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Reform The United Nations Security Council-UNSC

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Ethiopia started a movement that exposed UN agents working for TPLF or their Western lobbyists, #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @AmbMKimani @USAmbUN @franceonu @RussiaUN @TomWoodroffeUK @BWoodward_UN @NataliePalmerUK @jmsroscoe @MattJacksonUK Click To Tweet


Ethiopia|ns will succeed in reforming the UN organization as they succeed in reforming their country, as a founding member. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @AmbassadorAllen @POTUS @UN @SecBlinken @USUN @UKUN_NewYork @NDeRiviere @PmTunisia @PresidenceNige Click To Tweet


@antonioguterres denied knowing anything about the 🇪🇹n government's charges against the UN workers. Is there dishonesty in the @UN from top to bottom? #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @antonioguterres @KenyaMissionUN @IndiaUNNewYork @MexOnu Click To Tweet


The UN is hardly a perfect institution. It is structurally flawed and operationally cumbersome, the honorable President Mr.Guterres is being pushed by some evil hands to speak about Ethiopia unfairly. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @Chinamission2un Click To Tweet


@antonioguterres did you get the 400+ trucks back? Or do you need evidence of whether they are hijacked by TPLF or not? #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @jmsroscoe @MattJacksonUK @AmbassadorAllen @POTUS @UN @SecBlinken @USUN @UKUN_NewYork @NDeRiviere Click To Tweet


UN organizations have some staff members who are not working accordingly, instead of intruding in another country’s internal affairs, Ethiopia said no to that! Respect Ethiopia's decisions. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @irishmissionun @AmbMKimani @UN Click To Tweet


The UN is in need of reform and support if it is to have a meaningful future rather than putting pressure on Ethiopia for meaningless agendas. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @USAmbUN @franceonu @RussiaUN @TomWoodroffeUK @BWoodward_UN @NataliePalmerUK Click To Tweet


Russia, China & India; Thank you for always thinking about us and for all the efforts you put to make Ethiopia strong and Independent. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @jmsroscoe @MattJacksonUK @AmbassadorAllen @POTUS @SecBlinken @USUN @UKUN_NewYork Click To Tweet


Ethiopians thank dearly those who stands by our side, Russia, China and India #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @NDeRiviere @PmTunisia @PresidenceNige @antonioguterres @KenyaMissionUN @IndiaUNNewYork @Chinamission2un @MexOnu @EstoniaUN @NorwayUN @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


ETH made the right decision by building a better relation with countries like Russia, China & India which are there for us when we need them most. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @irishmissionun @UnKenya @AmbMKimani @franceonu @RussiaUN @TomWoodroffeUK… Click To Tweet


Ethiopia will reform the UN even if she has to stand alone by herself in this situation, there are a lot of people doing only what they need using these int'l organizations as a cover. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @BWoodward_UN @NataliePalmerUK Click To Tweet


Ethiopia is so much grateful to the gov't of Russia, China, India & Vietnam and for all the officials and ministers who supported us day and night to help us keep our sovereignty. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @jmsroscoe @MattJacksonUK Click To Tweet


There is always dirty politics in institution, we are not surprised to see those people in UN too, but we won't let them use UN to meddle in Ethiopia’s internal affairs #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @POTUS @UN @SecBlinken @USUN @UKUN_NewYork Click To Tweet


UN’s effectiveness in safeguarding int'l security and helping war-torn societies get back on their feet is being biased bcoz powerful nations like US are pushing it to their agendas. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @PmTunisia @PresidenceNige @USUN Click To Tweet


How the Security Council could be made more effective as an instrument of solving international disputes if the Western hands are pushing their agendas only to fulfill their needs. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @antonioguterres @KenyaMissionUN @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


Ethiopia has no problem of working with UN, but clearly will have a problem with whoever is trying to intrude in our internal affairs. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @IndiaUNNewYork @Chinamission2un @MexOnu @EstoniaUN @NorwayUN @irishmissionun @UnKenya Click To Tweet


