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TPLF is a major threat to Ethiopia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. #21

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#ENDF will avoid combat operations within urban areas to prevent civilian causalities. Strict instructions have been given to all combat units.. to that effect. Govt of #Ethiopia has a const. duty to protect citizens in Tigray #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @MikeHammerUSA @Reuters Click To Tweet


#TPLF’s massive attack was preceded by repeated & grave violations of #Ethiopia’s airspace by hostile foreign actors... Govt. has a duty to take to safeguard the sovereignty &territorial integrity of #Ethiopia. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @LaetitiaBader Click To Tweet


The GoE has responsibility to protect its ppl, sovereignty &territorial integrity of the country. The IC should support z GoE in its fight with terrorist TPLF that committed crimes upon humanity. Anything short of disarming TPLF is signing for another WAR #DisarmTPLF Click To Tweet


The failure to understand and recognize the pain and suffering of millions of Ethiopians in Afar and Amhara, victims of the TPLF’s renewed attacks, demonstrates a clear bias in this war. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @amnest @AFP @bpolitics @CNNAfrica @AsstSecStateAF Click To Tweet


The threat to pursue crippling sanctions on a country already facing enormous economic challenges shows a concerning eagerness to plunge vulnerable Ethiopians into poverty. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @AJEnglish @EUSR_Weber @SFRCdems @SenateForeign @HouseForeign @hr Click To Tweet


It is the TPLF that has started the war, not once but three times. And the onus to end the war fully rests on the TPLF. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @JosepBorrellF @StateDept @FCDOGovUK @EUSR_Weber @HannaTetteh @LaetitiaBader @KenRoth @amnest @BradSherman @ChrisCoons @SFRCdems Click To Tweet


It only takes the TPLF to throw a towel in the fighting ring admitting that it has lost it. It means an opportunity for ending the humanitarian crisis in Tigay region of Ethiopia. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @SFRCdems @HouseForeign @UKParliament @EU_Commission @eucopresident Click To Tweet


The United Nations and the “international community” needs to condemn the TPLF as the entity that caused the war. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @vonderleyen @JanezLenarcic @PowerUSAID @USAmbUN @CanadaFP @eu_eeas @SFRCdems @SenateForeign @HouseForeign @eucopresident Click To Tweet


African nations understand that strengthening solidarity with Ethiopia and Eritrea against western bullies, including through the agency of the United Nations, is not a matter of option #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @JosepBorrellF @trussliz @UKParliament @CanadaFP @UN_HRC Click To Tweet


It is very clear that western powers do have interest in maintaining colonial era type of power relations with Africa except that they have become innovative about it. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @vonderleyen @MikeHammerUSA @Reuters @LaetitiaBader @BBCAfrica @KenRoth @amnest Click To Tweet


Undue pressure from the United Nations must be resisted. It is very colonial in nature. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @AFP @bpolitics @CNNAfrica @AJEnglish @AsstSecStateAF @EUSR_Weber @SFRCdems @SenateForeign @HouseForeign @hr @JosepBorrellF @StateDept @FCDOGovUK @EUSR_Weber Click To Tweet


UN was found based on the principle of the sovereign equality of all its members. Nor it shall advance the interest of rebellion entity at the expense of its member nations. Regardless, Ethiopia shall have its Appomattox day soon #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @HannaTetteh Click To Tweet


We all want this conflict to end. The people of Ethiopia, particularly those directly impacted in the regions of #Afar, #Amhara and #Tigray, all deserve peace and the chance to rebuild their lives. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @LaetitiaBader @KenRoth @amnest Click To Tweet


But the only path to peace is for the #TPLF to withdraw from Afar and Amhara, lay down their arms and engage in the African Union peace process with no preconditions, just as the Govt of Ethiopia has already agreed to do. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @BradSherman @ChrisCoons Click To Tweet


Ethiopia is once again facing orchestrated political pressure from western powers over the war on the designated terrorist organization #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @SFRCdems @SFRCdems @HouseForeign @UKParliament @EU_Commission @eucopresident @vonderleyen @JanezLenarcic Click To Tweet


