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Ethiopia Is A Country That Is Focused In Growth And Prosperity! We Don’t Allow Any Fake Propagandas To Stop Us!

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The international community should be aware of the fake propaganda injected by extremist group’s #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @USAmbUN @BloombergAfrica @AFP Click To Tweet


The people in the Amhara region are protected by National defense forces!! No Fake propaganda will ever change this reality #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @USEmbassyAddis Click To Tweet


As always terrorist groups like JAWSA will try to make Ethiopia fail.. BUT WE WILL CONTINUE GROWTH AND PROSPERITY reality #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @USEmbassyAddis @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


Ethiopia is a country that is focused in growth and prosperity! we don't allow any fake propagandas to stop us #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #JAWSA_Terrorists #No_Genocide #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA #JAWSAISTerrorist @USEmbassyAddis @USAmbUN @AFP Click To Tweet


False propagandas are everywhere!! There is no human right violation in a democratic country like #Ethiopia#JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #JAWSA_Terrorists #No_Genocide #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA #JAWSAISTerrorist @USEmbassyAddis @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


International community should know about the atrocities #JAWSA terrorist group is carrying out in Amhara region and neighboring regions. Say no to #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #JAWSA_Terrorists #No_Genocide #Save_Amhara_Against_JAWSA #JAWSAISTerrorist Click To Tweet


The international community should focus on saving #Amhara against #JAWSAISTerrorist group. #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA #JAWSA_Terrorists @IMFAfrica @IMFNews @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty @USAmbUN @EUinEthiopia @VOAAfrica @BloombergAfrica @AFP Click To Tweet


#Jawsa_Terrorists have no vision or mission. They are just a group of bandits and looters who kill and loot from innocent civilian's. #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA #EconomicBoom   @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


We #Ethiopians are just focused on building national unity,but the #JAWSATerrorist group focused on attacking civilians. #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @VOAAfrica Click To Tweet


#No human right violence through out #Ethiopia‼️ #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty @USAmbUN @EUinEthiopia @VOAAfrica @BloombergAfrica @AFP @hrw @UN @MikeHammerUSA @RepJoshG @AJEnglish… Click To Tweet


Due to the successful achievement of #prosperity line few terrorist groups are just working for sake of #$. #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty @USAmbUN @EUinEthiopia @VOAAfrica @BloombergAfrica… Click To Tweet


The international community should have to say no to false human right violence propaganda by JAWSA. JAWSA is a terrorist group that is carrying out horrific atrocities in most of Ethiopia region.  #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group @USEmbassyAddis Click To Tweet


I am Ethiopia!  Ethiopians do not negotiate for national interests. #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty @USAmbUN @EUinEthiopia @VOAAfrica @BloombergAfrica @AFP @hrw @UN @MikeHammerUSA Click To Tweet


I am Ethiopia!  Ethiopians are working together to inherit a prosperous country for the next generation. #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty @USAmbUN @EUinEthiopia @VOAAfrica @BloombergAfrica @AFP Click To Tweet


I am Ethiopia ! Ethiopia continues its bright era by facing challenges. #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty @USAmbUN @EUinEthiopia @VOAAfrica @BloombergAfrica @AFP @hrw @UN @MikeHammerUSA… Click To Tweet


I am Ethiopia !  Diversity and unity for the prosperity of the country. #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty @USAmbUN @EUinEthiopia @MikeHammerUSA @RepJoshG @AJEnglish Click To Tweet


I am Ethiopia ! It is necessary to work hard to bring true nationalism. #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty @USAmbUN @EUinEthiopia @VOAAfrica @BloombergAfrica @AFP @hrw @UN @MikeHammerUSA… Click To Tweet


I am Ethiopia!    Let's protect ourselves from the extremists who drive us to death!! #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty @USAmbUN @EUinEthiopia @VOAAfrica @BloombergAfrica @AFP @hrw @UN… Click To Tweet


The extremist Jawsa group has devoted itself to destroying the Amhara region #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty @USAmbUN @EUinEthiopia @VOAAfrica @BloombergAfrica @AFP @hrw @UN Click To Tweet


Jawsa is a group that needs to be condemned because it is the enemy of the Amhara people #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @AFP @hrw @UN @MikeHammerUSA @RepJoshG @AJEnglish Click To Tweet


Jawsa, which is a fake information factory, is still misleading the international community with fake information #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA  @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty @USAmbUN Click To Tweet


Jawsa, a gang of thieves and criminals, is causing problems in the Amhara region, and I condemn it #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty @USAmbUN @EUinEthiopia @VOAAfrica @BloombergAfrica @AFP… Click To Tweet


Jawsa must be removed from the Amhara region for the well-being of the Amhara people #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty @USAmbUN @EUinEthiopia @VOAAfrica @BloombergAfrica @AFP @hrw @UN… Click To Tweet


