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ADWA Is Black People Victory Day!

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The World fears time. Time fears history and history fears Ethiopia. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory @AlsisiOfficial @MofaSudan @JoeBiden @UN @JosepBorrell @_AfricanUnion @OlusegunObasnjo Click To Tweet


Thanks to the heroes and heroines of ADWA who kept Ethiopia as the Land of the Proud  #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory  @Reuters @AlsisiOfficial @MofaSudan @JoeBiden @AFP @UN @JosepBorrell @_AfricanUnion @OlusegunObasnjo @bpolitics… Click To Tweet


Ethiopia has need of no one. She stretches out her hands to God. (Emperor Menelik, February, 1897). #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory! @RedwanHussien @EU_Commission @MikeHammerUSA @BBCAfrica @AUC_MoussaFaki @Oolusegun_obj @Bankole_Adeoye Click To Tweet


There was never a time when united that Ethiopians lost to an enemy; it is non-existent in history. (Emperor Menilek II, 1909)  #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN #EthiopianVictory! @CNNAfrica @MikeHammerUSA @antonioguterres @USAmbUN @AJEnglish @SecBlinken Click To Tweet


Adwa: an Ethiopian victory that ran against the current of colonialism #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory @StateDeptSpox @SamanthaJPower @EUtoAU @Pontifex  @PMOIndia  @ChinaEmbAddis    @Reuters @AlsisiOfficial @MofaSudan @JoeBiden … Click To Tweet


Adwa:  Ethiopia’s symbol of freedom for black people globally. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory @AFP @UN @JosepBorrell @_AfricanUnion @OlusegunObasnjo @bpolitics @RedwanHussien @EU_Commission @MikeHammerUSA @BBCAfrica @AUC_MoussaFaki Click To Tweet


Adwa still stands as witness to what ordinary Africans can do when they come together even in this century #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN!  #EthiopianVictory  @Oolusegun_obj @Bankole_Adeoye @CNNAfrica @MikeHammerUSA @antonioguterres @USAmbUN @AJEnglish Click To Tweet


Adwa: African victory! It will always be! #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN #EthiopianVictory @SecBlinken @StateDeptSpox @SamanthaJPower @EUtoAU @Pontifex  @PMOIndia  @ChinaEmbAddis Click To Tweet


Adwa: the symbol of redemption and freedom for black people. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN #EthiopianVictory @Reuters @AlsisiOfficial @MofaSudan @JoeBiden @AFP @UN @JosepBorrell @_AfricanUnion @OlusegunObasnjo @bpolitics @RedwanHussien @EU_Commission Click To Tweet


Adwa: connected black people with Africa’s ancient glory and future hope #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN #EthiopianVictory @MikeHammerUSA @BBCAfrica @AUC_MoussaFaki @Oolusegun_obj @Bankole_Adeoye @CNNAfrica @MikeHammerUSA @antonioguterres @USAmbUN @AJEnglish Click To Tweet


Adwa: the symbol of redemption and freedom for black people. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory  @Reuters @AlsisiOfficial @MofaSudan @JoeBiden @AFP @UN @JosepBorrell @_AfricanUnion @OlusegunObasnjo @bpolitics @RedwanHussien @EU_Commission… Click To Tweet


Adwa : the reality of Africans seeing to their own freedom #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory  @SecBlinken @StateDeptSpox @SamanthaJPower @EUtoAU @Pontifex  @PMOIndia  @ChinaEmbAddis @Reuters @AlsisiOfficial @MofaSudan @JoeBiden @AFP @UN… Click To Tweet


ADWA: has been a source of inspiration for struggles for freedom throughout the pan-African world. Adwa: Ethiopians from every tribe, culture and community answered and stood against injustice, losing one-self and being exploited by the westerners. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN Click To Tweet


Adwa has important lessons for Africans in their resistance against new forms of oppression #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN #EthiopianVictory @JosepBorrell @_AfricanUnion @OlusegunObasnjo @bpolitics @RedwanHussien @EU_Commission @MikeHammerUSA @BBCAfrica Click To Tweet