Ethiopia expelled a UN agent who was lobby by TPLF, not the agency, If the UN doesn't accept our decisions, it means they don't accept ETH's gov't, and that is Why TPLF is fighting. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @AmbMKimani @franceonu @RussiaUN @POTUS Click To Tweet


If UNSC doesn't respect ETH's decisions, what will make them differ from TPLF war-mongers other being in the higher offices? #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @TomWoodroffeUK @BWoodward_UN @NataliePalmerUK @jmsroscoe @MattJacksonUK @AmbassadorAllen @UN Click To Tweet


TPLF is in war with 🇪🇹 gov't bcoz they said the gov't is not legit , if UN is saying the decision ETH took is wrong. What is the difference between the two then UN need to reform from EU powerful hands? #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @SecBlinken Click To Tweet


Russia, China & India: For everything their gov'ts has been doing to restore peace and security in Ethiopia by helping z legitimate gov, We are deeply grateful and indebted to them. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @SecBlinken @UKUN_NewYork @NDeRiviere Click To Tweet


Ethiopia's new administration has truly set up new levels of perfection and commitment for the future parties and organization, to stabilize ETH and reform the UN as a founding member. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @PmTunisia @PresidenceNige @MexOnu Click To Tweet


Despite the undue pressure, we shall live up to the solemn obligation to preserve the sovereignty, territorial integrity and the political independence of Ethiopia #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @antonioguterres @KenyaMissionUN @IndiaUNNewYork @EstoniaUN Click To Tweet


Ethiopia has the legal right to expel them, and the US rarely troubles itself with legality in its foreign policy #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @Chinamission2un @NorwayUN @irishmissionun @UnKenya @AmbMKimani @USAmbUN @franceonu @RussiaUN @TomWoodroffeUK Click To Tweet


The GoE does not need permission of any country or their representatives to expel these people/spies.  Investigate first before spewing unwarranted accusations. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @jmsroscoe @MattJacksonUK @AmbassadorAllen @POTUS @SecBlinken… Click To Tweet


UN should not be alarmed about the expulsion of UN officials. The Ethiopian government was making complaints but it was ignored! #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @USUN @UKUN_NewYork @NDeRiviere @PmTunisia @PresidenceNige @antonioguterres @KenyaMissionUN Click To Tweet


GOE acted within its rights as a member of the UN & any criticism/reprimand of the decision is under the assumption that the @UN workers were somehow incapable of wrongdoing. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @IndiaUNNewYork @Chinamission2un @MexOnu @USUN Click To Tweet


It is shame @UN is nakedly becoming a toy of US! #Africans are waking up on your fake humanitarian concerns. Just admit you’re helping #TPLF via UN staff. More evidence to come #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @NorwayUN @EstoniaUN @irishmissionun @UnKenya Click To Tweet


The UNSC is discussing current developments in #Ethiopia. Many are criticizing why #Ethiopia outsourced it's homeland security Council to New York, but Ethiopia seem not to worry about it #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @AmbMKimani @POTUS @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


The Ethiopian gov't doesn't have to work with people it doesn't trust or feel comfortable with. The UN law itself says that if a country doesn't want a UN employee, the country has every right to expel them (even without saying why). #ReformUNSC Click To Tweet


Note that: 🇪🇹 has to provide ANY evidence, plenty of evidence has already been provided. They choose not to listen because the truth goes against the false narrative and regime change, they're trying to push on Ethiopia. #ReformUNSC @SecBlinken Click To Tweet


Mr Secretary General. You were not shocked when 1500 civilians in Maikadra, 500 in Kobo, 500 in Galikoma were killed by TPLF terrorists. But, shocked; when 7 workers are expelled peacefully. History will never forget. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia Click To Tweet


Growing pressure from #TPLFTerroristGroup supporters & paid lobbyists for deregistering #ETH from #AGOA aims only at harming z ETH people, who are already enduring massacres, man-made starvation & numerous #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @UN Click To Tweet


Reform of the UNSC is a perennial African chestnut. The UNSC is more involved in Africa than in any other region, and many Africans feel it is acutely unjust that none of the permanent members are from the continent. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @TomWoodroffeUK @BWoodward_UN Click To Tweet


