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It is Neither #US, #UK Nor #EU that has the Final say on #Ethiopia. Only #Ethiopia|n people have the FINAL say & they said ABIY MUST LEAD! Pls Know, 🇪🇹 has NO place for Terrorism, Extremism & Arm Twisting For Regime Change! #EthiopiaPrevails #HandsOffEthiopia @PowerUSAID Click To Tweet


#Ethiopia gave a lesson to the UN and USA entitled #Aid is not a charter that allows the #UN and #USA to intervene in internal affairs and destabilize 🇪🇹. #EthiopiaPrevails #HandsOffEthiopia @USEmbassyAddis @JoeBiden @StateDept  @antonioguterres Click To Tweet


The #US Gov expelling Diplomats Suspected of Spying is Okay but #Ethiopia expelling for exactly the same or Similar Reason is Not Okay!? Why Not For 🇪🇹!? #EthiopiaPrevails #HandsOffEthiopia@SecBlinken @USAmbUN @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice Click To Tweet


The international community, whoever it is, has to respect #🇪🇹's #sovereignty! We cannot allow an open (free) bar in a proud country like #🇪🇹, in the name of #humanitarianaid! #EthiopiaPrevails #HandsOffEthiopia @UN @PowerUSAID @USEmbassyAddis Click To Tweet


Article 9 of the 1961 Vienna convention on diplomatic relations clearly states a country can declare any member of a diplomatic staff person non-grata at any time and without having to explain its decision. #EthiopiaPrevails #HandsOffEthiopia Click To Tweet


Without prejudice to their privileges & immunities, it is the duty of all persons... to respect the laws & regulations of the receiving State/country. They also have a duty not to interfere in the internal affairs of that State. #EthiopiaPrevails #HandsOffEthiopia Click To Tweet


@antonioguterres saying I feel sad when I hear about the expelled @UN officials from 🇪🇹, The bitter truth is 110 M of 🇪🇹ns are still in shock since knowing that those @UN officials are working for Terrorist TPLF under the cover of aid. #EthiopiaPrevails #HandsOffEthiopia Click To Tweet


@PowerUSAID is crying foul. Like @antonioguterres she was shocked with # 🇪🇹's decision to expel UN staffers. Where she has been the 400 aid vehicles were hijacked by TPLF? Has she been felt the same when USAID food diverted to TPLF fighters? #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails Click To Tweet


#🇪🇹 is asking UN to send qualified leaders that know the limit of their mandate. As a sovereign country, 🇪🇹 has the right to determine what is best for its people. Ethiopia also has the right to expel them without explanation. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails Click To Tweet


@antonioguterres was expected to ask for clarification & condemn UN staffs for behaving against @UN principles. The constructive way is to engage with #ETH 'n Gov't, as #🇪🇹 has z right to expel as per #Vienna Conv. on Diplomatic R/n, Art. 9 of 1961. #HandsoffEthiopia Click To Tweet


Nov 4, 2020 the TPLF launched a MILITARY ATTACK on Ethiopia. Bonafide Coup. TILL THIS DAY the US Government has neither CONDEMNED this attack nor ACKNOWLEDGED it, but has unceasingly condemned the 🇪🇹n Government military RESPONSE. What a game? #HandsoffEthiopia Click To Tweet


A country can declare any member of a diplomatic staff person non grata at any time and without having to explain its decision Vienna Convention 1961. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @UN_Spokesperson @JosepBorrellF @HouseForeign Click To Tweet


Ethiopia's # Sovereignty is by no means negotiable! We have no reason to sit back and watch any force that has an agenda to destroy 🇪🇹. #Ethiopia will not sell our sovereignty! #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @USEmbassyAddis @JoeBiden @Reuters Click To Tweet


🇪🇹ns are committed to avert famine & support the people of Tigray. However, acts of the @UN officials, both omission & commission, are factors in enabling the TPLF's massive looting & destruction of properties, & massacre of 10000s of civilians. #HandsoffEthiopia Click To Tweet


Comparing the large number of UN workers operating in Ethiopia; the 7 expelled staffers are insignificant to the large scale Operation of the humanitarian tasks. The job can resume without interruption.  #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


