydam #ResilientlyOnwards @UN @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres @Chinamission2un @RussiaUN @IndianUN @Presidence_RDC @UNtunisia @UnKenya @MofaSudan Click To Tweet #GERD is a statue symbolising our unity despite all hurdles against us. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt #Itsmydam #ResilientlyOnwards @UN @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres @Chinamission2un @RussiaUN @IndianUN @Presidence_RDC Click To Tweet #GERD is an Ethiopian hydropower dam and guardian infrastructure asset for the downstream countries against climate change. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt #Itsmydam #ResilientlyOnwards @UN @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres @Chinamission2un Click To Tweet #GERD is a symbolic milestone of untied Ethiopian; victory will repeat itself against #TPLFterroristgroup. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt #Itsmydam #ResilientlyOnwards @UN @UNSC @USAmbUN @SecBlinken @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres @Chinamission2un Click To Tweet #GERD is a collective hope of the citizen of Ethiopia and all riparian countries. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt #Itsmydam #ResilientlyOnwards @UN @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres @Chinamission2un @RussiaUN @IndianUN @Presidence_RDC Click To Tweet #GERD is not just a dam project; but a journey on which Ethiopian future hangs on. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt #Itsmydam #ResilientlyOnwards @UN @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres @Chinamission2un @RussiaUN @IndianUN @Presidence_RDC Click To Tweet #AbiyAhmedAli never broke his oath, he swore he won't do any harm to z people of #EGYPT n #Sudan, he did not say 'we will stop building z #GERD this is what TPLF was spinning around brainwashing z people with lies. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial Click To Tweet #AbiyAhmedAli is a man of his word trying to plant z seed of peace b/n the nation, but building the #GERD actually brought him an enemy locally & internationally, that by itself got him a national acceptance too. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @MfaEgypt Click To Tweet #Ethiopia planted almost 10 billion plants in these 2 years, this is an act honor to keep the promises that has made to z people of downstream, n some people want to accuse Abiy Ahmed for his committed plan of not harming z brother’s nation. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt Click To Tweet #EGYPT, relies almost entirely on the Nile for its water supply, this is why #AbiyAhmedAli once swore to z people of #EGYPT that he won't cause harm by holding z water flow. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan Click To Tweet Even though #EGYPT & #Sudan have both complained that #Ethiopia has acted unilaterally for a 2nd Yr. & begun to fill up the reservoir, #AbiyAhmedAli kept his promises that he gave to the people of #EGYPT not to cause any harm by holding only 5% of z flow.… Click To Tweet #AbiyAhmedAli Ahmed swore to #Egyptian people's several times that he won't do any harm, n that is what z propagandists’ r trying to twist it around while z truth is still standing, there is no intention of any harm to z downstream countries. #GERD2ndFillDone… Click To Tweet The truth doesn't requires a majority to prevail, propagandists once said #AbiyAhmedAli has sold z #GERD , but surprisingly he is completing z second round filling, lie as u like Tplf-ites, but z truth is still standing. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @aftaburhan Click To Tweet Someday everything will make sense, those ho said once #AbiyAhmedAli sold z #GERD, that nonsense is clearly aimed to destroy z unity of z nation, finally z truth prevails as z completion of second round filling is to be announced. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @MfaEgypt Click To Tweet The moment of z truth has come, there was ear deafening lies of TPLF n their puppets claiming z #GERD  is sold, i just can't imagine how #AbiyAhmedAli filled z sold dam n why #Egypt was taking z issue to UNSC if z dam is theirs? #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @MfaEgypt Click To Tweet The further a society drifts from z truth, the more it will hate those who speaks z truth, a year ago #TPLF propagandists said z #GERD  is sold, now what r they gonna say when z completion of z 2nd round filling is to be celebrated! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt… Click To Tweet #AbiyAhmedAli is at safe in z midst of enemies’ n their propagandists, they claimed #GERD was sold bcoz #AbiyAhmedAli's genuine words. The truth is nothing is sold except the propagandists. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt Click To Tweet #AbiyAhmedAli is a man of honor, what he did will put horn of Africa at peace; he cleared Tplf monarchy and filled z #GERD without causing any harm to z Nile flow. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan Click To Tweet