History repeats itself. This was how Ethiopia, the Black nation, was treated at the League of Nations in 1936 when it was fighting Italian occupation. Today @UN is treating Ethiopia the same way with covert racism. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @BWoodward_UN @NataliePalmerUK @UN Click To Tweet


The Ethn gov’t expelled 7 UN employees for transgression of neutrality & impartiality. Eth isn’t the only to expel as such. In Apr. /21, Iraq 5; On Oct 06/20, Israel 9; in Sept 2013, Eritrea 5; & in May, /21 Burundi So, ganging up on Ethiopia is irrelevant #ReformUNSC Click To Tweet


Any person with a sane mind would ask why they were expelled before coming to conclusion based on TPLF lies. African Americans who volunteered to fight for Ethiopia would be rolling in their grave to see you r working day/night to help the terrorist TPLF! #ReformUNSC @RussiaUN Click To Tweet


The UN should focus on the actions of the individuals who breached the Orgn conduct & refrain from making this about the institution.What you should do is investigate & do right thing by condemning their actions instead of attacking GOE for expelling them #ReformUNSC Click To Tweet


Another reveal of UN corruption was disclosed by @TayeAtske, Ethiopia’s ambassador to the UN. Senior UN officials were involved in selective deportation of ethnic Tigrayans migrant workers from Saudi Arabia to Sudan for military training and recruiting by TPLF. #ReformUNSC Click To Tweet


The injustice & discrimination 🇪🇹 has been subjected to exposes structural defects of the @UN & global political order!#UN @antonioguterres must take your fall from grace in #Ethiopia seriously if you mean multilateralism in peace & devt! #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia Click To Tweet


Push Ethiopia does something that could be taken as a precedent, where gaslighted and manipulated nations would start defying your rule one by one. That will shorten the time the UN has to do its restructuring in earnest. You could easily lose Africa as whole #ReformUNSC Click To Tweet


UN should be ashamed to call itself neutral. Who committed the Maikadra, Chena, Agamsa, Galicoma & Kobo Massacre? Tplf did. Somehow these horrific crimes are justified by the IC.. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @POTUS @UN @SecBlinken @USUN @UKUN_NewYork… Click To Tweet


#Ethiopia has always been, & will continue cooperating with humanitarian agencies including @UN, provided that their activities do not threaten its national security. We urge the @UNSecurity Council to support ETH, a UN Member State, to defend its sovereignty. #ReformUNSC @UN Click To Tweet


Another pointless meeting Instead of wasting your time trying to convince Ethiopia to bring back your 7 expelled UN workers, why not use that time to recruit their replacements? Just how important were those 7 spies in your covert regime change operation?  #ReformUNSC… Click To Tweet


Humanitarian assistance must be provided in accordance with principles of humanity, neutrality and impartiality. The sovereignty, territorial integrity of States must be fully respected. Humanitarian assistance should not be a pretext for advancing political agendas. #ReformUNSC Click To Tweet


#UN heading in the path of the #LeagueOfNations? #Ethiopia dumps the files that criminal gangs in the #UN on behalf of #USG @DrTedros were blocking from @antonioguterres! How couldn't at least the July letter reach him? Time to clean up #USG spy network from the #UN #ReformUNSC Click To Tweet


Inescapable impression we’re all left with is that UN has not only been lying to all of us, but even lying to itself. Ethiopia restricted itself to kicking out only seven officials. It may need to reconsider expanding the list of those who need to be shown the door #ReformUNSC Click To Tweet


UN needs to check the sources of its information concerning the expelled UN workers for meddling in Ethiopian internal affairs. We say you must have been misinformed. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @antonioguterres @KenyaMissionUN @IndiaUNNewYork Click To Tweet


The 7 UN workers were blatantly violating the laws of the land by serving as a mouthpiece for the terrorist TPLF so as to exert pressure on 🇪🇹n government. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @Chinamission2un @MexOnu @EstoniaUN @NorwayUN @irishmissionun Click To Tweet