Reminiscent of colonial type of power relations is now becoming an overt one with multilateral institutions like the United Nations demonstrating a commitment to play an instrumental role in perpetuating it #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @PowerUSAID @USAmbUN @CanadaFP @eu_eeas Click To Tweet


Ethiopian forces managed to crush the TPLF forces within less than two months. It is now confirmed that the TPLF is retreating further from different directions as it is suffering military defeats. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @SFRCdems @SenateForeign @HouseForeign @eucopresident Click To Tweet


The western powers and the United Nations are calling for an immediate cessation of hostility and the withdrawal of Eritrean forces. The presence of Eritrean forces in Ethiopia is not verified by an independent party #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @JosepBorrellF @trussliz Click To Tweet


Ethiopia and Eritrea have ended two decades long hostility not long after the TPLF lost dominant power in Ethiopia. The two countries, as sovereign states, have signed several treaties of cooperation and MoU including in the security and military areas. #DisarmTPLF Click To Tweet


The United Nations has the duty not to interfere in the internal affairs of a country and also not to interfere in the way how two sovereign states are handling their military affairs as long as they are not posing a threat on another sovereign state #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause Click To Tweet


The International Community (IC) is expected to exert due pressure to disarm the Terrorist TPLF to ensure durable peace in Ethiopia and help the warring parties to conduct a successful dialogue #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @UKParliament @CanadaFP @UN_HRC @vonderleyen Click To Tweet


Disarming the T-TPLF paves the way to conduct a candid and lasting peaceful dialogue in Ethiopia #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @MikeHammerUSA @Reuters @LaetitiaBader @BBCAfrica @KenRoth @amnest @AFP @bpolitics @CNNAfrica @AJEnglish @AsstSecStateAF @EUSR_Weber @SFRCdems Click To Tweet


The IC should refrain from playing double standard in overlooking the TPLF’s repeated breaching of ceasefire, triggering another round of war, looting and destroying public and privative properties. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @SenateForeign @HouseForeign @hr @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet


In order to ensure durable peace in Ethiopia and across the Horn of African Region, the IC needs to react and enforce the radical element to desist further provocations #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @StateDept @FCDOGovUK @EUSR_Weber @HannaTetteh @LaetitiaBader @KenRoth @amnest Click To Tweet


Some international humanitarian agencies; which were indifferent for the T-TPLF’s atrocious crimes on civilians, now outcry for government’s military response in a clear indication of their aspiration of saving the criminal clique from total destruction. #DisarmTPLF Click To Tweet


The whole world knows that telling white lies are the distinctive trademark of the TPLF. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @BradSherman @ChrisCoons @SFRCdems @HouseForeign @UKParliament @EU_Commission @eucopresident @vonderleyen @JanezLenarcic @PowerUSAID @USAmbUN @CanadaFP Click To Tweet


The terrorist group frequently uses negotiations as a cover to buy time for arming itself and is ready to prolong the conflict under the cover of negotiation. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @eu_eeas @SFRCdems @SenateForeign @HouseForeign @eucopresident @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet


The government in collaboration with the international community must disarm the terrorist group unless it is difficult to conduct negotiation. It is impossible to have two armed group in single country #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @trussliz @UKParliament @CanadaFP @UN_HRC Click To Tweet


TPLF is a major threat to Ethiopia's sovereignty and territorial integrity. The Ethiopian government is responsible for eliminating this mercenary group that has no goal other than to destabilize the country #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @vonderleyen @MikeHammerUSA @Reuters Click To Tweet


Antonio filling in for Getachew Reda, who is out of office today #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @LaetitiaBader @BBCAfrica @KenRoth @amnest @AFP @bpolitics @CNNAfrica @AJEnglish @AsstSecStateAF @EUSR_Weber @SFRCdems @SenateForeign @HouseForeign @hr @JosepBorrellF @StateDept Click To Tweet


It is a great shame that the leaders of int’l organizations are highly misinformed or deliberately trying to save the terrorist TPLF. UN Secretary-General @antonioguterres said that is out of control! Because #ENDF is seizing Mekelle and #TPLF is losing battles! #DisarmTPLF Click To Tweet


