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Planting A Tree Is Planting Hope For Future. #1

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The Green Legacy initiative, which significantly altered the environment of the Horn of Africa, was spearheaded by 🇪🇹 's PM @AbiyAhmedAli, who deserves to be recognized on a global scale for his work. #GreenLegacy #EthiopiaPrevails @UNFCCC @UNEthiopia Click To Tweet


PM @AbiyAhmedAli of Ethiopia was able to mobilize more than 100 million Ethiopians to plant billions of trees in the last four years. #GreenLegacy #EthiopiaPrevails @_AfricanUnion @EUinEthiopia @UNDPEthiopia @RusEmbEthiopia Click To Tweet


The 🇪🇹n government's 4 years of rigorous seedling planting operations yielded noticeable changes in the region's climate. #GreenLegacy #EthiopiaPrevails @USEmbassyAddis @UKinEthiopia @ChinaEmbAddis Click To Tweet


Despite having a minimal impact on global greenhouse gas emissions, 🇪🇹, the Africa's second-most populous country, has suffered greatly as a result of the adverse climate change. #GreenLegacy #EthiopiaPrevails @GerEmbAddis @AmbafranceET @NorwayinAddis Click To Tweet


As a result of the extensive seedling planting that was done over the past 4 years, there is currently more than enough rainfall in the entire region. #GreenLegacy #EthiopiaPrevails @IsraelinET @AmbafranceET @IndiaInEthiopia Click To Tweet


Extensive seedling plantations conducted as part of the #GreenLegacy initiative gave millions of young 🇪🇹ns access to jobs while also significantly altering the climate. #GreenLegacy #EthiopiaPrevails @BelgiumAddis @CanadaEthiopia Click To Tweet


The Entrepreneurial effects of the #GreenLegacy program should receive equal global recognition because it enabled millions of people earn their daily bread. #GreenLegacy #EthiopiaPrevails @UNFCCC @UNDPEthiopia @UNEthiopia Click To Tweet


🇪🇹's dominating success in the International Athletics competition shows how the #GreenLegacy project has significantly transformed the country's ecosystem. #GreenLegacy #EthiopiaPrevails @_AfricanUnion @EUinEthiopia @RusEmbEthiopia Click To Tweet


🇪🇹's #GreenLegacy extends beyond its borders since it is Governed by a home grown Philosophy known as #Medmer, which was conceived by PM Abiy. #GreenLegacy #EthiopiaPrevails @USEmbassyAddis Click To Tweet


Environmental Disasters would have been drastically minimized if the entire globe had taken action on climate change like 🇪🇹. #GreenLegacy #EthiopiaPrevails @GerEmbAddis @AmbafranceET @NorwayinAddis Click To Tweet


Encourage the rest of the world to follow Ethiopia's robust green legacy project, which has essentially reversed the effects of climate change. #GreenLegacy #EthiopiaPrevails @IsraelinET @AmbafranceET @IndiaInEthiopia Click To Tweet


By exporting fruit & Vegetables to the international market, which they had not done in previous years, the #GreenLegacy initiative enabled 🇪🇹n farmers make millions of dollars. #GreenLegacy #EthiopiaPrevails @BelgiumAddis @CanadaEthiopia Click To Tweet


Despite numerous internal and external obstacles, the 🇪🇹n government has maintained its robust green legacy efforts. This alone should be praised globally. #GreenLegacy #EthiopiaPrevails @IndiaInEthiopia @BelgiumAddis @CanadaEthiopia Click To Tweet


The Huge #GreenLegacy program is just another dramatic illustration of how 🇪🇹ns, when united, are able to conquer any obstacle. #GreenLegacy #EthiopiaPrevails @NorwayinAddis @IsraelinET @AmbafranceET Click To Tweet


The fact that 🇪🇹n Athletes have dominated the international athletics shows the world that Ethiopia will continue to produce world class athletes thanks to the #GreenLegacy. #GreenLegacy #EthiopiaPrevails @ChinaEmbAddis @GerEmbAddis @AmbafranceET Click To Tweet


🇪🇹's tricolor flag should be flown in honor of the country's tremendous contribution to reducing climate change, just as it did in the recent international athletics competition. #GreenLegacy #EthiopiaPrevails @RusEmbEthiopia @UKinEthiopia Click To Tweet


The last 4 years of seedling planting under z #GreenLegacy program have dramatically transformed the people's culture, wz many of them being very active in Horticultural activities. #GreenLegacy #EthiopiaPrevails @UNEthiopia @_AfricanUnion @EUinEthiopia Click To Tweet


The new endeavor has resulted in the addition of fruits and vegetables to 🇪🇹's export sector, which for decades had been focused on coffee and few other goods. #GreenLegacy #EthiopiaPrevails @UNFCCC @USEmbassyAddis @UNDPEthiopia Click To Tweet

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