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Dr. Tedros is Responsible for the Misinformation!

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Who are you going to blame #Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus? You have been the central committee member of TPLF, the most repressive political party Ethiopia/Africa ever had. @SecBlinken @UNDP @EUinEthiopia @UNReliefChief @hrw #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros Where have you been when many were mercilessly killed and the rest were tortured to disability in your #TPLF government? Shame on you for siding to the killers! @JoeBiden @SecBlinken @VP45 @HouseDemocrats @TheDemocrats @PmTunisia @amnesty #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet #Tedros Adhanom you are just trying to mislead the international community by propagating misinformation about Tigray through your paid Fake news platforms. @antonioguterres @JoeBiden @UNGeneva @HouseDemocrats @KamalaHarris @TheEconomist @Haavisto #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet If eliminating #TPLF is morally wrong, why fighting al-qaeda is morally right, both terrorist groups!! @DrTedros shame on You! @nytimes @BBGAfrica @PmTunisia @amnesty @HarvardHealt @BBC @SecBlinken @antonioguterres @UNGeneva #DrTedrosResign @SecBlinken @USUN @VP45 #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros brain works only twice a day like a broken watch, when he gets a phone call from china or from TPLF diaspora juntas!! @KateOsamor @BelgiumUN @neilgraysnp @LeoDochertyUK @franceonu @Niger_ONU @JoeBiden @UN @EUtoAU @EU_Commission @hrw #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros put aside his international position so as to fully engage in asking diplomatic and military support for rebellion #TPLF junta. @OCHA_Ethiopia @SenatorCardi @michaelchongmp @Rob_Oliphant #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros Adhanom prepared ‘samiri’ youth to ethnic based killings in the town of Mai Kadra. But the world was suffering from the corona pandemic on his watch @WHO. @JoeBiden @SamanthaJPower @USUN @Refugees @UN_Women @UNHCRUSA @UNHumanRights #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros supports and used the fund of WHO budgets for #TPLF militaries to kill Ethiopian soldiers and looting military assets. @AdewaleOjomo @DominicRaab @YohannesAbraham @statedeptspox @USUN @Refugees @UN_Women @UNHCRUSA @UNHumanRights #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros juntas killed many civilians at Metekel, Ethiopia still disrupted by his #TPLF terror colleagues. @JosepBorrellF @seanhannity @KamalaHarris @UNHumanRights @EURightsAgency @SecBlinken @USUN @UNReliefChief @AOC #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros is hiding himself behind his diplomatic status to perform his crimes against humanity. @SecBlinken @USUN @VP45 @UKUN_NewYork @IntlCrimCourt @UNHumanRight @statedeptspox @SecBlinken @antonioguterres @UNGeneva #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros is unfit to lead the World Health Organization; he is fake and corrupt! @nytimes @BBGAfrica @PmTunisia @amnesty @JoeBiden @UN @EUtoAU @EU_Commission @hrw @IntlCrimCourt @UNHumanRight @statedeptspox #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros is not @WHO chief; he is #TPLF international agent! @hrw @UNOCHA @UN_GP_RtoP @ABlinken @antonioguterres @UNHumanRights @EURightsAgency @UNReliefChief @IntlCrimCourt @JoeBiden @UN @EUtoAU @EU_Commission @hrw @statedeptspox #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros has not officially condemned the massacre committed on the Northern division of Ethiopian National Defence force and innocent civilians at Maikadra. @YohannesAbraham @statedeptspox @AJEnglish @KamalaHarris @VietNam_UN @KenyaMissionUN #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros former Ethiopian foreign minister is currently acting as #TPLF international liaison officer with WHO and UN salary. @IrlEmbEthiopia @UKinEthiopia @NorwayUN @ndvh @UKParliament @SKinnock @JamesDuddridge @DavidAltonHL @RobinMillarMP #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet The head of #WHO @DrTedros is using his platform to misinforming the situation in Tigray by stating that things are worsening, a complete lie! while things are getting better on the ground. He needs to apologize to Ethiopians. @SecBlinken @USUN #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet Stop injecting world with your misinformation campaign! You’re trying to do Ugly tasks! We knew W.H.O! #Tedros is behind the mask; don’t forget the international task & mission statement of the office, don’t forget your oath! @AJEnglish @UN @hrw #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros is busy with diplomatic functions as #TPLF’s misinformation and fraud Global leader than his actual task @WHO , fighting the COVID 19 pandemic. The World need to know. @SweinEthiopia @EURightsAgency @IntlCrimCourt @statedeptspox #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros deceit and lied the world: to be elected as WHO director general, his Party, TPLF, gave huge #infrastructure and #investment constructions without any international level auction to china. @JosepBorrellF @EUCouncil @SecBlinken @USUN @UN #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet When TPLF group have attacked #ENDF base in mekelle and killed thousands of solder, @DrTedros kept silent. After Ethiopian government launch law enforcement action in Tigray, He starts lobbying some UN officials to exile TPLF. @UNReliefChief @hrw #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros used his @WHO position to negotiate support to TPLF juntas. @SVG_UN @PmTunisia #DrTedrosResign @franceonu @Niger_ONU @IntlCrimCourt @EU_Commission @UN_Spokesperson @YohannesAbraham @statedeptspox @AJEnglish @KamalaHarris #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros does not deserve to lead an international organization as big as #WHO. @UKUN_NewYork @EU_Commission @UN_Spokesperson @antonioguterres @SecBlinken @antonioguterres @UNGeneva @IntlCrimCourt @EU_Commission #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet Don't pretend like you are innocent and concerned about the Tigray people, you are one of the juntas and you have been abusing those innocent Tigrayan lives here in Ethiopia! #PM_Abiy is more than enough to solve everything! @nytimes @UN @BBGAfrica #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @WHO director general @DrTedros tried a lot by using his influence and authority inappropriate way to help #TPLF,the terrorist group, so this man is no match for his position. The WHO should consider this affair seriously. @CanadianPM @HoCSpeaker #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros is trying to save his own skin above all else because he was the third in command of the TPLF regime and is a prime suspect in crimes against humanity @WHO . May be COVID is part of his bloody game. @AJEnglish @hrw @IntlCrimCourt #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet Someone who is on high status like @DrTedros mustn't keep swindling the world. @nytimes @BBGAfrica #DrTedrosResign @JoeBiden @UN @EUtoAU @SecBlinken @antonioguterres @UNGeneva @EU_Commission @hrw @PmTunisia @amnesty #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet
@DrTedros is responsible for thousands’ death. With his#TPLF friends hided dangerous pandemics from the world no precautionary measures were given to the society&many of ours died just like that He needs to go to prison for that @TheDemocrats #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros has always been a knucklehead, who is a trained fool, never understood anything about life or living since he stopped thinking long ago, blinded by racism & opportunism in his vein @FoxNews @KamalaHarris @HarvardChanSPH @TheDemocrats #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet A person like @DrTedros who is loyal to China, since they paid him enough through #TPLF affiliated companies, to shush about CVID19. @AJEnglish @hrw @FoxNews @KamalaHarris @HarvardChanSPH @TheDemocrats #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet The former US President #Trump spoke the truth only once in his entire presidency, it is about #Tedros’ inefficiency. @UNHumanRights @VP45 @FoxNews @KamalaHarris @HarvardChanSPH @TheDemocrats #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet Tedros is same as the dog in a leash barking for the dead junta #TPLF his soulmates that passed away hating human race in general! Well #Tedros is barking for #TPLF take his leash to the grave with them! @KamalaHarris @HarvardChanSPH @TheDemocrats #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros after killing a number of people who was against #TPLF's regime during their time in power, now he wanted to shout out loud to the deceased #TPLF member's. @reuters @UNGeneva @FoxNews @KamalaHarris @HarvardChanSPH @TheDemocrats #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet Dr. Tedros deceived the world before he wanted to kill more innocent Ethiopians. His maladministration and corruption time is over now, we tell the truth to the world, No one will hide and cover for him! no more! @HarvardChanSPH @TheDemocrats #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet #Tedros @WHO is responsible for the chaos happening in the entire universe. China became his sugar-mommy paying him off not to say a word about #COVID19 so #Chinese economy will boost so does #Tedro's bank account!! @HarvardChanSPH @TheDemocrats #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros #TPLF junta have no moral decency ever to condemn the law enforcement in Ethiopia, Tedros needs to be decent enough, clean himself, to judge others & this killing machine junta clearly lack that. @FoxNews @KamalaHarris @HarvardChanSPH #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet Don’t abuse the power of WHO head, we know UN never stood either for racism or corruption. Leave @WHO @DrTedros! Your #junta friends waiting you in prison and a hell. You can choose only one! @UNHumanRights @VP45 @reuters @UNGeneva @Refugees #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet #Tedros what are you saying? Do you feel when #TPLF_junta is buried! Now? when #Ethiopia is about to see a daylight you are sad! I mean, where you were when #TPLF committed genocide on innocent civilians! @HouseDemocrats @TheDemocrats #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet #Tedros you are abusing your power at the world stage. We know that you shed a crocodile's tear. We condemn hypocrisy. Selective justice is no justice! @guardiannews @Refugees @IntlCrimCourt @AFP @KamalaHarris @AOC #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet The Ethiopian government should combat the overwhelming misinformation spread by this guy called #Tedros Adhanom! @SweinEthiopia @EURightsAgency @LaetitiaBader @VP @JosepBorrellF @seanhannity @CDCDirector @WHO #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros..You tried your best to rescue your old friends, the juntas; unfortunately, you achieved nothing in such a case. And this is another version of your crying! Ethiopian People will prevail! @CDCDirector @HarvardChanSPH #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet Even though it is a big lie fabricated by your colleagues in diaspora, which are remnant of Junta #TPLF, digital TPLFs, You @DrTedros don't have any moral ground to raise any accusations on the fellow Ethiopians and Eritreans. @VP45 @UKUN_NewYork #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros, Do you have a moral to condemn the responsible TPLF higher officials fortheir crimes against humanity in all regions, genocides, civilian murders committed in the last three decades of Ethiopia? No you are one of them @SecBlinken @USUN #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet Shame on you to endorse the baseless acquisition of diaspora #TPLF juntas, you supposed to know better. We thought you would act differently. Oh @DrTedros is remained leader of the killing junta @TPLF. @StateDept @HarvardHealt @LindaT_G @HRC #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet Ethiopians NEVER stop fighting for what is right and just. Don’t just sit and do nothing about dumb head #Tedros, we had enough from this #junta, we condemn his misleading allegations!! @JosepBorrellF @seanhannity @NRC_Egeland @JosepBorrellF #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet The WHO leader is in time now for him to follow his future, the jail time! Yes, you will be jailed pretty soon! One for COVID19 mismanagement and the other for his leading membership in the Junta killer group #TPLF. @statedeptspox @jakejsullivan #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet What does it take for the world to jail this #junta_Tedros? Unless UN enjoys being misled by his baseless accusations towards Ethiopia. @WHO When is the time for action? @ABlinken @antonioguterres #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet It’s beyond alarming to hear #Tedros_junta misleading the world with his inaccurate and inappropriate comments. He needed to be stopped very soon!! @CDCDirector @HarvardChanSPH @CDCDirector @WHO @UNOCHA @UN_GP_RtoP #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet When #junta_Tedros was minster of health he managed to break the health system! Vaccinations, multitudes of medicines, and nutritional programs were for sale in the private pharmacies which was owned by the #TPLF! @FilippoGrandi @DicarloRosemary #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet I thought this guy was a real doctor, seems like educated moron! Shame on You! Such a stupid blindly gnorant guy should’t be a Director of WHO !@SecBlinken @USUN @VP45 @UKUN_NewYork @DrTedros! @IntlCrimCourt @RussiaUN #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet It’s is so hard to spent all that year in school but not learn a thing, he must be a dump corner stone!! Shame on You @UNReliefChief @LindaT_G @HRC @DrTedros! @SVG_UN @Chinamission2un #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet Isn't @DrTedros a guy who disrespect Taiwan and Trumps insulted and calling him a Negro!! a shaming inefficient thug? @NRC_Egeland @JosepBorrellF @TheEconomist @Haavisto @Niger_ONU @LaetitiaBader #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet Yeah, #Tigray is in war with junta! All together are being eradicated, must be hard for you not taking part in killing innocent civilians. @ABlinken @antonioguterres @statedeptspox @jakejsullivan @UKParliament @SKinnock #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet #Tedros is a maniac who failed Meles Zenawi when he is alive and trying to make it up now when he is dead. Just the man has no global vision to think about worl health @JamesDuddridge @DavidAltonHL @RobinMillarMP @KirstySNP #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet The world chose @DrTedros not for his education but for affirmative measure as an African, and he ruined it! Ethiopia is ashamed of minating you! @IntlCrimCourt @RussiaUN @UNOCHA @UN_GP_RtoP @neilgraysnp @LeoDochertyUK #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet There is Arabic saying for this kind of guy @DrTedros, mouth of ignorant is like a donkey asshole. Isn’t it? Anyone can guess that the man is not a Dr. rathe he is stupid lier. @UN_Spokesperson @antonioguterres @KateOsamor @BelgiumUN #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet We knew @DrTedros is detestable person when He cried in front of Ethiopian embassy in Saudi after he saw his Tigrayan brothers not Ethiopians in general, he