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Human Rights & Humanitarian Issues Are Becoming A Pretext To Advance Neo-Colonialist Objectives.

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Ethiopia has acknowledged the findings of the @EthioHRC & @UN_HRC joint report and is working on them. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @JosepBorrellF @ArgentinaUN @UNArmenia @AustraliaUN @MFABulgaria @UN_Cameroon @FijiMissionUN @UNMalawi Click To Tweet


The findings of the joint HR bodies on the situation in Tigray should be followed by UNHR. There's no need to re-invent the wheel. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @JosepBorrellF @IndiaUNNewYork @MexOnu @UN_Nepal @UN_Togo @OnuSenegal @UruguayONU Click To Tweet


The Tigray-Genocide claims were dismissed as baseless by a joint HR investigation. @UN_HRC will not be able to manipulate the outcome to suit its own political goals. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @JosepBorrellF @UKRinUN @un_uzbekistan Click To Tweet


Despite its differences on certain issues, Ethiopia, a law-abiding country, accepted the results of the joint HR investigation. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @JosepBorrellF @UNinPak @CzechUNNY @onubf @UnityForEthio @AustriaUN @OnuMauritanie Click To Tweet


The EU and its lackeys should not call into question the thorough inquiry conducted by the joint HR committees in order to achieve their interventionist goals. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @JosepBorrellF @CUBAONU @ONUBolivia @MOFABahamas Click To Tweet


Whenever the GoE achieves resounding victories over the TPLF, the EU, US, UN, and its allies raise accusatory human rights and humanitarian issues in support of the terrorist TPLF. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @JosepBorrellF @BahrainMsnNY Click To Tweet


The EU-initiated UNHR special session has nothing to do with human rights; it is merely a political maneuver to save the TPLF from annihilation. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @JosepBorrellF @BangladeshUN1 @ONUBolivia @Brazil_UN_NY Click To Tweet


The recent military action led by @AbiyAhmedAli has yielded the total reversal of the TPLF's progress, prompting the EU to convene a special @UN_HRC session. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @JosepBorrellF @BrazilUNGeneva @Bulgaria_UN Click To Tweet


The rapid mobilization of Ethiopian combined forces under PM Abiy culminated in the liberation of all TPLF-controlled Amhara & Afar regions, leading to a shift in rhetoric from the IC, which used HR and humanitarian aid as a cover. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @UN Click To Tweet


The UNHR's-Selective Concern was demonstrated by its silence on the TPLF's heinous human rights violations in Amhara and Afar while raising an outcry over the manufactured Tigray-Genocide claims. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @JosepBorrellF @JosepBorrellF @BBC Click To Tweet


The TPLF devils committed crimes that shattered people's social, cultural, and religious beliefs, such as gang rapping nuns, mothers in front of their husbands and children, and defiling sacred sites. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @JosepBorrellF @diplocam_minrex @UN Click To Tweet


In the recently liberated Amhara region, mass grave sites are still intact, but no international community including the UN wants to discuss such TPLF’s heinous deeds. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @antonioguterres @Cotedivoire_UN @Denmark_UN Click To Tweet


The @UN_HRC should stop being utilized as a tool to further the political agendas of western powers in poor countries like Ethiopia. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @antonioguterres @DKUNmisgva @franceonu @OnuGabon @GermanyUN @indonesiaunny @ItalyUN_NY @JapanMissionUN @UN Click To Tweet


The EU and the US are attempting to conceal the TPLF's human rights atrocities. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @antonioguterres @UNSMILibya @RMIMission @UNNamibia @ArgentinaUN @UNArmenia @AustraliaUN @MFABulgaria @UN_Cameroon @FijiMissionUN Click To Tweet


How dare the EU brings up the subject of human rights? It has no moral justification to say anything about it. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @antonioguterres @UNMalawi @IndiaUNNewYork @MexOnu @UN_Nepal @UN_Togo @OnuSenegal @UruguayONU Click To Tweet