Ethiopia stopped it from spiraling out of control. This was Washington-led interventionism that destroyed the US influence in a region vital to its interests. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @FCDOGovUK @EUSR_Weber @HannaTetteh @LaetitiaBader @KenRoth @amnest @BradSherman Click To Tweet


YES! The bloodshed and atrocities against civilians must end.' Surely it will come to an end when the TPLF is defeated, & disarmed! The TPLF must be defeated militarily! So, the US/EU/UN should help the GoE end #TPLF-the cause of the bloodshed & atrocities #DisarmTPLF Click To Tweet


The government of #Ethiopia deeply regrets any harm that might have been inflicted upon civilians including humanitarian personnel and will investigate such incidents to establish facts and provide redress when and if such unintended harm occurs. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause Click To Tweet


Even the uninitiated #Ethiopian #Eritrean observe with incredulity to what #US & #EU are doing right now to save TPLF and prolong the misery of #Ethiopians including #Tigrayans and #Eritreans. Respect international Law & sovereignty #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause Click To Tweet


If given the time and space, the #TPLF will continue to commit atrocities on civilians again and again. The #TPLF clique knows no peace! Instigating conflict is the group's perennial character. It must be disarmed to avoid further human suffering! #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause Click To Tweet


When the TPLF laid waste to parts of Amhara and Afar last year, ALL of these individuals did not shriek in panic and demand the rebels halt their advance to spare civilians. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @ChrisCoons @SFRCdems @HouseForeign @UKParliament @EU_Commission Click To Tweet


The #TPLF is solely responsible for the current situation in northern #Ethiopia as it intentionally reignited the war for the third consecutive time in a row! If given the time and space, it will do this again. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @eucopresident @vonderleyen Click To Tweet


Statement of the UNSG on the situation in #Ethiopia is unwarranted. None of the selected and overly exaggerated assertions reflects the reality. It undermines the AU-led peace efforts and the ability of the #UN to play positive and constructive role #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause Click To Tweet


The Government of #Ethiopia is ready to work closely with humanitarian operators and partners to ensure humanitarian access in areas liberated and controlled by the ENDF and to ensure the safety of humanitarian workers. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @JanezLenarcic @PowerUSAID Click To Tweet


#TPLF wobbles. The carefully planned defense operation going per plan. #Ethiopia forces try calming & assure civilians in areas they enter. Its a New hope for #Ethiopia & #HoA. Yet, #UN chief echoing #US/#EU attempt to save #TPLF. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


The war tactics used by TPLF and their handlers is to scaremonger & alarm the UN to save them, only to arm themselves & store food and force civilians to start another war using children and human wave. Your good offices should not be part of this sham. #DisarmTPLF Click To Tweet


How about saying the terrorists disarm, just for a change?! The war stops when they disarm! Where were you when Afar and Amhara were invaded?!TPLF is harming the people of Tigray! Disarmament, reconciliation and rehabilitation! Rebuild Tigray Afar Amhara regions! #DisarmTPLF Click To Tweet


The government of Ethiopia reiterates its inherent constitutional duty and commitment to protect its citizens in Tigray #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @eu_eeas @SFRCdems @SenateForeign @HouseForeign @eucopresident @JosepBorrellF @trussliz @UKParliament @CanadaFP @UN_HRC @vonderleyen Click To Tweet


Given the TPLF’s established practice of using civilians as a human shield and civilian facilities for military purposes, the government of Ethiopia reiterates it call for civilian and humanitarian operators to distance themselves from TPLF’s military assets #DisarmTPLF Click To Tweet


It is imperative that the government of #Ethiopia assumes immediate control of all airports, other federal facilities, and installations in #Tigray region. This is necessary to protect Ethiopia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @MikeHammerUSA Click To Tweet


The TPLF launched the third round of attack soon after the Federal Government announced its readiness for the African Union-led peace talks without preconditions to be convened anytime and anywhere. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @Reuters @LaetitiaBader @BBCAfrica @KenRoth Click To Tweet


It is worth noting that this is the third time that the TPLF dragged the country into conflict in a span of two years #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @amnest @AFP @bpolitics @CNNAfrica @AJEnglish @AsstSecStateAF @EUSR_Weber @SFRCdems @SenateForeign @HouseForeign @hr @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet


It is to be recalled that the current round of conflict in Northern Ethiopia is triggered by the full –fledged attack the TPLF launched on Aug. 24, 2022, breaking the humanitarian truce that the government of Ethiopia declared in March 2022 #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @StateDept Click To Tweet


Food & fuel which was supposed to reach the needy civilians was diverted to combatants with the recommendations of their logistics department @WFPChief & @PowerUSAID. Now, if you need lasting peace in Ethiopia, #DisarmingTPLF is the only way out. #DisarmTPLF Click To Tweet


How @UN works in Africa,we know why Africa is still no peace. You feed us when we have a hand to feed ourselves, you make us not to walk forward when we can go anywhere,you make us poor #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @FCDOGovUK @EUSR_Weber @HannaTetteh @LaetitiaBader @KenRoth Click To Tweet


Where were all these people when TPLF started the war; when it marched to Debre Sina; and when it broke the truce and declared a third offensive on August 24, 2022. Where were they when Afar and Amhara bled under TPLF? How can an average Ethiopian trust these folks? #DisarmTPLF Click To Tweet


The #TPLF is on its deathbed, and it is receiving lifesaving assistance from the #US, #EU, and #UK. Unending preconditions and arrogance are the hallmarks of the group. It must perish. Better to side with Truth and #Ethiopia rather than #TPLFTerrorist #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause Click To Tweet



أعيد إشعال الجولة الأخيرة من الصراع في شمال إثيوبيا من خلال الهجوم الشامل الذي شنته الجبهة الشعبية لتحرير تيغري في ٢٤ أغسطس منتهكًا وقف إطلاق النار الإنساني الذي أعلنته الحكومة الإثيوبية في مارس ٢٠٢٢، وهذا وحده يثبت أن إثارة الصراع هو الطابع الدائم للجماعة! #DisarmTPLF @hr Click To Tweet


جبهة تحرير شعب تيغراي هي المسؤولة وحدها عن الوضع الحالي لأنها أعادت إشعال الحرب عمدًا للمرة الثالثة على التوالي! إذا أتيحت الوقت والمكان، فستقوم بذلك مرة أخرى، زمرة جبهة تحرير شعب تيغراي لا تعرف السلام! يجب نزع سلاحها لتجنب المزيد من المعاناة الإنسانية! #DisarmTPLF Click To Tweet


تلتزم الحكومة الإثيوبية باستمرار بإنهاء النزاع سلميا من خلال مفاوضات السلام التي يقودها الاتحاد الأفريقي. ومع ذلك، فإن التسوية الشاملة والتفاوضية ضرورية لتحقيق سلام طويل الأجل، بما في ذلك نزع السلاح الكامل. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @MikeHammerUSA @Reuters @LaetitiaBader Click To Tweet


ستعمل الحكومة الإثيوبية عن كثب مع العاملين في المجال الإنساني لضمان وصول المساعدات الإنسانية في المناطق الخاضعة لسيطرتها وسلامة العاملين في المجال الإنساني أثناء إجراء عملياتها بدقة. هذا سيسمح بوصول المساعدات للمحتاجين في تيغراي دون أن يعرقلها المتمردون! #DisarmTPLF Click To Tweet


إنّ حماية شعب تيغراي هو واجب الدستوري المتأصل والتزام للحكومة الإثيوبية، يجب أن تقوم بواجبها الوقائي. يجب تسريح جبهة تحرير شعب تيغراي ونزع سلاحها! #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @SenateForeign @BBCAfrica @KenRoth @amnest @AFP @bpolitics @CNNAfrica @AJEnglish @AsstSecStateAF Click To Tweet


دعوة جميع الأطراف إلى وقف القتال ليس نهجًا متوازنًا لإيجاد حل عملي للحرب في إثيوبيا. إن جبهة تحرير شعب تيغراي هي التي أعادت إشعال الحرب للمرة الثالثة على التوالي بتجاهل دعوات للحكومة الإثيوبية المتكررة لتسوية سلمية.  #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @EUSR_Weber @SFRCdems Click To Tweet