You know it’s a great move based on the reaction by the US. The Govt of 🇪🇹 clearly got rid of personnel that were critical to TPLF's war operations. #UN  should try to assess the relation of expelled personals with the Terrorist #TPLF #HandsoffEthiopia… Click To Tweet


As most donors respect the sovereignty of the West, 🇪🇹 deserves the same treatment! Has the @UN ever been vocal to the US on the treatment of African Americans or for those who irregularly crossed the US border? #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails Click To Tweet


@antonioguterres did you read these articles 9 of UN convention? I think no.....your ultimate goal is to destabilize 🇪🇹 but let me assure you that we may be poor but not stupid. We are a people of high moral standards. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet


@antonioguterres don’t be shocked Sadly,@UN staff has been engaged in undermining 🇪🇹's sovereignty & strategically providing logistics to Terrorist TPLF to destabilize the region. They’ve been warned several times by GOE #HandsoffEthiopia Click To Tweet


Article 9 of the 1961 Vienna convention on diplomatic relations clearly states a country can declare any member of a diplomatic staff person non-grata at any time and without having to explain its decision. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails Click To Tweet


Shocking disregard for reality - Aid is impeded cos @UN is unable to get its trucks back from TPLF; which allegedly is using them to transport rebels. What is shocking more than this? #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @HouseForeign @USEmbassyAddis Click To Tweet


🇪🇹 is a sovereign country and its government needs the goodwill of no country  or international organization to  protect the sovereignty  and territorial integrity of the country #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @SecBlinken @StateDept @BBC… Click To Tweet


Gutiérrez shocked or not shocked that is none of our business. Go and ask your medical doctor. The 🇪🇹n government is doing what any self-respecting government does. Protecting the peace and security of the Ethiopian people #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @Reuters@USAID Click To Tweet


🇪🇹n government repeatedly made it clear to the world that unless international organization employees refrain from meddling in the internal affairs of the country it will take the necessary measures as per the law. Here it is!!! #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @nytimes Click To Tweet


Gutiérrez and his friends are shocked by the measure of the Ethiopian government because they took the excessive patience of the government as fear. This contemptuous attitude by the UN and the West originated during the TPLF regime, a lackey of the west. #HandsoffEthiopia Click To Tweet


Where were Gutiérrez and his associates when hundreds of UN trucks loaded with humanitarian aid were trapped by TPLF to be used for the war? Where was the UN when the 🇪🇹n government appealed against its workers that middle in the country’s domestic affairs?… Click To Tweet


The UN officials are shocked by the persona non grata because the Abiy government realizing their conspiracy strike on their soft tissue which they didn’t expect. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @AJEnglish @UNEthiopia @AP @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice Click To Tweet


What a shame to the UN!!! No self-respecting organization plays unfair politics as stupid as this like the UN. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @guardian @AFP @RT_com @UN_Spokesperson @JosepBorrellF @HouseForeign @USEmbassyAddis @JoeBiden @Reuters Click To Tweet


The reputation of the UN is irreversibly damaged when it sided with the most brutal terrorist group in Africa!TPLF. Shame on you UN. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @JoeBiden @StateDept @BBC @SecBlinken @nytimes @USAmbUN @USAID @CNN @UNEthiopia Click To Tweet


We Ethiopian people are really sad to hear this from UN gen secretary.You were not shocked when 1500 people from Maikadra, 500 from Kobo, 500 from Galikoma were killed. But shocked when 7 workers are forced to leave the country peacefully. Saddening! #HandsoffEthiopia @PowerUSAID Click To Tweet


A clear manifestation of contempt to the proud nation. What these people are doing to our country in the name of Aid is just too painful to even think about. We Ethiopians will never sell our dignity with humanitarian food. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @AmbassadorRice Click To Tweet


UN then brags of impartiality etc. Those stolen trucks and others must be used for food delivery to civilians in Tigray, Amhara & Afar. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @StateDept @HouseForeign @UN_Spokesperson @USEmbassyAddis @JoeBiden @Reuters Click To Tweet


Enough is enough! The Ethiopian government scrutinizes the illegal act of the so-called NGO or aid organization patiently for the sake of smooth diplomatic ties. However, the government reached to its limit. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @JoeBiden Click To Tweet


