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5th Year! Since Medemer Generation Leader, PM Abiy, Challenged the Status Quo of our Political Taboos !!!

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Ethiopian PM @AbiyAhmedAli; you are the winner of difficult challenges, the winner of many world Awards and the solution of Ethiopian success. Happy 5th year anniversary! #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @Reuters @AFP @bpolitics @BBCAfrica Click To Tweet


One of Dr.Abiy Ahmed's major achievements has been his urbanization plan, which seeks to transform Ethiopia into a more modern, industrialized and powerful country. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @MikeHammerUSA @Reuters @ChrisCoons @bpolitics @BBCAfrica Click To Tweet


Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed has accomplished a lot during his five years in office which reformed Ethiopia into a more developed country.  #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @HouseForeign @CNNAfrica @AJEnglish @AsstSecStateAF @EUSR_Weber @SFRCdems @SenateForeign @HouseForeign @hr Click To Tweet


Under the leadership of Dr. Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia has made significant strides in achieving peace and stability. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @KenRoth @amnest  @BradSherman @SFRCdems @UKParliament @EU_Commission @eucopresident @vonderleyen @JanezLenarcic Click To Tweet


Dr. Abiy Ahmed's reforms in the Ethiopian economy have opened up new opportunities for growth and development in every sector. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @JosepBorrellF @StateDept @FCDOGovUK @AFP @MikeHammerUSA @EUSR_Weber @HannaTetteh @LaetitiaBader… Click To Tweet


Dr.Abiy Ahmed's is breaking the glass ceiling of the reform on the countries economic difficulties. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @PowerUSAID @USAmbUN @CanadaFP @eu_eeas @SFRCdems @SenateForeign @HouseForeign @eucopresident @JosepBorrellF @trussliz @UKParliament @CanadaFP @UN_HRC Click To Tweet


Education is a top priority for Dr. Abiy Ahmed, and his views on Ethiopian school policy reflect this commitment to providing quality education for all. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed  @vonderleyen @MikeHammerUSA @Reuters @ChrisCoons @bpolitics @BBCAfrica Click To Tweet


The Ethiopian Defense Force is stronger than ever thanks to Dr. Abiy Ahmed's focus on building military skills and implementing reforms on nation wide. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @HouseForeign @CNNAfrica @AJEnglish @AsstSecStateAF @EUSR_Weber @SFRCdems @SenateForeign @HouseForeign Click To Tweet


Dr. Abiy Ahmed's reforms in agriculture have transformed the sector, improving livelihoods and boosting the economy. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @JosepBorrellF @StateDept @FCDOGovUK @AFP @MikeHammerUSA @EUSR_Weber @HannaTetteh @LaetitiaBader @KenRoth Click To Tweet


Dr. Abiy Ahmed's social economy reforms are bringing positive change to the lives of millions of Ethiopians. #SocialEconomy #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @MikeHammerUSA @Reuters @ChrisCoons @bpolitics @BBCAfrica @HouseForeign @CNNAfrica @AJEnglish Click To Tweet


Dr. Abiy Ahmed's foreign diplomacy efforts have strengthened Ethiopia's relationships with other nations and opened up new opportunities for trade and cooperation. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @MikeHammerUSA @Reuters @ChrisCoons @bpolitics @BBCAfrica Click To Tweet


Dr. Abiy Ahmed's approach to border conflict has been firm but diplomatic, prioritizing peaceful resolution and cooperation. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @HouseForeign @CNNAfrica @AJEnglish @AsstSecStateAF @EUSR_Weber @SFRCdems @SenateForeign @HouseForeign Click To Tweet


Dr. Abiy Ahmed's leadership during internal conflict has been decisive and effective, bringing an end to violence and paving the way for reconciliation. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @hr  @JosepBorrellF @StateDept @FCDOGovUK @AFP @MikeHammerUSA @EUSR_Weber @HannaTetteh… Click To Tweet


Dr. Abiy Ahmed's patriotic vision for Ethiopia is inspiring a new generation of leaders and building a stronger, more united nation. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @KenRoth @amnest  @BradSherman @SFRCdems @UKParliament @EU_Commission @eucopresident Click To Tweet


Dr. Abiy Ahmed's stance on the Grand Renaissance Dam of Ethiopia reflects his commitment to using Ethiopia's natural resources for the benefit of all Ethiopians. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @MikeHammerUSA @Reuters @ChrisCoons @bpolitics @BBCAfrica @HouseForeign @CNNAfrica @AJEnglish Click To Tweet


Dr. Abiy Ahmed's policy on African continental media is creating new opportunities for collaboration and partnership across the continent. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @AsstSecStateAF @EUSR_Weber @SFRCdems @SenateForeign @HouseForeign @hr  @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet


Dr. Abiy Ahmed's unilateral agreement with Eritrea has brought an end to decades of conflict and opened up new opportunities for trade and cooperation. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @StateDept @FCDOGovUK @AFP @MikeHammerUSA @EUSR_Weber @HannaTetteh @LaetitiaBader @KenRoth @amnest Click To Tweet


