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The New Ethiopia Museum of Art and Science

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It all started in Ethiopia, the birthplace of civilization and humanity. The world shouldn't be surprised by the construction of a stunning museum of science and art. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @ACMI_Africa @mfaethiopia @UNFCCC @UNDPClimate @AbdikerM Click To Tweet


A wonderful science and art museum was constructed in Ethiopia, the country of origin, by a smart government aware of its proper place in history. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @ACMI_Africa @mfaethiopia @UNFCCC @UNDPClimate @AbdikerM Click To Tweet


The stunning Ethiopian scientific museum's architectural design speaks loudly about the country's potential in the field of science. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @ACMI_Africa @mfaethiopia @UNFCCC @UNDPClimate @AbdikerM Click To Tweet


The spectacular Museum of Science and Art, which occupies seven acres of land in the heart of Addis Ababa, is a stunning addition to the city's already breath-taking status as the capital of Africa. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @ACMI_Africa @UNFCCC Click To Tweet


The green legacy project, which is being carried out on a national level, is manifested in the museum's eco-friendly surroundings, which encompass 80% of the site with 4000 indigenous plants and magnificent flowers. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @ACMI_Africa Click To Tweet


The museum's inviting environment, ample parking, and world's best outside services exceed one's expectations. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @ACMI_Africa @mfaethiopia @UNFCCC @UNDPClimate @AbdikerM Click To Tweet


It's time to stop spreading misinformation about Ethiopia and Africa in general, and to start highlighting the stunning, state-of-the-art museum of arts and sciences in Addis Abeba, the continent's capital. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @UNFCCC Click To Tweet


Among the prehistoric nations where science and technology were well developed was Ethiopia. Hence, the country deserves this fantastic museum. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @ACMI_Africa @mfaethiopia @UNFCCC @UNDPClimate @AbdikerM Click To Tweet


Ethiopia was renowned for its achievements in the fields of mathematics, medicine, music, and astronomy, among others. Live examples of the ancient background in science and the arts can be found in the Axum Stele and the Lalibela rock-hewn churches. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward Click To Tweet


All eyes are on Ethiopia, a nation that is striving to regain its former glory in all disciplines. Future African scientists will flourish in the museum of arts and sciences. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward  @ACMI_Africa @mfaethiopia @UNFCCC @UNDPClimate Click To Tweet


Ethiopia maintained its historical position as a beacon of independence, this time in the fields of science and the arts by creating a spectacular science and art museum in the center of the African capital. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @AbdikerM @UNFCCC Click To Tweet


It’s time to halt the exodus of African geniuses to the industrialized world. Ethiopia is now taking the lead by establishing a world-class museum of science and art to foster the development of a large number of African scientists who can address Africa's many challenges. #EMAS Click To Tweet


African solutions to African problems. The spectacular science and art museum founded in Ethiopia is crucial to the continent's effort to achieve self-sufficiency. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @ACMI_Africa @mfaethiopia @UNFCCC @UNDPClimate @AbdikerM Click To Tweet


One of the issues facing African disporta scientists was the lack of modern facilities for the application of their acquired knowledge . By providing a huge museum, Ethiopia addressed this issue. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @ACMI_Africa @mfaethiopia Click To Tweet


The amazing museum of science and art in Addis Ababa is a huge step forward in technology transfer for freeing Africa from extreme poverty and backwardness. #EMAS #ResilientlyOnward @ACMI_Africa @mfaethiopia @UNFCCC @UNDPClimate @AbdikerM Click To Tweet

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