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PM Abiy Ahmed Has Worked To Improve Military Professionalism By Strengthening Discipline Within The Armed Forces

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Government of @AbiyAhmedAli has aimed to restructure and modernize its armed forces and yes it achieved it!! #AbiyAhmedAli #TheBlackLions #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia @MikeHammerUSA  @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica  @UN @Reuters @CNNAfrica… Click To Tweet


The international community should know reorganizing units, improving command structures, and enhancing operational capabilities on the military performance of #Ethiopia. #AbiyAhmedAli #TheBlackLions #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia @BBCAfrica @UN @Reuters Click To Tweet


@AbiyAhmedAli performance on the area of Ethiopia military has sought to modernize its military equipment, including upgrading its aircraft, armored vehicles, and other key assets. #AbiyAhmedAli #TheBlackLions #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia @BBCAfrica @AFP Click To Tweet


@AbiyAhmedAli strongest performance reforming the #ENDF has started with on procuring new equipment and refurbishing existing ones. #AbiyAhmedAli #TheBlackLions #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica  @UN @Reuters @CNNAfrica… Click To Tweet


@AbiyAhmedAli effort have been made to enhance the professionalism of the military by improving training programs, promoting merit-based promotions, and strengthening discipline within the armed forces. #AbiyAhmedAli #TheBlackLions #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia @Reuters @CNNAfrica Click To Tweet


From zero to be on the top list on organizational reforms this is the exact footprint of @AbiyAhmedAli of #Ethiopia. #AbiyAhmedAli #TheBlackLions #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia @MikeHammerUSA  @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica @UN @AFP @Reuters @CNNAfrica… Click To Tweet


Thanks to @AbiyAhmedAli our Ethiopian Air Force has the potential to repeat yesterday's history and write tomorrow's history! #AbiyAhmedAli #TheBlackLions #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia @MikeHammerUSA  @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica  @UN @AFP @Reuters @CNNAfrica… Click To Tweet


Under @AbiyAhmedAli leadership, the Ethiopian military has undergone significant reforms to enhance its operational capabilities and effectiveness. This includes investments in modern equipment, training programs, and infrastructure development. #TheBlackLions Click To Tweet


The Ethiopian Air Force has also experienced notable improvements under @AbiyAhmedAli 's vision for a robust defense force. Investments have been made to modernize the air fleet and enhance its aerial capabilities. #AbiyAhmedAli #TheBlackLions #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia… Click To Tweet


@AbiyAhmedAli 's focus on building a great Ethiopia in Africa and the world involves strengthening the country's military as a key component of national security and regional stability.#AbiyAhmedAli #TheBlackLions #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia @MikeHammerUSA @VOAAfrica @guardian Click To Tweet


@AbiyAhmedAli 's visionary leadership has laid the foundation for a modern and efficient military that can protect Ethiopia's sovereignty and ensure peace and stability. #AbiyAhmedAli #TheBlackLions #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia @MikeHammerUSA @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica Click To Tweet


With @AbiyAhmedAli’s reforms, the Ethiopian military is better equipped and prepared to face emerging security challenges in the region. #AbiyAhmedAli #TheBlackLions #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia @MikeHammerUSA  @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica… Click To Tweet


Ethiopia's military reforms under Dr. Abiy have bolstered regional and international partnerships, enhancing cooperation and promoting peacekeeping efforts. #AbiyAhmedAli #TheBlackLions #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia @MikeHammerUSA @VOAAfrica @guardian Click To Tweet


@AbiyAhmedAli’s commitment to military reform reflects his dedication to a stronger, more prosperous Ethiopia. His efforts deserve recognition and support.#AbiyAhmedAli #TheBlackLions #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia @MikeHammerUSA  @VOAAfrica @guardian Click To Tweet


Ethiopia's military reforms have aimed at safeguarding human rights while effectively addressing security challenges. Kudos to Dr. Abiy for this balanced approach. #AbiyAhmedAli #TheBlackLions #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia @MikeHammerUSA  @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish… Click To Tweet


Under the leadership of @AbiyAhmedAli, Ethiopia has witnessed significant military reforms, promoting transparency, accountability, and professionalism. #AbiyAhmedAli #TheBlackLions #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia @MikeHammerUSA  @VOAAfrica @AJEnglish Click To Tweet


@AbiyAhmedAli made efforts to strengthen regional security cooperation, working with neighboring countries to address common security challenges and promote peace and stability #AbiyAhmedAli #TheBlackLions #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia @MikeHammerUSA Click To Tweet


@AbiyAhmedAli expressed a commitment to addressing human rights concerns within the military and investigating reported abuses or misconduct #AbiyAhmedAli #TheBlackLions #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia @MikeHammerUSA  @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish @BBCAfrica  @UN @AFP @Reuters Click To Tweet


The government invested in modernizing the military's equipment and technology, including upgrading military infrastructure and acquiring new weaponry #AbiyAhmedAli #TheBlackLions #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia @MikeHammerUSA  @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish… Click To Tweet


@AbiyAhmedAli to build a more unified military that represents the diversity of Ethiopia by encouraging soldiers from various ethnic backgrounds to work together #AbiyAhmedAli #TheBlackLions #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia @MikeHammerUSA  @VOAAfrica @guardian… Click To Tweet


Under @AbiyAhmedAli 's leadership, Ethiopia continued to contribute troops to United Nations peacekeeping missions, highlighting the country's commitment to regional and international security #AbiyAhmedAli #TheBlackLions #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia @MikeHammerUSA  @VOAAfrica Click To Tweet


@AbiyAhmedAli emphasized the importance of gender equality in the military and took steps to increase the participation of women in the armed forces #AbiyAhmedAli #TheBlackLions #Fast_Growing_Ethiopia @MikeHammerUSA  @VOAAfrica @guardian @AJEnglish Click To Tweet

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