إن الجبهة الشعبية لتحرير تيغراي هي التي تستخدم تجويع السكان المدنيين في منطقة تيغراي كسلاح كوسيلة للحرب من خلال تحويل المساعدات الإنسانية إلى جنودها. المساعدات الإنسانية لا تصل إلى المحتاجين بل قوات جبهة التحرير الشعبية لتحرير تيغري. هذا لا يمكن تحمله بعد الآن! #DisarmTPLF Click To Tweet


وتتصادم الجبهة الشعبية لتحرير تيغري مع أعداء إثيوبيا التاريخيين مما يعرض سيادتها وسلامتها الإقليمية للخطر ، مما يستلزم اتخاذ تدابير دفاعية من جانب الحكومة لحماية وجود الأمة. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @HouseForeign @JosepBorrellF @StateDept @FCDOGovUK @EUSR_Weber Click To Tweet


تظل الحكومة ملتزمة بالحل السلمي للنزاع من خلال محادثات السلام التي يقودها الاتحاد الأفريقي. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @HannaTetteh @LaetitiaBader @KenRoth @amnest @BradSherman @ChrisCoons @SFRCdems @SFRCdems @HouseForeign @UKParliament @EU_Commission @eucopresident Click To Tweet


تؤمن الحكومة بالحاجة الماسة إلى تسوية شاملة عن طريق التفاوض تحقق السلام الدائم. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @vonderleyen @JanezLenarcic @PowerUSAID @USAmbUN @CanadaFP @eu_eeas @SFRCdems @SenateForeign @HouseForeign @eucopresident @JosepBorrellF @trussliz Click To Tweet


تلتزم قوة الدفاع الوطنية الإثيوبية، في إجراءاتها العسكرية الدفاعية، التزاماً صارماً بقواعد ومبادئ القانون الإنساني الدولي. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @UKParliament @CanadaFP @UN_HRC @vonderleyen @MikeHammerUSA @Reuters @LaetitiaBader @BBCAfrica @KenRoth @amnest @AFP Click To Tweet


قوات الدفاع الوطنية الإثيوبية، خلافا لرغبة الجبهة الشعبية لتحرير تيغري، تقيد نفسها وتتجنب العمليات القتالية في المناطق الحضرية لمنع وقوع إصابات بين المدنيين ؛ يتم وضع آليات إنفاذ صارمة واتباعها من قبل قوات الأمن. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @bpolitics @CNNAfrica @AJEnglish Click To Tweet


والحكومة مستعدة للعمل بشكل وثيق مع العاملين في المجال الإنساني والشركاء لضمان وصول المساعدات الإنسانية إلى المناطق المحررة والسيطرة تحت قوة الدفاع الإثيوبية. وتضمن أيضًا سلامة العاملين في المجال الإنساني. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @AsstSecStateAF @EUSR_Weber @SFRCdems Click To Tweet


تدعو الحكومة الوكالات الإنسانية والشركاء إلى إظهار التزام حقيقي بالعمل بالتنسيق مع الحكومة وضمان تقديم الدعم الإنساني في المناطق المحررة. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @SenateForeign @HouseForeign @hr @JosepBorrellF @StateDept @FCDOGovUK @EUSR_Weber @HannaTetteh Click To Tweet


يجب أن يعرف المجتمع الدولي حقيقة أنّ الجبهة الشعبية لتحرير تيغراي تستخدم المدنيين كدروع بشرية، والمنشاَت المدنية لأغراض عسكرية ونشر القصص المزيفة عن الفظائع والتدمير. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @LaetitiaBader @KenRoth @amnest @BradSherman @ChrisCoons @SFRCdems @SFRCdems Click To Tweet


وتكرر الحكومة دعوتها إلى المدنيين والعاملين في المجال الإنساني للإبتعاد عن الأصول العسكرية والمقاتلين التابعين لجبهة التحرير الشعبية لتحرير تيغري. #DisarmTPLF #TPLFisTheCause @HouseForeign @UKParliament @EU_Commission @eucopresident @vonderleyen @JanezLenarcic @PowerUSAID Click To Tweet

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