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Ethiopia & Eritrea Will Prosper Together!

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The Eritrean Government remained restrained despite the fact that the TPLF launched an unprovoked missile attack on its territory and people. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons Click To Tweet It is unacceptable to make the people and Government of Eritrea sacrificial goats by the U.S. and the European Union for the sins, crimes against humanity and genocide of TPLF. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet No self-respecting court anywhere in the world would convict Eritrea based on the evidence Amnesty International has assembled #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet TPLF tried all its best to internationalize the operation by provoking Eritrea in to the situation using repeated missile attack it launched against Eritrea. Thanks to the wise Eritrean leader Esayas Aforki it didn’t work. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Eritrea was forced to protect its boarder from the TPLF attack. Now that TPLF is vaporized Eritrea has agreed to withdraw its troops from the border area leaving it to the Ethiopian armed forces. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons Click To Tweet Multifaceted projects are underway by Ethiopian and Eritrean governments to facilitate economic ties between the two sisterly countries #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Development works on Energy, road ,electricity joint projects are being underway by Ethiopian and Eritrean governments #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Isaise Afewerki, Ethiopia's friend in challenging times. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Now the obstacle between the two countries known as TPLF is wiped out that joint strategic development programs are underway between Ethiopia and Eritrea #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission Click To Tweet Thanks the peoples and the government of Eritrea for prompt response in withdrawing your troops in the border area. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission Click To Tweet The people of Eritrea and Ethiopia lost many development opportunities during the TPLF junta regime because of its deep rooted hatred policy #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission Click To Tweet During the 2018 reign of pm Abiy Ethiopia and Eritrea signed a peace agreement to end two decades of a “frozen war.” #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission Click To Tweet Ethiopian-Eritrean relations will not be hampered by the TPLF conspiracy #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission Click To Tweet Ethiopia and Eritrea has a long history of neighbours, long lasting peace and part of one nation. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission Click To Tweet At the low enforcement held in Tigray Ethiopia, Eritrea was trying her best to contribute to the situation in Ethiopia. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission Click To Tweet During Pm administration Ending the “no war, no peace” period between Ethiopia and Eritrea remains a historic milestone. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission Click To Tweet Ethiopia and Eritrea will continue strengthening their bilateral relations and economic cooperation ambitions. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission Click To Tweet Ethio- Eritrean relation did not hindered by the TPLF gangsters #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission Click To Tweet AS history shows the peace full relation between Ethiopia and Eritrea was cut off by TPLF. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission Click To Tweet Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in 2018 announced a series of sweeping reforms and, soon after, tries to mend ties with Eritrea. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission Click To Tweet Abiy is a leader who has brought peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission Click To Tweet The TPLF is a mafia group that has hurt Eritrea's economy and politics by imposing sanctions on Eritrea for 20 years #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission Click To Tweet Eritrea was a friend of ours when the Ethiopian army was attacked by the TPLF #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission Click To Tweet Eritrea and Ethiopia are good neighbors in terms of social issues, culture and faith. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission Click To Tweet Today between Ethiopia and Eritrea, A more trusting brotherhood must continue than ever before. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission Click To Tweet We truly thank our Eritrean brothers and sisters for standing by our side in the face of our defense and sovereignty. You have shed your precious blood. Thank you very much #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @vonderleyen Click To Tweet We Ethiopians will never forget Eritrean brothers. We are always by your side. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission Click To Tweet During December 2020, a large number of misinformed refugees are moving out in an irregular manner; but Ethiopian government is safely returning those refugees to their respective camps. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Eritreans faced mounting hostility from Tigrayans who accuse Eritrea of sending troops into Ethiopia to help Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government battle the TPLF. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission Click To Tweet Ethiopians and Eritreans are one side of a coin. There are Eritreans in Ethiopia and vice versa. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission Click To Tweet Ethiopian and Eritrean people are the same people, follow the same religion, and speak the same languages, people of the same culture and lifestyle, one people divided by manmade borders. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons Click To Tweet Mekele has been dancing to the tune of Eritrean songs for years while TPLF ruled with iron fist, it's the same people separated by an artificial line. We shall prevail together #EthioEritreaShallPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet TPLF was a stumbling block between Ethiopia and Eritrea. President Isaias Afeworki understood their plots for insurrection and they wage a war against Eritrea for that too. Now TPLF is no more, life is getting better in the region. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle Click To Tweet It took TPLF 25 years to dismantle beautiful Eritrea aka the Italy of East Africa, Now TPLF is history #EthioEritreaPrevails #TPLFwasTheObstacle @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Eritrea can rebuild and grow miraculously together with Ethiopia. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet The world has seen Ethiopia and Eritrea fight draught and effects of climate change for decades, meanwhile TPLF cliques profiteered. Now the world will witness prosperity in the horn with Ethio-Eritrean partnership. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @SecBlinken Click To Tweet The world must stand with the on-going relationship and developmental agreements between the two countries. #Eritrea and #Ethiopia have a lot in common and a lot to build together. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 Click To Tweet This is a major step between the countries and one step ahead for East-African prosperity, anything that happens in Ethiopia will affect Eritrea and vice-versa. More agreement is needed for major changes in the region. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet The rapprochement that is on-going between Ethiopia and Eritrea now is a major deal in the peace and stability in the horn of Africa. Abiy-Isaias duet making history #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @EU_Commission @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons Click To Tweet Cooperation on political, economic, socio-cultural and security issues between the two countries is very important. A monumental event in the horn. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @antonioguterres Click To Tweet Now it's time for the two brother nations #Eritrea & #Ethiopia to rekindle their union once more. Peace and prosperity will prevail once warmongering #TPLF is out of the picture. #EthioEritreaWillPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet As they say two is better that one, Ethio-Eritrea peace accord will be monumental for the peoples of the two nations and the horn. #TPLFwasTheObstacle @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres Click To Tweet Ethio-Eritrean reconciliation that was realized by #PM_Abiy will usher an era of peace and prosperity, while it allows for multitudes of infrastructure in the region #TPLFwasTheObstacle @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission Click To Tweet With the incredible reconciliation that was ushered in by PM #Abiy, both nations not only discover a tourist destination site in each other but also remarkable global investment opportunities #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Ethio–Eritrean peace will ensure stability in the Horn of Africa, PM Abiy paved the obstacles. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission Click To Tweet Resolving the Ethio–Eritrean no-war no-peace goes beyond the borders of the two countries and has indeed brought fundamental change to the region. #TPLF is buried along with its zero-sum mentality #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @vonderleyen Click To Tweet Full diplomatic relations have been restored between Eritrea and Somalia. The leaders of Eritrea and Djibouti have met in Saudi Arabia. All the possible scenarios to sabotage peace in the horn have failed #TPLF. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @ChrisCoons Click To Tweet Ethiopians and Eritreans are one people living in two countries. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet No conspiracy can separate the two sisterly countries: Ethiopia and Eritrea #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet TPLF tried all its best to antagonize the peoples of Ethiopia and Eritrea but brought the two brotherly peoples closer together. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Ethiopia and Eritrea will flourish, prosper and rise as stars of the Horn of Africa on the graveyard of TPLF #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet “A friend in need is a friend indeed” the government and people of Eritrea stood on the side of Ethiopia when Ethiopia was attacked from within by its traitor juntas, the TPLF #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres Click To Tweet Eritrea saved the lives of thousands of the Ethiopian National Defense force when they were attacked by TPLF traitors #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet The people of Eritrea gave cloth, feed the Ethiopian defense force when they were attacked and sent across the border nude by the TPLF juntas #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission Click To Tweet So as to not to add fuel to the already burning fire, Eritrea tolerated when repeatedly missile -attacked by the TPLF juntas #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission Click To Tweet TPLF Juntas and their lobbyists and allies in the West have been waging a baseless and unfounded propaganda war on Ethiopia and Eritrea. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet No one accepts the propaganda campaign and game of lies, damned lies and disinformation against Ethiopia and Eritrea. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet If there is anything that the TPLF is good at is lie. The TPLF is an organization built on an Everest of lies. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet The Ethiopian and Eritrean government will strengthen their economic, political and social ties and will prosper together. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Ethiopia and Eritrea will work on the construction of roads, telecom and other infrastructures that are vital for their prosperity #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet Scapegoating the people and government of Eritrea for everything will never resurrect the dead and buried TPLF#EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet The fugitive TPLF juntas and their beneficiaries are unloading their own crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes on the people and Government of Eritrea as their scapegoat. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres Click To Tweet The Eritrean Government saved the lives of the Ethiopian federal troops from the inhuman treatment by taking their uniforms and marching them naked in the desert, running them over with tanks, torturing and humiliating them. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @AmbRice46 Click To Tweet The fake Axum massacre was fabricated by the TPLF. It was the TPLF that bulldoze Axum Airport built at the cost of hundreds of millions of birr. #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres Click To Tweet The TPLF attacked Ethiopian cities of Gonder and Bahirdar with missiles. That is why we say that TPLF is the enemy of Ethiopia #EthioEritreaPrevail #TPLFwasTheObstacle @AmbRice46 @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @vonderleyen @ChrisCoons @antonioguterres Click To Tweet
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