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United, Patriotic & Innovative Abiy Ahmed Ali Leadership Is Forecasting An Ever Bright & Peaceful Ethiopia!

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Ethiopians stood together and recorded a miracle on the history books that no one else in the world dares to even imagine. #AbiyAhmedAli #EthiopiaPrevails @MikeHammerUSA @UN_HRC @Reuters @USAmbUN @AFP @bpolitics @CNNAfrica @EU_Commission Click To Tweet


Our victory at Adwa stands as a symbol of our unity. #AbiyAhmedAli #EthiopiaPrevails @AJEnglish @AsstSecStateAF @EUSR_Weber @SFRCdems @SenateForeign @HouseForeign @hr @JosepBorrellF @StateDept @FCDOGovUK @HannaTetteh @BBCAfrica @LaetitiaBader Click To Tweet


Unity is a major theme in all of our country's symbolic speech, stories, riddles, songs, and identity narratives. #AbiyAhmedAli #EthiopiaPrevails @KenRoth @amnest @BradSherman @ChrisCoons @HouseForeign @UKParliament @eucopresident @JanezLenarcic Click To Tweet


Even today, the modern patriotism that is expected of all of us is to protect, nurture, enhance, and advocate for our unity. #AbiyAhmedAli #EthiopiaPrevails @PowerUSAID @eu_eeasn @eucopresident @trussliz @CanadaFP @vonderleyen @MikeHammerUSA Click To Tweet


Ethiopia is calling on us to beautify our upward journey together by focusing on issues that benefit us rather than those that harm us. #AbiyAhmedAli #EthiopiaPrevails @UN_HRC @Reuters @USAmbUN @AFP @bpolitics Click To Tweet


Serving is a blessing. Despite many efforts to create a bureaucracy that will assist customers, it is still not possible to create satisfaction in the required volume and scale. #AbiyAhmedAli #EthiopiaPrevails @CNNAfrica @EU_Commission @AJEnglish Click To Tweet


Creating a healthy customer-service provider environment and strengthening a bureaucracy free of theft is a long-term mindset change, not a one-time campaign. #AbiyAhmedAli #EthiopiaPrevails @AsstSecStateAF @EUSR_Weber @SFRCdems @SenateForeign Click To Tweet


In addition to combating thieves who sell services, the government is actively working with all sectors of society to promote fairness. #AbiyAhmedAli #EthiopiaPrevails @HouseForeign @hr @JosepBorrellF @StateDept @FCDOGovUK @HannaTetteh @BBCAfrica Click To Tweet


To have the service delivery that we desire and long for, all of us must persevere and struggle. #AbiyAhmedAli #EthiopiaPrevails @LaetitiaBader @KenRoth @amnest @BradSherman @ChrisCoons @HouseForeign @UKParliament @eucopresident @JanezLenarcic Click To Tweet


We understand how an undeveloped mind can destroy a built nation, and we will do everything possible to build a nation with a built mind. #AbiyAhmedAli #EthiopiaPrevails @PowerUSAID @eu_eeasn @eucopresident @trussliz @CanadaFP @vonderleye Click To Tweet


I trust that all of our people, religious and educational institutions, as well as parents and elders, will do their part to eradicate theft by teaching about serving and developing loyalty. #AbiyAhmedAli #EthiopiaPrevails @MikeHammerUSA @UN_HRC Click To Tweet


The contribution of urban agriculture to controlling the rising cost of living is significant. #AbiyAhmedAli #EthiopiaPrevails @Reuters @USAmbUN @AFP @bpolitics @CNNAfrica @EU_Commission @AJEnglish @AsstSecStateAF @EUSR_Weber @SFRCdems @SenateForeign Click To Tweet


Families in many cities across our country can now feed their families while also caring for the environment, thanks to urban agriculture. #AbiyAhmedAli #EthiopiaPrevails @HouseForeign @hr @JosepBorrellF @StateDept @FCDOGovUK @HannaTetteh @BBCAfrica Click To Tweet


Our people have keen eyes for beauty. In addition to beautifying and cleaning the environment, urban agriculture helps to maintain the natural balance #AbiyAhmedAli #EthiopiaPrevails @LaetitiaBader @KenRoth @amnest @BradSherman @ChrisCoons Click To Tweet


Even though we face challenges as a nation in the urban agriculture sector, we must continue to strengthen the results we have achieved by focusing on the supporters rather than the obstacles. #AbiyAhmedAli #EthiopiaPrevails @HouseForeign @UKParliament @eucopresident Click To Tweet

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