is doing the same!! @SVG_UN @Chinamission2un @UKUN_NewYork @EU_Commission #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet It really hurt to see this guy struggle to convince the world with this plea #TPLF trying to kill Ethiopian military, help us, I can't imagine what kind of mind he has!! The world is in trouble with this personality as @JosepBorrellF @EUCouncil #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet World is fighting two pandemics, corona and stupidity, and Tedros is headmaster in transmitting both. Terrorism is a big stupidity; the Tedros’s TPLF is doing also. He must be jailed @HarvardHealt @BBC @DavidAltonHL @vonderleyen #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet Among the well-known Teds in History, @DrTedros is a shame to the history books, and disgrace to Ethiopians. @Niger_ONU @LaetitiaBader @NorwayUN @EstoniaUN #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros is a big baby with a man look, if you let him squawk later, he'll utter live TV. World need to replace this guy to exit the pandemic. WHO should act now !@KenyaMissionUN @IndiaUNNewYork #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet It is just bad to have great look like that and no brain at all, i don't know if that is a gift or a curse, i think he should work for brazzers! @UKParliament @SKinnock @Chinamission2un @RussiaUN #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet Is he even a doctor or he is a dummy and for some ventriloquist!! Ohh what an embarrassment @DrTedros to africa? @RobinMillarMP @KirstySNP @UN @JamesDuddridge @DavidAltonHL @USUN@UKUN_NewYork #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet We #Ethiopians have two Tedros’s; one is uniting King Tewdros in 1860’s and second is Doofus Tedros Adhanom the member of terrorist group Junta/TPLF@WHO. @UN_Spokesperson @antonioguterres @SVG_UN @PmTunisia #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet Can we get more surprises from this guy before they make a vaccine for the disease with his type of COVID-19 mutation sickness!! @UKUN_NewYork @EU_Commission @DrTedros disease! @VietNam_UN @KenyaMissionUN #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet Tedros Adhanom is typical junta that if he was in Ethiopia he could have been running away and hide in the cave for his long standing crimes!! @JosepBorrellF @EUCouncil @EstoniaUN @IndiaUNNewYork #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros is one colossally, incredibly, stupendously stupid person!! The world should know this! @NorwayUN @EstoniaUN #DrTedrosResign @DavidAltonHL @vonderleyen @irishmissionun @MexOnu #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet The world was at peace for many yrs after Spanish-flu till one colossally, incredibly stupid #Junta took over the WHO and put it in chaos, imagine Ethiopians sufferings in living under this juntas’ siege for three decades! @NorwayUN @ndvh #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros..They need to make a vaccine for your stupidity first @DrTedros or TE-DROSS!! Your stupidity is making our world suffering from the pandemic @Denmark_Addis @EmbSpainAddis @IrlEmbEthiopia @UKinEthiopia #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet He is the TE-DROSS for Ethiopians to this day; Dross is his actual name which means Rubbish or foreign matter, total IMPURITY!! @KenyaMissionUN @IndiaUNNewYork @GerrySimpsonHRW @ErikGustafsson_ #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet We tried to warn the world not to give him a chance by the time of his election, now you get all the bullshits we've been dealing with for years. @markc_anderson @MatinaStevis #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros was a crucial decision maker in #TPLF era relation to security service actions that include killing, arbitrarily detaining and torturing Ethiopians. @Chinamission2un @RussiaUN @sosalam @johngithongo #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros used biological weapon to eradicate the Amhara nation, when he was Ethiopian ministry of health. He needs to be jailed @USUN@UKUN_NewYork @OCHA_Ethiopia @SenatorCardi #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros when he was Ethiopia’s health minister from 2005 to 2012, has sterilized Amhara women using birth control without their consent. @franceonu @Niger_ONU @AdewaleOjomo @DominicRaab #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros was a crucial decision maker, he directed Ethiopia’s foreign ministry and security forces from 2013 to 2015, during which the mass killing and torturing of Ethiopians took place. @JustinTrudeau @cafreeland #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros oversaw the killing and causing serious body and mental harm to members of the Amhara, Oromo, konso and somali tribes. @EstoniaUN @IndiaUNNewYork @SVG_UN @PmTunisia @MarcGarneau @ABlinken #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros is currently involved in the decision of training dissident forces in his war-torn home region Tigray. @IrlEmbEthiopia @UKinEthiopia @DominicRaab @JosepBorrellF #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros has worked in neighbouring countries outlaw military gangs to