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TPLF Warmongers Are Making New Terror Call Again!

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The desperate TPLF after aimlessly scarifying thousands of Tigrean youth has continued beating a new war drum. #TplfWarMonger #TplfTerroristGroup @HouseForeign @USEmbassyAddis @JoeBiden @Reuters @JoeBiden @StateDept @BBC @RepKarenBass @SecBlinken Click To Tweet


The hopeless TPLF junta disobeying the call by the UN and America for ceasefire continued forcing Tigrean children to war front unprepared. #TplfWarMonger #TplfTerroristGroup @nytimes @USAmbUN @USAID @CNN @UNEthiopia @AJEnglish @antonioguterres Click To Tweet


With its outdated, delusional myth of invincibility, TPLF has continued its war-mongering rhetoric and using Tigrean children as cannon fodders. #TplfWarMonger #TplfTerroristGroup @AUC_MoussaFaki @AP @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @guardian @AFP @RT_com Click To Tweet


The TPLF junta which has been the source of all the miseries of Tigrean peoples for nearly half a century is determined to eliminate young generation from Tigray. #TplfWarMonger #TplfTerroristGroup @HouseForeign @USEmbassyAddis @JoeBiden @Reuters Click To Tweet


The TPLF junta capitalized the Federal government’s unilateral ceasefire to commit untold atrocities against the innocent people of Amhara & Afar #TplfWarMonger #TplfTerroristGroup @JoeBiden @StateDept @BBC @RepKarenBass @SecBlinken @nytimes Click To Tweet


In spite of international pressure for ceasefire, TPLF started afresh to forcefully conscript Tigrean youth to the war front. #TplfWarMonger #TplfTerroristGroup @USAID @CNN @UNEthiopia @AJEnglish @antonioguterres @AUC_MoussaFaki @UNGeneva @AP @RT_com Click To Tweet


The TPLF junta does not want any ceasefire for it can’t answer the endless demands of the Tigrean people #TplfWarMonger #TplfTerroristGroup @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @guardian @AFP @HouseForeign @USEmbassyAddis @JoeBiden @Reuters @JoeBiden @StateDept Click To Tweet


The continued fighting serves as a very good excuse for TPLF to suffocate the Tigrean people demand regarding justice, peace, economic, and democracy. #TplfWarMonger #TplfTerroristGroup @BBC @RepKarenBass @SecBlinken @nytimes @USAmbUN @USAID @CNN Click To Tweet


The TPLF juntas continued telling the Tigrean people the fairytale myth about the invincibility of TPLF. In actual fact the people know what is happening on the ground. #TplfWarMonger #TplfTerroristGroup @UNEthiopia @AJEnglish @antonioguterres @AP Click To Tweet


The TPLF junta took the entire Tigrean people as hostage to twist the arm of the international donors for humanitarian aid that is being used as a bargaining point for recruiting children to war. #TplfWarMonger #TplfTerroristGroup @UNGeneva Click To Tweet


Hundreds of UN trucks that were loaded with humanitarian food aid are hijacked by TPLF juntas to be used for moving child soldiers to use as cannon fodders. #TplfWarMonger #TplfTerroristGroup @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @guardian @AFP @RT_com @JoeBiden Click To Tweet


The few TPLF thugs have been using the Tigrean people as human shields to advance their groups personal interests for the last 50 years. #TplfWarMonger #TplfTerroristGroup @HouseForeign @USEmbassyAddis @Reuters @JoeBiden @StateDept @BBC @RepKarenBass Click To Tweet


Though it is the TPLF that has been the source of all the problems of the Tigrean peoples, the UN and EU continued to exert pressure of the Federal government of Ethiopia that working day and night to liberate the Tigrean people from the Junta. #TplfWarMonger #TplfTerroristGroup Click To Tweet


America, a country known as champion of democracy failed to recognize the new government elected of Ethiopia in a landslide in the historic fair and democratic election yet, continued to turn a deaf ear to the shocking atrocities committed by a terrorist TPLF #TplfWarMonger @AFP Click To Tweet


America come out openly and condemns the atrocities that are being perpetrated by the certified terrorist group TPLF. #TplfWarMonger #TplfTerroristGroup @SecBlinken @nytimes @USAmbUN @USAID @CNN @UNEthiopia @AJEnglish @antonioguterres @AUC_MoussaFaki Click To Tweet


America stop trying to use humanitarian aid as means to launch economic war on Ethiopia so as to twist the arms of the Ethiopian government for the so-called negotiated ceasefire. #TplfWarMonger #TplfTerroristGroup @UNGeneva @AP @PowerUSAID @guardian Click To Tweet


If the international community is really concerned about the wellbeing of the Tigrean people it should immediately demand TPLF to disarm and the leaders to surrender to the Ethiopian government. #TplfWarMonger #TplfTerroristGroup @AmbassadorRice @RT_com Click To Tweet


The whole world should know that the TPLF is the most hated political group in Ethiopia even by the Tigrean people, in whose name it is trading. #TplfWarMonger #TplfTerroristGroup @HouseForeign @USEmbassyAddis @JoeBiden @Reuters @JoeBiden @StateDept Click To Tweet


The TPLF juntas will continue cheating the Tigrean people with their delusional propaganda to use them as human shields until there is no one in the region. #TplfWarMonger #TplfTerroristGroup @BBC @RepKarenBass @SecBlinken @nytimes @USAmbUN @USAID @CNN Click To Tweet


The super inflated bravado the TPLF illiterate tell themselves abt their myth of invincibility resulted in horrific death of Tigrean child soldiers in this aimless adventure to extend the pompous lives of the few juntas. #TplfWarMonger @BBC Click To Tweet

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