Dr. Abiy Ahmed's peace deal with neighboring countries is creating a more stable and prosperous region for all. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @BradSherman @SFRCdems @UKParliament @EU_Commission @eucopresident @vonderleyen @JanezLenarcic @PowerUSAID Click To Tweet


Dr. Abiy Ahmed's leadership during war in the country has been characterized by a commitment to peaceful resolution and the protection of civilians. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @USAmbUN @CanadaFP @eu_eeas @SFRCdems @SenateForeign @HouseForeign @eucopresident @JosepBorrellF @trussliz… Click To Tweet


Dr.Abiy Ahmed's urbanization plan is building urban centers and the construction of infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and railways to connect the people from one end to the other. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @UKParliament @CanadaFP @UN_HRC @vonderleyen @MikeHammerUSA @Reuters Click To Tweet


Dr.Abiy Ahmed's efforts to improve relations with neighboring countries and promoting regional stability is priceless. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @ChrisCoons @bpolitics @BBCAfrica @HouseForeign @CNNAfrica @AJEnglish @AsstSecStateAF @EUSR_Weber Click To Tweet


Dr. Abiy Ahmed has implemented a number of social and economic reforms , in education and healthcare, in the last five years as well as initiatives to promote entrepreneurship and job creation. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @SFRCdems @SenateForeign @HouseForeign @hr  @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet


Dr. Abiy Ahmed reforms to increase transparency and accountability in government, and appointing women to top positions and taking steps to combat corruptions are not just five years achievement, it is reshaping history of the country. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @StateDept @AFP Click To Tweet


While there is still much work to be done, Dr. Abiy Ahmed's accomplishments in the last five years have laid a strong foundation for Ethiopia's future development and growth. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @FCDOGovUK @MikeHammerUSA @EUSR_Weber @HannaTetteh Click To Tweet


Ethiopian Pm Abiy Ahmed you are the winner of difficult challenges, the winner of many world Awards and the solution of Ethiopian success. Happy 5th year anniversary! #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @LaetitiaBader @KenRoth @amnest  @BradSherman @SFRCdems @UKParliament @EU_Commission Click To Tweet


PM Dr Abiy Ahmed congratulations! We Ethiopians wish you continued success in this highly important position and on the path of fostering national unity and prosperity. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @eucopresident @vonderleyen @JanezLenarcic @PowerUSAID Click To Tweet


It is 5th year since you came at the front line and challenging the status quo of our political taboos. Wish you the coming years will be a successful and Inclusive one. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @USAmbUN @CanadaFP @eu_eeas @SFRCdems @SenateForeign @HouseForeign @eucopresident Click To Tweet


PM Abiy Ahmed's leadership will be remembered for generations for the beginning of wheat exports by Ethiopia. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @MikeHammerUSA @Reuters @ChrisCoons @bpolitics @BBCAfrica @HouseForeign @CNNAfrica @AJEnglish @AsstSecStateAF Click To Tweet


Ethiopia has success stories to tell in combating the negative impacts of climate change through its flagship programs including the Green Legacy. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @EUSR_Weber @SFRCdems @SenateForeign @HouseForeign @hr  @JosepBorrellF @StateDept @FCDOGovUK @AFP Click To Tweet


Thank you, PM Abiy Ahmed. Wishing you more success around peace keeping throughout the country in 2023/24. May God bless you! #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @MikeHammerUSA @EUSR_Weber @HannaTetteh @LaetitiaBader @KenRoth @amnest  @BradSherman @SFRCdems Click To Tweet


Success is a journey not a one-time event. Hence, you are showing us the path to success. More Power to you PM Abiy Ahmed! #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @UKParliament @EU_Commission @eucopresident @vonderleyen @JanezLenarcic @PowerUSAID @USAmbUN @CanadaFP @eu_eeas @SFRCdems Click To Tweet  


Pm Abiy on his diplomatic excellence led Ethiopia foreign relation on its true path. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @SenateForeign @HouseForeign @eucopresident @JosepBorrellF @trussliz @UKParliament @CanadaFP @UN_HRC @vonderleyen @MikeHammerUSA @Reuters Click To Tweet


Pm Abiy Ahmed, the master mind of African solutions for African problem. You did great on African diplomacy. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @ChrisCoons @bpolitics @BBCAfrica @HouseForeign @CNNAfrica @AJEnglish @AsstSecStateAF @EUSR_Weber @SFRCdems @SenateForeign @HouseForeign @hr Click To Tweet


Pm Abiy Ahmed we expect a lot from your leadership in the coming working years. #Ethiopia #DrAbiyAhmed @JosepBorrellF @StateDept @FCDOGovUK @AFP @MikeHammerUSA @EUSR_Weber @HannaTetteh @LaetitiaBader @KenRoth @amnest  @BradSherman @SFRCdems Click To Tweet

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