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No Any Earthly Force Will Stop Us From Building And Filling Our Dam!

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As Ethiopia prepares for the 3rd round of #GERD filling, it's pertinent to note that, in addition to providing the power supply, #GERD conserves water by minimizing evaporation, mitigating silt, encouraging steady water flow & reducing flooding. #GERDMyDam #FillTheDam Click To Tweet


Regardless of our differences we Ethiopians must never forget that we are one nation, that's why we have to stand as one and fill the dam. #itsmydam @MoZ3rban @mohamedbesher_ @MinY_Abbas @UN #GERDMyDam #FillTheDam Click To Tweet


The one thing that unite as more than anything is defending our country, filling the dam is protecting Ethiopians need. #itsmydam #GERDMyDam #FillTheDam @StateDept @antonioguterres @wreSudan @AliGadein @Chinamission2un @RussiaUN @IndianUN Click To Tweet


Let everyone know whether they wish us well or ill, we'll pay any price to assure the prosperity of Ethiopia starting with filling the dam. #itsmydam. #GERDMyDam #FillTheDam @MoZ3rban @mohamedbesher_ @MinY_Abbas @UN @StateDept @antonioguterres Click To Tweet


The greatness of Ethiopia lies not in being more diversified but on standing in unity when ever it's needed, and now is is the time to stand in unity to fill the grand dam and be prosperous country. #itsmydam. #GERDMyDam #FillTheDam @wreSudan Click To Tweet


Ethiopia is not built on fear, it was built on courage and determination to defend the country from any type of enemy, and filling the grand dam is what we need now. #itsmydam. #GERDMyDam #FillTheDam @AliGadein @Chinamission2un @RussiaUN @IndianUN Click To Tweet


Our patriotism is based on our will to die for our county and we will die to finish the grand projects we started, and now it's a time to fill the grand dam. #itsmydam. #GERDMyDam #FillTheDam @Presidence_RDC @UNtunisia @UnKenya @MofaSudan Click To Tweet


Our Patriotism is wanting an end to homelessness for our citizens, it’s wanting all to have access to health & social care; it's wanting for all to have electricity in their home, and we can only do that by filling the dam. #itsmydam. #GERDMyDam Click To Tweet


True patriotism isn't about bowing down to their westerns or agree with what they say, but working to build a country in which everyone will be using whatever is our country producing, and filling our grand dam will make that happen. #GERDMyDam Click To Tweet


There is no way Ethiopia will wait for permission of the others to fill the dam, after building the grand dam with all of them not ever supporting her. #itsmydam. #GERDMyDam #FillTheDam @Presidence_RDC @aftaburhan @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt Click To Tweet


It makes no sense to ask permission of America, Egypt or European Union for that matter to fill the grand dam which is our only hope of getting out of poverty. #itsmydam. #GERDMyDam #FillTheDam @MoZ3rban @mohamedbesher_ @MinY_Abbas @UN @StateDept Click To Tweet


When the creator blessed 🇪🇹 with our Abay (Nile) it is meant to rebuild to help us all 🇪🇹s to come together in unison to common goal!! #itsmydam #GERDMyDam #FillTheDam @antonioguterres @wreSudan @AliGadein @Chinamission2un @RussiaUN @IndianUN Click To Tweet


Ethiopians are not trying to be patriots rather 🇪🇹s by design are patriots when it comes to our Abay (Nile). itsmydam #GERDMyDam #FillTheDam @Presidence_RDC @UNtunisia @UnKenya @MofaSudan @Presidence_RDC @aftaburhan @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt Click To Tweet


Ethiopians in unison filled the #GERD 1st round with enthusiasm & a lot of patriotism which will continue till finishing this mega project. itsmydam #GERDMyDam #FillTheDam @MoZ3rban @mohamedbesher_ @MinY_Abbas @UN @StateDept @wreSudan Click To Tweet


To continue to fill the #GERD is one step at a time in helping pulling people at the grass roots level out of poverty. itsmydam #GERDMyDam #FillTheDam @AliGadein @Chinamission2un @RussiaUN @IndianUN @Presidence_RDC @UNtunisia @UnKenya @MofaSudan Click To Tweet


We started the #GERD in standing together in solidarity and we will finish the project with the same stance!! itsmydam #GERDMyDam #FillTheDam @Presidence_RDC @aftaburhan @AlsisiOfficial @MfaEgypt @mariam_sadig @mariam_ @MoZ3rban @mohamedbesher_ Click To Tweet


In order to say no to any external pressure exertion we shall stand in solidarity in continuing to finish filling our #GERD. itsmydam #GERDMyDam #FillTheDam @MinY_Abbas @UN @StateDept @antonioguterres @wreSudan @AliGadein @Chinamission2un Click To Tweet


Emancipation from Westerners' scam sugar coated ''loan & aid'' bondage we need to stand in unison to continue to build our #GERD! #itsmydam #GERDMyDam #FillTheDam @RussiaUN @IndianUN @Presidence_RDC @UNtunisia @UnKenya @MofaSudan @Presidence_RDC Click To Tweet


If you feel like helping a needy in your neighborhood then support the filling of the #GERD in anyway you can!! itsmydam #GERDMyDam #FillTheDam @MoZ3rban @mohamedbesher_ @MinY_Abbas @UN @StateDept @antonioguterres @wreSudan @AliGadein Click To Tweet


No matter which political party you involve in, religious background you have or racial background you got we gotta be one in standing in solidarity with 🇪🇹 about the continuation of filling of the #GERD!itsmydam #GERDMyDam #FillTheDam Click To Tweet


Ethiopians needs our unity now more anything else in the world for building the #GERD without foreign countries' assistance will ensure our independence as well!!itsmydam #GERDMyDam #FillTheDam @Chinamission2un @RussiaUN @IndianUN @Presidence_RDC Click To Tweet


#GERD is not only dam it is a symbol of African independence! The pressure against Ethiopia is the pressure against Africa! GERD is not only light up Ethiopia but also Nile basin countries. itsmydam #GERDMyDam #FillTheDam @UNtunisia @UnKenya Click To Tweet


#GERD is a symbol of cooperation! Ethiopia has an ambition to build a modern economy based on agriculture, manufacturing and industry! Only few week left for filling third term of GERD. itsmydam #GERDMyDam #FillTheDam @MofaSudan @Presidence_RDC Click To Tweet

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