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The World Should Condemn The Evil Act,TPLF Recruiting & Using Children For War.

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#TPLFisaTerroristGroup: Common enemy of all Ethiopians. We demand end of the sufferings of innocent Tegaru. #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNICEF @SavetheChildren @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres @amnesty @USAmbUN @WFP @SecBlinken @nytimes @BBCWorld Click To Tweet The people of Tigray saying no to war mongering #TPLFisaTerroristGroup forcing their children to fight #ChildrenNotSoldiers. @UN @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNICEF @SavetheChildren @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres @amnesty @USAmbUN @WFP @SecBlinken @nytimes @BBCWorld Click To Tweet #TPLFTerroristGroup abuse of Tegaru must be condemned by the international community. #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNICEF @SavetheChildren @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres @amnesty @USAmbUN @WFP @SecBlinken @nytimes @BBCWorld Click To Tweet #TPLFTerroristGroup is using #ChildSoldiers to advance its agenda in Tigray. #ChildrenNotSoldiers #TPLFisaTerroristGroup @UN @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNICEF @SavetheChildren @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres @amnesty @USAmbUN @WFP @SecBlinken @nytimes @BBCWorld Click To Tweet The international community is silent about the brutality of #TPLFisaTerroristGroup on the people of #Erob #Enderta. #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNICEF @SavetheChildren @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres @amnesty @USAmbUN @WFP @SecBlinken @nytimes… Click To Tweet Tegaru #Erob #Enderta said no to child soldiers and funding the war. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNICEF @SavetheChildren @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres @amnesty @USAmbUN @WFP @SecBlinken @nytimes @BBCWorld Click To Tweet Evidence shows #TPLFisaTerroristGroup forcing the people of Tigray funding the war & the use of #ChildSoldiers. #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNICEF @SavetheChildren @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres @amnesty @USAmbUN @WFP @SecBlinken @nytimes… Click To Tweet Tegaru our compatriot-TPLF our adversary. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNICEF @SavetheChildren @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres @amnesty @USAmbUN @WFP @SecBlinken @nytimes @BBCWorld Click To Tweet #TPLFisaTerroristGroup said “no house hold gets humanitarian assistance unless Tigray mothers send their children to fight.” #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNICEF @SavetheChildren @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres @amnesty @USAmbUN @WFP @SecBlinken… Click To Tweet Sending a child to fight becomes a prerequisite to get humanitarian assistance in Tigray region. #TPLFisaTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNICEF @SavetheChildren @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres @amnesty @USAmbUN @WFP @SecBlinken @nytimes… Click To Tweet The silent international community needs to condemn the use of our innocent children by #TPLFisaTerroristGroup. #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNICEF @SavetheChildren @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres @amnesty @USAmbUN @WFP @SecBlinken @nytimes… Click To Tweet Let’s be a voice to the people of Tigray stands against #TPLFisaTerroristGroup. #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNICEF @SavetheChildren @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres @amnesty @USAmbUN @WFP @SecBlinken @nytimes @BBCWorld Click To Tweet

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