I condemn the criminal Jawsa group that is insensitive to Ethiopia's peace and stability #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty @USAmbUN @EUinEthiopia @VOAAfrica @BloombergAfrica @AFP @hrw @UN… Click To Tweet


Showcase the resilience and strength of the Amhara region in the face of external and internal threats. Highlight the efforts of the region's law enforcement in maintaining peace, stability, and justice. #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group @IMFAfrica @IMFNews Click To Tweet


Emphasize the significance of a secure and stable Amhara region for the overall well-being of Ethiopia. Highlight the role of law enforcement in safeguarding the region against external and internal threats #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis… Click To Tweet


The international community should know that the information that the extremist group is spreading about Ethiopia is false #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty @USAmbUN @EUinEthiopia Click To Tweet


Peace to my country, peace to Ethiopia #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty @USAmbUN @EUinEthiopia @VOAAfrica @BloombergAfrica @AFP @hrw @UN @MikeHammerUSA @RepJoshG @AJEnglish Click To Tweet


I am an Ethiopian and I strongly oppose the radical Jawisa group that is dividing the country by race and religion #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty @USAmbUN @EUinEthiopia @VOAAfrica… Click To Tweet


It is not possible to divide Ethiopia by race and religion. I am Ethiopian #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty @USAmbUN @EUinEthiopia @VOAAfrica @BloombergAfrica @AFP @hrw @UN @MikeHammerUSA… Click To Tweet


The unity of the Ethiopian people will continue to be strengthened. The conspiracy of the extremist group will never succeed #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty @USAmbUN @EUinEthiopia Click To Tweet


Ethiopian brotherhood and sisterhood will continue to strengthen. Ethiopia will not be divided by extremists #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty @USAmbUN @EUinEthiopia @VOAAfrica @AFP Click To Tweet


It should be realized that the information being transmitted to the international community by the extremist Jawisa group is false #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty @USAmbUN @EUinEthiopia… Click To Tweet


The Amhara people are a proud and heroic people who have respected their culture, traditions and customs. #JAWSA_Terrorists  #No_Genocide  #Save_Amhara_Against_JAWSA #JAWSAISTerrorist @CNNAfrica @AJEnglish @AsstSecStateAF @EUSR_Weber @VOAAfrica… Click To Tweet



የኢትዮጵያ የሰላምና የብልፅግና ጉዞ በጽንፈኞች ወሬ  እና ሀሰተኛ ፕሮፖጋንዳ አይገታም! #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty @USAmbUN @EUinEthiopia @VOAAfrica @BloombergAfrica @AFP @hrw @UN @MikeHammerUSA @RepJoshG… Click To Tweet


እኔ የሀገሬን ሰላም ስለምሻ የጽንፈኞች ሀሰተኛ ፕሮፖጋንዳ አካል አልሆንም ! እኔም ኢትዮጵያ ነኝ ! #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty @USAmbUN @EUinEthiopia @VOAAfrica @BloombergAfrica @AFP @hrw @UN @MikeHammerUSA Click To Tweet


ኋላ ቀር አስተሳሰብ ያላቸው ፅንፈኞች !! እንኳን በአንድ ሀገር የሚኖሩ አለም አንድ እየሆነች ባለችበት ዘመን ላይ ቆመህ የሰፈር ፖለቲካ የምታራምድ ፅንፈኛ ግን ቆሞ ቀር ነህ ስልህ ለምን ይከፋሃል? #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty @USAmbUN @EUinEthiopia… Click To Tweet


ወደ ሞት ከሚነዱን ፅንፈኞች እራሳችንን እንጠብቅ !! የፅንፈኞች መጠቀሚያ አንሁን !! #JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty @USAmbUN @EUinEthiopia @VOAAfrica @BloombergAfrica @AFP @hrw @UN @MikeHammerUSA @RepJoshG Click To Tweet


ፅንፈኞች ሀገር ተረጋግታ ህዝቡ በሰላም ወጥቶ እንዲገባ አይፈልጉም። ዋናው ስራቸውም ያለመረጋጋትን/instability መፍጠር ነው።እንደ ሀገር ወደ መበትን እንደ ግለሰብ ደግሞ ወደ ሞት ከሚነዱን ፅንፈኞች እራሳችንን እንጠብቅ ።##JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @amnesty… Click To Tweet


እራሱን የአማራ ነፃ አውጪ ፋኖ ነኝ እያለ የሚያቆለማምጥ አሸባሪ ቡድን ጃዉሳ የአማራ ወጣት ካልደገፋችሁኝ እያለ በጠራራ ጸሃይ በመግደል ላይ ይገኛል። ##JAWSA_Terrorists_Group #SaveAmhara_Against_JAWSA @IMFAfrica @IMFNews  @USEmbassyAddis @VOAAfrica @BloombergAfrica @AFP @hrw Click To Tweet

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