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The Terrorist TPLF Is Responsible For Every Mess In Ethiopia. #3

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Following the conflict in Tigray, the Ethiopian government covered 70% of the humanitarian aid needed in the region, while certain international humanitarian organizations were busy interfering in the country's internal affairs. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet


America, the UN, EU, and other Western countries by preferring to hear TPLF-fabricated lies, deception, and fake news, are purposefully removed from reality on the ground. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @EU_Commission @HouseForeign @StateDept Click To Tweet


In Tigray, the Ethiopian army fighting against the TPLF was stabbed in the back by the very people it was fighting to free from the TPLF's brutal governance. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @antonioguterres @UNGenva @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki Click To Tweet


Despite the fact that the Ethiopian government continued to broadcast the truth about the TPLF's damaging activities, the TPLF's bought-and-paid journalists in the Western media continued to function as the terrorist group's megaphone and propaganda machine. #CleaningUpTPLFMess Click To Tweet


Despite the fact that TPLF started the conflict with its cowardly slaughter of the ENDF while sleeping almost a year ago, the international community continues to ignore this truth. The TPLF, on the other hand, boasted about it. What a pity!!! #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess Click To Tweet


Seku Ture, the TPLF's late spokesperson, stated that the TPLF was the one who launched the war with a surprise strike dubbed Blitzkrieg. But, virtually little international media coverage of this problem was carried. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess Click To Tweet


In order to deceive the Amhara people, TPLF cadres claim that they have no problem with the Amhara people, but rather with the Abiy Administration, as they did during the Derg era. They massacred innocent Amharas in Maikarda, Chena, and Agamsa. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess Click To Tweet


Throughout the course of a law enforcement operation; the Ethiopian government spent billions of birr to rehabilitate the Tigrean people, rebuild infrastructure that had been devastated by the war.  But, any IC failed to credit the effort. They just accuse it.… Click To Tweet


The TPLF destroyed key historical heritages in the same way that ISIS devastated Mosul in Iraq. The international airport of Axum, the historic cities of Gonder & Bahir Dar are among its targets with its missiles. UN remained mute about all of this. #CleaningUpTPLFMess @POTUS Click To Tweet


Ethiopia's government withdrew its forces from Tigray after declaring a unilateral ceasefire to allow Tigrean peasants to work on their farms before the rainy season ended. Nonetheless, the TPLF rallied the entire peasantry to invade Amhara and Afar. #CleaningUpTPLFMess Click To Tweet


The TPLF is sowing irreversible hostility between the Tigreans and their neighbors, the Amharas and the Afar. Following the evacuation of government forces from Tigray, it invaded Amhara, killing innocents, rapping, and burning and looting their properties. #CleaningUpTPLFMess Click To Tweet


The TPLF shelled a center known as Galikoma, which housed internally displaced Afar children and the elderly, killing over 300 innocent people. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @antonioguterres @JosepBorrellF @UNGenva @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki Click To Tweet


Since all Tigray gateways were closed due to TPLF thugs' belligerence, Afar has been the only means for people and products to reach Tigray. TPLF, instead, has massacred the Afar people indiscriminately in order to put international pressure on Gov of Ethiopia #CleaningUpTPLFMess Click To Tweet


While in power, TPLF thugs were successful in paying international agency CEOs in order to place its cadres in significant int’l agencies to use their help when needed.  Now trying, everything to persuade the key agencies to believe TPLF’s disinformation. #CleaningUpTPLFMess Click To Tweet


From the start of the law enforcement operation in Tigray, Western countries have done everything possible to assist TPLF. The UN and other int’l institutions refused to listen to us because they appear to support the terrorist group's goal of regaining power. #CleaningUpTPLFMess Click To Tweet


The TPLF is infamous for breaking both local and international rules. When it conscripted and mobilized young soldiers and inhumanely abused prisoners of war, the international community remained silent. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @StateDept Click To Tweet


Non-interference in a sovereign country's domestic affairs has been considered a binding rule in int’l relations for decades. But the UN and other western powers have regularly interfered in Ethiopia's internal affairs. Unacceptable. #CleaningUpTPLFMess Click To Tweet


Ethiopia's first democratic election held against all obstacles. President Joe Biden of America, a person who leads a country widely considered as a shining instance of democracy, has not congratulated our dear Prime Minister. This shows America's intention. #CleaningUpTPLFMess Click To Tweet


The UN, which had been silent about TPLF juntas looted 869 of its trucks to use for transporting its force to attack the Amhara and Afar regions, was quick to condemn the Ethiopian gov’t for firing seven spies UN humanitarian workers for plotting with the TPLF #CleaningUpTPLFMess Click To Tweet

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