condemn the law enforcement operation in Tigray region. @Denmark_Addis @EmbSpainAddis @UNHumanRigh @hrw #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros has used his popularity to influence foreign governments and UN officials to put pressure on the Ethiopian government. @GerrySimpsonHRW @ErikGustafsson_ @FilippoGrandi @AmbRice46 #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros worked with Egypt and Sudan to wage war on Ethiopian government! @markc_anderson @MatinaStevis @CanadianPM @HoCSpeaker #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros has worked for #TPLF to get weapons, while he is @WHO. @sosalam @johngithongo @ParlDiplomacy @UNHCRCanada #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros is a member of that #TPLF junta group, and he has been doing everything to support them. @JustinTrudeau @cafreeland @AJEnglish @hrw #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros is a killer! @reuters @UNGeneva @UNHumanRights @VP45 #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros is a terrorist! @guardiannews @Refugees @YohannesAbraham @statedeptspox @IntlCrimCourt @AFP #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet Since he is the only one left from their higher officials’of TPLF @DrTedros should take responsibility for mass killings perpetuated by #TPLF, who killed thousands of Ethiopians. @LaetitiaBader @VP #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet

@DrTedros is central committee member of the terrorist #TPLF party. @MarcGarneau @ABlinken @StateDept @HarvardHealt @Ethiopia_UN @DFID_UK #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet
@DrTedros committed genocide against humanity. @USAID @KenyaMissionUN @UNDP @EUinEthiopia #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet

@DrTedros still send military equipment to #TPLF rebel group in Ethiopia. How can he be @WHO? @HouseDemocrats @TheDemocrats #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet I claim the world communities, why keep silent about @DrTedros miserable and psychopathic movements?? @CDCDirector @HarvardChanSPH @CDCDirector @WHO #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros, who is the head World Health Organization, is a racist, impostor and gangster of #TPLF! @LindaT_G @DominicRaab @JosepBorrellF @HRC #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros has the blood of many #Ethiopians on his hands! He is higher TPLF official! During his tenure, he was responsible for the killings, displacement and torture of many Ethiopians!! @UNReliefChief @hrw #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros is the member and supporter of mafia group called #TPLF. He washed his hand by blood of innocent Ethiopians. @statedeptspox @jakejsullivan @NRC_Egeland @JosepBorrellF #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros is a criminal and must resign from WHO Positions. @IntlCrimCourt @RussiaUN @FilippoGrandi @DicarloRosemary #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet As a high ranking TPLF official, @DrTedros should be tried for the crimes committed by the party. @HarvardHealt @BBC @SVG_UN @Chinamission2un #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros should be prosecuted for crime against humanity and genocide for ordering to sterilize Amhara women when he was a Minister of Health. @JamesDuddridge @DavidAltonHL @UKParliament @SKinnock #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros as Foreign Minister, organized the kidnapping from Yemen and inhumane treatment of Andargachew Tsige the known Ethiopian born British citizen opposition leader for his different views @FilippoGrandi @AmbRice46 @RobinMillarMP @KirstySNP #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros was the third top #TPLF official for decades and now the only remaining. He should be brought before the law for all the crimes committed by the party. @neilgraysnp @LeoDochertyUK #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet As Minister of Health, @DrTedros ignored sufferings and inhumane treatment of hundred thousand of political prisoners in different prisons like jail in Ogaden where prisoners were languished in an underground prison. @ParlDiplomacy @UNHCRCanada #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros irresponsibly put aside his international position as head of WHO so as to lobby escaping routes for his #TPLF comrades. Humanitarian Corridor as he mildly call it. @KateOsamor @BelgiumUN #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet COVID-19 has exposed the incompetence of @DrTedros to lead WHO. @DavidAltonHL @vonderleyen @JosepBorrellF @EUCouncil #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet A criminal as @DrTedros whose hands covered with bloods of innocent Ethiopians should not lead WHO. @KenyaMissionUN @IndiaUNNewYork @NorwayUN @EstoniaUN #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros served as lesion officer to help his #TPLF comrades get away with their crimes on humanity. @USUN@UKUN_NewYork @Chinamission2un @RussiaUN #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros must resign from Director of @WHO! @irishmissionun @MexOnu @EstoniaUN @IndiaUNNewYork #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet The leader of #TPLF @DrTedros is criminal and he must be punished By ICC. @GerrySimpsonHRW @ErikGustafsson @Denmark_Addis @EmbSpainAddis #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros is a killer he must resign from his position. @sosalam @johngithongo @markc_anderson @MatinaStevis #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros busy with diplomatic & PR functions as TPLF misinformation& deception Global lead than fighting the COVID pandemic as WHO DG.Does UN rule of conduct for senior officials allow such blatant partisanship? @AdewaleOjomo @DominicRaab #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros #WHO general is committing a double crime by supporting #TPLF, he is still a leading member. #TPLF currently has recruited children most of them under 14. @JustinTrudeau @cafreeland #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros is a central committee member of the terrorist,murderer TPLF party,who killed Thousands of Ethiopians.He should be accused by ICC for the genocide he & his part committed.He is incompetent to be the DG of WHO. @MarcGarneau @ABlinken #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet The @WHO director, @DrTedros involvement in saving #TPLF junta using his non-political position is becoming the talk of world media. Remove the terrorist Tigray Liberation Front (TPLF) member @DrTedros. @DominicRaab @JosepBorrellF #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet It is so shameful to extend TPLF activism to WHO director's level. Let activism remains with only activists and acting to actors only. @DrTedros is a criminal he supposed to stand Infront of justice not be at WHO director. @UNHumanRigh @hrw #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros,boss of WHO should take responsibility of mass killings by hiding the truth about the outbreak of a cholera transmission and deaths of many in Ethiopians& cooperating with #TPLF. ICC should investigate this. @FilippoGrandi @AmbRice46 #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros is utilizing the international institution (WHO) for Terrorist Organization Cover up. Also a member of #TPLF, Terrorist organization which responsible for unimaginable human right violation in Ethiopia. @ParlDiplomacy @UNHCRCanada #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet The EU, USA & others must exercise oversight over WHO. @DrTedros,leader of the #TPLF has abandoned his obligations and is destabilizing Ethiopia and the Horn by supporting TPLF terrorists. It’s time to fire him from his post. @UNHumanRigh @hrw #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros, a top minister of the brutal dictatorship of #TPLF in Ethiopia, Those European governments who voted for him to WHO should not moan now that he obeys another dictatorship, that of the Chinese Communist Party. @JoeBiden @SamanthaJPower #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros job performance is evaluated by the world. He is too close to communist China. He is proud member of a communist party- #TPLF and part of brutal dictatorship regime. #TPLF is responsible for so many crimes in Ethiopia. @NorwayUN @ndvh #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros had been soliciting Egyptian military support for the TPLF. To ally with Egypt, this had been bent on destabilizing Ethiopia for decades and aborting construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). @HarvardHealt @BBC #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros is executive committee member of the terrorist group #TPLF. He’s responsible for torture and death of many Ethiopian citizens. He should be removed from his esteemed position @WHO and should be brought to justice. @reuters @UNGeneva #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet It is not to the interest of Ethiopia to support @DrTedros for his presence @WHO is continuous promotion publicity for the Marxist #TPLF, a cold war relic group that robbed the country, and about seceding Tigray. @IntlCrimCourt @AFP #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros is a lightweight by any standard, including education, training or experience, for the WHO directorship.@guardiannews @Refugees #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros was 'state health minister' b/n 2005-12. By the time, Adhanom failed to report to the Ethiopian public / international health monitoring organizations,including @WHO, at least three major epidemics in #Ethiopia. @LaetitiaBader @VP #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros was not selected for experience, knowledge or abilities. It is the TPLF that made him be, disregarding the opposing voices of Ethiopians among the world. He is not competent to run a global health organization @WHO. @CDCDirector @WHO #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet Back when @DrTedros was health minister, his job was to spread the cash fund by USAID to his party’s supporters, cronies and friends.He thinks that is what it takes to run @WHO,spread donations to his African cronies to get vote.