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“A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed!” Perfectly Describes Ethio-China Relations

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Diplomatic relations between Ethiopia and China began in the 1970s and peaked during the current administration of Abiy Ahmed. #Ethio_China #Africa_China @ChinaEmbAddis @MFA_China @CDT @CECCgov @JiRongMFA @Chinamission2un @USCC_GOV @ftchina Click To Tweet


China's investors are second to none in Ethiopia, demonstrating the two countries' strong win-win relationship bound by strong diplomacy. #Ethio_China #Africa_China @iingwen @ChinaEmbAddis @MFA_China @CDT @CECCgov @JiRongMFA @Chinamission2un Click To Tweet


The proverb A friend in need is a friend indeed perfectly describes Ethiopia-China relations. #Ethio_China #Africa_China @USCC_GOV @ftchina @chinascio @cnmediaproject @iingwen @ChinaEmbAddis @MFA_China @CDT @CECCgov @JiRongMFA @Chinamission2un Click To Tweet


Ethiopian Airlines was one of the few airlines that flew to China during the height of the COVID 19 epidemic, and China was always on Ethiopia's side whenever the country needed help. #Ethio_China #Africa_China @USCC_GOV @ftchina @chinascio Click To Tweet


Ethiopia serves as a showcase for China's desperate need for mutual co - operation with other African countries based on mutual trust and a symbiotic relationship. #Ethio_China #Africa_China @cnmediaproject @iingwen @ChinaEmbAddis @MFA_China @CDT Click To Tweet


Western powers' repeated attempts to twist the Ethiopian government's arms through the UN Security Council were nullified by China's Veto power. #Ethio_China #Africa_China @CECCgov @JiRongMFA @Chinamission2un @USCC_GOV @ftchina @chinascio Click To Tweet


Without China's assistance, it would have been difficult for Ethiopia to overcome the threat posed by the COVID19 pandemic. #Ethio_China #Africa_China @cnmediaproject @iingwen @ChinaEmbAddis @MFA_China @CDT @CECCgov @JiRongMFA @Chinamission2un Click To Tweet


Ethiopia and Ethiopians are grateful for the multidimensional cooperation involving billions of dollars between the two sisterly countries Ethiopia and China. #Ethio_China #Africa_China @USCC_GOV @ftchina @chinascio @cnmediaproject Click To Tweet


The magnificent AU headquarters in Addis Ababa, which cost $200 billion and was fully funded by the Chinese government, is a monument to the friendly relations between Chinese and African countries. #Ethio_China #Africa_China @iingwen @ChinaEmbAddis Click To Tweet


Ethiopia has benefited greatly from Chinese investment. In the country, there are approximately 400 Chinese construction and manufacturing projects worth more than $4 billion. #Ethio_China #Africa_China @MFA_China @CDT @CECCgov @JiRongMFA Click To Tweet


China recently permitted Over 1,600 Ethiopian product categories to be duty- and quota-free imported into China. This allowed Ethiopia to reclaim what it had lost due to AGOA restrictions. #Ethio_China #Africa_China @Chinamission2un @USCC_GOV Click To Tweet


China's multifaceted assistance greatly aided Ethiopia in overcoming both natural and man-made challenges faced over the last four years. #Ethio_China #Africa_China @ftchina @chinascio @cnmediaproject @iingwen @ChinaEmbAddis @MFA_China @CDT Click To Tweet


The current visit of the new Chinese Foreign Minister to Ethiopia clearly demonstrates the Ethiopian government's diplomatic victory on the international political landscape. #Ethio_China #EthiopiaPrevails @CECCgov @JiRongMFA @Chinamission2un Click To Tweet


The fact that the new Chinese Foreign Minister's first visit to Africa began in Ethiopia sends a clear message to the international community that Ethiopia will not submit to their blatant intervention in its domestic affairs. #Ethio_China #EthiopiaPrevails @USCC_GOV @ftchina Click To Tweet


Growing Ethio-Chinese Cooperation clearly shows how countries that prioritize peace and prosperity for their peoples can easily collaborate regardless of external pressures. #Ethio_China #EthiopiaPrevails @chinascio @cnmediaproject Click To Tweet

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