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Law And Order Is Critical Components Of Ethiopian Prosperity!

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The House of People's Representatives of Ethiopia has approved the state of emergency bill! #Ethiopia #lawandorder @MikeHammerUSA @Reuters @ChrisCoons @bpolitics @BBCAfrica @HouseForeign @CNNAfrica @AJEnglish @AsstSecStateAF @EUSR_Weber Click To Tweet


The state of emergency, which was stipulated by Proclamation No. 6/2015, has been officially approved by the House! #Ethiopia #lawandorder @SFRCdems @SenateForeign @hr @EUSR_Weber @LaetitiaBader @KenRoth @amnest @BradSherman @UKParliament Click To Tweet


In a unanimous decision, the Council of Ministers declared a state of emergency in the Amhara region. #Ethiopia #lawandorder @EU_Commission @eucopresident @vonderleyen @JanezLenarcic @IWAHQ @USAmbUN @CanadaFP @eu_eeas @JosepBorrellF @trussliz Click To Tweet


Minister of justice emphasizes the importance of the State of Emergency in protecting unity and peace in Ethiopia. #Ethiopia #Lawandorder @UKParliament @WorldResources @MikeHammerUSA @Reuters @bpolitics @BBCAfrica @HouseForeign @CNNAfrica Click To Tweet


In addition to approving the state of emergency, the #HPRE has also appointed members of the Decree Investigation Board. #Ethiopia #lawandorder @AJEnglish @AsstSecStateAF @EUSR_Weber @SFRCdems @SenateForeign @hr @EUSR_Weber @LaetitiaBader @KenRoth Click To Tweet


Law and order are critical components of Ethiopia's development. To secure long-term peace and security, the existing peace building process, led by the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission, must be maintained. #Ethiopia #Lawandorder @amnest Click To Tweet


The Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission is dedicated to bringing stakeholders together, facilitating productive discussions, and fostering a consultative environment. We can establish long-term peace if we work together. #Ethiopia #Lawandorder Click To Tweet


Urgent steps are being taken to restore peace in Ethiopia's Amhara region.The State Of Emergency, General Command is conducting law enforcement operations. Let us work together to make Ethiopia a peaceful place. #Ethiopia #Lawandorder @BradSherman Click To Tweet


The establishment of law and order is critical to Ethiopia's development. Prosperity isunthinkable without a peaceful and safe atmosphere. Let us prioritise safety and worktogether to make Ethiopia prosperous. #Ethiopia #Lawandorder @UKParliament Click To Tweet


The approval of the state of emergency 14 August 2023 is the most historic and consequential day in the history of the Ethiopian parliament to preserve peace and order in Amhara region. #Ethiopia #lawandorder @MikeHammerUSA @Reuters @ChrisCoons Click To Tweet


Emergency Chief Executive Command confirmed the second round of military operations was being completed and the conflict areas were returning to normalcy. #Ethiopia #lawandorder @bpolitics @BBCAfrica @HouseForeign @CNNAfrica @AJEnglish @AsstSecStateAF Click To Tweet


Using the peaceful conditions created by the emergency declaration, Farmers are returning to their harvest work, and there is the possibility of transporting agricultural inputs to Amhara region. #Ethiopia #lawandorder @EUSR_Weber @SFRCdems Click To Tweet


No one is above the constitution; All Ethiopians shall be governed by the constitution. #Ethiopia #lawandorder @SenateForeign @hr @EUSR_Weber @LaetitiaBader @KenRoth @amnest @BradSherman @UKParliament @EU_Commission @eucopresident @vonderleyen Click To Tweet


State of Emergency in Amhara Region has provided in security improvement. Thanks for house of people representative and House of ministers. #Ethiopia #lawandorder @JanezLenarcic @IWAHQ @USAmbUN @CanadaFP @eu_eeas @JosepBorrellF @trussliz @UKParliament Click To Tweet


The House of people representative approved the state of emergency which was stipulated by Proclamation No. 6/2015 at the 23rd regular meeting of the Council of Ministers on August 4, 2023. #Ethiopia #lawandorder @MikeHammerUSA @Reuters @ChrisCoons Click To Tweet


The FDRE house of people representatives approves state of Emergency with a majority vote; it was a historic decision to preserve peace and order. #Ethiopia #lawandorder @bpolitics @BBCAfrica @HouseForeign @CNNAfrica @AJEnglish @AsstSecStateAF Click To Tweet


We vehemently condemn such heinous acts and urge everyone to stand for peace, acceptance, and mutual respect. Lawlessness undermines our shared humanity. #Ethiopia #lawandorder @EUSR_Weber @SFRCdems @SenateForeign @hr  @EUSR_Weber @LaetitiaBader Click To Tweet

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