@SVG_UN @PmTunisia #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet You can't make it up down pointing backhand index. #TPLF cadre should never have been made @WHO director. @DrTedros is no medical doctor and a pure political agent for #TPLF. Why is he still in power? @StateDept @HarvardHealt #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros should not lead @WHO. He has always been a disgrace and a traitor to his home country, #Ethiopia. Now, he is supporting and assisting the TPLF junta in a fight against the Ethiopian Federal Government. Shame on You! @UNDP @EUinEthiopia #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet As politburo member of the communist TPLF, @DrTedros planned and executed the war in Ethiopia, confident of winning power. Man you lost with a knockout! Lucky you are hiding @WHO,shading a crocodile tear for Tigray. @USAID @KenyaMissionUN #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet The Ethiopian Advocacy Network, years ago started a petition, which was trying to prevent @DrTedros from being appointed DG of #WHO.This speaks to his mismanagement, gross negligence and abysmal Human Rights record.@HouseDemocrats @TheDemocrats #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros is a communist genocidal maniac need to resign and face charges for his crime on Ethiopians. @JosepBorrellF @seanhannity @KamalaHarris @AOC #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet A notorious criminal gang leading member of #TPLF, @DrTedros , currently @WHO DG, is ignoring a fiduciary duty instead, exploiting his power and influence advocating to save his criminal members in Tigray. @CDCDirector @HarvardChanSPH #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet #TPLF terror clique is a disgrace for @WHO and the world. Thousands of Eritrean and Ethiopian people had been protested the designation of the criminal @DrTedros. @VP45 @UKUN_NewYork #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet The action of @DrTedros is not expected of him. @UNReliefChief @hrw @LindaT_G @HRC #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet General of the World Health Organization, @DrTedros, continues tricking the world. @NRC_Egeland @JosepBorrellF @TheEconomist @Haavisto #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet The world must know the truth behind @DrTedros, who continues deceiving and manipulating the world. @ABlinken @antonioguterres @statedeptspox @jakejsullivan #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros is the member of terrorist group it’s the fake person he can't lead World health organotin @IntlCrimCourt @RussiaUN @FilippoGrandi @DicarloRosemary #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros work only for himself; he is the selfish man so how can lead the world health organization? @HarvardHealt @BBC @SVG_UN @Chinamission2un #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros deceiving acts are many; He said 'I stands & sees the world community equal but on contrary, he works for China's mole organization,#TPLF which was working as Chinese satellite to install Communism at horn. @Niger_ONU @LaetitiaBader#DrTedrosResign#JailForTedros Click To Tweet The world must overseas the action of @DrTedros because his doings have negative impact on the world. @UKParliament @SKinnock #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet The world must Overviewing the specific plan and act of @DrTedros because the only thing he is doing is tricking the world. @RobinMillarMP @KirstySNP @JamesDuddridge @DavidAltonHL #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros to hide his butcher act in Ethiopia from the world, & shift the direction of his genocidal crime warranty by ICC, he said, Tigray is blooding; Tigray is black out; Tigray is under hazardous war. @neilgraysnp @LeoDochertyUK #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros is a deceiver and a liar. He is not a medical doctor & nothing knows about medicine; but as the efforts of & push of Chinese satellites conspiracy across the world, he elected as WHO general Director. @KateOsamor @BelgiumUN #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros-a Manchurian Candidate for the world & for WHOM in particular.He is working to make China hegemony&boost its market selling Chinese medical equipment all over the world using his WHO directorship. @UN_Spokesperson @antonioguterres #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet We were in serious trouble for the last three decades because of @DrTedros and #TPLF group. Just a month before we are born again! @KenyaMissionUN @IndiaUNNewYork @NorwayUN @EstoniaUN #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros should be accused of misinforming world about the Rule of law Operation in Tigrai @JamesDuddridge @DavidAltonHL #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros You and your Organization - TPLF is Cancer for Ethiopia. We are now free from those terrorists. @USUN@UKUN_NewYork #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet Now the federal police action in Tigray is completed and most of the TPLF terrorist junta criminals taken into custody, @DrTedros and few other stragglers outside Ethiopia are the last TPLF men left standing .