#Ethiopia's 6th election is a departure from sham elections of the #TPLF era. This dream of ours come true Thanks to our Laurate PM AAA. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet #Abiy must lead! No matter how hard the pressure is, no matter how difficult the situation, it is impossible to defeat Ethiopia and bring its people to their knees. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig Click To Tweet Abiy Ahmed succeeded! Filled the second round! That how you do diplomacy! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken@AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet We Ethiopians under the leadership of Abiy, will continue the heroism we inherited from our forefathers! Likewis we made history by filling the second filling of #GERD, Congrats, Ethiopia #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok Click To Tweet #AbiyAhmedAli    have constitutional duty to defend & protect his country from internal/external threats. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan… Click To Tweet Two weeks ago he & his Gov't declared unilateral ceasefire and pulled the national army from Tigray but the terrorist rebel group TPLF continued with violent insurgency! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok Click To Tweet Congratulations PM Dr. #AbiyAhmedAli   ! This was the first free and fair election in Ethiopian history and the people of Ethiopia have spoken. We will be by your side always! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet #Ethiopian election results are a big success for the #HornOfAfrica! Cause the #Prosperityparty and @AbiyAhmedAli is the future of the Ethiopian ppl. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Only the #ProsperityParty led by the Nobel Peace prize Winner Pm Dr AAA can keep #Ethiopia united by combining national equality with #Ethiopian sentiment. Peace is mandatory. Peace for Ethiopia. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @SecBlinken @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt Click To Tweet The 2nd stage filling of #GERD is almost complete. An amazing milestone for #Ethiopia. Overcoming so many challenges on the road to victory.This is the result of our dearest PM AAA. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig Click To Tweet Africa should be united to tackle westerns hidden agenda and undermining of the continent and its people.#GERD Is an example for that. Ethiopia once again showed that it will not bow to neocolonialist mindset.Thanks to Our Pan Africanist Leader PM DR AAA. #GERD2ndFillDone Click To Tweet Installation of #GERD turbine and generator is accelerating! Two units will generate power coming soon! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken@AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig Click To Tweet Thank you Dr AbiyAhmedAli for the concrete leadership you have given. You made us breakthrough our challenges which are so many than usual. Prosperity is inevitable. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig Click To Tweet How dangerous the Ethiopia's Renaissance could be to the #USA for it to align with a detested local party that had been autocratically governing Ethiopia for almost thirty years and against a government who has a support of 99% of Ethiopian voters!? #GERD2ndFillDone Click To Tweet Ethiopians from all walks of life should stand in unison with @AbiyAhmedAli whatever shortcomings his govt may have. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet #Africa's ticket out of sad psyche is visionary and courageous leadership of PM DR AAA. Peace reins.Conflict ends. Prosperity will be true.HOA grows. Imagine such Africa! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig Click To Tweet Dear @AbiyAhmedAli, You passed through a lot of ups and downs. They tried to kill you, they tried to stop you, but you succeeded I hope you will use this time & power to build a united #Ethiopia and a lasting peace & development. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt… Click To Tweet Second Nobel peace prize on its way is to @AbiyAhmedAli. His decision to unilaterally stop the war astonishes many, but it is the best decision for #Ethiopia. At this point, there is no need to continue fighting. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt Click To Tweet Dear PM DR AAA Thank you for bringing back our culture, our dignified way of being. Grace, dignity, respect, strength, generosity, Love. It’s refreshing. Its inspiring and it motivates us to be better both in our minds, hearts and actions. ETHIOPIANS, WE LOVE YOU… Click To Tweet I admire the determination of involvement in all activities PM DR AAA shows practically. let us follow the example, no one should be left alone when they are in need of help from their citizens. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig Click To Tweet #Ethiopia will not hesitate to achieve the goal of fulfilling access to electricity, development and growth without harming anyone. Our Prime made that clear by just filling the second round with courage! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Let Ethiopia get the Dam finished. No one can stop Ethiopia's progress. Not even some greedy self-sufficient countries. We already filled the dam, no more talking nonsense. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig Click To Tweet PM #AbiyAhmedAli and Ethiopian people. You proved a Peaceful and Democratic election unlike TPLF & the West. Peace & Prosperity to the Ethiopian people & the HOA!! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok Click To Tweet #Ethiopians have said it louder - We Stand With #AbiyAhmedAli #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok Click To Tweet No Prize comes close to the kind of recognition your people, the primary stakeholders bestow upon u. We Ethiopians are with you and with ur invincible leadership!keep going ahead! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan Click To Tweet Dear our beloved PM I hope you continue to live up to the expectations of Ethiopian ppl, you have been making us proud so far, who have given u a clear mandate to govern in the interest of all #Ethiopia'ns  #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet The Peace Nobel Prize Winner Dr. #AbiyAhmedAli    is Elected for the Next 5 Years to lead #Ethiopia. Congratulations!  The Horn of Africa is happy to work with you. We are standing with Abiy. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @SecBlinken @AlsisiOfficial… Click To Tweet Thank you for your hard work Dr #AbiyAhmedAli ! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt Click To Tweet #Ethiopia under the PM Ahmed’s #GreenLegacy planted 6 billion trees in 2021.Now who says he is not wise! I say he deserves another Nobel! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Dr AbiyAhmedAli Ethiopia needs you for years and years. You the only one we see that can lead the country with love and care. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Dearest Pm AAA God brought you for Ethiopia what you have done was unbelievable and magnificent! We can’t see to Ethiopia without you. God bless you! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Dr. Abiy Ahmed,is  a great leader who has dedicated his life to the service of humanity. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @SecBlinken @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet


ETHIOPIA will prosper with the visionary Leadership of Nobel Laurate L/Colonel PM Dr #AbiyAhmedAli. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet #AbiyAhmedAli won the first free election and accomplished the second round of filling The Great Renaissance Dam of Ethiopia! What a Leader he is! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF… Click To Tweet #Ethiopia deserves her fair share! The only way forward is equitable share! Thanks To #AbiyAhmedAli    A wise leader of ours it is happening!Ethiopia will prosper! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan… Click To Tweet #GERD Despite unrelated sabotage by the evil axis of the West, the Arabs, save a very few, and the satellite bands (traitors), and the courage and patriotic firm stand of our PM DR AA the 2nd phase of filling is now completed, look, it's now full to the brim! #GERD2ndFillDone… Click To Tweet The reservoir behind the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam #GERD filled for the second term. The monopoly exercised by #Egypt & #Sudan has been overturned with the relentless handling of the pressure and wise leadership given by PM DR AAA. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt… Click To Tweet What did the junta says: - the dam has been sold  What did jawar say he said ‘’Abiy sold it out’’, and now where are they? Perished. But We did it Abbichu, you made us proud!……the camels will not stop ! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @JosepBorrellF… Click To Tweet They said he sold it out but he showed them how! The second filling of #GERD is completed! My astonishing leader is glorified by your leadership and achievements! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig… Click To Tweet Rise like #GERD! Lead like PM DR AAA! Wise and patriotic! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken@AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig Click To Tweet Nobel Lorrete Colonel PM Dr Abiy Ahmed wills Lead Ethiopians to Prosperity. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet P.M. doctor Abiy Ahmed,we thank you the bottom of my heart  for saving mama Ethiopia from BANDA/TRAITORS. Let the almighty God blessed you more. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF… Click To Tweet A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step! Ethiopian journey to prosperity it's difficult but it is achievable if we united! Good luck http://Mr.Prime minister @AbiyAhmedAli thank you for your impeccable leadership! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @MfaEgypt… Click To Tweet Ethiopia will win poverty, and proves it is a symbol of Africa. There is no doubt on this. Dr. Abiy Ahmed Must_Lead #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @MfaEgypt @AlsisiOfficial @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet PM DR AAA is a man-of-peace. Abiy must lead until we Ethiopians say so! Stop dissiminating unreliable information. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet AbiyAhmedAli Is The Son Of ADWA. Never wanted to be told what to do ! Never bowed to the neocolonialists! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Dr. Abiy must lead Ethiopia and shine in the long road of Ethiopian renaissance #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet No-one denies that the removal of the TPLF has fueled unease in the international community. #AbiyAhmedAli    is reforming the entire Horn of Africa! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig… Click To Tweet PM DR #AbiyAhmedAli    has public support and public love witnessed by the people of Ethiopia; except few apostates whose political interests are affected. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig… Click To Tweet Ethiopia is the only country that has not surrendered/colonized by westerners! And also today, the nation will be blessed/ developed with active involvement of its leaders and people! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan… Click To Tweet PM DR AbiyAhmedAli will defeat all! Victory is our, Ethiopians who stand firm by our PM. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet An Ethiopia free of the TPLF will champion peace and inclusive development. That is realized by the one and Only PM of Ethiopia #AbiyAhmedAli #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet We stand with our prime minster Dr.Abiy Ahmed who is striving for creating a prosperous country. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet PM Abiy Ahmed has helped the Sudan to create a transitional government of civilians and military representatives. THE Sudan People Knows that! With the second filling #GERD it will only benefit the Sudanese and do no harm! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial Click To Tweet PM of Ethiopia #AbiyAhmedAli is crafting Newer Ethiopia. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @AlsisiOfficial Click To Tweet Ethiopia will act in a way that recognizes that its national interests are inseparably linked to those of the neighbors. The World needs to support that! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet PM Abiy Ahmed is determined to work with his neighbors and the international community to deliver all his promises. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @SecBlinken @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet #AbiyAhmedAli    is protecting Ethiopia and its people from internal and external enemies. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Abiy is doing his best for the realization of a prosperous, peaceful Ethiopia using his indigenous philosophy known as “Medemer”. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken… Click To Tweet We Ethiopians are being tired of those hard headed and narcissistic politicians.That is why we support our prime minster Dr.Abiy Ahmed #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken… Click To Tweet IN the Past 30 years, every inhumane activity like torchers, rape was committed on many Ethiopians but with the coming to power of Abiy that rein of TPLF ended! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Following the election of Abiy as a prime minster, leaders of the opposition were appointed to key posts so that they get the chance to serve their country! Now that is a real Democracy! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @SecBlinken @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok Click To Tweet Without the TPLF, it was said, Ethiopia risked fragmenting along ethnic lines, like Yugoslavia in the 1990s. Under Ethiopian Nobel Peace Laurite Leader PM Abiy Ahmed watch that will not happen! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet

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لم يحن الدكتور أبي قسمه أبدًا ، أقسم أنه لن يلحق أي ضرر بشعب مصر والسودان ، ولم يقل `` سنتوقف عن بناء سد النهضة '' هذا ما حاولتالجبهة الشعبية لتحرير تيغري… Click To Tweet الدكتور أبي هو رجل يلتزم بكلمته ، ويحاول زرع بذرة السلام بين الأمة ، لكن بناء سد النهضة جلب له بالفعل عدوًا محليًا ودوليًا ، وهو ما جعله بحد ذاته قبولًا… Click To Tweet يجب أن يكون شعب بلد المصب ممتنًا للعمل اللطيف الذي قام به الدكتور أبي أحمد ، فملء الخزان يعد أمرًا كبيرًا ، ومرة أخرى فإن عدم التسبب في أي ضرر للتدفق هو… Click To Tweet زرعت إثيوبيا ما يقرب من 10 مليارات نبات في هذين العامين ، وهذا عمل شرف للوفاء بالوعود التي قطعها على الناس من المصب ، ن بعض الناس يريدون اتهام أبي أحمد… Click To Tweet تعتمد مصر بشكل شبه كامل على نهر النيل لإمدادها بالمياه ، ولهذا أقسم الدكتور أبي ذات مرة لأهل مصر أنه لن يتسبب في أي ضرر من خلال إيقاف تدفق المياه ،… Click To Tweet أقسم الدكتور أبي أحمد للشعب المصري عدة مرات أنه لن يلحق أي أذى ، وهذا ما يحاول المروجون تحريفه بينما الحقيقة لا تزال قائمة ، ولا نية لأي ضرر بدول المصب.… Click To Tweet الحقيقة لا تتطلب أن تسود الأغلبية ، فقد قال المروجون ذات مرة إن الدكتور أبي باع سد النهضة ، ولكن من المدهش أنه يكمل الجولة الثانية من ملء السد ، تكذب جبهة… Click To Tweet يومًا ما سيكون كل شيء منطقيًا ، أولئك الذين قالوا إن الدكتور أبي باع سد النهضة ، من الواضح أن هذا الهراء يهدف إلى تدمير وحدة الأمة ، وأخيراً تسود الحقيقة… Click To Tweet حانت لحظة الحقيقة ، كانت هناك أكاذيب تصم الآذان من جبهة التحرير الشعبية لتحرير تيغري وعملائها التي تدعي بيع سد النهضة ، ولا أستطيع أن أتخيل كيف ملأ… Click To Tweet الدكتور أبي في مأمن وسط أعدائه ودعاةهم ، زعموا أن سد النهضة قد تم بيعه بكلمات الدكتور أبي الحقيقية. ولكن الحقيقة هي أنه لم يباع إلا الدعاية والأكاذيب.… Click To Tweet أبي أحمد علي هو رجل شرف ، ما فعله سيضع القرن الأفريقي في سلام ، لقد طهر النظام الملكي في جبهة التحرير الشعبية لتحرير تيغري وملأ سد النهضة دون التسبب في أي… Click To Tweet أقسم أبي أحمد علي عدة مرات قائلاً ، والله لن نؤذي جريان نهر النيل ، ولا يزال يقسم ويحتفظ بكلماته بعدم الإضرار بأهل السودان ومصر ، الجولة الثانية لملء… Click To Tweet إذا كانت وعود الدكتور أبي لشعب مصر بعدم التسبب في أي ضرر قد اعتبرت صفقة بيع ، فإن إخطار مصر بالدورة الثانية سيكون خيانة. ولكن لم يقل أي من الكاذبين أي شيء… Click To Tweet

