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ICHREE’s Report Mischaracterizes The Positive Political Developments In Ethiopia

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JAWSA is making fake news and false genocide propaganda to confuse international community. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @AFP @UNHumanRights @CNNAfrica @UN_HRC @BBCWorld @Declaracion @AJEnglish @POTUS @CNN @amnesty @UNOCHA @AmnestyEARO @_AfricanUnion @mbachelet Click To Tweet



#JAWSA is a terrorist group that uses human as a shield and jeopardize the interests of Amhara people by blocking road in and out of the region. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #@EUSR_Weber @CommissionerHR @UN_Spokesperson @OHCHR_EARO @UKMisBrussels @UNGeneva Click To Tweet


Ethiopia strongly refutes the report presented by ICHREE during the 54th Session of the Human Rights Council. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @hrw @UNHumanRights @UN_HRC @Declaracion @POTUS @amnesty @UNOCHA @_AfricanUnion @Reuters @AFP Click To Tweet


H.E. Ambassador Tsegab Kebebew highlights Ethiopia's efforts to consolidate peace since the signing of the Pretoria Peace Agreement. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @EUSR_Weber @UN_Spokesperson @OHCHR_EARO @UKMisBrussels @UNGeneva @CNNAfrica Click To Tweet


Ethiopia has taken measures to ensure accountability and redress for violations of human rights. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHR @hrw @UNHumanRights @UN_HRC @Declaracion @POTUS @amnesty @UNOCHA @AmnestyEARO @_AfricanUnion @mbachelet @UKMisBrussels @UNGeneva Click To Tweet


ICHREE fails to recognize the progress made by Ethiopia in silencing guns and achieving peace through African Union-led and Ethiopian-owned processes. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @CommissionerHR @UN_Spokesperson @OHCHR_EARO @BBCWorld Click To Tweet


ICHREE's report mischaracterizes the positive political developments in Ethiopia and contradicts findings of the investigation conducted on the ground. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @hrw @UNHumanRights @UN_HRC @Declaracion @POTUS @amnesty @AJEnglish Click To Tweet


ICHREE's report is substandard and political, lacking evidence that meets internationally accepted standards. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @AmnestyEARO @_AfricanUnion @mbachelet @CommissionerHR @OHCHR_EARO @UKMisBrussels  @Reuters @AFP @CNNAfrica Click To Tweet


Ethiopia issued a State of Emergency to restore law and order and protect civilians, monitored by an Inquiry Board to ensure respect for human rights. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @UNGeneva @hrw @UNHumanRights @UN_HRC @Declaracion @POTUS @AJEnglish Click To Tweet


Ethiopia has provided lifesaving humanitarian assistance and ensured unhindered access for humanitarian actors in conflict-affected areas. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @BBCWorld @CNN @AJEnglish @hrw @UNHumanRights @UN_HRC @Declaracion @POTUS Click To Tweet


Ethiopia successfully conducted nationwide consultations on transitional justice policy, supported by OHCHR and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @UNOCHA @AmnestyEARO @_AfricanUnion @mbachelet @EUSR_Weber @Reuters @AFP Click To Tweet


Consultations on transitional justice policy were inclusive of victims and adopted gender-sensitive approaches. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @CommissionerHR @UN_Spokesperson @OHCHR_EARO @UKMisBrussels @UNGeneva @hrw  @CNNAfrica @AJEnglish @BBCWorld Click To Tweet


The OHCHR and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission have deployed human rights monitors in conflict-affected areas for preventive measures. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @POTUS @amnesty @UNOCHA @AmnestyEARO @_AfricanUnion @mbachelet @EUSR_Weber @CNN Click To Tweet


The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights recognizes Ethiopia's developments and terminates the mandate of the Commission of Inquiry. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @CommissionerHR @UN_Spokesperson @OHCHR_EARO @Reuters @AFP @CNNAfrica Click To Tweet


The transitional justice policy in Ethiopia will ensure accountability, truth-telling, healing, and reconciliation. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @CommissionerHR @UN_Spokesperson @OHCHR_EARO @UKMisBrussels @UNGeneva @AJEnglish @BBCWorld @CNN @AJEnglish Click To Tweet