The action taken by the Ethiopian government is a serious blow to the proponents of the so-called regime change. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @JosepBorrellF @BBC @SecBlinken @nytimes @USAmbUN @USAID @CNN @UNEthiopia @AJEnglish @AP @PowerUSAID Click To Tweet


Only the Ethiopian people change the regime that is dysfunctional by any means possible. It changed the TPLF regime that was armed to the teeth. Now the ruling government has the full saying of the Ethiopian people who are you to change it UN? #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails Click To Tweet


The use of aid agencies as means of espionage and usurping sovereign states that are rightfully defending their rights is possibly one of the most ignored crimes in history. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @AmbassadorRice @guardian @AFP @RT_com Click To Tweet


It is a timely measure!!! The declaration of 'persona non grata' on those personnel is very timely. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @StateDept @HouseForeign @UN_Spokesperson @USEmbassyAddis @JoeBiden @Reuters @JoeBiden @JosepBorrellF @BBC Click To Tweet


Those spies disguised as humanitarian agents were directing all their efforts to destabilize the country. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @SecBlinken @nytimes @USAmbUN @USAID @CNN @UNEthiopia @AJEnglish @AP @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @guardian @AFP Click To Tweet


Gutiérrez if you survive the shock from which you are suffering make sure The UN open an investigation into the conduct of these individuals. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @RT_com @StateDept @HouseForeign @JoeBiden Click To Tweet


The Secretary-General must apologize to the 🇪🇹n government for the involvement of UN officials in the country's domestic affairs, violating the basic principles of noninterference. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @Reuters @JoeBiden @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet


For Ethiopia's sovereignty to happen, the only limitation is how much action we are willing to take. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @StateDept @HouseForeign @UN_Spokesperson @USEmbassyAddis @JoeBiden @Reuters @JoeBiden @JosepBorrellF @BBC Click To Tweet


Unless we take such action to make free and great Ethiopia we desire, we will continue to be what we are today, being bullied by powerful states! #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @SecBlinken @nytimes @USAmbUN @USAID @CNN @UNEthiopia @AJEnglish @AP Click To Tweet


Abiy Ahmed's leadership with action and transparency set a high example of integrity, honesty & Sovereignty of Ethiopia. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @guardian @AFP @RT_com @StateDept @HouseForeign @UN_Spokesperson Click To Tweet


How is Ethiopia still being accused of defacto blockade while TPLF war mongers expanded their war into other regions? UN is not being fair at all. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @USEmbassyAddis @JoeBiden @Reuters @JoeBiden @JosepBorrellF @BBC Click To Tweet


Ethiopia will prevail, bcoz that's the only way left, while everyone is siding with TPLF for their loaded money which was looted from Ethiopians. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @SecBlinken @nytimes @USAmbUN @USAID @CNN @UNEthiopia @AJEnglish @AP Click To Tweet


If UN workers are not willing to understand and even worse sided with TPLF war mongers, what can GoE do other than telling them to leave our country? #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @guardian @AFP @RT_com @StateDept Click To Tweet


UNSC held a meeting on Ethiopia's GERD which never happened before in other countries case, Ethiopia is targetted by TPLF lobbyists not to grow an inch. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @HouseForeign @UN_Spokesperson @USEmbassyAddis @JoeBiden Click To Tweet


Ethiopians stands in a spirit of unity and purpose to support their gov in any decisions that are being taken to protect Ethiopia's sovereignty. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @Reuters @JoeBiden @JosepBorrellF @BBC @SecBlinken @nytimes @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


Biased people from UN or any organization for that matter will never be an obstacle for Ethiopia's sovereignty and Ethiopian freedom. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @StateDept @HouseForeign @UN_Spokesperson @USEmbassyAddis @JoeBiden @Reuters Click To Tweet


The point of UN serving countries must not be doing their own thing or go rogue, but to work with gov'ts to help the people, hands-off Ethiopia, stop lobbying TPLF warlords. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @JoeBiden @JosepBorrellF @BBC @SecBlinken Click To Tweet


Does America even know how TPLF works? or they just don't care! bcoz TPLF is filthy rich but ETH is under int'l debt? hands-off my country, Hands off Ethiopia. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @nytimes @USAmbUN @USAID @CNN @UNEthiopia @AJEnglish @AP Click To Tweet