Amharic Tweets

በሃገር ሻጮችና በባንዳዎች ያጣናቸው ወገኖቻችን እንደተነሱልን እንቆጥረዋለን! ሰርቶ ማሳየት ማለት ይሄ ነው! ጀግና ማለት ድምጹን አጥፍቶ እንዲህ ለሀገሩ ጥሩ ስራ ሰርቶ… Click To Tweet ሰውዬው ግድቡ የኔ ነው ያሉ ቀን ነው ነገሩ ሁሉ ያበቃው! ዐብይ ታሪካዊ ጀግናችን ነህ! ሁሌም ህውሃትን በመቅበርና በህዳሴው ግድብ ላይ የሰራከው ጀግንነት በታሪክ ሲወደስ… Click To Tweet በአድዋ ድል ለጥቁር ሁሉ የነፃነት ትግል ችቦ እንደነበርነው ዛሬም አፍሪካዊያን የራሳቸውን በራሳቸው አልመው፣ አቅደው፣ ጀምረው መፈፀም እንደሚችሉ በትልቁ ያመላከተ… Click To Tweet በህዳሴ ቀልድ የለም... እንኳን ገንዘባችንን ደማችንን እንሰጣለን... የባንዳ ፣ የዘረኛ የግብጽ እና የሱዳንን አንገት እንሰብራለን..! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt… Click To Tweet ዋዉ ደስ ይላል ጀግና መሪያችን እናመሰግናለን እንደተናገርከው አደረግከው ብቃትህ እዚህ ድረስ ነው! ተሽጧል ሲሉ የነበሩ አሁን ደሞ መብራቱ ተከራይቷል እንዳይሉን!… Click To Tweet ባንተ የለውጥ አመራር ባይሆን ኖሮ እኮ የሜቴክ መጫወቻ እና ታሪክ ሆኖ ይቀር ነበር! ኢትዮጵያውያን ከብፅግና የሚገታን ምንም ሃይል የለም! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial… Click To Tweet ጠ/ሚ ዶ/ር አብይ አህመድ አሊን መሳደብ የህዳሴውን ግድብ ከመገደብ አያስቆምም! ኢንዱስትሪያል ፖርክን ከመጨረስ አያግድም! የኢትዮጵያን ከፍታን በፍጹም አያቆምም! ገና ብዙ… Click To Tweet ድል ለኢትዮጵውያን ምርጫችንንም መርጠናል፣ ችግኞቻችንንም ተክለናል፣ ግድባችንም ተሞልታል። ጠላት ግድቡ ተሸጧል እያለ ሲያሽቃብጥ ጀግናው መሪያችን ሁለተኛውን ዙር… Click To Tweet ዶ/ር አብይ አህመድ ሀገር እንደ ሀገር እንድትቀጥል የሀገርን ጥቅም አስከብሮ ይኸው ዛሬ ሁለተኛውን ዙር ሙሌት ሞልተናል!! አብቹ ክብርም ምስጋናም ያስፈልገዋል!! #GERD2ndFillDone… Click To Tweet ግድቡን ሽጧል ብለው በአደባባይ ሲሟገቱ የነበሩት ዛሬ ምን ይሉ ይሆን? አይናቸው እያየ አንደኛውን አልፎ ሁለተኛውን ዙር የውሃ ሙሌት አሳክቶ አሳያቸው!! #GERD2ndFillDone… Click To Tweet አለም ጀርባዋን ሰታን ልታጠፋን ብትሞግትም ልታስቆመን ግን አልቻለችም ምርጫውም አለፈ ግድቡም ተሞላ! መሪው እኮ አብይ ነው ለኢትዮጵያውያን ነጻነት ዘብ የቆመ ብርቱ… Click To Tweet ታሪክ ሰሪው መሪዬ ሁሌም እንደለመደው ዛሬም ታሪክ ሰርቶ እያሳየን ነው! አባይ የኛ ነው ግብጽ ብትንጫጫም ምንም አታመጣም!! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig… Click To Tweet ዶ/ር አብይ ማንም አባይን ከመገደብ ሊያስቆመን አይችልም ብሎ ቃል የገባውን ፎክሮ ሳይሆን በተግባር ያሳየን መሪ ነው!! ኢትዮጵያ ሀገሬ እንኳን ደስ አለሽ ሁለተኛው ዙር የውሃ… Click To Tweet ጠ/ሚ ዶ/ር አብይ አህመድ የዛሬዋ ድል እንድትመዘገብ ከጠላት ጋር ብዙ ፈተናዎችን አሳልፏል ይህ የሱ የስራ ውጤት ነው!!  አባይን ገድበን ህልማችንን እውን እናደርጋለን።… Click To Tweet ጌታቸው ረዳ ምን ይል ይሆን ግዱቡ ተሸጧል ባለው አፉ ዛሬ ምን ያወራል? ሀገር በባንዳዎች ሳይሆን በሀገር ወዳዶች ብርቱ ትጋት ትበለጽጋለች ይህን ደግሞ በመሪያችን አብይ… Click To Tweet አባይን እንዳንገድብ ብዙ እገዳዎች ቢጣልብንም እኛ ኢትዮጵያውያን ግን ከሀገር ወዳዱ መሪያችን ጎን በመቆም የውሃ ሙሌቱን ለሁለተኛ ጊዜ አሳክተነዋል። #GERD2ndFillDone… Click To Tweet ግድቡ ተሽጧ ያሉትም ዳግም አፈሩ፣ ግድቡን እናፈርሳለን ያሉትም እራሳቸው በጎርፍ ፈረሱ ኢትዮጵያ ግን በጀግናው መሪዋ ትጋት የብልጽግና ግስጋሴዋን ቀጥላለች። #GERD2ndFillDone… Click To Tweet ከግድብም በላይ የሆነው የአንድነታችን ማሳያ ግድባችን ዛሬ ሁለተኛ የውሃ ሙሌቱን አሳካ!! ድል ለኢትዮጵያውያን ክብር ለጠ/ሚኒስትራችን ደ/ር አብይ አህመድ። #GERD2ndFillDone… Click To Tweet ሁሉንም ጫና ተቋቁመን ግድቡን እንገነባለን፣ ሪቫንም እንቆርጣለን እንዳልነው፣ እንደፎከርነው ሁሉንም እውን እያደረግን ነው!! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF… Click To Tweet አንተ ጀግና መሪ ስንቱን ጉድ ቻልከው ግድቡን ሽጦታል ሲሉህም ዝም ብለህ ሞያ በልብ መሆኑን ሰርተህ አሳየሀቸው የምር ትለያለህ! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF… Click To Tweet

Afaan Oromoo Tweets

Muummeechi ministiraa Abiy Ahimad guutiinsa bishaanii hidha haaromsaa marsaa lammaffaa sadarkaa barbaadamurraan gahuun injifannoo ummattummaa goonfateera. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt Click To Tweet Odeessitoonni  idhichi gurgurameera jechaa oduu yoo hafarsan Muummeechi ministiraa Dr. Abiy garuu ijaarsa hidhichaa dhugaa taasise. Hogganaa jechuun akkana. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Guutiinsi bishaanii marsaa lammaffaa hidha haaromsaa bifa milkaa’een raawwatameera. Ijaarsi hidha haaromsaa imala irraan gadeetii bahee guutiinsi bishaanii marsaa lammaffaa kan taasifame hoggantummaa muummeecha ministiraa Abiyyi Ahimadiini. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt… Click To Tweet Biyya keenya rakkoo keessaa baasuun biyya ormaa rakkina keessa galchuu miti, kanaaf Abbichuun biqiltuu biliyoona 10f oli woggoottan lamaan kana keessa dhaabuun roobni akka baay'atu taasise. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt Click To Tweet Abichuun Bishaan guutuu bira dabree Kijibduu olola #TPLF harguftu afaan ishii cuqqaalee jira, osoo gurguree jira jedhanii marsaa 2ffaaf bishaan guutuun ajaa'iba ajaa'ibaa oliiti. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Abbichuun biyyi Misiriif kakatee kan gale Ummata Misir hin miinu, bishaan irra rakkoo hin geessinu jedhe malee hidha guddicha hin xumurru hin jenne! Gadheen kana wallaalte. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Kan kijiba bare gurra dhaabee kijiba biraa uumuuf asiif jedha malee dhugaa jiru hin amananu, Abbichuun marsaa 2ffaaf bishaan hidha guddichaa guutus kijibni ololtuu #TPLF jala deemtuu garuu hin guuttuamne. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan Click To Tweet Halaala taa'anii aktiivistootni TV irra bahanii  akka harreetti haalaakaa turan hidha guddicha marsaa 2ffaaf bishaan guutuun yoo xumuramu maaluma jedhu laata? #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Itoophiyaan biyya ummata miliyoona 110ti, gadheefi gareen #TPLF jala deemtee olola ooftu maraachuu bira dabritee bishaan gurgurame jechaa turte, kijibni jaraa harra  ifa bahaa jira. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok Click To Tweet Hidha Guddicha Abbayaa gurgurame osoo jedhanii marsaa 2ffaa bishaan guutame arguun kijibduuf akka nama awwaalaa ka'e arguutti itti ulfaatee jira. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Dr. #AbiyAhmedAli Hidha Guddicha gurgurate jechaa warei turan har'a immoo maal jechuuf akka qophaan mee ni laallaa. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Kan biyya qaanfiin hin jirretti dhalatte, Abbichuun bishaan laga Abbaayaa gurguratee jira nuun jetti, kijibniif duumessi baay'atus dhugaa hin dhoksu, kunoo marsaa lammaffaa guutuun xumuree jira. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Ilmi Abbaa Gadaa dhugaa malee hin beeku kijiba, bishaan ni guuta, hidha guddicha ni xumura jedhee waadaa seenee tokko tokkoon argisiisaa jra, kanaaf galata qabda jennaan. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Abbichuun Akka gantuu wayyaaneetti nama biyya ganuu miti, Jarri biyya kana keenya jedhanii fudhatanii hin beekan, biyya biraa waan qabaniif, Abbichuuf garuu dhiiga isaati. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Abbichuun Ummata Misiriitiif isin hin miinu jedhee kakachuun yoo gurgurtaa jedhame, Lammaffaa guutuuf jedhee Xalayaa biyya Misiriif barreessuun maal jedhama ture? kijibni #TPLF irraa bubbisaa ture amma dhabamee jira. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt Click To Tweet Hidha guddicha yeroo kana keessatti marsaa 2ffaa guutanii xumuruun Itoophiyaa qofa osoo hin taane Sudaaniifi Misiris fayyadamoo akka ta'an kan taasisuu dha. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Ilaalchi biyyoota Misir waliin cichanii Itoophiyaa mormaa turanii hundi hojii Dr.#AbiyAhmedAli kanaan guututti jijjiiramee jira. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Abbichuun ummata Sudaanis ta'ee ummata Misir miidhuuf karoora hin qabu, karoorri tokkichi jiru Ummata Itoophiyaa hiyyummaa fi dukkana keessaEa baasuu dha. #GRD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan Click To Tweet Abbichuun Maqaa Waaqaa dhahee Ummata Misiriif kakachuu gadheen gurgurtaa seetee turte, Dhugaan jiru nama gaarii ta'uu malee biyya ganuu hin turre, kan ummata wallaalchite #TPLF garuu kijiba bishaan Abbaayaa booressu kijibaa turte. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Abbichuun Abbaay gurguratee gale siin jedhu, akkamitti yoo jetteen deebii hin qabani, Jaamaan jaamaa masaku karaa hin argatu jedhama, #TPLF aktiivistii shanee masakee kijiba hafarsaa turee har'a deebiin hunda caaluu kennameefii jira. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt… Click To Tweet Biyya #TPLF Abbichuun bishaan Abbaayaa markaattoo geessee gurguree jira jettee amantii argattu keessatti, dhugaan maal akka fakkaatuu dandeettu laaluun baay'ee nama rakkisa. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Kijibaafi Waraanni #TPLF kan Ameerikaan deeggaramu waan tokko qofaafi, Abbichuun biyya isaa waan durseefii kijiba waan balleesseefi. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Haati Hattuun Ilmoo hin Amantu jedha Oromoon yoo makmaaku, Wayyaaneen afaan guuttattee Abbichuun Hidha Abbayaa gurguree jira kan jettuuf waan ishiin Ameerikatti gurgurtee Abbichuun harkaa deebiseef qofa. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt Click To Tweet Kan Wayyaaneen Abbichuun hidha guddicha gurguratee jira jettu guyyaa takkas na hin aarsine, kan Gadheen Oromoo ishii jala deemtee kijiba biyya diigu hafarsitu qofatu na gube malee. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF… Click To Tweet Silaa #TPLF wajji ta'ee, Hidha guddicha bishaan guutuu dhiisii manaafuu waan dhugnu hin arginu ture, Hattuun Wayyaanee waan hunda gurgurtee biyya hoongessitee turte. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Kijibni Geetaachoo Raddaa, osoo kan walitti qabamu ta'ee, Markabni adunyaa gurguddaan 5 walitti bahee hin fe'u ture. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Abbichuun marsaa lammaffaafi biyya Misiriifi Suudaan osoo hin miidhanmin bishaan guutuun adunyaa irratti dhageettiifii amantummaa argamsiisee jira. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Hidhichi kan Afrikaati. Falas kennuu kan danda'uu Afirkaanootumadha ejjennoo jedhuun yeroo ammaa kana Itiyoophiyaan afriikaa biyya Murteessituu ta’uusheefi hundeesituu Paan Affriikaazimii ta’uushee raga bahaa jirti. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial… Click To Tweet Biyyoonni guddatan Itiyoophiyaan Uummata ishee gara 60% dukkana keessa jiruuf humna ibsaa dhiheesuuf laga kana fayyadamuunifi Hiyyummaa keessaa bahuuf adeemsa isheen taasitu deggeramuu qabu. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig Click To Tweet Milkii kanaaf ooggansi sadarkaan jiran kanneen Injiner Silashii Baqqalaan Durfamu hunduu Injifannoo UNSC irratti argisiistaniif Itiyoophiyaanonni isin galateeffatu!. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok Click To Tweet Gootota keenya Yeroo ammaa kanas Guutinsa marsaa 2ffaa xummurame jirus akka firii horatu Itiyoophiyaanonni kallattii maraan humnaafi qabeenyaa qabaniin isin waliin  dhaabbatu! Galatooma! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF… Click To Tweet Hidhichichi gurgurameera Geetaachoo Reddaatiin dubbatamee ture! Ammawooreen? gaaffii keenyadha! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Wayyaanneen waadaa Uummataa nyaachuun hidhaa guddichaa sabbata haadholee Itiyoohiyaa irraa maallaqa waliitti qabame saamuun  badii har’aa gochaa jiraniif kaleessa qophaa’aa turan. Abbichuun ol kaase. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt… Click To Tweet Wayyaanneen/Juuntaa wayyaannee/ har’a miti kan Itiyoophiyaafi Itiyoophiyaanota haalan. Biyya nuu n hin gaggeessine haa baddu, haa diigamtu jechuun kaleesaa Uummata keenya qoqqoodaa qabeenyaa saamaa turani.  #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig Click To Tweet #TPLF Diinummaa isaanii argisiisuuf Baandota biyya ganan keessaafi alatti ijaarratan. Hundaa ol galanni hooggansa jijjiiramaf haa gahu eega Dr. Abiy dhufee hidhi Haaromsaas injifannoo galmeessisaa jira! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Kunoo Utuu baandonniifi diinonni hafeera jedhanii guutinsi bishaanii marsaa 2ffaa eegalamuun gammachuu Itiyoophiyaanotaa ta’uudhaan gaddi mandara Diinaaf baandaattii nam’eera! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan Click To Tweet Naannoo Hidhaa guddichaa Itiyoophiyaarraa Xiyyaara mitiitii Simbirri hin qaxxaamurtu! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan Click To Tweet Hidhi haaromsa laga abbayyaa dhiigaa fi dafqa uummata hiyyeeyyii biyyattiitiin ijaaraa jirra! Qoosaan hin jiru! human qilleensaa Itiyoophiyaa! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Kun nuuf injifannoo guddaadhaadha. Yeroo ammaa kana Inaaffaan Ameerikaafi biyyoota guddanneerra jedhanii Itiyoophiyaa badhaate arguu jibbuudha. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Yeroo mara biyyoonni guddatan maqaa hiyyummaa jedhu nuuf laachuun ittiin nu waamuu waan ta’eef didne didne jechuun Itiyoophiyaanonnin keessaafi alaa Mormii dhageessisaa jiru. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan Click To Tweet Barri bara milkaa’inaati! Gadaan gadaa Injifannooti. Abichuu waliin Itiyoophiyaa badhaate arguun baranuma! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Injifannoowwan bara kana keessa Dr Abiyyiin galmaa’aniifi galmaa’aa jiran. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Guutinsi bishaanii Hidha Haaromsaa marsaa 2ffaan kana fakkaata xummurame !  #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Otuma Sudaaniifi Ijipt watwaatanii, Ameerikaafi waahillan ishee iyyanii, Itoophiyaan karooruma qabattee kaate guutinsa bishaanii marsaa 2ffaa bishaan guuttee xumuraaf  geessee jirti. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan Click To Tweet Ammaan booda Hidhichi ofiin of eega. Guutinsa bishaanii marsaa 2ffaa xummurame! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan Click To Tweet Ijiptiifi Sudaan nagaan oolanii buluuf hidhichi nagaan oolee buluu qaba, itti sagaduus qabu. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Injifannoo Cululuqaa Ummanni Itoophiyaa Tokkummaan Jaarraa 21ffaa Keessa Galmeessisan keessaa akka Aduwaatti kan lakkaa’aman hedduu hojiirra oolchiteetti #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Humna wayyaannee akka Gaanfa Afriikaatti ana malee humni hidhate hin jiru jedhee dhaadatuufi dhaadachaa ture barri biyyootti ijoollee Itiyoophiyaan dabalame bara kana keessadha!. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @SecBlinken @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok Click To Tweet Sanas ta’e kana iyya baandotaa dhiisnee yeroon itti guddina Itoyoophiyaa harka wal qabannee mirkaneesinu yeroon isaa amma! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt  @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok Click To Tweet Hidhichi kankooti - It’s_My Dam! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Dhaloota birmaddummaa biyya abboota irra dhaalee itti fufsiisnu waan qabnuuf soda hin qabnu!.  #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Soda qawwee in qabnu dhaloota dakaadhaan Juuntaa arii’eefi abboota keenya Milla qullaa gaachaan xaaliyaan ii ari’e waan qabnuuf! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Hidhi haaromsa laga abbayyaa Itoophiyaanootaaf mallattoo tokkummaa fi birmadummaati! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Gibxii fi Sudaan biyyi keenya qabeenya uumamaaRabbi isheef kenne irraa hojjetattee akka hiyyummaakeessaa hin baaneef shira isaan keessaa fi alaan hin xaxnemaaltu jiraa?  #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig Click To Tweet Biyyi keenya hiyyummaa qabeenyaayoo ta'e malee hiyyummaa gootummaa akka hin qabne seenaan bara Xaaliyaanii sun ragaa gahaa dha. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Murni TPLF/Juuntaa har'a daaraa botoroo taate kan isheen abdattee Raayyaa Itoophiyaa  irratti waraana bante abdii baajata Gibxi ture! Garuu dubbiin akka ol utaalaan hin taatu jedhama mitiree? #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok Click To Tweet Gibxii fi Sudaan maqaa shakaala waraana Eagle jedhuun burraakarrayyuu jechaa turaniiru,tibbana as jooranii ach ijooranii dadhabnaan Itoophiyaan biyya jabduu ta'uu ishee baranii riphanii taa'aa jiru! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet


Miidiyaan awwaara kaasuun hin dhibu silas! Egaa kanas ta'e sanas Itoophiyaan mataa ishee ol qabatteeguutiinsa bishaanii marsaa 2ffaa raawwachuun injifannoo haraa galmeesisuu itti fuftee jirti. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok Click To Tweet Osoo gootni qaxalee ijoollee ishee kan lafoo,kan bishaanirraa,kan qilleensarraa jiruu eenyutu ishee tuqee nagaan gala jettanii yaaddu! Bishaanichis inuma guuta Itoophiyaanis hiyyummaa Keessaa baatee inuma badhaati! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig Click To Tweet Lammiwwan koo qaalii qormaata hedduu,arrabsoo hedduu,doorsisa hedduu keessa dabartanii lubbuudhaan har'a geessan abshiraa hunduu ni darbaa! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig Click To Tweet Gootawwan Itoophiyaa biyya keessaaniif jecha gachaana taatanii sa'aatii 24:00 dhaabbachaa jirtan. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Harmee Itiyoophiyaa baga gammadde dhaloota har’aa dhaloota hiyyuummaa seenaa taasisee badhaadhaadhina mirkaneessudha waan ta’eef! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Yaa lammii koo qabeenyaa keessan hidha haaromsaa itiyoophiyaa kan ta’ee hidhaa guddicha abbaayiin xumursiisuuf waadaa keessan biyyaaf haaromsitan yooyyaa baga gammaddan baga gammanne!. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok Click To Tweet Kunoo Abbaayi  fuula isaa gara biyya isaatti naanneeffachuun hiyyummaa balleessuudhaaf, misooma Itiyoophiyaa daran finiinsuuf gara biyya isatti deebi’eera. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Dhaloonni ammaa Aduwaa 2ffaa mirkaneessaa jirtaniif galata qabdu. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Hooggansi hooggansa bilchina qabu laachuudhaan kana galmaan geessann harmeen Itiyoophiyaa yaa Ijoolleekoo waggaa Kuma Mo’aa Injifannon isin biraa hin hafin isiniin jetti!. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig Click To Tweet Barri Itti Itiyoophiyaan boquu ishee ol qabttee adeemtu kunoo amma! Injifannoo haraan deebinee wal argina! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig Click To Tweet Rakkoon Afriikaanotaa Afrikaanotaan furamaan amma gara Hojiitti hiikamaa waan jiruuf hoogganaa keenya bilchaataafi gameessa gaanfa Afriikaa Dr Abiyyii Ahmediin baga gammadde! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinke Click To Tweet Jabaa addunyaan ajaa'ibsiifate Abbichuu ilma oromoo baguma si qabaanne #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Ijaa keenyan otuu Ilaluu hidha Guddicha laga Abbayyaa guutinsa bishaani  marsaa lammaf xumuramera! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Gurguramera kan jedhan sun kuno As Gaahe  argine, Hin guutamu kan jedhan suni kunoo guutame Arginerrera,  hin ifuu jechuun isaanis waan hin ole! ummuri yoo argatanif ifaa isaas ni argu!  #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok… Click To Tweet Hidhi laga Abbayyaa kun bishaan qofa osoo hin tane dhigaa fi ijaa itoophiyaanotati! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan Click To Tweet Hidha guddicha laga Abbayyaa yeroo dheeraa mootummoota dabraniin ifaajee malee bu'aa argisiisee hin beekne, Abbichuun garu  yeroo gabaabatti guute. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Mootummaan Ameerikaa illee tumsee Gibxii  osoo dhaadattuu iccitii jalaa taasisee guutee guutuu isaa qofa gabaaseef. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Guutiinsa bishaanii marsaa lammaffaa Guuttee surpirse nu goote Gammachuu guddaa onnee irraa madde Nutti dhagahama Abbichuu ati baguma biyya keenya hoggante Jabaa namaa! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig Click To Tweet Ajaanda sobaan faayidaa siyaasa argachuuf jecha namota baay’ee soban dogogorsisa turani!  Egaa dhugaa fi Ulfii buule mul’ata mittire, Abban dhugaa rabbi isaaniti dhufee isaan balleesse!  #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok… Click To Tweet Kan dhugaa qabate onnee isaa irraa halkanif guuyyaa uammataf  kan hojetu ilmi Abba Gadaa Abbichuun bu’a bahi Heddu keessa darbee akuma ummata isaaf waada seeneti kuno hidhichi laga Abbayyaa guutinsi maarsa lammaffa xummuramee jira! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt… Click To Tweet Ifti ummata keenyaaf bahuti jira Hiyyummaan Seena ta’uuti jirti! Abbichuu Galatoomi ! #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan @mariam_sadig Click To Tweet Dhugaan qallatuyyuu hin cittu akkuma jedhamu waaqni waggoottan sadan darban kanatti Eenyuttu Hidha haroomsaa akka gurgurate bakkeetti baaseera. Dhugaadhumatti Dr.Abiyyitti boonneera.  #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan Click To Tweet Warri gibtsii  wayyaaneen hidhicha xumuruuf karoora akka hin qabne fi hojicha hojjechaa akka hin jirre waan hubataniif gaaffiin isan kaasan hin turre. Abbichuun waan hojiirratti hin qoosneef jibban. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF… Click To Tweet Gootichi Waan qabee fi jalqabe gadin dhhiisne osuma isaan iyyanii bishaan marsaa jalqabaa akka guutamu taasise. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @mariam_sadig @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @SudanPMHamdok @aftaburhan Click To Tweet Karoorri diinota keenyaa keessaaf  alaan wal ijaaranii imala badhaadhina biyyi keenya eegalte karaatti gufachiisuuf ture. Keesumaa Hidha Haaromsaa guddina biyya keenyaaf ga’ee olaanaa qabu, akka galma hin geenyeef wanti hin hojjetamne hin jiru. #GERD2ndFillDone… Click To Tweet Yeroo juntaan karoora biyya diiguu qabattee katetti, biyyoon alaas Ameerikaa dabalatee yeroo waan dorsisaan nu jilbeeffachiisan isaanitti fakkaatee ganaamaa fi galgala ibsa baasan. Nuti kan keenya galmaan gayanne. #GERD2ndFillDone #AbiyAhmedHasDoneIt @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt Click To Tweet

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