@SVG_UN @PmTunisia #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros knows once his TPLF comrades are in the can, he is FINISHED! The long arm of the law will be reaching out for him. Because he has been committing crimes with his group TPLF. @VietNam_UN @KenyaMissionUN#JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), is hell-bent on changing WHO into AdWHOnom. Two years ago, POLITICO posted an article on Adhanom’s 'fast track' job appointments without competitive hiring process.@AJEnglish @hrw #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros had been lobbying the UN agencies to exert pressure on the Ethiopian government to unconditionally stop its military action against the TPLF! @IrlEmbEthiopia @UKinEthiopia #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros has been relentlessly demonizing Ethiopia. He has allied himself with Egypt, which had been bent on destabilizing Ethiopia for decades and aborting construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). @Denmark_Addis @EmbSpainAddis #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros is serving as a full-time diplomat of the TPLF, breaching the duties of the director-general of the WHO. No one is legal supporting terrorists anywhere. B/c TPLF is a terrorist group. @GerrySimpsonHRW @ErikGustafsson_ #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet We call the#WHO to undertake an internal investigation on @DrTedros, the general director, for getting involve in the internal affairs of the country, who engage himself in military & diplomatic support for TPLF! @markc_anderson @MatinaStevis #DrTedrosResign#JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros should not lead #WHO in the first place. He has always been a traitor to his home country Ethiopia. Now, he is and assisting the terrorist group #TPLF, the cause for the dead of many civilians in Ethiopia @sosalam @johngithongo #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet Game Over TPLF - Game Over @DrTedros @AdewaleOjomo @DominicRaab #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet The man at the head of the WHO, he is alleged by the military chief of Ethiopia to be supporting them and procuring weapons for the TPLF against Ethiopia @JustinTrudeau @cafreeland #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros now the DG of WHO. Dr Adhanom, himself a member of TPLF, however did nothing to stop the illegal and illicit trade (including weapons) that the TPLF Generals were doing. He is criminal then and even now supporting them. @UNHumanRigh @hrw #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet The TPLF was listed as a terrorist by the US government in the 1990s, and still listed in the Global Terror Database because of its habit of illegally carrying out armed assaults. @DrTedros is the member of this group. @FilippoGrandi @AmbRice46 #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros is using his position and stature to advocate on behalf of the TPLF and elicit support from the international community. @michaelchongmp @Rob_Oliphant #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros is abusing power on the world stage. We know that you shed a crocodile's tear. We condemn hypocrisy. Selective justice is no justice! @JoeBiden @SamanthaJPower #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet My junta! @DrTedros Have you ask at least one question about Metekel & Maikadra massacres? @YohannesAbraham @statedeptspox #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros gives a biased information about #Tigray for UN and lead them to reach on a wrong conclusion about Ethiopia. UN has to check the fact on the ground what is really going in Tigray.Dr. Tedros is a top leaders of #TPLF. @AJEnglish @hrw #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet The overthrown Junta TPLF is responsible for all what happened in Ethiopia now. History will never forget the criminal and war crime against their own nations, what they have done against #ENDF. @DrTedros is one of them. @reuters @UNGeneva #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet Shame on you @DrTedros since you demand your regional troops and foreign terror group to attack Ethiopia national defence till now you're making different kinds of plans to destroy peaceful and lovely country Ethiopia. @IntlCrimCourt @AFP #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet @DrTedros, you knew that has never happened at all, you’re just trying to help your terrorist group by having them escaped out of Ethiopia. And let me tell you that will never ever happen. How snake are you? @LaetitiaBader @VP #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet By the way you are not a normal and right person because when TPLF wants war and they attacked our Defence force you kept silent but currently when the TPLF failed and the problems happened you start to yell. You are not rational! @NorwayUN @ndvh #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet The entire Ethiopians we do appreciate the law enforcement undertaken by the federal government, which #TPLF failed to accept it but terrorist such as #TPLF needed to be brought to justice long time ago! @Ethiopia_UN @DFID_UK #DrTedrosResign #JailForTedros Click To Tweet

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