Suddenly it seemed all the Int'l media, Humanitarian Organizations attempts to harass Ethiopia but the thing is they are all working in kill-chain to rescue TPLF. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @StateDept @HouseForeign @UN_Spokesperson @USAID Click To Tweet


My heart does bleed for those who are hurting in my own country in Tigray, and bleed again bcoz Organization like UN is being biased ignoring TPLF cruelty. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @guardian @AFP @RT_com Click To Tweet


Ethiopia won't tolerate people which are surrounded by willful ignorance, either from UN or US! dignity comes first for Ethiopia than food. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @USEmbassyAddis @Reuters @JoeBiden @JoeBiden @JosepBorrellF @BBC @SecBlinken Click To Tweet


Int'l laws apply to all countries, #Ethiopia has the right to expel UN workers as per #Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, Article 9 of 1961 #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails. @nytimes @USAmbUN @CNN @UNEthiopia @AJEnglish @AP @PowerUSAID Click To Tweet


Seems like USG 'help' to ETH is just as disastrous as USG persecution, the only way US can be of service to ETH is by keeping its hands off. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @AmbassadorRice @guardian @AFP @RT_com @StateDept @HouseForeign @JoeBiden Click To Tweet


#Ethiopia is asking UN to send qualified leaders that know the limit of their mandate or take back those whom are meddling. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @UN_Spokesperson @USEmbassyAddis @Reuters @JoeBiden @JosepBorrellF @BBC @SecBlinken @nytimes… Click To Tweet


As a sovereign country, Ethiopia has all the right to determine what is best for its people, if UN leaders are that biased who won't expel them for meddling. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @USAmbUN @USAID @CNN @UNEthiopia @AJEnglish @AP @PowerUSAID Click To Tweet


Each and every day, more people pay the price in ETH particularly in Tigray just bcoz organizations like UN are biased & are bailing out TPLF. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @AmbassadorRice @guardian @AFP @RT_com @StateDept @HouseForeign Click To Tweet


Ethiopia has all the right to expel anyone without explanation; if the UN wanted to be blindfolded Ethiopian's shouldn't suffer of their accusations. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @UN_Spokesperson @USEmbassyAddis @JoeBiden @Reuters @JoeBiden @BBC Click To Tweet


Ethiopia is saying In short, the UN is in need of reform and support if it is to have a meaningful future or stay away with their biased judgemen #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @nytimes @USAmbUN @USAID @CNN @UNEthiopia Click To Tweet


A direct response from America because Ethiopia expelled UN OFFICIALS? Does all routes take to America or is the control room there? #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @AJEnglish @AP @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @guardian @AFP @RT_com @StateDept Click To Tweet


The business of business is business. The aim of aid is aid. Nothing more nothing less. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @HouseForeign @UN_Spokesperson @USEmbassyAddis @JoeBiden @Reuters @JoeBiden @JosepBorrellF @BBC @SecBlinken @nytimes @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


Aid should be provided without criteria. But expecting a country’s sovereignty to be breached willfully is immoral. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @USAID @CNN @UNEthiopia @AJEnglish @AP @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @guardian @AFP @RT_com @StateDept Click To Tweet


Ethiopia longed 3000 years not because America Aided. But because it could and it will prevail too without anyones grant. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @HouseForeign @UN_Spokesperson @USEmbassyAddis @JoeBiden @Reuters @JoeBiden @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet


America Ethiopia is not one of Your states. Handsoff Ethiopia. its sovereign. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @BBC @SecBlinken @nytimes @USAmbUN @USAID @CNN @UNEthiopia @AJEnglish @AP @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @guardian @AFP @RT_com @StateDept Click To Tweet


The final say is only by Ethiopians. Ethiopia did not have to pamper any aid agency so to get aid for the 6%( that is what they said) #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @HouseForeign @UN_Spokesperson @USEmbassyAddis @JoeBiden @Reuters @JoeBiden Click To Tweet


Ethiopians have a high moral ground. The decision made is to prove that we do not cooperate for those who have double standards. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @JosepBorrellF @BBC @SecBlinken @nytimes @USAmbUN @USAID @CNN @UNEthiopia @AJEnglish Click To Tweet


