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ETHIOPIA, The Fastest-Growing Economy And Home To 120 Million People, Is A Valuable Candidate To Join BRICS!

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Ethiopia formally applies for BRICS, the powerful grouping of the world's leading emerging market economies for the sake of development. #Ethiopia_BRICS #BRICSSummit2023 @BRICSinfo @BRICSNewsFR @BRICSNewsFR @TetherBrics @BricsJournal @TheBricsPost Click To Tweet


For Ethiopia, being part of BRICS could expand diplomatic influence and open up lucrative trade and investment opportunities. #Ethiopia_BRICS #BRICSSummit2023 @BRICSResearch @CyrilRamaphosa @PMOIndia @KremlinRussia @LulaOficial Click To Tweet


We Ethiopians formally expressed our interest in joining the bloc; we hope a success response from BRICS. #Ethiopia_BRICS #BRICSSummit2023 @BRICSza @MktEconomy @sandton @brics_cci @geraldoalckmin @bricscouncil_in Click To Tweet


Africa as a continent and Ethiopia as a nation has the capability to become the fastest growing economies if supported by BRICS. #Ethiopia_BRICS #BRICSSummit2023 @geraldoalckmin @bricscouncil_in @BRICSinfo @BRICSNewsFR Click To Tweet


Ethiopia formally applied for BRICS, seeing the bloc brings countries greater access to their fellow members’ markets, and is also a source of foreign direct investment. #Ethiopia_BRICS #BRICSSummit2023 @BRICSNewsFR @TetherBrics @BricsJournal Click To Tweet


For Ethiopia being a member of the fastest growing countries mean success in Diplomacy and international relation. #Ethiopia_BRICS #BRICSSummit2023 @TheBricsPost @BRICSResearch @CyrilRamaphosa @PMOIndia @geraldoalckmin @bricscouncil_in Click To Tweet


An Africans country including Ethiopia formally applies for BRICS, since greater solidarity on the African continent would greatly benefit African countries that can then bring that collective clout to the global stage. #Ethiopia_BRICS #BRICSSummit2023 Click To Tweet


Ethiopia is the land of Coffee Ethiopic a, fruits, meat products; oil seeds….being member of the bloc bring an opportunity in increasing Export to Asian market. #Ethiopia_BRICS #BRICSSummit2023 @BRICSinfo @BRICSNewsFR @BRICSNewsFR @TetherBrics Click To Tweet


Ethiopia the home of 120 million people may bring good fortune for BRICS in the horn of Africa. #Ethiopia_BRICS #BRICSSummit2023 @cnnbrk @big_picture @time @bbcbreaking @nytimes @foxnews @theeconomist @YahooNews @BRICSinfo @BRICSNewsFR @BRICSNewsFR Click To Tweet


Ethiopia expect a success response from BRICS; currently represents more than 42 per cent of the global population, and leaders of the current member countries will show  their readiness in adding more developing economies. #Ethiopia_BRICS #BRICSSummit2023 @TetherBrics Click To Tweet


For Ethiopia being member of BRICS does not being an Enemy for the western countries and the USA. #Ethiopia_BRICS #BRICSSummit2023 @BricsJournal @TheBricsPost @BRICSResearch @KremlinRussia @LulaOficial @BRICSza @MktEconomy @sandton @brics_cci Click To Tweet

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