Adwa is not a victory of the leaders, or one ethnic group. It was a national victory with a wider African and indeed world significance. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory  @AUC_MoussaFaki @Oolusegun_obj @Bankole_Adeoye @CNNAfrica @MikeHammerUSA… Click To Tweet


Adwa remains an exemplary episode in demonstrating what a united people can achieve anything #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN #EthiopianVictory @antonioguterres @USAmbUN @AJEnglish @SecBlinken @StateDeptSpox @SamanthaJPower @EUtoAU @Pontifex  @PMOIndia Click To Tweet


The failure to put Adwa and the victory in the context of the wider challenges of our continent Africa today, needs to be put right. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory @Reuters @AlsisiOfficial @MofaSudan @JoeBiden @AFP @UN @JosepBorrell @_AfricanUnion… Click To Tweet


Adwa victory highlighted Ethiopian’s anti-imperial-colonial project significance convincingly. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory @bpolitics @RedwanHussien @EU_Commission @MikeHammerUSA @BBCAfrica @AUC_MoussaFaki @Oolusegun_obj @Bankole_Adeoye Click To Tweet


Adwa victory signaled the beginning of the end of the Scramble for Africa once and for all #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN #EthiopianVictory @CNNAfrica @MikeHammerUSA @antonioguterres @USAmbUN  @Reuters @AlsisiOfficial @MofaSudan @JoeBiden @AFP @UN @JosepBorrell @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet


ADWA constitutes a crucial chapter in the record of African resistance and liberation even to this present day. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory @OlusegunObasnjo @bpolitics @RedwanHussien @EU_Commission @MikeHammerUSA @BBCAfrica Click To Tweet


The victory of ADWA armed generations of Ethiopians and Africans with the confidence of victory to engage in resistance and liberation. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN #EthiopianVictory @AUC_MoussaFaki @Oolusegun_obj @Bankole_Adeoye @CNNAfrica @MikeHammerUSA @antonioguterres @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


Adwa victory reversed the imperial-colonial project’s design to populate Africa #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN #EthiopianVictory  @AJEnglish @SecBlinken @StateDeptSpox @SamanthaJPower @EUtoAU @Pontifex  @PMOIndia  @ChinaEmbAddis  @AJEnglish @SecBlinken… Click To Tweet


Adwa deserves to be celebrated both as a significant episode in its own right and as a memory serving well the emerging communities of resistances in the African world never again to surrender to neo-colonial tyranny. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory @StateDeptSpox Click To Tweet


The battle and victory of Adwa is not just a memory of the past. It continues to live on in the eternal river of time as the best expression of Ethiopia’s  resistance effectively against the world imperial-colonial project. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN #EthiopianVictory Click To Tweet


It is united and not divided Ethiopians that brought the victory to a full realization. #LEARNFROMADWA #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN #EthiopianVictory @Reuters @AlsisiOfficial @MofaSudan @JoeBiden @AFP @UN @JosepBorrell @_AfricanUnion @OlusegunObasnjo Click To Tweet


The victory of Ethiopia at ADWA asserted that African history, civilisation and culture are sources of pride and a fountainhead of European culture. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory @bpolitics @RedwanHussien @EU_Commission @MikeHammerUSA @BBCAfrica @AUC_MoussaFaki Click To Tweet


It’s time to pursue steadily and unswervingly the policy of Africa for Africans.  #Adwa #noneo-colonialism #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory @Oolusegun_obj @Bankole_Adeoye @CNNAfrica @MikeHammerUSA @antonioguterres @USAmbUN @AJEnglish… Click To Tweet


The Adwa victory provided practical expression to : self-worth, dignity, unity, resistance, confidence, self-reliance and freedom from colonialism. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN #EthiopianVictory @SecBlinken @StateDeptSpox @SamanthaJPower @EUtoAU @Pontifex Click To Tweet


Africans should unite as humans, and not give in to the tribal divide and rule tactics colonialists left behind. #learnfromADWA #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory  @PMOIndia  @ChinaEmbAddis @Reuters @AlsisiOfficial @MofaSudan @JoeBiden @AFP @UN… Click To Tweet


