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Getachew Reda’s Big Lie On BBC Hard Talk – People Lie, Action Don’t!

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The ongoing aggression of #TplfTerroristGroup in the Amhara and Afar region has led to a record number of civilian killings, displacement, and humanitarian crises. No Aid - No international media coverage. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @StateDept @antonioguterres Click To Tweet @reda_getachew has repeatedly declared his and #TplfTerroristGroup evil agenda of dismantling the greatest nation Ethiopia. The government and the people of Ethiopia have zero tolerance for evildoers. #ChildrenNotSoldiers @StateDept @antonioguterres @AFP @Reuters @bbc @UN_HRC Click To Tweet Multiple sources of media report @bbchardtalk confirmed that Maikadra genocide was carried out by #TplfTerroristGroup youth forces. At least 700 ethnic Amhara men, women, and children were executed. #ChildrenNotSoldiers @StateDept @antonioguterres @AJEnglish @France24_en Click To Tweet Terrorist @reda_getachew has publicly admitted that recruiting child soldiers and being used as warfare tactics in #TplfTerroristGroup. We call the @icc to convict the terrorist group leaders in war crimes. #ChildrenNotSoldiers @antonioguterres @AFP @amnesty @POTUS @SecBlinken Click To Tweet The most ridiculous accusation made by @reda_getachew that the Afar militia bombed and killed their people, including 107 children, shows how psychotic the #TplfTerroristGroup leaders have become. #ChildrenNotSoldiers @stephensackur @UNICEFEthiopia @antonioguterres Click To Tweet Despite @reda_getachew denial of deploying children as soldiers, video & photographic evidence have been extensively shared on social media, including by New York Times photographer @finbarroreilly and @AP. @stephensackur #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers Click To Tweet TPLF is the main cause of the humanitarian crisis in #Tigray, #Afar & #Amhara regions. Despite More than 400,000 people displaced, TPLF pledged to continue intensifying its war! @BBCHARDtalk @UN @_AfricanUnion #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers Click To Tweet The TPLF's ultimate goal is not territorial integrity or the well-being of Tigrayans. It's Ethiopia's fragmentation and the #HOA's dissolution. This lunacy must be put to an end. #TplfTerroristGroup @stephensackur @UN @antonioguterres @_AfricanUnion #ChildrenNotSoldiers Click To Tweet The fat liar even deliberately lies on the number of trucks that reached Mekelle carrying humanitarian aid. Independent bodies made it clear that it reached more than 400 trucks. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC @SCRtweets Click To Tweet Humanitarian crises are still happening and many of Tigrian peoples are suffering since TPLF refuse to accept the ceasefire. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres @amnesty @USAmbUN Click To Tweet Why did Getachew repeatedly mention Western Tigray not yet liberated? Why didn’t he mention their real names as Wolqait, Tegede, Humera & so on because these lands are in the hands of the Amhara-irredentist forces who rightly claimed the lands as theirs. #TplfTerroristGroup Click To Tweet There is no region called Western Tigray. The people of that fertile land called Wolqait , Tegede , Humera were forced to take Tigrean identity during the dictatorial rule of the TPLF junta. Now they wanted their freedom. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC Click To Tweet The very fact that Getachew is making this interview clearly tells as to who is providing satellite telephones to the rebels. The so-called humanitarian agencies are behind this plot. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNICEF @SavetheChildren Click To Tweet Getachew said that they are not rebels rather they are legitimately elected governments. What a self-contradiction! Even the name Woyane (the name they proudly call themselves with)is a Tigrean equivalent word for a rebel. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC Click To Tweet A legitimately elected government of Tigray? What a joke! The so-called election made in Tigray before the law enforcement operation violated all the laws of the country and yet they call it legitimate. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNICEF Click To Tweet Once a liar always a liar! This windbag called the unilateral ceasefire a joke & said the government forces were forced to leave Tigray. What a white lie! Didn’t we know the ENDF wiped out the TPLF in three weeks? #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC Click To Tweet The Ethiopian defense forces guns will only be silenced in Tigray region with complete elimination of the TPLF junta. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNICEF @SavetheChildren @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres @amnesty @USAmbUN Click To Tweet Yes, the government forces withdrew to the surrounding non-Tigray region to allow the Tigrean peasants to work on their farms peacefully & watch vigilantly to make sure no criminal TPLF junta escape with all their crimes. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC Click To Tweet The TPLF juntas would perish in the wilderness of Tigray. No room for escape with their hands drenched with blood of innocent Ethiopians. Voice is what Gecho called Seige. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNICEF @SavetheChildren @EU_Commission Click To Tweet TPLF didn’t accept the ceasefire but want to negotiate with the government after you did inhuman things. How can one negotiate with terrorist group TPLF that caused many people to die displaced, humanitarian crisis and suffer the people?! #TplfTerroristGroup… Click To Tweet The chatterbox Gecho said they are not working for the separation of Tigray. This is self-denial. The Name TPLF tells it all. They had been doing this for nearly half a century & it is boldly written in their manifesto. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC Click To Tweet Anybody can clearly detect hopelessness in the voice of Gecho in this Hardtalk. He is practically begging Abiy. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNICEF @SavetheChildren @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres @amnesty @USAmbUN @WFP Click To Tweet Why endlessly calling the name of Abiy to make it sound as if it is a personal quarrel, an outdated TPLF tactic? #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNICEF @SavetheChildren @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres @amnesty @USAmbUN @WFP Click To Tweet Gecho denied Z Afar massacre saying that it was the Afra special force that attacked them. Why on earth would the Afar attack the Afar? The TPLF even stopped to lie carefully. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNICEF @SavetheChildren Click To Tweet Stammering while speak is one of the indications of lying. Gecho stammered all his way during the interview till the interviewer say he couldn’t hear what he was saying. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNICEF @SavetheChildren @EU_Commission Click To Tweet Saucer asked Getachew about their findings of the Maikadra massacre investigation. Gecho said they didn’t have time. Of course, they had time to come up with the fabricated narration of Axum massacre to counter Z Maikadra massacre. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN Click To Tweet There was one single grain of truth that slipped from Gecho’s mouth. He said we were cornered in many parts of Tigray. Yes, they have cornered in Qolla Temben jungles within three weeks of the law enforcement operation. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC Click To Tweet Getachew is a liar and criminal leader who committed genocide in Ethiopian national defense force in North, Maikadra, children’s in Afar region. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNICEF @SavetheChildren @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres Click To Tweet You are shameless to talk in front of the world because of your terrorist group many children were killed, women were raped and lots of people lost their lives. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNICEF @SavetheChildren @EU_Commission @StateDept Click To Tweet TPLF tries to invade other territories out of Tigray and planned to reach up to Addis Ababa but Ethiopian defense force with regional militia wiping it out. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @StateDept @antonioguterres @amnesty @USAmbUN @SecBlinken @nytimes @BBCWorld Click To Tweet Interviewing Getachew is not fair he is the leader of the terrorist group he should be accused by international law since he opened war against Ethiopian government and sending children aged less than 18 years as cannon fodders. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN_HRC Click To Tweet You are not in a position to talk about Tigrian people it is well known that they are still suffering because of your unsatisfied desire for authority and you did nothing for them when you are in authority for the last 27 years. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN_HRC Click To Tweet Getachew, you are not afraid to say you are continuing the war for Tigrian people but the reality is that you are trading in the name of Tigrian and they continue suffering more. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @StateDept @antonioguterres @amnesty @USAmbUN @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Whole infrastructures in Tigray were destroyed by your TPLF Junta groups, the government tried to fix all destroyed services but you keep damaging all infrastructures. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @antonioguterres @amnesty @USAmbUN @WFP @SecBlinken @nytimes Click To Tweet What moral ground you have to accuse Abiy Ahmed since he tried to protect Tigrian and Ethiopian people’s from your terrorist group?! #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @SavetheChildren @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres @amnesty @USAmbUN @WFP @SecBlinken Click To Tweet More than 300,000 people are displaced from their home town Amhara and Afar region because of this terrorist group TPLF. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN @UN_HRC @SCRtweets @UNICEF @SavetheChildren @EU_Commission @StateDept @antonioguterres @amnesty @USAmbUN @WFP Click To Tweet It doesn’t matter whether you agree or not Abiy Ahmed is the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. Keep your nightmare to get to 4 killo & become government again. You are in nostalgia about 4 kilo that is why you called it repeatedly. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @UN Click To Tweet You and your terrorist group Junta imposed war for Tigrian people without their consent but still want to live peacefully with other Ethiopians. What delusion is it? #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @amnesty @USAmbUN @WFP @SecBlinken @nytimes @BBCWorld Click To Tweet Massacre and cover-up with Lies is the abhorrent principle adopted by the unrepentant #TplfTerroristGroup. In his stuttering answer, @reda_getachew exposed himself as a war criminal. Trying to blame the Afar people 4 Z atrocities adds to the wound. #TplfTerroristGroup Click To Tweet Come up with a new tactic of deception waging a war then playing a half time civil & half time solider then when dead the bodies becoming a genocide victim fairytale season is over #TPLFisaTerroristGroup. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld @nytimes Click To Tweet @stephensackur Thank you for letting the world know how much irrelevant, illegal, not logical & disrespectful group is. Everything he replied was lies. Though Humanity can never be compared with his evil politics. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @StateDept Click To Tweet The funniest @reda_getachew told @stephensackur that their goal is to dismantle Ethiopia. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld @nytimes @SecBlinken @WFP @StateDept @amnesty @USAmbUN Click To Tweet The big mouth of the #TerroristTPLF Getachew K Reda was Crushed into pieces and revealed all the inhuman atrocities they created on motherland #Ethiopia on the #BBC hard talk! Thanks, @stephensackur for exposing the truth. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld Click To Tweet Getachew Reda approved he goal is not Tigray independence/Orphans. He wants negotiations to get all services back but refuses to leave Amhara and Afar areas. He is in illusion of be an respected leader in Tegray. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld @nytimes Click To Tweet Getachew Reda was bubbling on BBC Hardtalk, it wasn't even really Hardtalk, was simple question, Why committed Afar massacre! And he answered I can assure it wasn't our own troops, but Tigray troop somehow did it! #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Tigrianism is a mystery says Getachew Reda former spokesman of Ethiopia, he is kind of admitting he was never Ethiopian or has any sense of Ethiopianism, that's why they swore to destroy it. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld @WFP @StateDept Click To Tweet Good to hear the press finally start asking TPLF some tough questions, about the rejection of federal authority, human rights abuses, and unwillingness for a ceasefire. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld @nytimes @SecBlinken @WFP @StateDept @amnesty @USAmbUN Click To Tweet Getachew Reda who was unable to answer one simple question of why his troops burnt Galicoma camp and killed hundreds of children, cannot face any true media when it comes to their crime in Ethiopia still. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld @nytimes @SecBlinken Click To Tweet TPLF's spokesman @reda_getachew denied everything, and denounced America's call on TPLF troops withdrawals from Amhara region & assured TPLF will subjugate with war, on his latest interview with BBC. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @SecBlinken @WFP @StateDept Click To Tweet Getachew Reda announced their war won't stop and Tigray forces will press toward the country’s capital, till they make sure the removal of the regime that is the ultimate reason they attacked z federal gov't in z 1st place. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @WFP… Click To Tweet Getachew clearly stated Tigray leaders who had dominated Ethiopia’s gov't for nearly three decades want to go back to the capital for the second time dominancy with the same name. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld @nytimes @WFP @StateDept @amnesty @USAmbUN Click To Tweet Why did you invade Afar and Amhara regions in violation of unilateral ceasefire, Getachew couldn't answer that bcoz their true intention will be revealed. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld @nytimes @SecBlinken @WFP @StateDept @amnesty @USAmbUN Click To Tweet What @stephensackur asked Getachew on BBC hardtalk was actually easy, Why expand the war and invade neighboring regions, It's just Getachew can't say we need to capture Addis Ababa to rule again! #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld @nytimes @StateDept @USAmbUN Click To Tweet The TPLF expansionist showed the world their war have nothing to do with Liberating or defending people of Tigray, It is a power lust that drives TPLF to this madness, Getachew confirmed that on BBC. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld @nytimes @SecBlinken Click To Tweet You have massacred innocent people with heavy weapons, In the Afar region was the statement left Getachew speechless, He said we did what we should! #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld @nytimes @SecBlinken @WFP @StateDept @amnesty @USAmbUN Click To Tweet The lies Getachew spilled on BBC hard talk will make the int'l community to question everything Getachew/TPLF ever said, including the rape and humanitarian access. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld @nytimes @SecBlinken @WFP @StateDept @amnesty @USAmbUN Click To Tweet A liar will always lie, but Getachew Reda was not even a good liar, he almost said We fight to regain our lost power on BBC hardtalk while he was blubbing unconsciously. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld @nytimes @SecBlinken @WFP @StateDept @amnesty @USAmbUN Click To Tweet Getachew was the one person who got TPLF in this trouble in the first, with samething like BBC hardtalk, he insulted the whole Oromo nation on live stream saying Demons.#TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld @nytimes @SecBlinken @WFP @StateDept @amnesty @USAmbUN Click To Tweet How does expanding the war into other regions while there was a unilateral ceasefire does become a fight for freedom? Now the media is aware, it's about power in Addis nothing for Tigrayans. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @SecBlinken @WFP @StateDept @amnesty @USAmbUN Click To Tweet @stephensackur was so bored of Getachew Reda's mumble and said You used all your accusations, many times, Let's move on that's a clear understanding of what Getachew brainwashing lies looks like. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @SecBlinken @StateDept @amnesty @USAmbUN Click To Tweet Stephen of BBC didn't even push Getachew that much; he just said simple thing, like why use child soldiers, Getachew lost tongue at that right moment. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld @nytimes @SecBlinken @WFP @StateDept @amnesty @USAmbUN Click To Tweet Getachew reda was such a pretty bad liar, and not very good at keeping secrets, he almost insulted Stephen for asking him the right questions that he can never answer. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld @nytimes @SecBlinken @WFP @StateDept @amnesty @USAmbUN Click To Tweet Getachew Reda is a narrator not a Hardtalk guy, he can lie but only to the fools of his countrymen, not to people like @stephensackur. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld @nytimes @SecBlinken @WFP @StateDept @amnesty @USAmbUN Click To Tweet Getachew proved a big mumbling liar today, He was a liar since, and He’s a liar now. And he is an apologist for corrupt regimes of TPLF for three decades. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld @nytimes @SecBlinken @WFP @StateDept @amnesty @USAmbUN Click To Tweet The best way @stephensackur crushed Getachew reda was convincing him he believe all his lies about Ethiopian gov't and the prime minister, by saying move on Getachew, you had enough accusations on Abiy. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld @nytimes @SecBlinken… Click To Tweet Getachew reda said to opposite things at once, We will cooperate for any investigation for Afar & again We won't accept that is done by our troops then why is investigation is needed? #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld @nytimes @SecBlinken @WFP @StateDept Click To Tweet Kind of odd that @reda_getachew and @TigrayGov are issuing simultaneous but separate statements on behalf of the Gov't of Tigray…? is that mean Getachew is the head of the gov't now? #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld @nytimes @SecBlinken @WFP @StateDept Click To Tweet When interviewed in Amharic, Afar people offered us with food and goods when it is on BBC hardtalk, he said we doing the same thing we do, to any forces against us like of what we doing to ENDF, he admitted without knowing. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld Click To Tweet The ethnofascist #TPLF minority clique has no ideology as such. It's like the chameleon, opportunistically changing colors to suit its aim of looting & plundering #Ethiopia as #USA's trusted puppet in HoA. #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld @nytimes… Click To Tweet TPLF was ruling #Ethiopia with iron fist & committing huge atrocities on the #Oromo, #Amhara, #Somali & the 100 million majorities of Ethiopians, and now Getachew reda want to play victim? #TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld @nytimes @SecBlinken @WFP… Click To Tweet It is just astonishing to see Getachew reda explaining how important war is for them to regain the power they lost, they won't stop till they capture the capital, that's is why Ethiopians hated TPLF so bad in the first place#TplfTerroristGroup #ChildrenNotSoldiers @BBCWorld Click To Tweet

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