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The Terrorist TPLF Is Responsible For Every Mess In Ethiopia. #2

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@AbiyAhmedAli did his best to restore peace to the Ppl of Tigray region, but TPLF blocked everything by waging war & starving their own people to gain political propaganda. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @antonioguterres @JosepBorrellF @UNGenva Click To Tweet


As a leader of his countrymen @AbiyAhmedAli sent billions of 🇪🇹n birr to Tigray to restore peace and rebuild the infrastructure which was destroyed by TPLF. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission Click To Tweet


@AbiyAhmedAli declared a unilateral ceasefire for people of Tigray region to use the farming undisturbed, but TPLF insisted to continue fighting with power lust to get to Addis Ababa. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @HouseForeign @StateDept Click To Tweet


The GoE did everything in aim of helping and delivering aid to the people Tigray region, but as we all seen TPLF channeled the trucks to be machine gun transporters. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @AmbassadorRice @POTUS Click To Tweet


Only what happened to Axum airport was is enough to show how destructive TPLF is, Ethiopian Gov't rebuilding all that including the peaceful relationship with people of Tigray. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @PowerUSAID @Reuters @nytimes Click To Tweet


The newly established Gov't of 🇪🇹 has been working day after day on the normalizing relations with the long-time foe among the people of Ethiopia. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @AFP @RT_com @BBCWorld @AlJazeera @CGTNOfficial @antonioguterres Click To Tweet


@AbiyAhmedAli is doing what must be done for the country, this may not seem true to the TPLF lobbyist westerners, the truth is he did everything to restore peace in Tigray & rebuild what is been destroyed by TPLF. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @JosepBorrellF @AFP Click To Tweet


Even though some TPLF lobbyists tried to belittle the humbleness of @AbiyAhmedAli & tried to defame him with endless fabricated lies, only his act of unilateral ceasefire was enough to understand his compassion for Ppl in Tigray. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @UNGenva Click To Tweet


With his astonishing skills of conflict resolutions @AbiyAhmedAli sent multiple peace deals to Tigray before war broke out and called on unilateral ceasefire which TPLF said is a joke to them both times. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki @POTUS Click To Tweet


Rejecting the humanitarian ceasefire enacted in support of farmers to seize the planting season, the terrorist group TPLF has destroyed the Tekeze Bridge intentionally to limit assistance route into the region. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess Click To Tweet


It is known that TPLF has been pillaging and destroying places of worship, government offices, and health centers. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @EU_Commission @HouseForeign @StateDept @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @AmbassadorRice @PowerUSAID @Reuters Click To Tweet


Destruction is the habit of TPLF. In Amhara Region, Chena T/haimanot Kebele of Debat Woreda, the terrorist TPLF is confirmed to have committed atrocities on an estimated 200 innocent civilians. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @nytimes @RT_com Click To Tweet


#TPLFTerroristGroup destroyed many institutions & killed everything moving on the ground in #Amhara & #Afar regions. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @BBCWorld @AlJazeera @CGTNOfficial @antonioguterres @JosepBorrellF @UNGenva @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet


The futile war of the TPLF damaged more than 7,000 schools in Afar, Amhara, and Tigray regions forcing more than 1.42 million students to drop out of school #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @HouseForeign @StateDept Click To Tweet


#TPLFTerroristGroup has killed and threatened the lives of aid workers in the areas that it invaded. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @AmbassadorRice @POTUS @PowerUSAID @Reuters @nytimes @AFP @RT_com @BBCWorld @AlJazeera Click To Tweet


As indicated by USAID Ethiopia, the TPLF has emptied USAID warehouses and looted food and non-food items reducing the chances of affected people getting timely aid. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @CGTNOfficial @antonioguterres @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet


The TPLF has tried to expand the conflict by entering the Benishangul Gumuz & Amhara regions crossing the long Sudanese border. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @UNGenva @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @HouseForeign @StateDept Click To Tweet


Some TPLF soldiers infiltrating from the Sudanese side have already been captured carrying UNHCR ID cards #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @AmbassadorRice @POTUS @PowerUSAID @Reuters @nytimes @AFP @RT_com @BBCWorld Click To Tweet


The international community should note that the invasions of the TPLF in the neighboring regions is not only obstructing aid from reaching Tigray but create new aid recipients who are robbed of their livelihood #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @AlJazeera @CGTNOfficial Click To Tweet


In North and South Gondar zones of the Amhara region, TPLF looted medical equipment and destroyed medical facilities including the Nefas Mewucha City Hospital #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @antonioguterres @JosepBorrellF @UNGenva @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet


In North Wollo, they left killing a number of livestock which is a critical foundation of livelihood for citizens there #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @HouseForeign @StateDept @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @AmbassadorRice Click To Tweet


In Afar, in Kilbet Rasu Zone, Berhale woreda, Aseda & Asgidu kebeles, they attacked schools, Gov't district offices, health centers, water reservoirs & civilian homes. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @POTUS @PowerUSAID @Reuters @nytimes Click To Tweet


The terrorist group has decimated the small rural farming community of Agamsa in Qobo #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @AFP @RT_com @BBCWorld @AlJazeera @CGTNOfficial @antonioguterres @JosepBorrellF @UNGenva @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki Click To Tweet


In Debre Tabor, in the terrorist group’s failed attempts to enter the town, they undertook indiscriminate shelling on hospitals and civilian homes, killing an entire family in their indiscriminate shelling. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess Click To Tweet


#TPLFTerroristGroup targetable assassinated workers of Tigray Provisional Administration Members within the region. 22 killed, 20 kidnapped and 4 hospitalized so far. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @EU_Commission @HouseForeign @StateDept Click To Tweet


TPLF unleashed missiles on Bahir Dar & Gonder cities in the Amhara region. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @AmbassadorRice @POTUS @PowerUSAID @Reuters @nytimes @RT_com @BBCWorld @AlJazeera @CGTNOfficial @antonioguterres Click To Tweet


Hitsas and Shimelba camps were consolidated and Ethiopia has so far successfully resettled more than six thousand refugees into the better facilities of Mai-Ani and Adi Harush within the region. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet


#TPLF destroyed #Axum airport, #Adigrat medicine factory & #Electricity lines. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @UNGenva @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @HouseForeign @StateDept @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @AmbassadorRice @POTUS Click To Tweet


#uwwamassacre committed by #TPLFTerroristGroup against innocent Afar ppl in uwwa more than 7 killed including children with heavy artillery weapons that launched from far away to the Town #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @PowerUSAID @Reuters Click To Tweet


Out of 1111 trucks which had entered #Tigray 4humanitarian purpose 869 trucks were hijacked by #TPLFTerroristGroup #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @nytimes @AFP @RT_com @BBCWorld @AlJazeera @CGTNOfficial @antonioguterres @JosepBorrellF @UNGenva Click To Tweet


TPLFTerroristGroup has fired rockets onto cities, Gonder, Bahirdar, Asmara. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @HouseForeign @StateDept @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @AmbassadorRice @POTUS @PowerUSAID @Reuters Click To Tweet


TPLF went from crying to stop the war to recruiting #ChildSoldiers. These terrorists and their sympathizers must be brought to justice. Child soldiers in this day and era!? #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @nytimes @AFP @RT_com @BBCWorld @AlJazeera Click To Tweet


The immense act of crime #TPLFTerroristGroup committed against the people of #Wollo is heart-wrenching! The suffering, death, and displacement are all taking place #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @CGTNOfficial @antonioguterres @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet


TPLF invaded & overwhelmed #Wag and North #Wollo with ~700K Tigrayans. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @UNGenva @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @HouseForeign @StateDept @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @AmbassadorRice @POTUS Click To Tweet


The ethnocentric #TPLFTerroristGroup carried out systematic, state-sponsored, persecution & murder of millions of #Ethiopia'ns especially #Amhara’s. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @Reuters @nytimes @AFP @RT_com @BBCWorld @AlJazeera Click To Tweet


#TPLFTerroristGroup intensifying widespread & systematic abuses in areas under its control in #Wollo & #Afar. Countless victims of the #TPLFTerroristGroup barbarism are in desperate conditions. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess Click To Tweet


In many places #TPLF destroyed, Day Care centers, schools and colleges, banks, health centers, hotels, and other institutions. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @JosepBorrellF @UNGenva @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @HouseForeign Click To Tweet


The ongoing Awash Woldia / Hara Gebeya railway project has unfortunately been targeted by #TPLF terrorist group. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @StateDept @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @AmbassadorRice @POTUS @PowerUSAID @Reuters @nytimes @AFP @RT_com Click To Tweet


The atrocities the TPLF has committed and still is committing in Wollo and Gondar could only be explained as a last-ditch attempt to stay politically relevant. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @BBCWorld @AlJazeera @CGTNOfficial @antonioguterres Click To Tweet