Today ADWA is needed to realize the African renaissance, by enabling Africa to emerge as an independent, strong and proud leader rather than mere follower of former colonial powers in the 21st century. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN #EthiopianVictory @JosepBorrell @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet


We must all join together and promote the lessons of Adwa victory by learning to remove division and realize fully the benefits of unity. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory  @OlusegunObasnjo @bpolitics @RedwanHussien @EU_Commission @MikeHammerUSA… Click To Tweet


All Africans can create the ability together to deal with and respond to challenges by united voice, rather than making 54 noises that can easily get ignored. #ADWA #MEDEMER #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN #EthiopianVictory  @BBCAfrica @AUC_MoussaFaki Click To Tweet


Ethiopia gave spirituality: Africa for Africans. It is a great inspiration just by sheer sense of its very being becoming recognized as the provider of liberation resources to all humanity. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory  @Oolusegun_obj @Bankole_Adeoye… Click To Tweet


The victory of Adwa was a turning point in Africa's struggle against European imperialism, proving that Africans could successfully resist colonialism. It inspired other anti-colonial movements and contributed to the development of African nationalism. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN Click To Tweet


The Battle of Adwa, Ethiopia's pride and the defeat of colonialism. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  @MikeHammerUSA @antonioguterres @USAmbUN @AJEnglish @SecBlinken @StateDeptSpox @SamanthaJPower @EUtoAU @Pontifex  @PMOIndia  @ChinaEmbAddis Click To Tweet


Ethiopia: emblem of African velour and resistance, the bastion of prestige and hope to thousands of Africans #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory  @Reuters @AlsisiOfficial @MofaSudan @JoeBiden @AFP @UN @JosepBorrell @_AfricanUnion @OlusegunObasnjo… Click To Tweet


Ethiopia: the antithesis of the colonial worldview! #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN #EthiopianVictory @bpolitics @RedwanHussien @EU_Commission @MikeHammerUSA @BBCAfrica @AUC_MoussaFaki @Oolusegun_obj @Bankole_Adeoye @CNNAfrica @MikeHammerUSA @antonioguterres Click To Tweet


The Adwa victory guaranteed the political independence of Ethiopia and dignity of black people all over the world. Major colonial powers including Italy recognize the independence of Ethiopia. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory  @USAmbUN @AJEnglish @SecBlinken Click To Tweet


The Battle of Adwa is indeed the Pride of Black People that lead to the start of Pan-Africanism. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory @StateDeptSpox @SamanthaJPower @EUtoAU @Pontifex  @PMOIndia  @ChinaEmbAddis @StateDeptSpox @SamanthaJPower… Click To Tweet


127 years ago when European powers were brutally colonizing Africa one country after another, Ethiopia stunned the world with a decisive victory over an invading Italian army, and secured its independence at the Battle of Adwa #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory @EUtoAU Click To Tweet


Adwa's victory symbolized African unity against imperialism. Instead of hating Europeans, it should inspire Africans to celebrate cultural heritage and promote inclusivity. We must learn from history to build a better future. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN … Click To Tweet


While many celebrate their Independence Day, Ethiopia celebrates Adwa127 - a unique Victory over European dominations. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN #EthiopianVictory @PMOIndia  @ChinaEmbAddis  @Reuters @AlsisiOfficial @MofaSudan @JoeBiden @AFP @UN Click To Tweet


Let all Africans & the entire black race celebrate the 127th victory of Adwa. It wasn't just the victory of Ethiopia over fascist Italy. It was the victory of the black race over white supremacy. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN #EthiopianVictory @JosepBorrell @_AfricanUnion Click To Tweet


Adwa is our living legendary witness that only united ones will win! #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN #EthiopianVictory @OlusegunObasnjo @bpolitics @RedwanHussien @EU_Commission @MikeHammerUSA @BBCAfrica @AUC_MoussaFaki @Oolusegun_obj @Bankole_Adeoye Click To Tweet


Our ancestors have won the battle of #Adwa and gave us freedom. Our current battle is to win against hate and tribalism. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN #EthiopianVictory @CNNAfrica @MikeHammerUSA @antonioguterres @USAmbUN @AJEnglish @SecBlinken @StateDeptSpox @SamanthaJPower @EUtoAU Click To Tweet


