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The New Ethiopia Museum of Art and Science #2

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The New Ethiopian Museum of Art and Science is an iconic landmark for the generations to come, so they can tell where they stand in history. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @ACMI_Africa @mfaethiopia @UNFCCC @UNDPClimate @AbdikerM Click To Tweet


Ethiopian museum of art and science is being built on 7 hecer land and it's ring like shape tells the infinity of art and science discoveries to be made. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @ACMI_Africa @mfaethiopia @UNFCCC @UNDPClimate @AbdikerM Click To Tweet


Ethiopia's art and science museum which is about to be inagurated soon is a symbol of oneness to ethiopian's, built in a circular shape which represent the circle ethiopians make when they share a meal. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @ACMI_Africa Click To Tweet


The new Ethiopian Museum of art & science is built in a ring like circle to connect our today to our yesterday with art and to our tomorrow with science. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @ACMI_Africa @mfaethiopia @UNFCCC @UNDPClimate @AbdikerM Click To Tweet


Ethiopians are the nation of art and sciece, crafting several #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @ACMI_Africa @mfaethiopia @UNFCCC @UNDPClimate @AbdikerM Click To Tweet


The new Ethiopian art & science is a place where the future and present converge in a full 360 immersive and interactive experience that will take one on a journey through the art of science and the science of art. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward Click To Tweet


Ethipoian art & science museum is based on presentations on a big screen so you're in the present, watching futuristic things and the history through the art. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @ACMI_Africa @mfaethiopia @UNFCCC @UNDPClimate @AbdikerM Click To Tweet


Ethiopia is building history with it's endless repetation through discoveries of science, it's the only place where you can see the first human and the journey of man kind through science. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @ACMI_Africa @UNFCCC Click To Tweet


The new Ethiopian art and science museum is an expeditions to bring to light new forms of living through science and reflection of what our history is like through art. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @ACMI_Africa @mfaethiopia @UNFCCC @UNDPClimate Click To Tweet


Museums should be the place to have an encounter with history and the future at the same time, where you stand on present and observe where we from to where we going as human, that's why we build science and art musuem for our childrens to see both. Dr.Abiy Ahmed! #EMAS Click To Tweet


The new Ethiopian museum of art and science contains more than 4000 indegenues plants and trees basically as botanical teaching tools for the generation to come. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @ACMI_Africa @mfaethiopia @UNFCCC @UNDPClimate @AbdikerM Click To Tweet


The new Ethiopian musuem of science and art is not just a museum, not a place of artifacts only; it’s a place of ideas to be born and history to be remembered and African Identity to be built. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @ACMI_Africa @mfaethiopia @UNFCCC Click To Tweet


A visit to a museum is a search for beauty, truth, and meaning in our lives, and to show that all at once Dr.Abiy Ahmed has built the museum of art and science. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @ACMI_Africa @mfaethiopia @UNFCCC @UNDPClimate @AbdikerM Click To Tweet


A new Ethiopian art and science museum is built so ethiopian's know what they have through art and what they can through science discoveries. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @ACMI_Africa @mfaethiopia @UNFCCC @UNDPClimate @AbdikerM Click To Tweet


The new Ethiopian Museum of Art & Science is built based on the idea of the modern world which thinks of art as very important and something close to the meaning of life. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @ACMI_Africa @mfaethiopia @UNFCCC Click To Tweet


It's considered in Africa as a leaf which does not know it's part of tree if you don’t know your history, that's why Ethiopia is poineering in building the musuem of Art and Science in African capital city of Addis Ababa. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward Click To Tweet


Art have the ability to speak to our innermost selves where the Science show us what we are, the new Ethiopian museum of art and science converge that in one ring like shaped building. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @ACMI_Africa @mfaethiopia @UNFCCC Click To Tweet

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