Realizing that it could not choke the Djibouti-Addis route, TPLF has resorted to targeting civilians in neighboring regions out of desperation. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @JosepBorrellF @UNGenva @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission Click To Tweet


The TPLF has recently launched fresh attacks on Amhara and Afar regions plundering property and starving children, mothers, and the elderly to death. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @HouseForeign @StateDept @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @AmbassadorRice Click To Tweet


The TPLF have indiscriminately targeted and shelled civilian villages namely Chifra and Wuchale lately & killed more than 30 civilians at Wuchale #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @POTUS @PowerUSAID @Reuters @nytimes @AFP @RT_com @BBCWorld Click To Tweet


Whatever they the TPLF did not loot, they burn and destroy it #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @AlJazeera @CGTNOfficial @antonioguterres @JosepBorrellF @UNGenva @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @HouseForeign @StateDept Click To Tweet


In Amhara Region, Chena T/haimanot Kebele of Debat Woreda, the #TPLFTerroristGroup is confirmed to have committed atrocities on an estimated 200 innocent civilians. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @AmbassadorRice @POTUS Click To Tweet


It should be recalled that the TPLF has deliberately invaded the adjacent Amhara and Afar regions #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @antonioguterres @JosepBorrellF @UNGenva @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission @HouseForeign @StateDept Click To Tweet


As has been reported in the international media outlets, the group has completely destroyed the small rural farming community of Agamsa in Qobo, Amhara region! #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @AmbassadorRice @POTUS Click To Tweet


In case you’re wondering who blew up #Tekeze Bridge. Destroying, vandalizing, looting is in the nature of #TPLF. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @PowerUSAID @Reuters @nytimes @AFP @RT_com @BBCWorld @AlJazeera @CGTNOfficial @antonioguterres Click To Tweet


Enbiza Tadese, Investment Bureau Head of #Tigray Interim Admin, was abducted for two days & killed by Terrorist #TPLF remnants in #Mekele. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @JosepBorrellF @UNGenva @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki @EU_Commission Click To Tweet


#TPLFTerroristGroup is attacking civilian residence & farmers villages in Afar and Amhara Region. Heavy artilleries have been used to terrorize innocents. They murdered thousands of civilians since June #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @StateDept @SecBlinken Click To Tweet


30 civilians are killed following TPLF’s attack in #Chifra & #Wuchale in #Afar & #Amhara using Heavy Artillery. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @USAmbUN @AmbassadorRice @POTUS @PowerUSAID @Reuters @nytimes @AFP @RT_com @BBCWorld @AlJazeera Click To Tweet


The #FascistTPLF killed & wounded dozens of civilians, including children, by Mortar Shell in Wechale & Uregessa towns in the Amhara region & Chefera in Afar. Indiscriminate shelling and killing of civilians must stop. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @UNGenva Click To Tweet


Countless of Health centers & Hospitals destroyed/looted by #TPLF in #Afar & #Amhara regions leaving communities without health services. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @antonioguterres @JosepBorrellF @_AfricanUnion @AUC_MoussaFaki @AFP Click To Tweet


From the onset, #TPLF juntas attacked #ENDF by equating War as their (Traditional Game).Now it's devastating the lives of millions in #Afar #Amharas & #Tigray #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @EU_Commission @HouseForeign @StateDept @SecBlinken Click To Tweet


The outlawed group #TPLF; launched massive artillery and heavy weaponry attacks in Wollo & Afar, bombarding cities in close proximity, Ethiopian gov't said today; calling citizens to unite and save the country. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMes Click To Tweet


On Nov 9, #TPLF killed 1200+ people in #Maikadra. Their only crime, being #Amhara. This is how TPLF forces & local police rounded up the innocents & shot, mutilated, and burnt them. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @POTUS @Reuters Click To Tweet


#Eritrea was forced to enter the war in #Tigray #Ethiopia only after the TPLF fired several rockets at #Eritrean cities & its special forces entered 8 km deep inside Eritrean territory. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @nytimes @RT_com @BBCWorld Click To Tweet


#TerroristTPLFGroup FIRED 25+ rockets not only 2 Asmara, but also other cities of #Eritrea. By hitting neighboring #Eritrea, which is a sovereign & @UN member, #TPLF has openly committed #WarCrime. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @AlJazeera Click To Tweet


All medical supplies and equipment in Delanta Hospital of Amhara Regional State looted by #TPLFTerroristsGroup & Transported to Mekelle, Tigray. #TPLFisTheCause #CleaningUpTPLFMess @antonioguterres @JosepBorrellF @UNGenva @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet

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