ICHREE's mandate terminates with this final report, relevant information should be handed over to OHCHR for potential examination by national bodies. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @UKMisBrussels @UNGeneva @hrw @UNHumanRights  @Reuters @AFP @CNNAfrica Click To Tweet


Ethiopia looks forward to updating the Human Rights Council through the UPR process and continuing to work with the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @AJEnglish @BBCWorld @CNN @AJEnglish @hrw @UNHumanRights @UN_HRC Click To Tweet


The terrorist #Jawsa, who could not withstand the operation of the Defense Forces, is now turning his face to false propaganda and is trying to deceive the public by gathering fake images. The public should know this and beware of false information. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE Click To Tweet


When #Jawsa terrorist group suffered an unexpected loss, they start spreading false propaganda images that were not even remotely true. #Jawsa is a gang of blindly driven idiots who aim to rob, kill, and terrorize their own people! #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @Reuters @hrw Click To Tweet


There is not one government but two governments in a country. Defense forces are responsible for maintaining the peace of the country #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @AJEnglish @AFP @UNHumanRights @CNNAfrica @UN_HRC @BBCWorld @Declaracion @AJEnglish Click To Tweet


The Jawsa grups are tired of thinking Darkness Union All the way, the current government and its leadership has no relation with Jawsas and extremism. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @POTUS @CNN @amnesty @UNOCHA @AmnestyEARO @_AfricanUnion @mbachelet @EUSR_Weber @CommissionerHR Click To Tweet


The idea that Jawsa is building should not be lit up with the immediate announcement of the country, they will not cooperate with the country. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @UN_Spokesperson @OHCHR_EARO @UKMisBrussels @UNGeneva @Reuters @hrw Click To Tweet


The idea that Jawsa is building should not be lit up with the immediate announcement of the country, they will not cooperate with the country. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @AJEnglish @AFP @UNHumanRights @CNNAfrica @UN_HRC @BBCWorld @Declaracion Click To Tweet


The goal of the extremists is to endanger the peace and security of the country!! #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @AJEnglish @POTUS @CNN @amnesty @UNOCHA @AmnestyEARO @_AfricanUnion @mbachelet @EUSR_Weber @CommissionerHR @UN_Spokesperson @OHCHR_EARO @UKMisBrussels @UNGeneva Click To Tweet


Extremism threatens the peace and prosperity of the country, so we should stand by the government and support any legal action taken by the government to punish them. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @Reuters @hrw @AJEnglish @AFP @UNHumanRights Click To Tweet


#Jawsa_Terrorists is struggling to take #power and destroy the #federalism in Ethiopia. They are #anti_federalism and anti nations and nationalities in Ethiopia. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @_AfricanUnion @mbachelet @EUSR_Weber Click To Tweet


The international community should have to say no to false Amhara genocide propaganda by JAWSA. JAWSA is a terrorist group that is carrying out horrific atrocities in most of Ethiopia region. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @UN_Spokesperson @OHCHR_EARO @UKMisBrussels @UNGeneva Click To Tweet


#Jawsa_Terrorists have no vision or mission. They are just a group of bandits and looters who kill and loot from innocent civilians. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @UN_Spokesperson @OHCHR_EARO @UKMisBrussels @UNGeneva @Reuters @hrw Click To Tweet


The JAWSA group aims to get power through terrorism if not to rob and destroy the innocent people of Amhara. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE @AFP @UNHumanRights @CNNAfrica @UN_HRC @BBCWorld @Declaracion @AJEnglish @POTUS @CNN @amnesty @UNOCHA @AmnestyEARO @_AfricanUnion @mbachelet Click To Tweet


The terrorist JAWSA group is killing and robbing the inset people and destroying the government's property. #Ethiopia #HumanRight #ICHRE@EUSR_Weber @CommissionerHR @UN_Spokesperson @OHCHR_EARO @UKMisBrussels @UNGeneva @Reuters @hrw @AJEnglish Click To Tweet


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