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The Grand #Ethiopia’n Renaissance Dam(#GERD)

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The Nile River is a shared resource, and we support finding a fair and equitable solution that benefits all countries in the region. Fair Share for Africa #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM @AlsisiOfficial @MofaSudan @JoeBiden @UN @JosepBorrell @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet


We urge the Arab League and its member states to refrain from interfering in the issue of the GERD, which is the sole concern of the riparian countries and the African Union. African Solutions to African Problems #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM @OlusegunObasnjo Click To Tweet


If the Arab League is going to continue making statements on behalf of Egypt, then perhaps the AfricanUnion needs to tell it not to undermine its own tripartite dispute resolution on Nile water rights between #ETH Sudan and Egypt. Fourth round filling of #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM Click To Tweet


Ethiopia is and will continue to act respecting the principle of equitable and reasonable utilization of the waters of NILE. #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM @USAmbUN @EU_Commission @MikeHammerUSA @AUC_MoussaFaki @Oolusegun_obj @Bankole_Adeoye @EUtoAU Click To Tweet


Any allegations that Ethiopia has taken unilateral measures against the use of the waters of nile is a deliberate mischaracterization. #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM @antonioguterres @SecBlinken @StateDeptSpox @SamanthaJPower @EUtoAU @Pontifex @PMOIndia Click To Tweet


Egypt should act responsibly to lay the foundation for the future generations of all the nile river basin countries to nurture friendship and cooperation based on mutual respect. #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM @ChinaEmbAddis @AlsisiOfficial @MofaSudan @JoeBiden Click To Tweet


Egypt’s attempt to exert pressure on Ethiopia by using the Arab league forum indicates its lack of good faith and violates the Agreement on Declaration of principles it concluded with Ethiopia and Sudan! #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM @UN @JosepBorrell Click To Tweet


Ethiopia calls up on Egypt to abandon its unlawful claim to the monopoly of the Nile river citing defunct agreements and a colonial mentality based position in good faith and reach a win-win outcome. #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM @_AfricanUnion @EUtoAU Click To Tweet


The fundamental truth is - a country which does not contribute one drop of water to the #Nile (#Egypt) - cannot demand 100% of the right to decide how the waters should be used by all -Tibor Nagy #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM @OlusegunObasnjo @EU_Commission Click To Tweet


The Grand #Ethiopia'n Renaissance Dam (#GERD) doesn't need a 'Legally Binding Agreement' rather the downstream countries, #Sudan & #Egypt, need to come to a win-win solution for mutual benefits. #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM @MikeHammerUSA @AUC_MoussaFaki Click To Tweet


#Ethiopia is following the Law of International Watercourses that states the 'Principle of Equitable & Reasonable Use Without Significant Harm' to the Downstream Countries. #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM @Oolusegun_obj @Bankole_Adeoye @MikeHammerUSA Click To Tweet


NO objective reason for controversy: #GERD. Built & financed by people of #Ethiopia on the #BlueNile. GERD will enhance nations of Nile Basin. #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM @antonioguterres @USAmbUN @SecBlinken @StateDeptSpox @SamanthaJPower @Pontifex Click To Tweet


Considering Ethiopia contributes 85 Percent of the Nile waters, it would be logical to say that ‘Egypt is the gift of Ethiopia. #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM @PMOIndia @ChinaEmbAddis @AlsisiOfficial @MofaSudan @JoeBiden @UN @JosepBorrell @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet


Despite its tremendous share of the Nile waters, Ethiopia has never used the river. On the other hand, Egypt does not contribute a drop to the river; however, it claims to have historic use rights that should not been questioned. how is that fair!? #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM Click To Tweet


Honest and heartfelt attempts for cooperation have never been the agenda of Egyptians because, deep down, they know that their claims are not about fair utilization of the resource between riparian countries. #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM @OlusegunObasnjo Click To Tweet


In return for its efforts towards cooperation, Ethiopia was met with more threats, more funding to forces of instability in Ethiopia and ridiculous requests to operate the GERD which is absurd and ungrateful! #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM @EU_Commission Click To Tweet


With the weight of the world upon their shoulders, Ethiopians once again demonstrated they can handle the unimaginable whenever they stand together for a common cause! #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM @MikeHammerUSA @AUC_MoussaFaki @Oolusegun_obj @Bankole_Adeoye Click To Tweet


It is now a matter of months before Ethiopians start to enjoy the fruits of their solidarity.#4rthroundfilling #GERD. #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM @MikeHammerUSA @antonioguterres @USAmbUN @SecBlinken @StateDeptSpox @SamanthaJPower @EUtoAU @Pontifex @PMOIndia Click To Tweet


The partial and full operation of the dam is expected to do justice to the frequent power outages in households, small businesses and industries, besides lighting up the houses of millions of Ethiopians. #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM @ChinaEmbAddis Click To Tweet


We have already tested success and there is more of it ahead of us. The fishing, irrigation and entertainment potential business along the new lake in formation is also tremendous. #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM @AlsisiOfficial @MofaSudan @JoeBiden @UN Click To Tweet


Ethiopia has generally been a country that abides by international law. It never acted against the principles of international law and violated international conventions, treaties and agreements. #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM @JosepBorrell @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet


Ethiopia has always been countering the irrational claims of Egypt and Sudan based on the principle of equitable and reasonable utilization and the principle of obligation not to cause significant harm. #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM @OlusegunObasnjo @EutoAU Click To Tweet


Ethiopia’s utmost care to act in consideration of the water interests of Sudan and Egypt paid off as the filling ended without causing any problem whatsoever, as was corroborated by the lower riparian countries themselves. #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM Click To Tweet


Ethiopia achieved its rightful goal and, will do so until the dam is finished, by strictly following the principle of equitable and reasonable utilization while Egypt went to great lengths with its malicious acts against Ethiopia. #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM Click To Tweet


Ethiopia’s consistent commitment for cooperative engagement, consultation and negotiation on any issues of the Nile and peaceful settlement of any misunderstanding doesn’t seem to be accepted by Egypt. #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM EU_Commission @MikeHammerUSA… Click To Tweet


Ethiopia’s struggle for development is confronted by Egypt’s cravings for more control over the Nile and its blatant disregard for the development needs of Ethiopia. #GERD #AFRICAN_DAM @AUC_MoussaFaki @Oolusegun_obj Click To Tweet

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