The Victory of #ADWA was secured at the expenses & sacrifices by our forefathers from all walks of life gathered and united for a common cause, protecting their pride and their land. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory  @Pontifex  @PMOIndia … Click To Tweet


The Importance of the battle of Adwa to African Liberation cannot be understated. This time its against neo-colonialism. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory @Reuters @AlsisiOfficial @MofaSudan @JoeBiden @AFP @UN @JosepBorrell @_AfricanUnion … Click To Tweet


Back then we won colonialism at ADWA, it ain’t no story nor it is a tell. We still are the only  un-colonized people and who refuse the neo-colonialism too. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory @OlusegunObasnjo @bpolitics @RedwanHussien @EU_Commission… Click To Tweet


Adwa victory highlighted Ethiopia’s anti-imperial-colonial project significance convincingly. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory  @BBCAfrica @AUC_MoussaFaki @Oolusegun_obj @Bankole_Adeoye @CNNAfrica @MikeHammerUSA @antonioguterres @USAmbUN… Click To Tweet


Bring back the spirit of Adwa with democracy and unite Africans #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN #EthiopianVictory @AJEnglish @SecBlinken @StateDeptSpox @SamanthaJPower @EUtoAU @Pontifex  @PMOIndia  @ChinaEmbAddis @Reuters @AlsisiOfficial @MofaSudan @JoeBiden @AFP @UN @JosepBorrell Click To Tweet


The victory of Adwa is a victory that united a nation and a people, the leadership, regions to regions, ethnic groups to ethnic groups. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN #EthiopianVictory  @_AfricanUnion @OlusegunObasnjo @bpolitics Click To Tweet


A well-disciplined and massive Ethiopian army did the unthinkable and it brought Italy's war of conquest in Africa to an end. Let the new generation repeat Adwa victory through development and peace building. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory   @Reuters… Click To Tweet


Adwa victory is not only pride of Ethiopians, but also is the pride of Africans and all black people across the world. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory @MofaSudan @JoeBiden @AFP @UN @JosepBorrell @_AfricanUnion @OlusegunObasnjo @bpolitics Click To Tweet


The 1896 Adwa victory is the symbol of Black Victory, Oneness, invincibility, a symbol of Freedom, Anti-fascism and icon of African pride. Thanks for our heroes! #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN #EthiopianVictory @RedwanHussien @EU_Commission @MikeHammerUSA Click To Tweet


The battle of Adwa was notable as it was the first victory by an African country over a colonial power and is seen as an inspiration for the pan-African movement that would sweep across the continent in the twentieth century and oust the colonial powers. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN … Click To Tweet


On the first day of March 127 years ago, Ethiopians heroes and patriots defeated well equipped Italian army in the northern town of Adwa in Ethiopia. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory @BBCAfrica @AUC_MoussaFaki @Oolusegun_obj @Bankole_Adeoye Click To Tweet


Adwa is a witness that Ethiopians have the culture of unity and fighting together against foreign invaders, through putting their internal difference aside. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN #EthiopianVictory @CNNAfrica @MikeHammerUSA @antonioguterres @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


The then emperor of Ethiopia |in 1895 declared a total mobilization of war against Italy and called on all Ethiopians to defend their country, family and religion. All Ethiopians answered Emperor’s call and participated in the battle of Adwa. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  @AJEnglish Click To Tweet


The battle of Adwa ensured Ethiopia’s independence, making it the only African country never to be colonized. The new generation should do against poverty and peace. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory @SecBlinken @StateDeptSpox @SamanthaJPower Click To Tweet


Adwa turned Ethiopia into a symbol of freedom for black people globally and connected black people with Africa’s ancient glory and future hope. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory @EUtoAU @Pontifex  @PMOIndia  @ChinaEmbAddis @Reuters @AlsisiOfficial… Click To Tweet


Due to their divide, rule and scramble Africa policy Europeans ended up ruling the native and black peoples of the world; but, Ethiopia stood as the antithesis of the colonial worldview. #YES_WE_Blacks_CAN  #EthiopianVictory @AFP @UN @JosepBorrell Click To Tweet

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