@antonioguterres you are asking for concrete evidence against your employees? We are aware that you will take no action against your employees, even if the 🇪🇹n government provides you with the evidence you seek. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @UnKenya @AmbMKimani @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


@antonioguterres remember that 🇪🇹 is a sovereign state with the authority to remove any foreigners who are collaborating with the terrorist TPLF to meddle in its domestic affairs. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @franceonu @RussiaUN @TomWoodroffeUK @BWoodward_UN @NataliePalmerUK Click To Tweet


@antonioguterres did you get the 400+ trucks back? Or do you need evidence of whether they are hijacked by TPLF or not? #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @jmsroscoe @MattJacksonUK @AmbassadorAllen @POTUS @UN @SecBlinken @USUN @UKUN_NewYork @NDeRiviere Click To Tweet


@UN, what you need to do as soon as possible is just investigating the actions of the individuals & holds them accountable. Meanwhile, send other employees with clear advice to stick to their mandate. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @PresidenceNiger Click To Tweet


@antonioguterres denied knowing anything about the 🇪🇹n government's charges against the UN workers. Is there dishonesty in the @UN from top to bottom? #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @antonioguterres @KenyaMissionUN @IndiaUNNewYork @MexOnu Click To Tweet


@UN tried all its best to twist the arms of the 🇪🇹n government for the #Negotiated_Ceasefire & #Inclusive_Dialogue with the terrorist TPLF that can only take place over the dead body of 115 million Ethiopians. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @Chinamission2un @EstoniaUN Click To Tweet


UN itself as an organization needs a reform, must be liberal from US & EU controlling hands! #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @antonioguterres @KenyaMissionUN @IndiaUNNewYork @Chinamission2un @MexOnu @EstoniaUN @NorwayUN @irishmissionun @UnKenya Click To Tweet


Backed by 115 million citizens the Ethiopian government will overcome whatever pressure you are contemplating to intimidate it so as to force your so-called negotiated ceasefire with a terrorist TPLF #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @antonioguterres @POTUS Click To Tweet


There have been various cases where governments have expelled UN officials and other diplomatic envoys for a variety of reasons, both known and unknown. Was there ever a Security Council meeting to justify such a decision? Not so far. What is special about Ethiopia? #ReformUNSC Click To Tweet


We Ethiopian people are grateful to the governments of Russia, India , china & African countries for the unwavering support they provided to the Government of Ethiopia at this deciding moment of our history. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


Gutiérrez haven’t you listened the viral leaked audio of your employees meddling in the internal affairs of a sovereign Ethiopia? What is evidence mean for you? #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @KenyaMissionUN @IndiaUNNewYork @Chinamission2un @MexOnu Click To Tweet


The UN should stop being a lapdog of the American government. It is an international organization that should be governed by its charter, nothing more and nothing less. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @EstoniaUN @NorwayUN @irishmissionun @UnKenya Click To Tweet


What a joke!!! When the TPLF junta said something, the UN or any other country never sought for evidence, but they do when it comes to Ethiopia. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @RussiaUN @franceonu @AmbMKimani @TomWoodroffeUK @BWoodward_UN @jmsroscoe Click To Tweet


Who are you Gutiérrez not to be criticized? We don’t care about your personal ego. We are concerned about the home of 115 million Ethiopians. Swallow your pride and come up with a solution. Replace the expelled UN employees and move on! #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @SecBlinken Click To Tweet


All these pressure on Ethiopia is because you know that it is emerging as a superpower in Africa and setting a shining example to the rest of the African countries to stand on their own. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @NataliePalmerUK @MattJacksonUK Click To Tweet


@antonioguterres the UN is failing under your leadership. Time to reform or dissolve the UN and form a new one. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @AmbassadorAllen @UN @USUN @UKUN_NewYork @NDeRiviere @PmTunisia @PresidenceNige @antonioguterres Click To Tweet


The United Nations is imitating the League of Nations, which backed Italy's invasion of Ethiopia and allowed Italy to unleash poison gas on the country. #ReformUNSC #HandsOffEthiopia @KenyaMissionUN @IndiaUNNewYork @Chinamission2un @MexOnu @EstoniaUN Click To Tweet

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