Ethiopia is a sovereign country. The gov't has every right to ask any foreigners to leave the country without any explanation. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @AP @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @guardian @AFP @RT_com @StateDept @HouseForeign Click To Tweet


Who are you to condemn the decision of Ethiopian gov’t? only Ethiopians can account for their gov’ts decision and we say it is completely the right decision. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @UN_Spokesperson @USEmbassyAddis @JoeBiden @Reuters Click To Tweet


Real helpers give you the shirt off their back knowing they'll never receive anything back. The Oppressive, Arrogant & Entitled weaponize charity to take your dignity & sovereignty! #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @JoeBiden @JosepBorrellF @BBC… Click To Tweet


Ethiopian pride is not on the plate for negotiation. No one picks it for discussion. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @SecBlinken @nytimes @USAmbUN @USAID @CNN @UNEthiopia @AJEnglish @AP @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @guardian @AFP @RT_com @StateDept Click To Tweet


America is not a world’s police. It should not act as one. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @HouseForeign @UN_Spokesperson @USEmbassyAddis @JoeBiden @Reuters @JoeBiden @JosepBorrellF @BBC @SecBlinken @nytimes @USAmbUN @USAID @CNN @UNEthiopia Click To Tweet


As far as the world knows the UN and US are two different items. Why so much noise from America? Is there anything else America should say? #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @AJEnglish @AP @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @guardian @AFP @RT_com @StateDept Click To Tweet


As the latent function for a bus is for passengers to meet, The latent function for the UN is to be a barking dog for the USA. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @HouseForeign @UN_Spokesperson @USEmbassyAddis @JoeBiden @Reuters @JoeBiden @JosepBorrellF Click To Tweet


I mean Americans are hilarious. They expect us to be okay with our sovereignty overstepped. But they take action on IRAQ because they have fear of security . Does it make sense? #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @BBC @SecBlinken @nytimes @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


General truth is water boils in 100-degree heat. Likewise, Ethiopia is a sovereign country. Accept that. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @USAID @CNN @UNEthiopia @AJEnglish @AP @PowerUSAID @AmbassadorRice @guardian @AFP @RT_com @StateDept Click To Tweet


Ethiopians are smart enough to sort it out and move on. Donot worry America. Appreciate the concern though (even if the concern is for yourself). #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @HouseForeign @UN_Spokesperson @USEmbassyAddis @JoeBiden @Reuters Click To Tweet


We Ethiopians are concerned the way blacks are treated in America. As proud blacks we demand America focus on her own affairs. Americans have a lotta homework to do under their roof! #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @JoeBiden @JosepBorrellF @BBC Click To Tweet


A gov’t who couldn’t bring justice for unfair death of George Floyd cannot tell Ethiopians what to do in their own country’s affairs. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @SecBlinken @nytimes @USAmbUN @USAID @CNN @UNEthiopia @AJEnglish @AP @PowerUSAID Click To Tweet


Africans aren’t you proud of Ethiopians. Who says we are not enough for our selves? Ethiopia is an example that pride isn’t equivalent to be exchanged with any other issue. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @AmbassadorRice @guardian @AFP @RT_com Click To Tweet


The over reaction of the International Community to the decision is a showcase of their disrespect to the state of Ethiopia at best! #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @StateDept @HouseForeign @UN_Spokesperson @USEmbassyAddis @JoeBiden @Reuters Click To Tweet


How that, America is could display such passion and acuity for alleged abuses against Africans in Tigray, Eritrea, and Somalia, yet be so deliberately obtuse to the same injustices faced by African Americans or Haitian refugees in the US? #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails Click To Tweet


Article 9 of the 1961 Vienna convention on diplomatic relations clearly states a country can declare any member of a diplomatic staff person non grata at any time and without having to explain its decision. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @JosepBorrellF @BBC @SecBlinken Click To Tweet


It was okay when the US expelled Russian diplomats (April 2021) holding Kremlin accountable for interference in presidential election. Likewise it is okay for Ethiopia to expel those who do not kept their nose out of Ethiopian affairs. #HandsoffEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails @USAID Click To Tweet

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