To repent for its past blunders, the @UN_HRC should use this special session to publicly denounce the TPLF's genocide, war crimes, & plunder. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @antonioguterres @un_uzbekistan @PHMissionNY @UNinPak @CzechUNNY Click To Tweet


The EU & the US, with their ugly histories of slavery, and colonialism, should no longer regard themselves as self-declared guarantors of human rights. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @antonioguterres @UnityForEthio @AustriaUN @OnuMauritanie Click To Tweet


The @UN_HRC Council do the right thing by correctly referring to the TPLF's crime in Amhara & Afar as Genocide. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @antonioguterres @ONUBolivia @MOFABahamas @BahrainMsnNY @BangladeshUN1 @ONUBolivia Click To Tweet


The joint @UN_HRC report was publicly accepted by the 🇪🇹n Govt & rejected by the TPLF. It’s absurd to see the #UNHRC peddling the interests of politically motivated groups to punish Ethiopia. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @antonioguterres @ArgentinaUN @UNArmenia Click To Tweet


Any @UN special session on 🇪🇹 won’t change the @UN_HRC report that refuted the claims that the Gov’t used famine as a weapon of war & any form of Genocide that was committed in Tigray. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @antonioguterres Click To Tweet


The @UN special session on Ethiopia aims to save the TPLF from the @UN_HRC report findings that confirmed the TPLF’s massacre of innocents in #MaiKadra. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @antonioguterres @AustraliaUN @MFABulgaria @UN_Cameroon @FijiMissionUN @UNMalawi Click To Tweet


Instead of calling for a special session on Ethiopia, the @UN_HRC should carry out an investigation into the violations of human rights and atrocities committed by the TPLF terrorist group in the Afar & Amhara regions. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @antonioguterres Click To Tweet


The UNHRC is beating a dead horse. @UN_HRC has already confirmed the massacres carried out by the TPLF in Amhara regions. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @antonioguterres @IndiaUNNewYork @MexOnu @UN_Nepal @UN_Togo @OnuSenegal @UruguayONU Click To Tweet


🇪🇹’s enemies at the @UN_HRC are hard at work to resurrect the TPLF and demonize 🇪🇹. Too late & despicable! #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @antonioguterres @un_uzbekistan @PHMissionNY @UNinPak @CzechUNNY @onubf @UnityForEthio @AustriaUN @OnuMauritanie @CUBAONU Click To Tweet


The @UN_HRC is going to whitewash the spots in the pristine TPLF. You can’t take back the @UN_HRC report on the atrocities of your angelic TPLF. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @JosepBorrellF @ONUBolivia @MOFABahamas @BahrainMsnNY @BangladeshUN1 @ONUBolivia @Brazil_UN_NY Click To Tweet


Africans should say no to the manipulation of legal offices like @EthioHRC to launch unjustified attacks on Ethiopia under the pretext of humanitarianism or R2P. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @JosepBorrellF @BrazilUNGeneva @Bulgaria_UN @diplocam_minrex @Cotedivoire_UN Click To Tweet


Wolves in sheep’s clothing are hand twisting @EthioHRC members to attack Ethiopia. Unjust attacks on innocents today is a debt you’ll pay tomorrow. #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @JosepBorrellF @Denmark_UN @DKUNmisgva @franceonu @OnuGabon @GermanyUN @indonesiaunny Click To Tweet


The @UN_HRC call for a special session on Ethiopia is the impartiality test for the UN. Are member states equal or some members are more equal than the others? #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @JosepBorrellF @ItalyUN_NY @JapanMissionUN @UNSMILibya @RMIMission @UNNamibia Click To Tweet


The @UN_HRC call for a special session on Ethiopia is the impartiality test for the UN. Are member states equal or some members are more equal than the others? #RespectEthiopianSovereignity #NoMore @JosepBorrellF @ItalyUN_NY @JapanMissionUN @UNSMILibya @RMIMission @UNNamibia Click To Tweet

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